Lemaitre - High Tide Lyrics

You, you know I tried
You know, I wouldn't lie
You, you know I tried
You know, I wouldn't lie
And it might be worth the try

So please, give me one last ride
I'm stranded here, going nowhere
Stuck ashore, waiting for high tide

Now the tide is coming in
The heaven knows it didn't mean to sin
Trying hard to stay afloat
But drowned that shadow
Through the boat
Waves crashing in
Our starboard side
Realize, I might have lost the fight
And the sea is way too rough
Looks like, I'm going into the abyss

But you know I know
You know I know
You know I know

You, you know I tried
You know, I wouldn't lie
You, you know I tried
You know, I wouldn't lie
And it might be worth the try

So please give me one last ride
I'm stranded here going nowhere
Stuck ashore waiting for high tide

It's been midnight sun
For ninety days
Waiting for the next lunar phase
Now I can see the crescent moon
Guess we'll be living in the present soon
Current pulled me out to sea
The tide it finally set me free

But you know I know
You know I know
You know I know

So please, give me one last ride
I'm stranded here going nowhere
Stuck ashore, waiting for high tide

But you know I know
You know I know
You know I know

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Lemaitre High Tide Comments
  1. jennifer perez

    "its trash" - some slag

  2. Cynical Demon

    "You, you know I tried. No I wouldn't lie..."

  3. Lucas012

    Algum BR?

  4. AlphaShadow

    Dang this is legit a good song right here

  5. wpaffett

    Hmm yes 'very nice'

    very nice

  6. joaozinho loko

    I'm Brazilian And i love you

  7. wpaffett

    Lemaitre = good

  8. Meg Dupond

    Pam pam pam pam
    Pam pam pam pam
    PAM PAM PAM PAM (le maître)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Kolzach

    One of my most favorites by Lemaitre.

  10. The Beast

    I found it on to kill a Youtuber.

  11. GAMBOA

    Found this from mlghwnt's shark video

    Lytadaphoenix XD

    @Drew Gamboa me too!


    +Drew Gamboa em 3

  12. Macho

    Lemaitre = yes.

    Matt Adriaanse

    =one of the gods

  13. Ewan Graham

    Was just listening to this today - just realised that's a bonham shuffle. Makes it so damn groovy. Love it.

  14. Lily Johnson

    yes thanks for the early birthday gift (mines march 8th) I love this

  15. Asdfghjkl

    I'd like to believe that this is a song about a sad whale

    Thomas Harris

    Can't stop thinking this now...

    First Last

    Irish spring ass

  16. vaneppi

    holy shit i love this band

  17. Sam Tineo

    What genre?


    @***** How the hell do you tell? I'm soo lost when it comes to identifying music genres like this.


    @Skipper EDM... sorry, are you fucking serious?
    It's clearly some kind of indie/alternative electronic


    Well sorry then... Never expected my self to actually offend you :(

    Ben Shapiro

    @***** So nu disco basically


    I'd call it Experimental.

  18. Jahama

    Just found my summer jam.

  19. DisastrousGaming

    Good for an outro

  20. Rèï

    if this could be on radios,  I'd start listening radios again


    Heard it playing on NRK P3 recently :)


    no chance in France...

  21. Anders Stensrud

    Coolest. Song. Ever.

  22. Aksel Søborg

    Lemaitre please put this on spotify!

  23. Klate

    Will this be on spotify?

  24. saiyougu

    like new single and cute color♥

  25. M B

    Just me, or is this song not as professionally mastered as your other songs?

  26. Azamyth

    Great tune    I love seeing people release their own music instead of through VEVO and the like 

  27. aaronrafuse

    Can I use this in a video?

  28. jckix

    Not available in the United States on mobile...

  29. Pandakiid

    new song !? whaaaa 

  30. RedSkull HAX

    Nice your english is a lot better guys! I can understand what you are saying! :D

    RedSkull HAX


  31. Electropolitan on the go

    Hey, I do a weekly EDM podcast, focused on promoting lesser known artists and songs. On my latest podcast I played this song, so if you enjoyed this, you may enjoy many more like it. https://soundcloud.com/electropolitan/episode-55-t-b-day-edition

  32. Paul Caroline

    Got an ad of the same song.


    MrSuicideSheep sent me here :)

  34. Raff Personal

    this is so beautiful! Got so many chills from this.

