Lee, Peggy - Don't Smoke In Bed Lyrics

I left a note on his dresser
And my old wedding ring
With these few goodbye words
How can I sing
Goodbye old sleepy head
I'm packing you in like I said

Take care of everything
I'm leaving my wedding ring
Don't look for me
I'll get a hand
Remember darling
Don't smoke in bed

Don't look for me
I'll get a hand
Remember darling
Don't smoke in bed

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Lee, Peggy Don't Smoke In Bed Comments
  1. Jassmina Vellucciano

    The song was co-written by Peggy Lee, but the full credit was given to Robinson, because they thought he was going to die, and they wanted to make sure Robison daughter would be taken care with copyright. Except Robison lived another 20 years.

  2. Katie Seagal

    My mom sang this at Cafe Society in 1952... They said in her review that she didn't seem comfortable with the song and they were not impressed.

  3. 1741clovis

    Her voice was excellent. Haunting, but pretty.

  4. Carole Griggs


  5. Stavroula Tavoulari

    Looking for one of her songs; if anyone knows! The title I think is "Oh no please don't go"

  6. Oldgittom

    Thanks for that: the great songwriters of the 1930s & 1940s were un-honored poets. This song would have blown the mind of Schubert or Mahler.

  7. Maxime Jacoby

    smoke in bed my dear ...the insurance guy just left  about your ring !

  8. jannsse

    Just watched The Two Jakes. Wonderful movie!

  9. sivazh

    Awesome song used great in The Two Jakes!

  10. Daniel Buentello

    OH MY GOD! Thanks for posting this amazing song...