Led Zeppelin - The Wanton Song Lyrics

Silent woman in the night, you came, Took my seed from my shaking frame.
Same old fire, another flame, And the wheel rolls on.

Silent woman through the flames, you come, From the deep behind the sun
Seems my nightmares, have just begun
Left me barely holding on.

With blazing eyes you see my trembling hand.
When we know the time has come
Lose my senses, lose command
Feel your healing rivers run

Is it every time I fall, That I think this is the one
In the darkness can you hear me call
Another day has just begun.

Silent woman, my face is changed
Some know in ways to come.
Feel my fire needs a brand new flame
And the wheels rolls on.... rolls on.

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Led Zeppelin The Wanton Song Comments
  1. Six feet Under

    Of all the death metal i listen to- Zeppelin is still heavier

  2. Ken Miller

    Bonhams played rithem&leed that's what made him the best.........

  3. hitman

    funny how Pagey never gets any love in the comments but it's his vision, his sound, his band.

  4. Zachary Smith

    Thanks for posting on my 50th birthday

  5. possum2big

    The magic sound of the Helios mixing console mounted in a bread truck. Still can't be beat 👍

  6. Perry Comeau

    Pure mathematics with a pho bo. .

  7. Hans Schnitzel

    Silent woman in the night, you came, Took my seed from my shaking frame.
    Same old fire, another flame, And the wheel rolls on.

    Silent woman through the flames, you come, From the deep behind the sun
    Seems my nightmares, have just begun
    Left me barely holding on.

    With blazing eyes you see my trembling hand.
    When we know the time has come
    Lose my senses, lose command
    Feel your healing rivers run

    Is it every time I fall, That I think this is the one
    In the darkness can you hear me call
    Another day has just begun.

    Silent woman, my face is changed
    Some know in ways to come.
    Feel my fire needs a brand new flame
    And the wheels rolls on.... rolls on.

  8. Dan Brenner

    Drum riffs are at the top of the chart for kicking ass to get stuff done in cold house at night.

  9. ieatgrunge


  10. D45H13ll MB

    RATM- Vietnow-

  11. Dido Man

    That thing Bonzo does at 00:12 is just fucking sick!

  12. John Rice

    Great rhythm, average song.

  13. Michael Heffron

    Bonham and Jones together created a form of "propulsion" which made one anxious for what was coming next.

    The Creature

    good rythym sections can do that. Paice and Glover were also good at making a song
    ' move' . John Bonham and Jones made Zeppelin's songs live and bteathe !

  14. CrStrifey

    This is like the quintessential rock song. Every second is filled with rhythm and bravado.

  15. Mario Böck

    Led Zeppelin is just one Cover Band , boring🤘

    The Creature

    you spend your time looking at and commenting on videos featuring bands you don't like. What does that say about you ,?

  16. Joseph Davis

    It’s the ones that weren’t on the radio.... Something only. A tru Zeppelin fan knows!

  17. ColumbineLegend 420


    The Creature

    it's not too late

  18. Jasper Jenkins

    pAisTe crash cymbals IN YOUR FACE 🤘🤘🤘

  19. Jose Eudes Baima Bezerra

    Imortal guitar solo.

  20. Clifford Hegeman

    I can't understand why there is 500 thumbs down. Wtf

    Jerry Bennett

    I will tell you why deaf dumb and stupid and I hope every single one of them rot in hell with the rest of the little fairy friends.

    Luke Rance

    They rocked too hard and accidentally disliked it.

    Luke Rance

    @Jerry Bennett Led Zeppelin fans should try to keep our cool. Don't go raging too hard bro. That's their right to dislike, it doesn't mean their bad it's just their taste. It's impossible to like if you don't like it. For me, it's the taste of paracetamols or lemon skin.

    Jerry Bennett

    @Luke Rance yes you are right and I would like to apologize if I offended anybody but it just really really pisses me off I understand everybody has different tastes and music it's just some of the comments that people make are really ridiculous I Love led Zeppelin more than you could ever imagine and I will defend them and I will continue to defend them I'm just going to be more careful how I choose my words. When it comes to Zeppelin I cannot control my anger I guess I need to really work on that so once again I apologize and thank you your comment was very respectful it made me think about what I said so thank you I remember I will continue to defend them I will choose my words very carefully 😇

    Luke Rance

    @Jerry Bennett That's the spirit man. My brothers hate Led Zep, they just don't understand the work the band put in it. I wish I could just punch them and tell them how Taylor Swift's songs aren't as good as Led Zeppelin's. But I just gotta keep my cool. Why did the music go downhill when technology advances so fast.

