Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot Lyrics

Greasy slicked down body, groovy leather trim
I like the way you hold the road, mama, it ain't no sin

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

Trouble-free transmission, helps your oil's flow
Mama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it all

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

Dig that heavy metal underneath your hood
Baby, I could work all night, believe I've got the perfect tools

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

A model built for comfort, really built with style
Specialist tradition, mama, let me feast my eyes

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

Factory air-conditioned, heat begins to rise
Guaranteed to run for hours, mama it's a perfect size

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

Groovin' on the freeway, gauge is on the red
Gun down on my gasoline, I believe I'm gonna crack a head.

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]
I can't stop talkin' about...

Come to me for service every hundred miles
Baby, let me check your points, fix your overdrive

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

Fully automatic, comes in any size
Makes me wonder what I did, before we synchronized

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

Feather-light suspension, Koni's couldn't hold
I'm so glad I took a look inside your showroom doors

Talkin' 'bout love [X3]

Oh, I can't stop talkin' about love.

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Led Zeppelin Trampled Under Foot Comments
  1. Carlos Ralda

    I can't stop talking about love this 2020 💗👏

  2. Alexander Grissinger

    Promiso Papa Tia amore

  3. Caroline AMbler

    55 and still rockin out to it . ROBERT BLOODY PLANT MAN SAY NO MORE!!!

  4. Old O'Murchu

    I just wanna know what on Earth is he talking about ?

  5. Dave Grohl


  6. Rach S

    This song captures what I adore about Jimmy & Roger, pure unadulterated joyous sexuality.

    Rachel 99


  7. Kieran Duffy

    Is it just me or does this sound like the Doobie Brothers......or does the Doobie Brothers sound like Zeppelin
    ......"Without love.....where would we be now "

  8. Attento Che rischi

    Pure orgasm

  9. J Branum

    That fucking organ solo. Good shit

  10. Anderson Souza

    That's rock n roll man!!!

  11. celic190

    Stop trying to profit from led zeppelin, I came here for Roberts sweet ass vocals if I wanted adverts I'd go bend over for the BBC.

  12. Biscuit Head

    I don't know who ripped off whom, but this song is almost identical to Doobie Brothers 'Long Train Running'..... As much as I like the Zep, they are known to have stolen most of their songs.

  13. AB TheTheic

    That's the song to put on loop while endlessly roaming in your favourite gta city! 🌇

  14. Martin Bachleda

    Monday! Mjb.

  15. Shaun Sinclair

    When you eat LSD you hear so much more, Including the colors

  16. 1333cc7


  17. Michael Kleven

    Wow so I just asked who the 4k that hated this and they must be insane. Want a true explanation. This is for the men of past generations. You know born between 50 to 1975. We where made different more testosterone. That just want to 💕😈😙😁

  18. Vapor Trails

    Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one who's noticed how similar this song is to "Long Train Running" by the Doobie Brothers, released two years earlier.

  19. Aloicious Gaylord

    and Roger Taylor got ragged for writing a car song!

  20. Maria Carvalho

    Led Zeppelin grooviest song.

  21. Succ Lord

    I don’t always listen to Trampled Under Foot, but when I do, I play it 50 more times.

  22. William Rochr

    I love the funky groove in this tune. Best band ever.

  23. Jeriko

    Cant hear the neighbors complain if there is nothing to complain about

  24. litledevel15

    I always blast this on Black Friday — make it tradition. Black Friday should be called, “Trampled Under Foot” day. Hahahahaha

  25. Cheryl Hess

    Jimmy page is the hottest guy ever

  26. Gega KS

    Great song from Masterpiece double album.Had it on LP.

  27. Raul Lopez

    Tengo 56 años y hasta ahorita revonosco lo grande k son

  28. Steve Del Monte

    Rock sent by god

  29. Kelly Acosta

    That is the mighty powerful dangerous led Zeppelin

  30. Quincy Jones

    I remember this song on the physical graffiti album

  31. mrleahcim

    Funky baby !!!!

