Lee, Peggy - Is That All There Is? Lyrics

I remember when I was a little girl
Our house caught on fire
I'll never forget the look on my father's face
As he gathered me up in his arms and
Raced through the burning building out to the pavement
And I stood there shivering in my pajamas and
Watched the whole world go up in flames
And when it was all over, I said to myself
“Is that all there is to a fire”

Is that all there is
Is that all there is
If that's all there is, my friends
Then let's keep dancing
Let's break out the booze and have a ball
If that's all there is

And when I was twelve years old
My daddy took me to a circus
“The Greatest Show on Earth”
There were clowns and elephants and dancing bears
And a beautiful lady in pink tights flew high above our heads
And as I sat there watching
I had the feeling that something was missing
I don't know what
But when it was all over, I said to myself
“Is that all there is to a circus”

Is that all there is
Is that all there is
If that's all there is, my friends
Then let's keep dancing
Let's break out the booze and have a ball
If that's all there is

And then I fell in love
With the most wonderful boy in the world
We'd take long walks down by the river
Or just sit for hours gazing into each other's eyes
We were so very much in love
And then one day, he went away
And I thought I'd die, but I didn't
And when I didn't, I said to myself
“Is that all there is to love”

Is that all there is
Is that all there is
If that's all there is, my friends
Then let's keep

I know what you must be saying to yourselves
“If that's the way she feels about it
Why doesn't she just end it all”
Oh, no, not me
I'm in no hurry for that final disappointment
Cause I know just as well as I'm standing here talking to you
That when that final moment comes and I'm breathing my last breath
I'll be saying to myself

Is that all there is
Is that all there is
If that's all there is, my friends
Then let's keep dancing
Let's break out the booze and have a ball
If that's all there is

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Lee, Peggy Is That All There Is? Comments
  1. James Urban

    I feel really sorry for anybody who likes this song. It was my uncle's favorite song. He tried to tell me that that's what life is like. It explained his basic attitude. From that day, I felt sorry for him, really sorry.

  2. SpoonWood Gennaro

    It shall be played at my wake.

  3. Christopher Ducra

    Best wedding song ever!

  4. Randy Roe

    Classy & talented singer performing one of her biggest hits! Peggy was one of North Dakota’s finest!

  5. eddyakko

    Can you believe that this song was written by the same folks that gave us Jailhouse Rock and Hound Dog? Yep, Leiber Stoller. Just check out the breadth of the talent of these two - Stand By Me, On Broadway, I Who Have Nothing ...the list goes endlessly on. Peggy Lee does an amazing job here, but the words in her mouth and the tune in her throat come from a couple of guys working in a room with nothing but a piano and their genius.

  6. Joanie Taylor

    And on This New Year I here this again.. Wonderful Song of Old Freshness for This Season

  7. chem100

    Most intelligent people come to this conclusion. When 20 percent of people suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, something is wrong with the society they live in. Peggy Lee was wonderful.

  8. Linda Maffucci

    After Hours.

  9. ミɱα૨ҡเεɱα૨ҡ ۵

    She sounds so sultry when she talks. I love it.

  10. Aaron Lindsey

    Homer Simpson... Torch song

  11. Sue Beaumont

    Delightfully depressing.

  12. WHOSE TRUth

    Peggy...I was only a kid but I never forgot that wonderful philosophy.

  13. UberLummox

    Never "believed" a singer/performance so much. It's like she actually lived that house fire in her jammies.
    If there were to be a funeral service for me, this song would be IT!!!

  14. rich ernest

    2020 hit me at the heartstrings lady!Hope is on the way!

  15. Lisa Hine

    Peggy was more than this song.She wrote and sung “Fever”.

  16. Peter P

    For some reason this Peggy Lee song gives me encouragement despite the apparent disappointments in life. A retired Catholic priest in Canada. BTW I loved the way she uses her ample sleeves in her presentation.

  17. incog99 SKD

    Now you know why Peggy Lee survived all of her contemporaries like Judy Garland, Edith Piaf and Marilyn Monroe. This North Dakota girl was tougher than that by far.

  18. incog99 SKD

    The MASTER shows us all how it's done. Nothing better.

  19. Kelly Empson

    I Grew up Listening To Her Albums...
    OVER & OVER ... Mom would Say ...
    AGAIN ?

  20. Ruthless Goat

    Driving away from Memphis on my Honeymoon with my beloved wife (1969) This was magical...headed into the darkness after a wonderful dinner at Embers in Memphis...With rice in our hair...Now, she has been gone for now 15 years,...And I know about that final, devastating disappointment. Sometimes, That is ALL that there is. Cherish the ones that you love, because you never know what is just around the corner.

  21. Katsubii Makumoni


    Das Tuff

  22. Bob Malack

    I would kill to have class and talent at that level, whether it's Peggy, or Mel Torme, Judy Garland, Jack Jones, or whoever from that era, Bob at 65.

