Lennon, Sean - Mystery Juice Lyrics

She won't speak to me
Won't speak
And it's all my own fault

Baby I'm afraid to let you know
They stole the show and towed the rowboat
Though slow
We're on the go like rabbits in the snow

Baby I'm a lonely kind of man
Like a rapper with a forty in his hand
I can't stand
When you talk about that other man

Every day I watch the TV shows
It's getting so I know the shows hosts
I don't boast
Maybe I should try and make the most

I'm always biting more than I can chew
To loose the blues I choose to flew the coop
Who knew?
Is it news that you were out the loop?

Dreaming is a singing of the mind
And taste is like seeing to the blind

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Lennon, Sean Mystery Juice Comments
  1. Sebastian Avila

    I need the album, can anyone share it??

  2. よーくとむ


  3. ownerslament


    Nowhere Man

    I think that john was grunge before grunge in the plastic ono band or "mother" record

  4. eltetedehaedo

    reminds me simon and garfunkel style!

  5. Hari Krishna

    Love it!

  6. Stäni Steinbock

    All I can say is I love this album! Love the compositions, the production, everything! Kudos to Yuka Honda for production, too!

  7. alex spectre

    This has strong SoundGarden influences. RIP Chris Cornell!

    Edgar Anaya


  8. The Keepers

    no talent, just money. ..

    Mora Lvin

    well then not trying to impress you. the guy is more famous then you xD and has more money and fame then you'll ever have. so he doesn't gives a single fuck about u lad and your opinion about his music :D plus your personality does suck so you don't deserve any of this shit anyway :D face it man your music will not go anywhere.

    Mora Lvin

    just my opinion man didnt wanted to have an argument with you.


    Elijah Crump, do you really think you'll get anywhere with that shitty attitude? Worry about your own music and if you want to do all by yourself (or need to do) at least try to learn how to mix and produce properly. cause your songs are completely unbalanced and better drums would be nice as well but that's probably because you're not rich enough, right? And regarding that Beatles ripoff, I suppose that's a problem with most of musicians... cause everyone is doing it...

    The Keepers

    roqueeeeeeeee , I got plenty far enough in life with this attitude , and being original. not a thief.

    Sebastian Avila

    Talking bullshit. Not sure about the melody and lyrics, but this dude can do some really amazing things. Besides he can also sing really well. Listen to Lennon claypool delirium.

  9. Dag Nabbit

    Like half brother Julian he has that genetic legacy in his voice but he sounds different than Julian. This is quiet good ! I am glad that he doesn't shy away from experimentation. In fact this is very good ! Never heard it before .

  10. Acolytek

    I love this one so much.

    reminds me of a Mcartney song I can't think of, which is funny, because I'd think it would remind me of a Lennon song.

    Rebecca B

    Yeah, it sounds a little like "Maybe I'm Amazed" to me, maybe that's the one you're thinking of.


    Yes, that's definitely it, thank you.

  11. Joey Enicks

    who do you wrote Sean a fan letter?.

  12. Scot Free

    Grand Royal baby!

  13. Randi K

    Still an all-time fave!

  14. Matias Covarrubias

    beautiful beyond words.

  15. Flor Sucari

    love it!

  16. Dahlia Johnson

    Someone asked me why Sean Lennon sounded like an Asian John Lennon and I said because he's part Japanese. They didn't believe me claiming to know everything about the Beatles. It kind of confused me.


    +frerard forever12 lol

    Victorian Dorian

    +Joj Hurrisun i just spit whiskey all over my computer screen as i read this. thanks. i needed a chuckle.

    Abadaba Babadaba

    They are dumb asses.

    Smokey Bear

    hahha omg they thought you were a lair


    The brain function of many people is barely high enough to keep them breathing, Let alone know understand how he is half Japanese.

  17. r.a.p este es el rap del anime

    esto es una caca

    jj yt

    +Teo Lopez tu eres una caca (Y)


    +Teo Lopez ojala mi caca sonara tan bien

    Rod Dry

    teo lopez tu canal da pena y no sabes de musica, niño rata

    Robertico BBC

    En tu vida has hecho musica, que se puede esperar de alguien que imita a yuya jajajaja

  18. Cracked Fractal

    I had seen this on MTV 2. the video for the song Home ..went to strawberries the next day & bought it. i have a question ..what happened to the Cowboy?

  19. Carlito1988

    Heard this when new on a college radio station, immediately bought the CD and fell in love with it! Great, great album!

    Jason Bacon

    Exactly. It's one of the most underrated albums of the '90s.

  20. Rollin Rocker

    Howard Stern sucks.This is actually really good.

    NARICES DE PERRO podcast

    +Elliott Smith How you Doing Elliot? I miss you

    Victorian Dorian

    HAHAHAHAHAHA i miss elliott as well


    Missing him as well...

  21. Manny Lopez

    i used to love doing a fatty listening to this with my guinness! yeah, yeah,  yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!

    Victorian Dorian

    +Manny Lopez samesies

    Sir Sirley

    Manny Lopez kindred spirit

    Sir Sirley

    but i mean a woman lol

  22. Smanbaeva

    this song is very beautiful *:) 

  23. xvall002

    why do I like this?

    The gEiorgei

    you're saying its bad?

  24. Noah Haon

    Great song...!!! Beautiful....

  25. movitmovit

    you = jealous

  26. Charlie

    Listening to this on a discman while coasting down the sidewalk in Morgantown in 99.. The days.

  27. TheSteelman78

    he still sounds like he twelve.

  28. Tubesocks75

    This is a very good album. Some of you trolls I guess dont understand simplicity

  29. Calamity Jane

    oh my god... what happened to his voice?

  30. MilkFarts555

    I rather be water boarded,tortured, then listen to this its awful

    Chuckie Cheese

    MilkFarts555 where's your signed bands album "MikeFarts"? Are you the son of rock royalty or a plumber shit for brains...

  31. Zastrus

    Music is OK, but the lyrics are a joke.

  32. Coby Snead

    Is that meant emotionally or hallucinatory?

  33. kounterclockwise

    this song is so beautiful!

  34. slowfaller

    Same here, summer between 11th and 12th grade. good times.

  35. atwarwithsatan27

    I can Feel every word

  36. 111theflash

    @kittybeats80 the taste is just like seeing through the light

  37. 111theflash

    This is the first song Sean wrote. Amazing

  38. JC Marin

    Underrated album, Sean is a wonderful songwriter.

  39. jackytreehornn77

    this album owned me during the summer of '98

  40. sigursiggi

    no, it's grand royal's fault. odious.

  41. pamab22

    Cela ne doit pas etre tres drole de vivre dans l'ombre de son pere!... Surtout si l'on ne l'a connu que cinq ans avant sa mort !!