Leon Russell - Magic Mirror Lyrics

I'm standing by the highway
Suitcase by my side
There's no place I want to go
I just thought I'd catch a ride

Many people look my way
And many pass me by
In moments of reflection
I wonder why

To the thieves I am a bandit
The mothers think I'm a son
To the preachers I'm a sinner
Lord I'm not the only one

To the sad ones I'm unhappy
To the losers I'm a fool
To the students I'm a teacher
With the teachers I'm in school

To the hobos I'm imprisoned by everything I own
To the soldier I'm just someone else who's dying to go home
The general sees a number, a politician's tool
To my friends I'm just an equal in this whirlpool

Magic mirror won't you tell me please
Do I find myself in anyone I see?
Magic mirror if we only could
Try to see ourselves as others would

To policeman I'm suspicious it's in the way I look
I'm just another character to fingerprint and book
To the censors I'm pornography with no redeeming grace
To the hooker I'm a customer without a face

The sellers think I'm merchandise, they'll have me for a song
The left ones think I'm right,
The right ones think I'm wrong
And many people look my way
And many pass me by
And in my quiet reflection I wonder why

Magic mirror won't you tell me please
Do I see myself in anyone I meet?
Magic mirror if we only could
Try to see ourselves as others would

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Leon Russell Magic Mirror Comments
  1. Robert Henry

    Well, Ill comment after recommending this to my 25 year old son - kinda lost in the bluster of the media, unreal expectations, whatever...
    Timeless advice for anyone willing to listen...

  2. 70's Vintage Vinyl

    I always tear up when I hear Leon sing, these days. My time as a youth growing up in Tulsa, and Leon are both passed now. What a blessing they both were.....and still are.....What a wonderful life and gift.

  3. Lisa Swift

    Wow the best always rembered

  4. Silas Oaks

    And they say nothing great ever came outa Oklahoma.

    bob crnich

    And Will Rogers and a lotta oil and gas

  5. Karmen Jazbec

    love u dad

  6. Karmen Jazbec

    there is no reflection in the miror only in eyes

  7. Craig McCauley

    I miss him!

  8. Peter G

    Brilliant !! . Just ordered the CD.

  9. Frank Bravo

    I was 15 yrs old when i saw my first concert, The Who an the late Leon Russell. WOW!!! 1970. What an experience at that tender age Leon was actually bigger than life with his glorious talent. eon is up ther in Heaven with all the greats.

  10. tbs

    Leon was the one that made me cry...because his words could have been my words. yes, a stupid reaction...but true. (pre-internet time). Being alone in my room, with only records to play...and then this song! It meant a whole world to me...

    Charles Marcone

    The piano work in magic mirror is so great, cant stop playing it now, funny how time makes you appreciate Greatness. He was Greatness.
    Thanks leon, rest my freind.

  11. Gerry Kirstein

    "Well I'm goin' down...…...going down a hard road...……………."

  12. Steve Eckstein


  13. Bob Allen

    2018 9.26 been listening to the master of space and time since Carney first introduced me to him. I never heard a song More true than this one.

  14. Tim Davis

    Plus Manhattan serenade

  15. Tim Davis

    Kid mass song the mighty Leon Russell

  16. Monty the Python

    His best album by far. Respected by every musician to this day . . had the honor of seeing and meeting him many times. . kind and humble... Check the concert for Bangladesh..

  17. ThatOneGirl

    Now that's one hell of a song.

    Nathan Lejeune

    Tigerlilly ThatOneGirl Indeed...if you enjoy a meaningful song,please try this one ..the video is a look at human existence,which is quite astute.https://youtu.be/fj-10lIrboM


    That was disturbingly, depressingly, and wonderfully true to current form. Thank you.
    Now, maybe you'll take a look at what CAN be:

    Nathan Lejeune

    Tigerlilly ThatOneGirl I watched it.Thanks for sharing.