  35. M.A.L Val-DeZ-

    keep it up guys !!!! You may not have much fans but you will in time ! :)

  36. Dezrt

    No cool JGM video to accompany this? :(

  37. Dāvis

    fucking love ya, lemaitre

  38. Jared Kushner

    <3 love this song! Almost like the vocals as much as Tristam Once Again

  39. jonas s

    amazing!!!! digger dere!

  40. Slava Bocharov

    How old are you man?

    RedSkull HAX

    Its a group. a "band"

  41. J-Wash

    This is funky as fuck.

  42. DArK


  43. Fariz Athief

    Smooth, Relaxing, Jazzy. Lemaitre never disappoint me. Their music is always get better, better and better :D 

  44. ajlaroya


  45. J_dog

    0:45 - 1:10 has a really "jazzy" feel. 
    Dat saxophone...

  46. TheVilhu

    Not available in Sweden..?!


    I'm from Sweden and I can watch it :S


    Me too!

  47. Phantasma

    1:52 <3

  48. Tapmig

    thank the lord

  49. TheEpanak


    Continue, you are awesome!

  50. pivalone13

    So good, can't wait for your new EP :) !

  51. adam b

    greetings from Poland !
    I like your music !

  52. Laynlee Chin

    I'm going to hear this song every day for the rest of my life and I'm positive it'll still make me dance.

  53. Isidora Paz Moncada Coñopan


  54. Virlix

    Lemaitre, nothing compares.

    Matt Adriaanse

    oh realllllyyyy?

    Kelsey Black

    Nothing COMPARES, TO YOU!!! sorry I will go now

  55. Raider

    Love this :)

  56. Demolitions

    Gotta find out how to get into one of the shows here in Austin!

  57. MotorcykelBenny

    Best song of 2014 so far :)

  58. TheNextPhaseMusic

    Nice work!

  59. Dr.Peinen

    Not available in my country - Norway. Lemaitre, it's your country of origin. maaaaaaaaan... Well, at least we have soundcloud.

  60. epicslayer404

    let me buy this already D:

  61. TheVibratorX

    Love this song. It make me feel relaxed :D


    How!? o.O


    because I can't understand this song. :)

  62. Jordan Lopez


  63. Will Chambers

    Classiest electro act in the business. And this just proves it.

  64. redzxdrag

    much love from cali<3

  65. Titouan MARET

    l'album va être génial

  66. Clayton

    Yess! I saw them in London last year, so so good. :D Can't wait for the new EP!

  67. JabraSURF


  68. Lady Daydream

    Yesss! So awesome!

  69. JusZ7

    Ok, ok guys... IT'S JUST A FUCKING PEARL !!!!!!!

  70. Valentin Prados

    Thanks God I'm suscribed to you guys! Love your style! :'D

  71. austin jackson



    "Waiting for the next lunar-phaze."

  72. Ewan


  73. AkatoshSk

    perfect :D

  74. I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S

    awesome <3

  75. TroutsEdits

    damn amazing!!!!

  76. ImWada


  77. Fernando G

    dude what is going wrong? I'm disappointed

  78. Matheus Alimura

    Fucking Awesome Song, man. Nice job.

  79. JompaMusic

    So much love!!


    No u, Jompa!

    Puppy Punter

    @CaptainKronkers ooooooo jompa.

    Samuel Pasquier

    yess jompa

  80. Jansson

    Loving the funky groove

  81. Bane Zemo

    Loving this new vibe =)

  82. Olam Loma

    Kicks Ass.

  83. Jasc Edits

    YES! A new song! :)

  84. krist0sh


  85. Josh B

    Sooo good! Keep it coming!

  86. Megatobbi

    Kan vi få en dato på når EP'en kommer ut? Klarer ikke å vente på det uten å vite, trenger å telle ned!!

  87. xiocron

    Not sure how I feel about this one

  88. BlockCreator

    J'aime bien, c'est dynamique et riche

  89. MonarKay

    Was not expecting Lemaitre when I got home. Today is a good day.

  90. Jess


  91. abcdefg

    Loving it, although I prefer the instrumental songs :) Bit of both is my vote.

  92. Ophiuchus Thesnail


    I missed you, Lemaitre. ;w;

  93. TheTeeWorldsfreak

    love your content, can´t wait for the full EP!

  94. Rudolph Spenlehauert


  95. term3092

    Can't watch on mobile !