Lee Harding - Anything For You Lyrics

Well I can't deny it
Don't wanna let go
Just wanna ride
High on ya love so
I got all the vibes that I need
Fills me up from my head to my feet
Well I can't describe it
So I put on a show
And then I act a little crazy when I'm feeling ya flow
Like dynamite you're a real go getter
I'm hypnotised, couldn't get much better

Bouncing on the town here we go
Bouncing up and down on a roll
Turn on the lights
See my delights
Baby look at me here I go


I feel like jumping in the river
Taking all my clothes off
Swim butt naked
Till I get arrested
I'll do most anything for you
Cause I like your dirty attitude
Dancing on hot coals
Juggling with chainsaws
Sleeping on a nail bed
All this and more
I'll do most anything for you
Yes anything for you

Well now I'm in trouble
Caught by the cops
For the love that I showed you out on the rocks
But that don't mean a thing to me
Cos when you're near me I'm feeling free
So give me the smile
That makes me go wild
Give me the look that got me so hooked
So tie me down before I explode
You're the best of all the feathers I ever did know

Bouncing on the town here we go
Bouncing up and down on a roll
Turn on the lights
See my delights
Baby look at me here I go


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Lee Harding Anything For You Comments
  1. fabrizio fulc

    I know this song and you improve it, your version is more fresh and 'crazy' , ...

  2. kathe

    He is amazing please let him be femouse. We need new rock /punk / metal

  3. Music Film

    Having fun at Luna Park

  4. becksta29

    Oh I remember this, go lee! Hope ya win the voice mate.

  5. Bryan Hazelton

    Just found this after seeing Lee on the Voice and then just had to buy the CD today.

  6. ACMA61

    This must of taken forever to film

  7. Zoru92

    I havent heard this song in years, yet i still remembered the lyrics and still love it

  8. Zahlee Hunn

    My aunt used to babysit him when he was little so I got to meet him so many times. Little 8 year old me was freaking out every time :')

  9. DarkPrincess251196

    A friend told me he does gigs and shit at clubs now and really hates these songs. And hated it when people brings them up. Still takes me back though, was a great song to dance around too.


    +DarkPrincess251196 Oh man, that's so sad that he hates these songs :( I'm 20 years old now and I still love them.


    +DarkPrincess251196 saw him last night at skyways hotel in airport west.


    +DarkPrincess251196 Yeah this are shit actually but Wasabi is still mad. I don't know anything from the post Aus Idol career other than these two songs.

  10. Luke Curtis

    how do i still remember the lyrics to these songs? Wonder what Lee is upto now?

    Stuart Manuell

    Working at subway

    Chris Hutcheson

    Tune into the voice sunday 7pm, hes auditioning again.... cant wait

    3 eccys munted

    @Chris Hutcheson killed it

  11. Amy Sunshine

    Love love love this song!!

  12. colemann76


  13. RachelXKnight666

    This makes me feel so old lol

    It was probably 2006 cause I met him at the Australian idol final because he was in it that year. He had been my favorite the whole season. Me and some bitch were waiting to see if guy Sebastian was gonna come out afterwards which he never did but she pointed him out to me because I hadn't seen him and I literally went running over to him lol. He was sooooo nice and sweet. He greeted me with the biggest strongest hug I've ever received from a celeb in my whole life. As usual when I'm nervous I blabbed xd. Told him he had been my favorite that year and had voted for him. He genuinely seemed appreciative of it. Asked me if I would buy his album when it came out and I told him and his gf that I would then he said he had to go and he gave me another huge hug and left.

    I never did buy his album lol. I did however buy both his singles

    Christina Rae

    @RachelXKnight666 Aww! You're super lucky :3 <3


    @Christina Rae lol I know right. It was a total chance encounter

    Meg Cook

    RachelXKnight666 he's a lovely guy we grew up in the same area and done gigs at the same venues

  14. Amelia kunoth-monks

    man brings back some good memories :) I liked him wonder where and what he is doing now lol

  15. Thunda1986

    I liked him

  16. Injection

    You obviously haven't seen him live recently then...

  17. Emily Coe

    U r avdouche from Reece

  18. dirtygore

    Hope this guy is dead now. He was a joke. Tried to be punk but really just was another pop singer.


    dirtygore why would you wish someone dead because of their music preferences? It may not be your style or what you think that style is but that’s a little harsh I feel.

    Demi T

    His on the voice now

    EggN Baconnn

    He’s still the same ... but I think he’s to old to be trying for fame now

  19. YOMAD22

    hectic, amazing and awesome song!!!!!

  20. Kayla Rose

    Omg this brings back memories lol. What a great clip :-). Lee Harding is a great guy :-).

  21. Aimee Minchington

    love lee what a great guy...see him around quiet a lot, having seen him for a while but love him lol

  22. Jake Hayden

    Im still listening to this amazing singer/band. Lee Harding is still my idol \m/