    Hey Nathan, I'm glad you took the time. I'm looking forward to our world changing for the better.
    Take care

  18. Adolph Lopez

    the problem will always be that forever he's going to always imagined that Jethro Tull is playing the flute in front of him. but wrong! it's Leon Russell playing the keyboards forever and ever.

  19. Adolph Lopez

    it originally started with The Beatles the Rollin Stones Roy Obison Johnny Rivers Pink Floyd the kinks Traffic Van Morrison Jeff Beck Santana Shawn Phillips and Jethro Tull.

  20. Barry White

    I'm Lost in the woods..

    Charles Marcone

    Love the chorus in those songs. Great great great.

  21. Adolph Lopez

    but instead of Jethro Tull playing the flute in front of his trailer house as forever and ever. it's Leon Russell who is the one playing the keyboards forever and ever in his imagination.

  22. Adolph Lopez

    that Leon Russell will see a false miraging image of Jethro Tull playing the flute as he falsely hears him plays the flute forever and ever. but instead of Jethro Tull playing the flute, it's Leon Russell playing the keyboards.

  23. Adolph Lopez

    and by watching himself on this mirror of reflections in sitting in front of his trailer house forever and ever, in his imagination, he will see a miraging image Jethro Tull playing the flute.

  24. Adolph Lopez

    and even with Shawn Phillips. now unfortunately as sadly here comes Leon Russell sitting outside as in front of his trailer house watching himself in the mirror of reflections.

  25. Adolph Lopez

    it started with The Beatles, the Rollin Stones, the kinks, Roy Obison, Johnny Rivers, Pink Floyd, Traffic, The Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Santana and Jethro Tull.

  26. Adolph Lopez

    then in that case I've might as well come back in playing this Magic Mirror song version again.

  27. Adolph Lopez

    and ever since I've just got through in playing Locomotive Breath and Cross Eye Mary by Jethro Tull, then got through in playing Moonshine by Shawn Phillips, might as well come in playing Magic Mirror again.

    Beach Goat

    have you been going through my vinyl?

    Charles Marcone

    Do it, good taste.... locomotive breath is so good, and was made by mistake. Practically a throw on on aqualung, back to leon, listen to him every day, he is still with us in song.

  28. Adolph Lopez

    I've guess that I'm going to have to play some Jethro Tull music. and even more sadly, I'll probably even going to also have to play some Shawn Phillips music too.

  29. Adolph Lopez

    but as Leon Russell has heard wrong, instead of Jethro Tull playing the flute, it's Leon Russell playing the keyboards forever and ever, as he heard wrong starring at the mirror.

  30. Adolph Lopez

    and as Leon Russell been sitting outside his trailer house looking at the mirror of reflections, it was not Jethro Tull playing the flute instead it's Leon Russell playing the keyboards.

  31. Adolph Lopez

    and that is while Leon Russell will forever be sitting in front of his trailer house looking at his mirror of reflections. of course he has heard wrong that is not Jethro Tull in playing his flute, instead it's Leon Russell playing his keyboards.

  32. Adolph Lopez

    because he'll forever be sitting in front of his trailer house imagine of seeing Jethro Tull playing the flute forever and ever, and hearing things that he's playing the flute.

  33. Adolph Lopez

    now as a saddest and as an unfortunate, tragical ending, finally comes Leon Russell. why? because as he'll be sitting outside his trailer house looking at his mirror of his reflections forever and ever and ever. now in through his imagination, he will forever see a mirage of Jethro Tull playing the flute forever and ever and falsely hear him playing the flute.

    stanley patterson

    I'll be surprised if that is accurate.

  34. Adolph Lopez

    first came the Beatles, the Rollin Stones, Roy Obison, Johnny Rivers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Van Morrison, Santana, Jethro Tull, Phil Collins then Shawn Phillips.

  35. Michael Willis

    My favorite........decades later he still speaks.

  36. Melissa Wag

    One of my favorite songs by my favorite musical artist. Thank you, Leon. And Rest In Peace.

