LeDoux, Chris - Six Bucks A Day Lyrics

I've been ramblin' out Montana way
Tryin' to live on a cow punchers pay
Been changin' them dams in the new summer hay
Irrigating alfalfa for six bucks a day
I'll tell you my story I'd be on my way
But the savings are slow to come on six bucks a day

Out here in the fields while the water runs down
With the sun high above me and the sky all around
I'm dreamin' my dreams of the Canada line
And the places I'd go if the money was mine
I'll tell you my story...

Come Saturday night well you draw out some pay
Then you go into town just to throw it away
And when the end of the month comes rolling your way
Well you ain't got much left on six bucks a day
I'll tell you my story...

Now if I drew out my time and I paid off my debts
I couldn't get to Great Falls on what I have left
But I've got me no choice when them diesel horns blow
Come a wind from the highway I got to pack up and go
Yeah money or none at all they can't hold me this way
For my blankets are rolled and tied and I'm leavin' today

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LeDoux, Chris Six Bucks A Day Comments
  1. Derek Hath

    I miss Chris!

    I am the guy that sent all flowers to the ranch when he passed on from this Californian.

    I was riding PRCA Bulls and busted through his bouncers at this show at the Crazy Horse in Santa Ana which is now a vacant lot.

    Chris said: Hey! Partner settle down!
    We set down on two home depot buckets and I told him how much his music meant to me an my traveling partners. That was it. He smiled. I was was tipsy and hugged him.

    See him in Heaven where the broncs are nice.

  2. James Benedict

    How the fuck did this guy not make the big time?

  3. Wayne Moulder

    Chris was the best so far nobody neem able to come close rip

  4. bazthehandyman

    Glad you did.....real good.