  21. Nick Thorp

    Oh yes! Bonham magic.

    Jerry Bennett

    I could not have said it better Bonham the magician long live the king.

  22. Jim Remsnyder

    Many people don't understand the complexity.

  23. Jorge Anguas

    John Bonham, hammer of the gods.

  24. Ken Sturm

    Who can play this on drums? Only on a USA Ludwig

  25. Brian Smyth

    the solo is key boards !!! outstanding !! and for those 500 dislikes people you pound a pineapple up your arse

    The Creature

    the solo is a guitar played through a Leslie organ amplifier so it sounds kinds like keyboards

    Brian Smyth

    @The Creature thanks

  26. Daniel Nuttall

    Vietnow by RATM anyone?

  27. Jouette JeanToir

    I want you!! I need you! I Love you!!!

  28. David Don Miller

    Needs to be linked to Shakespeare's use of the word "wanton" in order to make complete sense.

    The Creature

    its only got one meaning , Professor


    Small dumpling with a savory filling? 🤣😂🤣

    The Creature

    @Steve those are wontons. I. haven't tried them but they must be really good

  29. 27 Pinstripes

    WoW , what a Fkcn Song ! its like Fireworks going off, Airplanes taking off, Dragsters racing around the track , and also = very Danceable !

  30. Gabriel Chin

    Led Zeppelin has more good, great songs than some of the rock bands combined. Most rock bands have a few good songs, may be 6 or 7 but Led Zeppelin has tons of good songs.

    The Creature

    Compared to most of of the popular rock bands in history LZ doesn't have a lot of songs because they weren't around long but they have a high percentage of great songs

    Mario Böck

    Good joke 🤘

    The Creature

    @Mario Böck ?

  31. Tom Krohn

    Real Funk!

  32. ZEP0034

    495 morons who don't like this song from the best rock band in history. It is just class from start to finish.

  33. ben buhl

    Thank you Atlantic Records!

  34. Josiah P.

    Just hot DAMN

  35. Chris Garcia


  36. Alejandro Villamil

    Holy fuck it feel so nice this riff

  37. Robert Shadbolt

    Zeppelin are like a super group composed from other groups. All four of them are at the top/near the top of the tree in their field. Frontman, lead guitar, drummer and bass. All four total legends and together OMFG

  38. Flat Earth Vegans

    Favorite song ever!!!✌️✌️🍎🍎👍👍

  39. Mary Ben-McD

    [email protected]$$! Love my Led😍. No Band Can Ever Compare 🌹🙌👏👌🎤🎸🎶🎵✌👂😘 Party😆

  40. eric stanke

    Song makes want to rip a tree out of the ground and beat a car to death.

  41. Richard Tamoush

    lead bass & drums on this one...

  42. Frankincensed

    3:32 One of my top ten Zep songs. So damn funky.

  43. Sagatuppercut SF2

    I like the guitar distortion.

  44. Fast Savannah

    RATM was here for good

  45. Lucas Arnold

    This riff will just randomly pop into my head somedays and it never gets old! Keep on rockin!

  46. Gandalf the Grey

    Not enough comments about Robert Plant’s incredible vocal diversity and ability to change styles. So here’s one...

  47. Mr S

    F I T

  48. jerjets11

    Underrated Zeppie number....

  49. Danny Digeloromo

    No stopping bonzo here. Damn those triplets

  50. chad roberts

    John Bonham. BOOM!

  51. Kevin DeAddio

    Hey, let's Robert Plant some props.... guy was AWESOME!

    The Creature

    read the lyrics. He's a hard rock hedonist poet

  52. Vincent Thomas

    You have Page, Plant, and Bonham. Jones was that special sauce that made it better.

  53. Andy D G

    Mmmmmm, that bass! You know you guys.... John Paul Jones was just as gifted as Bonham, Page and Plant! Most underrated member of the band EVER!

  54. perryandy2

    God I love Chinese food

  55. 47blasko

    Silent woman in the night, you came 
    Took my seed from my shaking frame

  56. 47blasko

    Best rock song ever! Yawn Aerosmith

  57. Laurie Martin

    This is how old?!?! Timeless....

  58. knickerbocker

    The instrumentals are godlike but the singing is god awful. Plant is just awful.

  59. billbo baggins

    It's always best to FLY HIGH IN ZEPPELIN!! For God's sake turn it up mate.....just fly.