  32. hondo lando

    i usually get annoyed by solos, but im telling you what, i wish this keyboard solo was 1,000,000 minutes longer

  33. Mayhem Inducer

    See my avatar .

  34. Kevin Barton

    Don’t ever let any of your ❤️❤️❤️❤️ get
    Foot !!!
    I love you all ! “Jesus Christ !” ❤️🌈👍👩‍💼🤠 !

  35. Music bonanza 123

    John Paul Jones on organ

  36. Gregory Maccarella

    Best driving song ever

  37. virtuazoso

    The difference between this and Greta Van Fleet is that this has big, big balls

  38. Kevin L Hayden

    I don't know the exact year this song came out but I first heard it in 1974 and we rocked this shit in my all black middle school....never judge a book by it's cover!

  39. Robert Cubinelli

    Get it on and get with it !!!!

  40. Brody Locke

    Physical Graffiti was my father's bread and butter. Lyric for lyric, Instrement for instrement. Miss ya dad. Rip Bonham. Long live Led Zeppelin.

  41. Gabriel Chin

    The 292 thumbs down people should be put down also. That would be the end of them.

    Gabriel Chin

    Correction, 392

  42. Jason Weber

    Hey, is this ac/dc?

    If you get the reference

    Gabriel Chin

    That rubbish aussie group ? They can't compete with Led Zeppelin.

  43. Robert Ghanem

    Whats amazing bout led zepplin is how many afro Americans love em too 😆,, just have that funkest to them

  44. Marco Sterling

    I like how Led Zeppelin adds foreign elements into their music. It’s almost like a Pseudo-rock

  45. Darren Vandiver

    There's so much going on in this song 3 on instruments, Robert singing without catching his breath Jimmy abusing the guitar, JPJ what can you say, and Bonham drums sounds like morter fire bombs, tremendous song point blank!

    Michael Dooley

    A masterpiece

  46. Ayana Anon

    Oh so funky....

  47. Robert Abbott


  48. Gangsta Paradise

    Amazing 😘🇦🇱

  49. DeadEnd Friends

    Car or sex ? You decide

  50. dontrushme2112

    OMG does this band ever sound like Greta Van Fleet

    Kasmi Taha

    Lol u mean Greta Ven Fleet sounds like led Zeppelin well they're basicly copying them there's no innovation in that band


    Kasmi Taha yep thats my point.


    Listen to The Smiths's The Draize Train.
    I think it is plagiarism.

  52. Michael Correal

    This makes me wanna rail a bunch of cocaine in a 79’ Chevy pickup

  53. claudi vrga

    Uno de mis temas favoritos, Feliz cumpleños Robert Plant!!!

  54. Gonflyn

    Monster. Jam.

  55. M. Roh

    What a bad ass use of wah

  56. Andrew Rule

    I like your YouTube channel

  57. Andrew Rule

    I like your band

  58. Kate Jones

    Mama let me pump ur gas!!! ❤️👄😍

  59. Marcus Sabini

    362 people can go to hell

  60. CodyTheDoggo

    Damn glad I found this song

  61. Kiko Dias

    This is riff is so geniusly stupid

  62. pecker wood

    A day with out led zeppelin is a bad day!!

  63. Andrew Corbett

    Listening in 1975.... Fuckin hell what a tune....Next... Mmm Kashmir

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I hear ya. Back in 1975, when this came out, I was in the United States Marine Corps. Boy, I wore this song out. I lived a 50 man squad bay, so everyone in the squad bay heard this great song.

  64. Hanley Jamie

    There best song in my opinion! Such a groovy song, LOVE IT

  65. Cockney Red

    My 16yr old grandson had this on quite loud in his bedroom when i was babysitting.
    I ran upstairs and shouted at him to.......... TURN IT UP !!!