  37. Jennifer Fultz

    my.name is ginny Colston I love the music of leon Russell. he was one of a kind Rip love you Leon.

  38. Philip Cole

    Those were the days my friends

  39. nina wisniewski

    the love of my life and I ... are forever connected to his music!

  40. nina wisniewski

    he is timeless! a poet, singer, soul communicator!

  41. Tourkat37


  42. James Kenyon

    Leon Russell was/is and always will be one of my favorite singer/songwriters and he will be missed by all who knew him and all those who loved his music.

  43. tippimail1

    Leon would have been 75 today.

  44. Mick C

    i never heard of him until the song tight rope came on a spotify playlist i was listening to and i loved it so much i played it over and over again...the next day my room mate came up to me and gave me his greatest hits cd because he thought i would really dig leon. i sat down and popped it into my cd player and bam...there he was the same guy from the day before i couldn't get enough of. And the sad/weird part is that was the day he died.....he is my favorite artist and biggest inspiration now...trying to learn this song on piano....what a beast....i actually look like him too....i promised him i would do my best to play music with the feelings he did....have a wonderful evening if you took the time to read this far god/jah/allah/abraham/science bless

    michelle katz

    Did you record? We’d love to hear it on YouTube. Link?

    Richard Jean

    Be sure to check out the albums he produced for the late Freddie King. Some of his best piano playing and a window into just how versatile he was. Also the Delaney & Bonnie records if you haven't yet. You can see why Elton John calls him simply "The Master".

  45. Barry White


  46. Rod Holum

    His voice is like No other. Was fortunate to buy him brunch in 2013 in Wendover, Nevada

  47. W ö ł f

    So happy I lived during the best music era . i Love leon never forget the first time I saw him standing there with his long hair and top hat. We are a luck generation.

  48. Arthur Name

    This is one of the greatest songs Leon ever wrote....top 5 without question, and that's a monumental statement.

    Charles Marcone

    I believe so to, song showed up on my u tube and if I went searching and back to the past, he was so so great and underrated, have listened to him for 3 days now , how lucky I was to live in his era. And this song is timeless, rest my freind , see you on the other side.
    Thank you for all you gave.

  49. Jack Propps

    I am from oklahoma, i live in nashville, i went to his tennessee funeral and so glad i did.

  50. David Castles


  51. William

    Carney is one of the top ten all-time albums. Every song a classic.


    William Milton Leon was so bright and talented. We were lucky to get a chance to have him in our lifetimes.

    Mario Salimon

    Such a great composer.

    Tom Thomas

    For sure. Priceless. Thanks Leon.

    Nathan havelaar


  52. Bud Judkins

    Master Lyricist, miss you terribly after only 72 hours Leon. I will always come back to this song.

  53. Bob Kehoe

    Never knew which I loved more on this track, his lyrics or the unbelievable piano playing. No one had his timing or pace in songs like this. RIP, my friend.

    Richard Jean

    As a piano player, I have to agree. The touch and groove are other worldly, but the message is so meaningful, particularly in this age of I-Phone tapping narcissism. Listen kids- you might learn something. Songs like this are what the Woodstock Generation was all about. Love you Leon.

    Mardi Murcek

    Leon poetry

  54. Karen Mckinney

    ...put me in a place I dreamed to go,but never quite got there,only through his songs ...see ya soon bro

  55. Joanne Murphy


  56. Jamie Fidrus

    R.i.p to a great. From a 26 year old. Amazing man.

  57. SnehanBorn

    So many memories of my homie, Leon in Tulsa in the 70s.....so many stories of encounters and great, great music.
    RIP brother

  58. Jim Nelson

    First Leonard Cohen, now Leon Russell. 'This is no country for old men.'


    Amen, brother ... 2017 is a brand new bag.

    Rockford Crabtree

    also,Hank Wilson

    Rockford Crabtree

    also,Hank Wilson

    Zoltan the Texan

    Bowie, George Michael, Prince, Tom Petty too.

  59. ladytattoo07

    my heart aches....

