Lemaitre - Closer Lyrics

[Jennie A.:]
I feel the shadows hanging over
They're waiting to come closer
To come and take me away
And I can feel my heart skip
Everytime that I slip
I wanna run away

I, I've been working the morning
Don't get of till the night
I can't find no time to clear my mind
Oh, I dream of the lazy days
Or for one of the careless ways for me to be a'living

I feel the shadows hanging over
They're waiting to come closer
To come and take me away
And I can feel my heart skip
Everytime that I slip
I wanna run away

I feel the shadows hanging over
They're waiting to come closer
To come and take me away
And I can feel my heart skip
Everytime that I slip
I wanna run away

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  1. XXXNumbXXX

    Wtf is that?

  2. santi crespo

    Mi donaaaaaaaa jajajaj

  3. elpro 900

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  4. TSM-GranRodrigo


  5. PEZAX

    qui est la grace a skyrroz ?

  6. Box-art

    fortnite kids after they lose a game

  7. M M

    look at that freak

    M M

    marie lynn

  8. lda lda

    Ear: good song
    Eyes 00:44 off song

  9. ZPMJK

    trumpet boy is madafuckin winner

  10. Brill Bamgod

    2:10 Caption it


    Paris 2020


    Paris New year 2020


    Paris New year 2020

  14. u.u

    Eis q vc ta naqueles dias.......

  15. Matheus Lima


  16. fogo zagado

    I Love the litle timmy

  17. Samuel Braz

    I like this músic he are Very nervous kkkkk

  18. Supra

    Okay, So This is the Tyler1's Brother!

  19. Thiago Araujo

    this video is so oddly satisfying

  20. yuxisa

    I love this song

  21. i eat frogs

    *Tyler1 in his ultimate form*

  22. Aidan Whyte

    So :Me: playing panino then the kid shuts the keyboard on my HANDS!! Knocks him out hhaha

  23. Raivok

    Lugin.... Só para os old kkkk q nostalgia vei


    *2016: No*
    *2017: No*
    *2018: No*
    *2019: One Minute*
    *2020: Yes, Recomended for YT*

  25. Banba San

    Tyler1 rage

  26. Zami chan

    Hermosho me encanta la parte de la trompeta

  27. peter hale

    Repeating the song wearing a headset i just realise there is a woman singing and the beat suddenly change usually if i listen to this music all i heard was the sick beat

  28. darkatana

    i can't believe i wrote: "a song with a kid that turns into a bodybuilder" and got this.... i love it

  29. Jhon Jhon

    Alguien los escucha en pleno 2020?

  30. Vo Jem

    Clin clin clin clin clin clin

  31. Hwang Deus

    Trap - Henry

  32. Elias Olsen Gaming

    bra sang party musikk det er drit kul sang men videoen er ikke så veldig bra fordi han mannen ødlagt alt som barna holte på med både spille på instrumenter og maling og jeg kaller det kust og håntverk og alt og det er dårlig gjort og gjøre det sånn så videoen var ikke så veldig bra men sangen synes jeg det er party 3:50 han lingner litt på Norsk Kanal på youtube

  33. -Tefooo

    2020 :)

  34. Spic3roll Gaming

    Is that tyler1?

  35. Alden Chen

    Things got destroyed in the video :
    3 White Shirts
    A Trumpet
    2 Drums
    2 Violins
    A Stand
    A Bottle of red paint
    A bunch of 3D models
    A globe
    A school atlas
    A Donut
    A wall
    A pink bike
    A glass full of flowers
    A cup of lemonade
    A red pillow
    A Balloon
    A birthday cake
    A soccer ball

    Please like because i spent a lot of time on this :)

  36. Morgz Mum Is A Cow

    All what I can think of is ROOID RAGE

  37. Cauã Silva

    Who likes this song

  38. Unnamed warriors

    When a 8 years old kid die in fortnite

  39. 조브레인

    니드포 손!

  40. Covernat

    still d.r.e + heart afire

  41. proflik jorjika

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  43. Яша Мухин


  44. анвар шакиров

    Who from 2k20?

  45. CONMAR


  46. Tôm Thông Thái

    can we see Tyler1 destroy video!

