Lemaitre - Continuum Lyrics

We set a drift in search of fact
It seems indeed, life is abstract
Several years with one faint sign
This last deft that holds no line

Making our way through time and space
Exploring all three to infinity
Suitcase is packed, flyin' free
Watching the stars align, you came over time
All the while sippin' on some hibiscus tea

In dark of night a hope would shine
For us to find when we arrive
A radiant light, the river's kind
Can get them now, but perhaps one time

Making our way through time and space
Exploring all three to infinity
Suitcase is packed, flyin' free
Watching the stars align, you came over time
All the while...

Making our way through time and space
Exploring all three to infinity
Suitcase is packed, flyin' free
Watching the stars align, you came over time
All the while...

Making our way through time and space
Exploring all three to infinity
Suitcase is packed, flyin' free
Watching the stars align, you came over time
All the while, sippin' on some hibiscus tea

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Lemaitre Continuum Comments
  1. William Gonzalez

    2019 still, love this!!

  2. Westside 310

    Its clear to say that most people wont appreciate this type of music. I always get the chills

  3. Lasse Bækkel

    1.000.000!!! YEAAA BOIIISSS



    Lasse Bækkel

    @LemaitreMusic Denmark soon again?

    David Hart

    love your music guys especially this track, heard it earlier today on the nation youth music radio station Triple j Australia, Cheers guys @LemaitreMusic


    Roskilde 2019! Bring your friends ´cus it's partytime!

    Lasse Bækkel

    @LemaitreMusic Ye ! Just saw that!! Can't wait!!

  4. Figgo

    2019 :)

  5. Jesus Christ

    999 993 watches:D

  6. Lunchboxsalad17

    Almost 1M views 999,672 by my count

  7. William Gonzalez

    2019 anyone??

    William Gonzalez

    @LemaitreMusic Love you guys!!

  8. Chinu Sharma

    Very delicious song Lemaitre

  9. William Gonzalez

    Fucking awesome beats!

  10. William Gonzalez

    Love it!!

  11. Everett Flynn

    Ahhhhh... I love Lemaitre...

  12. yinnen

    I hope Lemaitre brings their old sound back. I miss it a lot!

  13. zolford

    Those memories...

  14. Bunti

    2018 anybody?


    2019 anybody?

  15. C. Lassard

    Awesome song from USA!

  16. Elijah Marshall

    Wish there was an easier way to find chill music like this

  17. AgentK2

    Throwback to Wild Adventures.

  18. Miles Davis

    This song is so peaceful. 🙄

  19. Wish Fish

    the chorus sounds like blackout by breathe carolina

  20. Otaku_God_777

    I just wanna say sometjing only reason im here to listen to these masterpieces is cause of my father

  21. Nate Rasmussen

    This song is criminally underrated!

  22. LemonBird

    Space-Time *Continuum*

  23. Hello Alphonse

    the part at 3:05....

  24. SKilledP0TATO

    Such an underrated song....

  25. Qauckerman

    This my fav lemmatrie song

  26. BlackJack393

    0:21 where is this part from i recognice it

  27. Player App


  28. GorillaGuy10

    I'm doing a music project for school and I'm doing lemaitre. Part of the assignment is to say how many awards they have won, if they won anything. Unfortunately, I can't find any info about lemaitres awards. Have they won any?

  29. PeakPointPromotion

    man i used to listen to this track all the time while going through a depression a few years back, dreaming of flying free. now I'm 20 and leaving for Italy soon. i guess the stars did finally align :)

  30. Nicole B

    so good!!

  31. Memeo

    1:38 that thumbs up tho

  32. vviktoria

    4 second listening music i love this song

  33. Onesmus Imongwa

    All the way from Namibia, this is one of my favourite songs! Love your music 👍

  34. nshvll

    Who else came here from the Google video (Google Pixel) watching with headphones plugged into the 3.5mm headphone jack? :)

  35. Pieter le maitre

    I like The Music

  36. Josh Hong

    why is it that underapreviated artists are always the best and the popular ones suck


    Underappreciated artists have to make good music to get noticed, famous artists can make whatever shit they want and get millions of views whether it's good or not.