    Candy Man


  60. Stone Hobson

    Thanks Leon, so much soul in your music. I was fortunate to be able to listen to it all my life. RIP.

  61. Kevin Allsop

    RIP Leon, Thank you for the music and the memories.

  62. Karen Neal

    He will be missed

    Matthew Pullen

    Karen Neal .

    Let's not Miss Leon -

    Let's spread his wizardry

    And celebrate the life !

    Musicians leave us with timeless relics -

    Leons perspective in this song is simple yet brilliant.

    Charles Marcone

    He is still here in his music, that will never never die. Leon will live forever.

  63. prikprak1970

    RIP .....

  64. ronnie toots

    todays kids would be scared of Leon...lol...he is talented in every aspect, he knows the plot, he knows the chords, he knows the pace, he knows how to grip us...

  65. Mark Pearson

    Tried three different live versions ... wound up back at the original studio version ... have I become 'get off my lawn' guy?

    Charles Marcone

    No. Sometimes the first is the best. As is with this one, cant get any better. It is carved in my mind. Perfection!!!!!!!!!

  66. Roy Key

    the greart of leon

  67. Tim Basham

    To the hooker I'm a customer without a face.

    Absolutely, a great line!

    Charles Marcone

    People need to pay more attention to this song, as great as leon was and ALL HIS GREAT SONGS.
    could listen to this all day.
    Just might.

    Charles Marcone

    Police want to fingerprint me and book me...

  68. Mike Williams

    Timeless...like Leon himself. love this song

  69. woodhonky

    leon russel shaped my life to some extent

    TheFaceless Men

    Yep I hear you, its a magical time to be alive.

  70. good gawd y'all

    still, after all these years...

  71. tippimail1

    Happy birthday,Leon.One of the best albums ever.

  72. cycloptical26

    Great song from a near perfect album.  

  73. slik willy

    Simply the most underrated singer/songwriter/player of our time.

    Amalin Grooms

    +slik willy I agree….makes me cry. I LOVE LEON

    Randy Elliott

    Underrated by some...appreaciated by others.

  74. Gregory Wonderwheel

    Do people who never hitchhiked have the same feeling for this song?  I guess each of us finds the most similar situation that fits to make the connection about watching the people of the world go by..

    slik willy

    I don't think they could really get it unless they lived it like we did.....

    Gregory Mazzoni

    10,000 miles circa 74.  nothing as liberating as having no destination

    James Kenyon

    + Gregory Wonderland, I remember hitchhiking on a rainy day from Bridge Oregon to my oldest brothers house in San Jose California in with a heavy wet red wool coat on and carrying a suitcase. The car that picked me up already had 4 people in it but they made room for me and it was fun even though I had to hold my wet suitcase in my lap, this song came on the radio and everyone in the car started singing along cause we all knew it by heart. Just hearing again does this old heart of mine good.

  75. AnotherMusicLover2

    Thank you, Leon, for coming to Maui. You were beautiful and just...flawless. 3

  76. malbuff

    "O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!
    It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
    An' foolish notion:
    What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us,
    An' ev'n devotion!"

    Robbie Burns 1786. I think he and ol' Leon would have gotten along just fine.

  77. David Loving

    Nice philosophy ladled out of the groove. Leon is the very best there is. His left hand in this song is marvelous

  78. Major Wood

    Me too, a masterpiece and I had know idea when I bought it. I came to that recognition when it got dusted off and played after almost 40 yrs.

  79. Billy Blevins

    great song...i still have the carney LP

    Beach Goat

    vinyl is final

  80. garry kaaihue

    I think that this was one of Leon's best songs. It reminds me of the days that I hitch hiked on the U.S. interstates. Interesting reflection of a great writing musician.


    Charles Marcone

    Same here hitchhiking across the country, the looks, the smiles, and the locked doors....Leon experienced this on his life, the people on the other side of the window, and the piano work is mesmerizing, can listen to it all day.

  81. George Benainous

    Brings back great memories of 1972. Thanks!