  47. You can call me Luca

    Whats the deep meaning of this song

  48. XTRA

    i love this ❤️

  49. &M_a_j_e_s_t_e_r&


  50. 鳥語

    1:41 beauty

  51. SKYZ3X

    The Monday

  52. Маленький Зайчик

    Блинчик, ;-; почему любовные клипы песни оцениваются лучше чем не любовные?Хех ;-;


    Маленький Зайчик Есть еще песня Defqwop - Heart Afire , она очень похожа на эту, но мне больше нравится.Послушай если интересно!

  53. Jeferson Borda Galvis

    que fail

  54. Fren Hack


  55. Alejandro Vela Torrez

    c enputo el calvo

  56. All in one NCV Hacker

    3:55 hungry??? Grab us Snickers 😁

  57. Kalijando

    lil buddy is angryy dis is so sadly :ccc

  58. ĐuCành

    This is good but it destroyed Heart Afire :(

  59. Kim-Jong Nam

    Hey, its Shazam on crack.

  60. Doguinho NOOB

    This Boy is a Fuckin# Hulk in real Life

  61. le Dunja

    So it Looks like big guys doesent like Neville

  62. gianelilla juas

    wena wena tyler1

  63. dailydoseofmemes

    WOW! I can't even think of anything to comment so I'm just going to post a Blueberry pancake recipe.

    1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1 1/4 teaspoons white sugar
    1 egg
    1 cup milk
    1/2 tablespoon butter, melted
    1/2 cup frozen blueberries, thawed

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    2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

  64. M. L. Uniyal


    Why was he standing near the water? Was it the water or something else? If so, why?

  65. Red Raven

    3:50 биополяр очка

  66. B0nG0 DArK

    The kid that rage quits he made the beach rice crispies

  67. Егор Кутепов

    Какойто агресивный пацан))))

  68. Lizzy Chien-Hua

    Am listen to this song in 2020🥳🥳🥳💃🏻💃🏻

  69. Crab rave

    jeffy: I didnt like it
    me: ...

  70. Sauhard Gaming

    *First Day*

    *Shopkeeper* : What do you want sir?
    *Community* : Some models!

    *After doing hard work*

    *Shopkeeper* : Finally finished it! Finally!
    *Community* : Thanks!

    *Third Day*

    *Shopkeeper at night*

    *Shopkeeper* : Wow! A new trending video! Let me watch!

    *After Watching*

    *Shopkeeper* : 😥😥😥

    *Top 10 WTF moments!*

  71. Money HAX

    I would do like him for that donut 2:57

  72. Dominic Johnson

    All the pain in 4 minutes

  73. S. Ramirez

    My musician heart is crying rn

  74. Enrique Cervantes

    F por el morrito incapaz de contener sus impulsos :(

  75. D4N27

    2020 anyone?

  76. Faon

    Qui est la grâce l’année 2020

    Bonne année à tous

    skiz zo

    Mdr nan jconnais cette musique de Skyrroz dans lune de ses anciennes intro

  77. Luis Angel Flores

    Like si querías comerte ese pastel

  78. FBI

    for the instruments, there is a lot of wrong things happening

  79. Rapid Gaming

    When you ate 5 gummy bears instead of 3 as usual

  80. Twisted Nation

    2:45 hello darkness my old friend
    All around me are familiar faces

  81. Twisted Nation

    This happened to me in school I actually thinking of being this angry

  82. Vavelone Qversty


  83. Akimoto Taiki

    Wow Shazam looks so different from the trailer.

  84. Ben Walker

    White version of the Hulk

  85. johnny tiempo

    wtf dude you killed off heart afire

  86. Oznny Sánchez

    Moraleja convertirse en holck y luego destruir todo lo que te rodea....
    Pero luego darte cuenta que era tu imaginación....

  87. wandercris sant's

    Pareçe comigo quando só aconteçe CMG isso

  88. Aktor 45

    2:40 top 10 American kids before becoming cops

  89. Muzan Kibutsuji

    Trash music. Nobody will steal your trash beat. Rip "Heart Afire".
    Make your jealousy takes place.

  90. Mrbeast XXX-NOOB Roblox

    #World of Heart afires

  91. Fren Hack

    2016: нет (no)
    2017: нет (no)
    2018: нет (no)
    2019: Самое время появиться у меня в рекомендациях! (It's time to appear in the recommendations!)

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    Anyone from itmgs video? Just curious