  60. Jay VanDevender

    If this track doesn't make your body move... You are probably dead

  61. Rakesh Buragohain

    The Budget Immigrant Song😂😂

  62. Long live. rock.

    Ok back in the 80 when zeppelin broke up I really thought the world was over thank God there was a hole lot more great groups but you just can't beat zeppelin

  63. Emir Korkmaz

    John fuckin' bonham! Hands down.

  64. Charles Cimino

    I never understood this song until I saw the YT videos of Page/Plant touring in the 90's and they open with Immigrant Song and go straight into Wanton Song. To witness this in person must have been amazing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTaLMkwgem4

  65. Chris B

    An underrated classic, quite possibly the best Zep track, rock, funk, jazz groove that is pure heaven.

    Play this loud and marvel

    A. S.

    If someone asked me, whats rock and roll? I'd put on this track.....

  66. Lj Hendrickson

    John Paul + Bonham....Anything better??!!?!??


    john bonham best drummer of all time!

  68. Charles Pelo

    If aliens came to Earth and told us that the pinnacle of existence is to create the best music, and we need to submit our best entry to gain acceptance...it would be difficult, even with Mozart, Beethoven, etc. not to submit Led Zeppelin...

  69. angel williams

    this song makes you want to jump up and hit some shit, its got that much power, just amazing. led zeppelin were the shit then and now. how can anyone not love this? it is orgasmic too say he least. just pure rock and rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  70. Julie Loveless

    Happy birthday to Robert Plant

  71. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    This song is too badass for this world lol

  72. Redwhite&blue

    Kick ass collection, thank you

  73. Richard B. Davis

    Bonham makes this Song “

  74. Chrisamos412


  75. HAL 9000


  76. william summers

    Not too much not too little just right that's what makes it so great

  77. Michael Alfano

    I feel I just got my butt kicked by a set of drums.

  78. Lógica Loterias

    The Wanton Song
    Silent woman, in the night you came
    Took my seed from my shakin' frame
    Same old fire, another flame
    and the wheel rolls on

    Silent woman, through the flames you come
    From the deep behind the sun
    Kissed my nightmares, my lovin' gun
    Left me barely holdin' on, hold, hold

    Blazin' eyes see the tremblin' hand
    when we know the time has come
    Ooh, blinded senses lose command
    Feel your healin' rivers run

    Is it every time I fall that I think this is the one
    Ooh, in the darkness can you hear me call
    Another day has just begun
    Another day, yeah

    Silent woman, my own face does change
    Some know the way it's become
    Feel my fire needs a brand-new flame
    and the wheel rolls on, rolls on, rolls on, rolls on, yeah
    Rolls on

  79. maria svinth

    These drums keep me coming back

  80. cosmicVox13

    Swingin’ !

  81. Jeff Walden

    I can't believe the power of this band. It brings out so much emotion in me. Every song is good by this band, and that's why they are the greatest ever..

    Dirt Rules

    I used to listen to this during the 7 minute reentry thru the portal back when I traveled for the CIA.. I don't care anymore as I only have 2 months left.. what can they do to me...fuck them

  82. Mark Andrews

    Amazed and confused that fewer than 1% of folks who view this song -- and so many other great ones -- bother to click the Like button. Let's show a little appreciation, people!

  83. christopher yasus

    Plants swagger & ownership of the Zeppelin mothership on FULL display. Hes the master of never uncool. Facts

    The Creature

    read those lyrics. that's hard rock and roll poetry

  84. TDK

    Not TOO cool, huh kids? This is how your parents did it!

  85. Surfs Up

    Zep could throw down on some funky junk.

  86. Mark Wright

    1:07 sounds like a daft punk song. i love it.

  87. Claire B

    This song just makes me happy and I'm currently depressed.

  88. Lil Homo Erectus

    the bridge section at 0:58 gives me a sensation that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  89. Clênio Monteiro

    John Bonham: Animal

  90. Firstname Lastname357


  91. Lj Hendrickson

    Just John Paul Jones.....

  92. eminoduerme

    vietnow - Ratm

  93. vodkardus1

    B E A U T I F U L

  94. Jim W

    This whole album is fucking incredible.

  95. metalmarv

    one of the best songs by the KINGS of hard rock!!!

  96. Carlos Valverde

    My calculus teacher said: those drums come straight out of Midgard

  97. El Desdichado

    The breaks get funky.

    As in The Funk.

  98. Charles Hall

    John Bonham Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends

  99. James Hamrick

    Came here from Jed Zeppelin, the egg drop song. What is this crap anyway? Freakin' poseurs...

  100. James Hamrick

    I just love the way Jimmy utilizes the volume knob (or, possibly a volume pedal) on this song... It kinda just smacks you in the face with guitarosity!!! Ferocious, at the very least...