Lennon & Maisy - Love Lyrics

Oh tumblin' leaf
You fly so high
Let's go chasin'

We follow clouds
Up in the air
Painting pictures
Of fairy tales

Oh, summer sun
Hold me in your arms

I love you mother nature
Your sunny fields of green
I love your taste of freedom
Your singing in the wind

I love I love
Breathin' deeply
To smell your summer rain
I love I love
When you kiss me
With your sunlight on my face

I love I love

I lay my head
Under the tree
How many seasons
He might have seen

The golden fields
They softly bow
And seem to whisper
A lullaby

Oh summer sun
Hold me in your arms

I love you mother nature
Your sunny fields of green
I love your taste of freedom
Your singing in the wind

I love I love
Breathin' deeply
To smell your summer rain
I love I love
When you kiss me
With your sunlight on my face

Like a warm embrace

Oh you little bird
Tell the whole wide world
That I save my love for her

I love you mother nature
Your sunny fields of green
I love your taste of freedom
Your singing in the wind

I love I love
Breathin' deeply
To smell your summer rain
I love I love
When you kiss me
With your sunlight on my face

I love I love

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Lennon & Maisy Love Comments
  1. Bomber

    My friend messaged me and asked me to teach her this on the acoustic guitar.. anyone know where I can find the chords?
    I've never heard it before, it's beautiful.

  2. Shannon Breed

    listening in 2020

  3. Ruby Mæ

    2020 anyone’s? X

  4. rems vlogs power

    My freind sang this song at the market

  5. Kak Kaars

    Ahhhh the good days before Lennon became a fake botoxed Hollywood product

  6. Albulena Kabashi

    Haben das heute in der schule gesungen XD ?2019?

  7. Just Moon

    So ein schönes Lied...bringt Erinnerungen hoch

  8. Emily Stewart

    My teacher Ms.Dane played this song all the time I’n 5th grade I love it keep it up Girls

  9. Vidhi Goradia

    2019/20 anyone?

  10. Vidhi Goradia

    Omg I remember Listning this song in grade 3 in class I loved this song in 2016

  11. Emereese Kurpjuweit

    this is probably the best song ive EVER seen i an 11 years old u are sooooo good i lisend 2 it 1 and i now the holl song now u rock

  12. Bini _unicorn

    Ich liebe den song er ist sooo schönn ❤😭

    Leonie G

    Ich mag ihn auch sooo sehr

  13. Elina


  14. samuel muiruri

    i love it, you are like two angles, i wish you din't grow up, you sound so sweet.

  15. red squirrel

    Sooooooo talented.

  16. Эдуард Чайкин

    Вы мои ангелы! You my angels! I love you! From Russia with love.

  17. Sumer61

    How Maisy looks up to her sister, Such love. So beautiful. <3

  18. Mike Cowdrey

    Love, this song so much, anyone know who sung the original version?

  19. Daisy Dando

    we love to sing this in singing it is so beautiful

  20. Ellie McSpedden

    This is the song I am going to sing for my mum’s funeral ⚰️😭😢

    Shining Swan

    Ellie McSpedden I’m sorry for your loss, she’s at peace now. Don’t worry, you’ll see her again

    Molly Dreaver Stimpson

    Ellie McSpedden I’m so sorry for your loss she is still with you but just not physically but in your heart instead she would be so proud of you right now ❤️❤️

  21. yumi 1.64

    Amazonas is burning :( 💔im sorry mothernature-

  22. Hay nic hay

    I’m in seventh grade now and my second grade teacher showed us this and one day I just thought of it and I looked it I was so glad I found it

  23. Heaven at 11

    2019 anyone?

  24. Megan amber Genockey

    Me and my sister would sing this together so it really reminds me of her but we recently found a suscide note but she’s denying it but she suffers from anxiety and depression and she’s only 11 years old

  25. Monika Joehr

    Es ist schön gesungen

  26. Michael Stevens

    We need this on Spotify

  27. Bobacreamtea

    I remember doing this song when I was in the second grade I think now when it’s 2019 I’m realizing I was listening to maisy and Lennon wow ☺️

  28. Kyla Matete

    I like this song

  29. Charles

    Well done ! So many clicks are respectful for these young amateur singers, wish them a great career. This song is beautiful, though commercial. But they sing lots of othter nice songs, some of them cover. I enjoyed many of these since following them. Good luck all over.

  30. Akito Sumi

    I love this song from deep of my heart

  31. Sani Georgieva

    Always 💛

  32. Baron CK

    4am and I just remembered this song existed! Had to listen immediately ❤️

  33. chelsea mclaughlin

    This is so beautiful.I was shown this in school and I love it so much already...such an amazing duet

  34. Jani Wi

    Ich habe die gleiche Stimme

  35. lillymae dickson

    i love this song!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  36. Joe Han

    *2016* James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
    *2014* This song.
    James Arthur definitely stole from this song..

  37. Ana Pena

    We sung this song in chorus and it is sooo pretty

  38. Flora Evans

    You can’t get anywhere they delete it of there official YouTube and no Spotify don’t know why !

