Led Zeppelin - Nobody's Fault But Mine Lyrics

Nobody's fault but mine [X2]
Trying to save my soul tonight
It's nobody's fault but mine

Devil he told me to roll [X2]
How to roll the log tonight
Nobody's fault but mine

Brother he showed me the gong
Brother he showed me the ding dong ding dong
How to kick that gong to light
Oh, it's nobody's fault but mine

Got a monkey on my back. [X2]
Gonna change my ways tonight
Nobody's fault but mine

I will get down rollin' tonight
Nobody's fault

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Led Zeppelin Nobody's Fault But Mine Comments
  1. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    bring it on!

  2. Perry Comeau

    I know the harmonica.

  3. Mr. Jones

    No Bodies fault but yours!

    Perry Comeau

    Excuse me 'mr jones'

    Mr. Jones

    @Perry Comeau ,You throw like a girl! "Sand Lot". What can I do for you?

  4. Dwight B

    856 Justin Beaver fans

  5. Perry Comeau

    I've a scathingly brilliant idea but; can't tell you about right now. You take the soda and I'll deal with the Bannister.

  6. Lonely World.

    Every album of led Zeppelin is great <3

  7. Derek Knopp

    I honestly think it's a toss up zep or sabbath. Love both.

  8. David Tenhundfeld

    This song was the loudest noise i have ever heard EVER of anything in my life at the Page&Plant tour Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum i think the year was 1994

  9. nursemedic17

    This song will be played at my funeral....eventually.

  10. Kelly Acosta

    F****** Zeppelin rules East LA all the way Zeppelin baddest band ever we love Zeppelin

  11. Kelly Acosta

    Led Zeppelin rules best band ever East LA Love's Zeppelin Bonsall very dangerous drummer

  12. Kelly Acosta

    Bonzo very dangerous drummer

  13. Supersuperdestroyer

    The album cover looks like a family sitting around asking Alexa questions. Presence is the best Led Zepplin album. Imao

  14. Jerry Haren

    Nananananana nobody's fault but mine

  15. John A

    66 next month, didn't discover the group til the third album, here i am at the end of 2019....

  16. Damian Vonderharr

    The bass on this song goes through my soul!!!

  17. Montgomery Denzer

    the Best Jerry- THE BEST

  18. leo lee

    Sounds more like aerosmith than Zeppelin. I prefer blind Willie Johnson version to this cock rock wank fest

  19. Kelly Acosta

    Led Zeppelin very dangerous band

  20. Kelly Acosta

    I bet you Steve Perry can sing this

  21. 치노

    Plant : Oh, Jimmy !!! Oh, Jimmy !!!!

  22. RU REDI 4ME

    Their brand of Hard Rock is still untouched to this day!

  23. hello hello


  24. hello hello

    This is true

    hello hello

    of me and you and, well,of everyone actually

  25. Alessandro Ditano

    so heavy

  26. Sharron Clark

    This is why I don't like the comments on music! No one cracks jokes and sarcasm! All they do is praise a band or the members of said band! I mean come on I like led Zeppelin also but shit I listen to it over and over again in the seventies eighties part of the ninties! I mean really!

  27. Harry Cox

    The cinematic, atmospheric sounds is suberb and the lyrics describe how we all feel at times .

  28. Dirtyfly

    Oh, nobody's fault but mine
    Nobody's fault but mine
    Trying to save my soul tonight
    Oh, it's nobody's fault but mine

    The devil he told me to roll
    The devil he told me to roll
    How to roll the log tonight
    Nobody's fault but mine

    Brother he showed me the gong?
    Brother he showed me the ding dong ding dong
    How to keep that gong alive
    Oh, it's nobody's fault but mine

    Got a monkey on my back
    Got a mo, mo, mo, mo, monkey on my back, back, back, back
    Gonna change my ways tonight
    Nobody's fault but mine

    I will get down rollin' tonight
    No-no-no-no-no-no-nobody's fault

  29. Varga Robert

    A masterpiece from Led Zeppelin Varga Robert Cluj România

  30. Omar McKinley

    Yes it's my fault baby!☹️😛

  31. Ana Flávia Pincerno Pouza

    I would have never learnt to love and respect The Great Blind Willie Johnson if Led Zeppelin and Jack White wouldn't have grown as their biggest fans...Thank You, Gentlemen !!!

