Lennon, Sean - One Night Lyrics

One night
When you're looking
At me looking at you
It may be tonight
We'll go walking through...
Just me and you

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Lennon, Sean One Night Comments
  1. Saul Peña

    I just love this album

  2. TonyHickschick

    I think Sean's music is kind of odd.  At least very different from the music I normally listen to but at the same time I love it.

  3. Social Justice Monk

    I don't think it's that similar. Like the other fellow said, that song's from the Music Man. I'm going through a bit of a musical theatre phase and it's worth getting a little familiar with that kind of music, too.

  4. Social Justice Monk

    Like the acoustic feel. A little overproduced? It's short and enigmatic.

  5. Bob Geldoff

    you learn summit new everyday

  6. Thomas Davis

    'Till There Was You' wasn't written by The Beatles. Meredith Wilson wrote it for his 1957 musical play 'The Music Man.'

  7. Matthew Dovetail

    it's true it sounds familiar, but I wouldn't call it a "rip off"...you can clearly hear he's got plenty of fresh, new ideas along the whole album...so why should he ever copy anyhing? :-)

  8. Bob Geldoff

    i really like sean but this is a bit of a rip off of till there was you by the beatles

  9. 111theflash

    Amazingly beautiful

  10. wibbly drowner

    so tender and beautiful :D

  11. Carlos Manson Project

    me vuelven loca...esta cancion,el y su voz ! ♥