  39. Denise Taylor

    still listening in 2019

  40. Freezee

    2014 ;(

  41. Savannah Jane

    Why does the older girl look familiar

  42. Anne Coff Ganes

    Where Can you get the song ?

  43. liv

    omg im listening in 2019 baby maisy is the cutest

    Joseph Neiter

    liv same

    Madison Figueroa

    2020😁 this is my overall fav of theirs

  44. Maisie Thatcher

    is this maisy Stella omg

  45. world of dolls Hana

    I love this song so much

  46. wolfangel Galaxy

    Ive Heard it 5 years ago!😍

  47. maria klabnikova

    Oooommmmmggggggg cuuuute

  48. Judy Gaunitz

    Really amazing.. ❤️

  49. Désirée Nathalie Meier

    Mir kommen immer wieder Tränen <3

  50. Summer Cake

    I love this

  51. Gordon Thomson

    My sister told me you are not going to like this but I heard it and I LOVED IT!

  52. Alana Biard

    I love sing😍❤❤

  53. Joseph Jammy

    I’m getting shivers of how beautiful and lovely it is this reminds me of my cat all ways exploring its so nice I feel like crying

  54. Tumblr_girl XD

    I CRYYYYY 😭😭❤️❤️


    Será q a minha turma está vendo este comentário? ¯\_(-, _-,) _/¯

  56. Bapsi noelle

    My name is Lennon Becker

  57. Fantashia Kyle

    You guys are the bome

  58. Samar Ahmed

    I Love d song

  59. Little Green

    Hi there, would love to hear your thoughts on my mashup of 'Love' and 'The River Flows In You' :) https://youtu.be/SZglD66uOwk

  60. Maya Hooper

    I love this song. it always reminds me of spring.

  61. Sarah Mandie


  62. beautyofkeilani 13

    I haven’t heard this song in ages I love it so much 2018?

    Cookie Monster

    nah 2019 ;)

    Elaine Akpan

    Jazzy Jae 2019

    Starry universe

    Jazzy Jae 2019

    Nisreen Odeh

    We singing this song in owr class


    I watch this day every day at school please respond to me do you know Alina Morris

  64. mic. man33

    Coop, für mech und dech! :D

  65. Ace

    You're singing like an angel 😇😇😇

  66. Chiara Page

    Ich singe das Lied in der Schule

  67. brielle oldray

    I ❤ The Song so much❤😘

  68. # Classic


    Gleek Potter


    Queen of Häfi


  69. Suga_ Army

    Omg ich habs nach 4 jahren wieder angehört, ich liebe es❤❤❤❤❤

    m e l i s s a

    Suga_ Army too

    Anthony Sauter

    Same here. Zu süss die kleinen

    Heidi Eugster

    Ich habes auch nach 4 jahren angehört das kam Raus:❤❤😀✌👍👍

    Franziska Muster

    Wir singen es zu nice

  70. David

    Yourrrrrrrrrrrrrr the best singer evev

  71. Laur Zelakiewicz

    Laura and Kayla and my mom and my dad and my Kayla

  72. Amber Clarkson

    Why isn’t this on Spotify😭 It’s so beautiful. Can’t handle this...



    Claire van Oirschot

    @98Roxana98 I found it. But....it's not playable for me. Boo!!!!

  73. Jasmin Klaus

    This is a beautiful song 😢😢😘😚❤💙💚💛💜👍👍👍

  74. Anonym Person


  75. Kayla Reilly

    By far my favorite song beautiful sung

  76. Dom Brodie

    cant get this on itunes

  77. Felissia Ca


  78. Jasmin Klaus

    I love this song 😍❤💙💚💛💜

  79. not afeilable

    It's been 4 years and i still love dis song. And olso dis two fluffy❤

  80. Axelle Thoen

    I love this song! 💟😊👍😍 it's a beautiful duet! 😊💟 wow!

  81. Tine de Jong

    Beautiful duet and song.

  82. Brendan Wissinger

    Beautiful song, about a beautiful thing, by two beautiful voices in beautiful harmony.

  83. عید محمد اسماعیلی


  84. Nola Ma ANN

    OMG you guys are amazing

  85. Nola Ma ANN

    I'm doing this song for choir

  86. Abdol Mostafa

    The best song I have listing to

  87. Eva Zysk

    How can I buy this song on iTunes?

  88. sandeep singh


  89. EmmaSoSassy

    I love this song ❤️

  90. Moon-Moon spice

    Oh wow, how long has it been?

  91. Angélik Labrie

    You have a beautiful voice. You are very good and you are beautiful .

  92. smile with yuju

    It been 3 years since I've heard this song when our teacher showed this to us in choir..brings me so much nostalgia and reminds me how peaceful and happy my life was before. 💖💖 I love I love this song

    Simply B

    Abby Joy I

    Flavoured Bleach

    same story

  93. Olivia wilson

    How do i buy this song or download it on to my iTunes I'm teaching a dance to do it?And I love it!

  94. مباركة و مبروكة

    Whose from maddie and kenzie ???