Lee, Brenda - Walk Away Lyrics

Walk away please go
Before you throw your life away
A life that I could share for just a day
We should have met some years ago
For your sake I say walk away, please go
Walk away and live a life that's fill
With no regrets
And don't look back at me, just try to forget
Why build a dream that cannot come true
So be stronger touch the stars now
Walk away walk on
If I heard your voice I'll beg you to stay
So don't say a word just walk right away
Goodbye my love my tears will fall
When you are gone
I can't help but cry that I must go on
I'm sad that I after searching so long
You I love you, but I told you walk away walk on

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Lee, Brenda Walk Away Comments
  1. José Eurípides


  2. алнксандр грачев

    fantastic song. = i have flexi -vinyl -russian - BRENDA LEE. = alex. ukraine.

  3. David Franklin

    This song is wonderful very much.

  4. Odilon da Silva Rocha

    This wonderful was the Austrian entry to the famous Eurovision song contest, in 1964. It should have won, of course...but it
    ended in 4th or 5th place!!! But was a big hit for MATT MONRO. Two years later, 1966, another song by the same composer,
    UDO JURGENs, ended in FIRST place in Euorivison. And the singer...again...the wonderful MATT MONRO. MICHAEL BALL, another great Britain singer also recorded this.

  5. Nicolas Eldeves

    Brenda sings with longtime members of "The Casuals" Richard Williams and Jeff Gordon, are the other singers

  6. Rotis59

    Other members of the Casuals included Buzz Cason (Ronny & the Daytonas) and Karl Hammel, jr (Summer Souvenirs)

  7. silvio cpf

    Beautiful music ..... wonderful voice !!!

  8. Ccyawn123

    @judyaosta she's singin with richard williams.

  9. W. Walter Watson

    @judyaosta You are welcome.

  10. W. Walter Watson

    @judyaosta Brenda had a long-time band called The Casuals, who usually backed her in concert. Richard Williams was one of the members of The Casuals and is the one who also sang on this particular track with her.