  23. MyNana

    Meet her in Coldwater Canyon at a house party 1970...Was mesmerizing to see and listen in person. Will never forget...sweet memories. All Class, kind, sweet and so much fun to be around! In heaven entertaining my Family members. RIP Peggy Lee🌹

  24. Maryann G

    Some Trivia: Ex-Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney had great respect for Ms. Peggy Lee. She had a sort of influence on both of them.

    Bob Malack

    Oh sure...Lee influenced Lennon to write stuff like 'Come together' and McCartney to write 'Maxwell's silver hammer', and Harrison to pen 'Taxman'. Where do you get your information at?...LOL!!..Bob at 64.

  25. Family Rico

    Just started singing this to my 3 year old daughter today outta the Blue ... she knows Peggy but not quite like I do 🥰

  26. Michelle A

    My philosophy professor played this at the end of our final class. It really made me stop and think .. is that all there is? Very haunting song.

  27. LLC


  28. Bob Malack

    Whats with the 'mad men' angle? Has 'ta be some 2 bit newer movie. If you dont know of, or heard of Peggy Lee to begin with, it's time to catch up Milinials. Stop listening to Kanye and Lady Ga-Ga., zero talent 'music'. Is that all there is to todays music..my friends?

  29. Bob Malack

    Like how Peggy gently slow swipes the grand piano top for feeling/emphasis of a given stanza at 2:45 , BEYOND Judy Garland. The Frank Sinatra of phrasing and voice inflection. Another interesting voice/body inflection at 4:08 with her 3rd. "break out the booze and have a ball" refrain is with a roll of the eyes and body inflection that sums up the the composition and Peggy's rendiition, as if to resign to lifes limited fullfillment and resignation of whats at hand. Maybe sad, but a mostly a true account of most of the human condition. I can empathize, Bob at 64.

  30. Bob Malack

    Peggy Lee...the female Frank Sinatra. Nelson Riddle-ish sounding composition. Like Frank, Lee, being a little older than these original studio recordings makes both their voices slightly huskier and BETTER sounding, and including Judy Garland, amazing. Kinda too bad, at 49, Peggy Lee could of of took better care of herself physically, and diet wise.Too much fatty food buffets, and maybe booze. Bob at 64.

  31. Robot Hunter

    This is one of the greatest popular songs, ever!

  32. Fra Ncesco

    Music has an incredible power. I heard this song twice in a week due to 2 movies that I've watched: Basquiat and After hours. My english is shit and I couldn't understand the meaning at beginning but I felt attracted too much like if beyond this song I could find some answers in my life.
    Disillusion,suffering,black humor. Im sure that she had a bitter in her mouth but she didn't give a fuck, "I thought I'd die, but I didn't". This song for me represents an hymn for who wants burn for passions, for who has a balls to live the life without limitations. We need more women like Peggy Lee.

  33. bigreed43

    Cleveland Oh, in the seventies and early eighties had a television show called The Big Chuck & Hoolihan show that came on every Friday night. This song done by this performer closed the show.

  34. 1SmallDaddy

    The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  35. Charles Price

    I remember when that song was released. A year later I thought that way about high school. A year after that collage. After that was Viet Nam. And I didn't ask that anymore.

  36. Steve Mercury

    "If that's all there is, let's break out the booze and have a ball!"That was the WWII generation. Life is what you make it and there is so much room for creativity, love, learning, exploration, testing ideas and theories. If you say to yourself, Is that all there is? Then you need to find new vistas to challenge you.



  38. Bayou Boy

    Perfect example of matching the perfect song with the perfect singer!

  39. dave jackson

    she needs jesus. i used to think the same way but once i found out that jesus was real, i invited him into me and no longer thought "is that all there is"

  40. Tony Guy

    All my life, every time I hear this song I can see her getting into a nice warm tub with a bottle of champagne and a straight razor and popping a few veins!

  41. velocityJE

    beach bum brought me here. lovely song

  42. Old Uncle Bob

    The church organist played this at my wedding, by my request.

  43. Michael Collins

    She was very,very special

  44. Caryn D Prescott

    I'm watching Matthew McConahey & Isla Fisher dancing to this in The Beach Bum 🙃

  45. Einstein Jr

    So depressing its funny.

  46. Michael Hardin

    This was hugely popular among troops in Vietnam

  47. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    What a Dame

  48. paul benson

    Break out the booze

  49. Robert Pace

    Yes, most of us just lead ordinary lives and it's ok. That's what dream s are for, and luck too.

  50. Hirnlego999

    Check out Camille O'Sullivan's cover on this..

  51. Nelci Rogério

    Triste, mas bonito!

  52. Jerry Cummings

    I loved Peggy Lee - and this song is a trophy to her. LOVE you Peggy and miss you.

  53. Chanel Fitzgerald

    When I am really depressed I listen to this for some reason. What do you expect from life for it to be constant fireworks? Always think is that all there is and you'll never be disappointed. I love this song.

  54. Aran Singer

    A brilliant song sung wonderfully.

  55. mmackin1974

    Beach bum movie

  56. Todd Parke

    Few realize that Peggy is in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

  57. brendan mccann

    I'm 85 & your playing my favorite song .Thanks Thanks Thanks Peg

  58. Possilpark219

    A wonderful song. If this was the world's anthem and we all believed in the sentiments and freed ourselves from religious and ideological humbug, we'd turn our attention to the things that really matter, end poverty and injustice and make life great for every single person on the planet..........cos that's all there is, my friends!