  32. Ana Flávia Pincerno Pouza

    The best visceral version of Blind Willie Johnson`s song !

  33. Jerry Haren

    Nanananananobobdys fault but mine!

  34. Illidan Stormrage



  35. Anthony Beesly

    what a mad build up leading to a massive breakout!

  36. Johnny Depth

    i translated it to french.
    Personne d'autre que moi

    Johnny Depth

    Diable, il m'a appris à rouler, frère, il m'a montré le Ding Dong Ding Dong.

    Johnny Depth

    Ce n'est la faute de personne mais la mienne. its nobody's fault but mine i'm stoned.

    juan carlos ballesteros gomez

    @Johnny Depth tojours la faute cest´de quelqun

  37. Muso Snob

    People who do the advertising thing you dont fckin get it. Knobs.

  38. Silky Milky

    Blind Willie Johnson. As far as I'm concerned, this song will always only ever be played the way it should by him

    The Creature

    collective eye roll

  39. hungfao

    Man, these guys were great. I feel so privileged to have lived with this music. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

  40. Connor Clarke

    does anyone know any good albums like this, just stripped down hard rock. Not too soft, not too metal... No black sabbath or Ozzy, Iv'e been trying to find another band or even an album like Zeppelins. ACDC, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, are OK, anything past that is too metal for me

  41. TickleBiscuit

    This is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs ever! Just so powerful from Bonham thrashing the skins to Plant with those guttural howls ( 6:05 is a good example ) and they bash you from all sides! Crescendo goes up...up...up...then silence. Wait...is that it? That ca- NO-NO-NO-NO-NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE! *boom!* Bonham kicks back in...and there's Page, rippin' the guitar! Ohhhh!

    Just that smash you in the face rock masterpiece! Don't get me wrong...I like the "Stairway To Heaven" and "Whole Lptta Love" but I really enjoy the "not-so-radio" songs...this album for sure. The first time I bought this album, it was on cassette in the "budget bin" at Camelot Records back in the 80s. I never understood why "Presence" didn't perform well in the charts...but then again...I don't particularly care what some pompous music critic thinks of albums...as long as I like it then that's all that matters.

  42. Montgomery Denzer

    Dive Bomber- Jimmy Page

  43. Robert Kess

    So many people call this the weak album of their catalog, not me, this is my favorite Zep album, recorded quickly, raw and in your face. My buddy used to have it on 8-track, and for some reason it used to fade in and fade out live waves, and I thought that was the way it was supposed to be, lol. By the time I heard it the way it was supposed to be it didn't sound right. BTW, why did they call them 8 tracks when they only had 4 to choose from, and what's the deal with airline food.

  44. Samuel Valenzuela

    One of the greatest songs by Zeppelin, the solo is amazing, the drums and everything

  45. David Dollarhide

    Stole this album from my High School radio station in 1977. Sorry about that. Saw them later that year at Oakland. Hell yea!!!

  46. Pete Turner

    the boys the band

  47. Will Banks

    Bass EPIC!

  48. Gonzo Thompson

    The 70s were about waiting for the next Led Zep album to come out. Nuff said.

  49. Jackie Terry

    Listening to zepplin to get my day started today!

  50. Albergio Gomes

    Que solo fantástico

  51. Jon Howard

    who ever dislikes this shouldn't be looking up rock songs to hate on you dont see me going around disliking every rap song and im not saying rap is bad but about everything after tupacs era is 🗑

  52. Billy Idol

    I mean if I was going to pick my top three rock and roll vocalists of all time,
    Chris Cornell,
    Paul Rodgers,
    and Robert Plant.

    Really in no particular order of course

  53. Biscuits The Anteater

    Jesus the amount of circle jerk comments here...

  54. Etech2x Won

    1979 Sitting in the park at night in a '75 Firebird with "Mind Blowers" in the rear, a case of Bud in the cooler, done dropped a lude, and burning one with this 8 track cranked. Man those were the days!

  55. Andrea Piccinini

    Old man Quill.

  56. Marcos Freddi

    When i get drunk I listen to Led Zeppelin and when I sober up I keep listening till I get drunk again

  57. Blake Gregory

    Totally underrated

  58. Kelly Acosta

    Robert plant badass but Steve Perry I bet you could pull it off

  59. Austin Vander

    Just got this album for $4. What a steal.

