Lennon, Sean - Bathtub Lyrics

The sailboat won't be long
The ocean is in the tub
My foot in on the plug
It's pulling me down the drain
I wish I'd never lied
To you in bed that day
If I was wrong or right
Does it matter much anyway

Never let it bring you down
When it's falling rain on the ground
Never let it bring you down
I wish you were around

The fish float through the room
Nibbling on the moon
The sun sets in your eyes
Scenes of summer skies
The towel is on the floor
But is it worth fighting for?

Never let it bring you down
When it's falling rain on the ground
Never let it bring you down
I wish you were around

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Lennon, Sean Bathtub Comments
  1. harthur

    this song gets me going... that chorus is addictive

  2. Alan Dick

    Anyone got Sean in the bathtub singing Hey Jude. Only heard it once late night on a BBC documentary. Made me cry, hearing John in Dad mode. Love Sean keep up the good work.

  3. Rahat Lori

    sound like cuco

  4. 89 Underground

    Has the same beat to Hydrocodone

  5. Devin Bridgewater

    I heard this song in the early 2000's glad people still recognize good music

  6. dave elliott

    Let it be and dream of me and See the dark clouds melt into the sun.

  7. Google and YouTube Suck a Big Fat Schlong

    Found this album last year. Love Sean's music, as well as his father's

    puh sea

    whos his father?

  8. marokokisetter

    suddenly had the urge to listen to this one..
    this album has meant a lot to me since i purchased it
    a little 4th grader when it came out
    knowing what sean has been up to lately, and glad that he is
    exploring new creative endeavors,
    i hope sean will eventually revisit the vibe/aesthetic
    and themes in this album again for a future solo offering

  9. Kay Nicole

    in bath while listening to this

  10. tigerdreams

    This song was the main reason why I bought into the sun. This is definitely the relaxer I need after a trying day :)

  11. Victor Nina

    Sean shines with its own light. Definitely.

  12. Matthew Dovetail

    i'm listening to this album for the first time and, what the fuck, it's truly awesome...Lennons' blood must be divine...nothing new.

  13. Stäni Steinbock

    That's probably what completes this masterpiece: Sean's sad songs and Yuka Honda's production!

  14. Stäni Steinbock

    It's certainly one of my top 5 favourite albums, have listened to it much more than any of his Dad's solo albums. In fact I used to listen to it daily for long periods, while distributing newspapers. A wonderful album in all its melancholy. Love it.

  15. 111theflash

    I got the CD for Christmas

  16. blachubear

    You have to go to Amazon.com to get a copy. "Into The Sun" was criminally slept on. It was released at a good time too where artists was making good music.

  17. 111theflash

    Nevermind the first sentence of my last comment, I say weird things when I'm tired

  18. 111theflash

    Makes me think of my past, I know I'm only 13 but a lot has happened in my life. And this came out 5 months before I was born so its not like I'm listening to very old music, but the whole album has a very nostalgic feeling to it

  19. 111theflash

    Do music stores still sell this abum?

    Eli Kyer

    111theflash you could probably find it in a very obscure local music shop but any major retailer wouldn't care this masterpiece, trust me I've looked for 15 years or so

  20. marokokisetter

    @jovanna242 i am feeling a bit bummed now and the song also popped in my head :) man, I can't believe I was listening to this album in 1998 as a fourth grader. i really liked the sounds he made on this album and felt he should have made many more albums right after this one.

  21. Ursa Diminished

    i remember buying this tape in '98 and this song has always stuck out to me...which is why i'm here now.

    actually i'm feeling kinda bummed about life and this song popped in my head.

  22. Norm Ones

    @yiommi Oh man, I can't agree enough. I don't know why it's not revered as a classic. . .

    I can listen to this album back and forth. . .Long live the Cibo Matto clan. . .

  23. Shawn Hawkins

    Bathtub rocks man!

  24. Ma Ry

    MY interest is piqued. He really dosen't stink, does he? Although, there is a certain rock 'n' roll weakness...

  25. TheWhisperOaks

    Great song! Really relaxes me. Thanks for uploading it!