    FireFox Fiero Zorro

    @Nayfin exactly


    Your own personal choices and tastes do not define what is good and bad. Its fine to like less well known artists, but bagging on more successful artists is just like yelling in the wind, completely pointless.

    ref the generic

    I guess you need to also think about how the more popular you are, the more hate you get and you see other p.o.v's


    Not all popular artists suck

    They're popular for a reason

    But I agree that Lemaitre is very underappreciated

  37. Alison Hörn

    wild adventures

  38. xylia

    so cool i love it

  39. Sittie Tan

    i just know closer then the autoplay brought me here

  40. A Macaroni

    Still amazing.

  41. Ian Williams

    These guys live are unbelievable!!!

  42. TheNachoNinja FTW

    I like the waek remix then the original one


    +Ninjacraft 3220 then why the hell do you come here to say that?

    TheNachoNinja FTW

    @LiquidSpacie because I want to duh


    +Ninjacraft3220 TheBlueNachoNinja Yeah I agree

  43. Josh Roman

    i remember the first time i saw wild adventures and heard this song i was like no way


    Josh Roman omg same

    Mouna Da

    My childhood omg

  44. George

    Just wondering, what are the chords used at 3:04? :D




    i seem to not be able to play anything by ear, even though i have been playing instruments for so long.


    oh haha, when it's chords i'm able to separate the notes in my head and then play them on piano 

    Om ar

    +lando Being able to identify chords like that has to be an awesome skill


    it's pretty weird to be honest because it doesn't feel like a skil but yeah it's cool


    Oh man this song takes me back to happier times.


    +PINK FLAMINGO USA® This comment made me smile, I don't know why... :>

    Eric Bowling

    +BrokenSkullMusic You're probably smiling at his implied sadness

  46. Katherine Baptista

    Come play at 9:30 Club!!!!!

  47. Benzninger L.M.

    Is this band from French?

    Josh Davidson

    No, they're actually from Norway

    Cameron :)

    @Benzninger L.M. french is a language m8

    Benzninger L.M.

    @squatchin Sorry, France.

    Cameron :)

    @Benzninger L.M. yeah that's right you should be ashamed bitch

  48. Weirdiocrow

    Everytime I hear the end of this song I expect Iron Pyrite.

    TheNachoNinja FTW



    +Rick Grimes Haha, they are right next to each other on the album. Lemaitre made sure the transition was seamless!


    Gourmet Salad wait u ppl just realised this? He deserves an Oscar for finding a similularity wow! That means I deserve 1000 Oscars

    Chelsea Trenz

    Weirdiocrow also splitting colors ❤️

  49. Desiderius

    "sippin on some delicious tea"

    Carter F

    *vintage tea


    Aaactually, I believe the original song says "hibiscus tea?" I might be wrong, though.


    +Kiki Asad Totally right.


    +Desiderius First chorus says "Sippin' on some bitches tea" while the outro says "hibiscus tea"

  50. MCライド

    mlghwnt brought me here

    Dulce Dubose



    EHGame Reviewer HD my dad brought me here he is a big fan

  51. Ewelina Czarnecka

    Absolutely love this song 😍

  52. Nathie

    great track!


    +Nathie Haha wat doe jij hier!??!?!?! Moet jij niet meer tijd spenderen aan game video's maken/kijken!? haha xD

  53. Brendan Bray

    0:30 Dat bass doe, fucking amazing in my master tracks!

  54. Krewella Mau5

    Love it!! :3 

  55. AllOlivia


  56. Shania Le Maitre

    Omg my last name is Le Maitre

    Santo Storace

    I'm jocking is Storace :'/


    Shania Le Maitre that sounds so fucking fake I feel like u made a fake name just to comment this and if it's somehow real then I pretty sure since it's not Lemaitre and it's le maitre it's said differently


    James Le Maitre wow that means that more than one person tries to be a wannabe Lemaitre


    Or maybe that’s their REAL NAME?!?

    Vixi Arts

    Shania Le Maitre lucky

  57. Nathie

    love this song :d

  58. Nathan Flade

    using this song in a skateboarding video

  59. Pingu vingu

    Sykt bra Lemaitre var live på bluebox i Grimstad i fadderuka! :) lagde skikkelig liv, utrolig gøy :))

  60. Stephanie K

    no seriously i do not understand why david guetta is so much more famous and popular than this guy. his music is pure bliss

    Stephanie K

    @christopher gundersen thanks, found out about that shortly after posting that comment ^^ 

    First Last

    Is that an artist too? Not very famous if I didn’t know.

    Seda Gunes

    David Guetta isn't that bad, it's just that some stars get discovered and some just don't unfortunately..