  60. Kirk Watson

    Bukkn' high- school - daze - forever - more - !!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Joshua Stephens

    Only came here for Bonzo

  62. Dyn Jarren

    Another great interpretation of a Blind Willie Johnson song! LZ sure was a great Cover band!

  63. pigjubby1

    Katie Hill's theme song.

  64. Leonardo Almeida

    Led Zeppelin forever!!!

  65. DrFruedienslipJr

    People want sophistication to make sense of the malady to human existence

  66. floBflores

    John Bonham

  67. Eleni Papakirikou

    i mean robert plant killed it!!!


    Because trolls have nothing else better to do, I guess.

  68. jimmy bob

    Sir Robert Plant....a boss amongst bosses. 👍

  69. nolo

    Has a slight Whole Lotta Love vibe.

  70. Frankincensed

    Each song on this album comes at you bold, scorching, and hard as hell. All unique and different from each other. Man these guys were the shit, first to last.

  71. Johnny Depth

    anyone who cant get a jam on to this song is an inbred hillbilly pig fucker!

  72. Vladimir Bugi Georgev

    "It's Nobody's Fault but Mine" or "Nobody's Fault but Mine" is a song first recorded by gospel blues artist Blind Willie Johnson in 1927. It is a solo performance with Johnson singing and playing slide guitar.[2] The song has been interpreted and recorded by numerous musicians in a variety of styles, including Led Zeppelin in 1975.

  73. Timmy Siegler

    Just showing the hell out...My God what a tune...

  74. bluestate69

    I like the version where the beginning fades in. Makes me feel closer to the inception. Plus it builds up, like a little foreplay, with this version you get it all at once.

  75. Greg Devito

    To me their best album and a lot of people don't even know about this album. Crazy.

  76. Peter Tea

    Mom seems quite impressed by the object.

  77. Peter Tea

    I love how the guitar phases in. Page was a genius producer almost as much as a guitarist.

  78. Peter Tea

    No. It’s your fault.

  79. Bruno W

    Plagiarism at it's fullest

  80. Love God

    Robert Plant can play the fuck out of a harmonica

  81. Casey Jones

    Take a good LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maybe it will sink in!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When the Blues collided with Rock & Roll, It was nobody's fault but mine.

    Jim Lamanna

    Casey Jones It's Robert claiming it's his fault for selling his soul back in 1970 before the 3rd album. Only Jones didn't sell his. Robert paid a huge price. He lost his friend Sandy, Bonzo, and son

  82. bluesque

    When you can play blues like this..

  83. Mikko Ranta

    In radio was vote ,which song is best heavyrock song ?, and winner was Stairway to Heaven.. Led Zeppelin is Great band, i don't hate it, but Stairway to heaven song is not heavyrock song, it's ballad. so answer was "wrong," 'kind of, 'course that is right answer' ,and blaa blaa blaa, good day for all.

  84. Ken Rex

    Bonzo's showing off.

  85. Daniel Carmichael

    Great song for Musical Chairs

  86. Kelly Acosta

    Rock and roll best band ever Led Zeppelin here we go again The Mighty powerful Zeppelin kicking ass all over the place

  87. Lori Driskell

    Love this album Nobodys Fault but Mine🎸

  88. Volcano Time-Lapse

    nobody's fault but mine...

  89. onemanghetto

    percy plant on the mouth harp folks

  90. Laurie Wilson

    You men even though so young when this began knew what needed to be said and i love so much of what came from so many great hands.. but the there was what you did.
    So glad to have been so scared of you in those early years.. you are ARCHETYPE

  91. Sheila Drucker

    Holy crap, Listen to that harmonica ! One of my favorite Albums!!!

  92. DrFruedienslipJr

    Did George Washington know George Washington as the people knew George Washington

  93. Frankincensed

    Do you have a favorite song from the album? Yeah, seven of them

  94. Seton Murphy

    When that harmonica hits at 2:50. Lights out. Best rock band of all time.

  95. Hyrtm Hyrtm


  96. mario lopez

    Cuantos imbeciles fans del reagetton han dado 751 dislykes?

  97. 60sMark909

    Page, always plays, like he's got something to say.