  59. Gordy Gibson

    The late great Peggy Lee - ' If that's all there is lets bring out the booze and have a ball' Reality check with a great song.

  60. modifiedcontent

    Arranged by Randy Newman

  61. ladydontekno

    Play this at my funeral or I’m not going.

  62. Jeffrey Kent

    colonel kurtz and lounge diva combined .......equals is that all there is .....we are the hollow men ......then let us keep on dancing .......headpieces filled with straw .....

  63. ndnArt

    ...I'm soooo 20th century...doh...

  64. ndnArt

    ..I love the beat..the sound..the sexiness of her voice...is that all there is...???

  65. ndnArt

    ,,,the ultimate accompaniment for severe depression...

  66. Oscar Perez Jr

    This song is hauntingly beautiful in after hours

  67. bradly2007

    Peggy Lee in a class all by herself doing her masterful "Is That All There Is?" winning a Grammy Award, sadly Capitol Records didn't want to release then follow up albums they did nothing with, she continued making great music through the 70's

    incog99 SKD

    Peggy Lee's records BUILT the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood. They should never forget.

  68. Mari B.

    My current state.

  69. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    💜Peggy!! And there is so much more you cannot imagine. All pain will be forgotten. All tears will be wiped away. I love you! Patience!!!!! 💋🌹✝️👑🔥

  70. EricLehner

    This song is profound in its own way. Delivered with worldly wisdom. Glad to have rediscovered it. Thank you for posting it....

  71. AWetDrippy gaming

    Here because I watched Beach Bum. I love 50s 60s music amazing I never heard this till now. It speaks to me on its raw level that everything really isn't that great all and all, the highs and the lows and, with that in mind, what's all the excitement about? We could just break out the booze, have a ball and keep dancing. A beautiful sentiment, life keeps happening, complexity of what it had to offer can be simplified and still give you the pleasure you need and in the end that's all there is.

  72. Jane Brewster

    What a classy singer and this song- timeless

  73. Nosfeast

    Just seen where Ms Piggy was based after Peggy Lee.

  74. Herbie Shevers

    RIP Madam Vanderbilt.

  75. Larry Thompson

    Great background help from the band. I love as much now as in 1969 [9-17-19]

  76. Ginger Bread

    good question

  77. ken blecha

    My mother loved this song. Now I see why. Right on Peggy. The older we get the more meaning this song has!

  78. Mark Aragon

    The definitive song about disappointment.  Brilliantly performed by the Great Peggy Leep.

  79. Michael Neel

    Why does this song make me feel much better about death ???

  80. Charles Brown

    This song takes me back to wondering what my life would be like when I’m old enough to be asking myself that question of myself. Now I know...

  81. Marilyn Wisbey

    Trump “ is gonna”wake up “🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸is that all that is!

  82. Jill

    Have I been here before ? It was 1969...I did it....he snored .....it's never changed....now...I'm 70...it's 2019...

    Carolina Gak

    As time passes by the window of our eyes. It's 2019 outside, but in some room it's 69 playing over and over.

  83. Bucky Brown

    Great singer and, in her personal life, a hot, hot woman. No man could handle her. Fact.

  84. William Henry

    This is 2019 - wish iI was back in that era.

    Bob Malack

    Me too, and I'm SIXTY FOUR, if I could buy only 10 years of earlier time..LOL!! and add Jack Jones to boot!

  85. Erik Martinez

    Who's here from beach bum💯...

  86. Leo


  87. Zainab Almasi

    Born 1998 listening 2019 everything she says is something I always said till today

  88. AngelSusie57

    One of the best female vocalist ever.

  89. jim braithwaite

    Sleep No More

  90. Martin Pedersen

    shes the thing we dont have anymore--love her klod fm

  91. Mamabear Valdez

    Here because of MoonDog

  92. Fred Craven

    Is that all there is so let's keep dancing give me a drink of the strongest

  93. spudlington

    She played the voice of the mother in 'Lady and the Tramp', something that she is vastly under-credited for, I still sing "La la loo" to babies if I want them to sleep! (works like a charm until I pop them in the oven!) Joking, just a little bit of atheist stigma commentary there!

  94. vbplayer50

    I hated this song as a kid. I adore it now! Her delivery is impeccable!

  95. Lee Larson

    My one regret is that I never had the heart to explain to my children that life isn't worth living.

    Meister Incognito

    And yet you reproduced... Isn't that hypocrisy??

  96. Donald Marshall

    There is more to life than just a midnight encounter ... there is also love, that many never find a way in which to open the door.

  97. Susan Corlett

    Fabulous 🎼🎼🎼❤️❤️❤️👍🏻

  98. astrophonix

    Suicide - the final disappointment that makes all the other disappointments go away.

  99. EPA18

    I didn't like how this was arranged, especially the way the piano player was doing his part. The song should have been performed as if it could have been done in a Berlin cabaret in the 1920s.