  61. Mike

    Sounds like a song they would put on Fifa 15

  62. Kenny Nguyen

    Fuck Yea!

  63. M8172


  64. DIMI

    Relaxing .D 

  65. AHOB Oktober


  66. Kimi The Goddaughter

    Love this <3

  67. FajnyNICK

    Tymbarki 3

    Piotr Gajdak

    Znałem ich przed reklamą tymbarka i bardzo sie cieszę że umieścili tam ich piosenkę, lemaitre to świetny zespół!


    zgadzam się 

  68. KcGóral

    Tymbark :)

  69. Speszony Gerwazy Szuka Fazy

    Czekamy na ludzi, którzy przyszli tu dzięki reklamie Tymbarka :3

  70. Aural Art Productions

    love this! 

  71. Karol Kwiatkowski

    Tymbark :D

  72. Flappy McDank

    blonde girl in the front row at 4:01.... dayyym.




    @CanobyToby Norway*


    Flappy McDank blond girls are for the most part and I don't mean to be rude BITCHES


    Flappy McDank also welcome to the usa

    Budderboy J

    Or Poland

  73. the1975grimes

    Fresh as hell

  74. Wolfieboys

    listen to the song on 1.5 speed! :P

  75. Pazakka

    I had a teacher named Mrs. LeMaitre. She was a bitch.

  76. M.A.L Val-DeZ-

    Hi Lemaitre ! I got a idea please check it out , Put your Lemaitre Logo (sign) On a T.Shirt and put lemaitre under it. I would love to have one (1) Or two (2) Of those and i know your other fans would love that too ! Like this so they can see it. Thank you

  77. Revilo

    SONG LIVE AT #thegathering2014  

  78. tinytwin29

    I'd kill to have the actual lyrics


    Obviously I've already done that or I wouldn't have posted my comment.

    Christian Verecondi



    @tinytwin29 Good thing the internet exists. You might have had some blood on your hands.

    Make Acid

    there are the lyrics where is the killing

    Vinícius Oliveira

    Plot twist: he killed himself

  79. TheCajunYT

    0:02 The best part!!!

  80. LOLOLOL1122345

    This is the shit... I'm blown away, holy fuck haha

  81. yinlove994

    So good!

  82. Dariana Ruby


  83. snaches

    Check out my Lemaitre PIANO COVER on my channel

    I'm sure you'll like it :)

  84. CP5G

    Can't get enough

  85. Jose Gonzalez

    Sippin on some bitches tea! Hahahahah! U guys are sick!


    lol that would be hibiscus tea ;p 

    Ryan Mayer

    Thought it was vintage...

  86. Kelsey Kiefer

    Heard this song in american eagle i was like YES MY SONG & started to jam out haha

  87. Joshua Weyand

    Love brought me here :)

  88. yuh!

    Minecraft wild adventures ep 11 its a vid first 1 minute up to soundhound brought me here thank you mlghwnt

  89. yuh!

    I luv dis

  90. KrilexStarGaming

    i love it its good 

  91. MrsPan Gibson

    anybody else get here by Robbie Kay?

  92. Spacedood3,000,000

    How come my comments never upload

    Carter F

    Holy fuck its me

  93. D_Lillian

    WOW <3 I LOVE LEMAITRE. LIKE WOW <3 I'm getting addicted and its good ;)

  94. thekingchris1

    My girlfriend of 17 months left me and I'm completely torn...listening to this a few times has single handedly made me feel better...great song for sure

    Bonnie Lecter

    I'm so sorry for you. I know exactly how it feels like.
    Don't worry, better times will come :) 


    @Bonnie Lecter Been there man, Lemaitre makes everything better! :D

    Sophia Page

    went through this not to long ago. lemaitre really made me feel a whole lot better after my breakup.

    joske visser

    single handedly huh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    First Last

    I don’t think you can date a year old child

  95. The Jack Flores Show

    boring.....but thats their non unique style about, Keep dreaming..cus thats what it is ,just a dream.

  96. John Fry

    I've been in that type on helicopter

    John Fry

    @Louis Dwyer JudeDDavies is my Friends account. 

    Mr. Harstad

    @JudeDDavies *you're

    Tracksuit Jhonnie

    This is the greatest string of youtube comments. Thanks for this

    Louis Dwyer

    @John Fry But still, did you post the original comment on his account or was it him?
    I still don't understand why you felt the need to say it.

    John Fry

    @Louis Dwyer Sup fam