    Brett Yarnall

    Cockney Red ok boomer

    SenorPredo - Minecraft Coasters

    Brett Yarnall — You’re in the presence of Led Zeppelin. Take your boomer shit out of here

    Sir Riel

    @Brett Yarnall stupid kids these days ugh

  66. pradeep gopinathan

    I have been listening to this song repeatedly and suddenly the tune of another song kept coming up. Just to double check, asked my son who happens to love 70s rock, which other song it sounded like. The answer within the first few lines - Long train Running, Doobie Brothers

  67. LoneLawyer

    I pet my roommates dog to this song. He's my dog now.

  68. Rene Lara

    The best ever case closed

  69. Murat Omar

    Physical Graffiti is the best album IMHO... The Rover is also my favourite

    Andrew Brigance

    I love the rover and custard pie

  70. love child 69

    John Paul Jones, that was one of the baddestt ass songs ever made!!

  71. Charles Jackson

    "Dancing Machine" rework.
    1 of 2 songs in which Led Zeppelin referenced the Jackson 5. They also referenced "I'll Be There" in "In The Light".

  72. Lil' Dee

    I add a Led Zeppelin Song on my alarm clock

  73. Charles Hall

    The Dictators Go Girl Crazy

  74. TheY2AProblem

    The DJ on the radio this morning said that Kashmir was his favorite Led Zeppelin song. Trampled Under Foot is mine.

  75. Ana Solis Amador

    Ana Lorena Solis Amador de Costa Rica si alguien está interesado en comprar estos discos de acetato en 33 y 45 x favor comunicarse conmigo al celular 87 45 24 58 me urge vender para pagar deuda de mi hija x estudios xf

  76. lf sr

    Plagiarism: Led stole this song from Doobie Brothers, called Long Train Running

    w oke

    Buy a hearing aid

  77. J T

    Guitar: "Doot Doot....doodle do dudoot"
    Drums: "Can someone stop John from hitting me?"

  78. Tarantulisimo

    John Bonham – drums, percussion
    John Paul Jones – bass guitar, keyboards, clavinet
    Jimmy Page – electric guitars
    Robert Plant – lead vocals
    Robert Johnson, Stevie Wonder -- inspirations & influences

  79. Ace Sparks

    Who knew being stomped to death could be so... Funky...

  80. MFields2178

    What’s he talking about?

  81. tstoneami

    This was once mainstream music. What the fuck happened???

  82. Christopher Combs

    Best song ever

  83. arodlilman

    definitely not a rip off, cant be. god damn i hate this band more and more

  84. Kevin Patrick Johnson

    Led Zeppelin kicks ass!!

  85. DD-8 Gaming

    2:08 nobody will talk about this?!

  86. Julio Alcaraz

    Te amo les zeppelin.

  87. soupcan

    did i see the Brothers Johnson peaking out of a window?

  88. rr3 Jackson

    the riff makes me fuc**** hornyy, WTF .....

  89. Valeriy Blinov

    Super Legends!!!!

  90. Mike Gendron

    I was listening to this and my 20 year old son walked in the room and says "Ohh, Trampled under foot, talking bout love" I almost shed a tear. I did a good job with this one!!!

    Debra Willard

    that is so funny!! yes, u did a good job dad!! u raised him right


    DelinKwenT im 16 and my mom’s never heard of led zeppelin lol

    randy schlesinger

    Walked into a sound check for John Paul Jones with my son years ago and he was playing this....OMG, I almost fell out myself. It was heaven.

    Shaun Sinclair

    thats awesome!

    J D S

    Me and my pops used to listen to this. When I was a kid he played zeppelin all the time!! He passed away a few years ago, whenever I listen to this song especially I get good memories.

  91. Anthony C

    One regret- Never got to see Led Zep in concert!

  92. Marcello Via.

    I was a Disco DJ in the late 70's in Italy and the U.S. and when I wanted to pack the dance floor THIS was my go to song. What power!!!!

  93. Manuel Rodero

    un tema que me marco.

  94. tulllguy

    does anyone think this sounds a little like "Long Train Running" from the Doobie Bros?

    Boat Axe

    As well as Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.

  95. Murat Omar

    This song helps me in my life... guys you know

  96. Thomas Gary

    This is great music for porn

  97. corailgris

    I like this one but Stay by David Bowie is better.