Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy Lyrics

Let me take you to the movies.
Can I take you to the show?
Let me be yours ever truly.
Can I make your garden grow?

From the houses of the holy
We can watch the white doves go.
From the door comes Satan's daughter.
And it only goes to show.
And you know.

There's an angel on my shoulder.
In my hand a sword of gold.
Let me wander in your garden.
And the seeds of love I'll sow.
You know.

So the world is spinning faster.
Are you dizzy when you stall?
Let the music be your master.
Will you heed the master's call?

Satan and man.

Said there ain't no use in crying
'Cause it will only, only drive you mad.
Does it hurt to hear them lying?
Was this the only world you had?

So let me take you, take you to the movie.
Can I take you, baby, to the show?
Why don't you let me be yours ever truly?
Can I make your garden grow?
You know that's right.

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Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy Comments
  1. Tom Dłużewski

    Going to work...fairy tale

  2. angel1329us

    Get the Led out!

  3. Rafifi PD

    Si la música tuviera que llamarse de otra manera, se llamaría LED ZEPPELIN

  4. AndySutton311 Sutton

    So they name a song after an album? Why?

    C S5

    this was recorded for the Houses Of The Holy album but they apparently thought it sounded too close to Dancing Days to include them both... it would've made more sense to stick this on the HOTH album though. (and I personally think this is way better than Dancing Days).

  5. Jenn Koko

    Holy houses black dog....

  6. Nuno Alexandre

    A Master Piece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Daniel Mendez

    Let me take you to the movies
    Can I take you to the show
    Let me be yours ever truly
    Can I make your garden grow!?
    You Know?
    That's right! ..

  8. Simora LP

    Man munkelt das der lyrics fehlt...

  9. mintomax2

    the riff reminds me of I feel you by depeche mode, I know this was made first by a long way but I heard the depeche mode song long before I had heard this. Both are great tracks.

  10. Elaine Keane

    I'm a diehard Z ep fan! Great band........

    jim Thompson

    Remember sneaking in my older brother's room and sitting in front of his Bose receiver with headphones on and jamming to this stuff when I was 8 years old

  11. Bob Arnold

    What Plant is saying is Baby you rock my world!

  12. Dino Legovich

    Physical Graffiti.
    I offer You War.

    Watch the women scream inbhorror
    Western men are now searching Asian wife's.
    Western women are fucked.

  13. David Wong

    Are you dizzy when you're stoned?

  14. jason woodbury

    wheres the lyrics?

  15. Eve T

    me love led zeppelin

  16. Rafaelly Lima

    Algum brasileiro? ❤

    Giovanni Vieira

    Demorei mas cheguei o/

  17. strictlynorton

    Sick riff...

  18. coz mahnut

    Lol everyone goes on about oh stairway to heaven backwards its says "my sweet satan" in it ohh and ahh and this and that, and here they say the name straight out. And has a daughter even.

    leonardo artioli

    Is it really the sata that they refer to? Because rolling stones simpathy for the devil is not the real devil you know, its kind a simbol or something like that

  19. Ana Quegles

    Tremendo tema

    Fabricio Vega


  20. Ramiro Sarmiento

    Esta canción es deliciosa.

  21. Giovani Fracasso

    Foi a maior e melhor, não é?

  22. Jonathan Banks

    Listening to this right now in honour of the great Cathedral of Notre Dame, currently burning to the ground on 4/15/2019.

  23. バタバタバタ子


    Antonio Rodrigues Miranda Araujo do Rosario

    Sonzão da porra!

  24. Enrique Bendicho

    Maravilla zeppeliana. Espectacular.

  25. Bryan Jeske

    Ohhhhh soooo good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. HaliniSnow

    The squeaky bass pedal really makes this song


    Not as squeaky as Since I've Been Loving You, but nice n' squeaky still!

  27. Hugo Javier Vargas Mellado

    Mi canción favorita de LZ

  28. Michael Nardella

    My "walk-up" song wen I make the BIG league!!

  29. ZabaDeano

    the devil likes this 666 likes

  30. Seanpaul Smillie

    how good's that fucking riff man

  31. Metal Boy

    Hey Ben! Wrong LP cover.

    Sid Vicious

    Houses of The Holy is on Physical Graffiti.
    Like If You Want Blood You Got It.

    Metal Boy

    Bring it! @Sid Vicious

    Sid Vicious

    @Metal Boy I was telling you about the names of albums, but I appreciate 12 year olds who listen to such great music

    Metal Boy

    Semantics apparently is not your strong point. However, dully noted I made a mistake. I can brag in fact about having to make it to a Led Zeppelin concert in Denver, Colorado just before the release of "Houses of The Holy"! Been there. Done that. great music fan?

    Sieb Kelder Art

    @Metal Boy nice comeback!🤘

  32. Mike G

    I Said there ain’t no use in crying.

  33. solomonsworld

    For years I sat across the street from the album cover buildings at Yaffa Cafe Saint Marks Place NYC

  34. Bob Reed

    I don’t see any lyrics

    Mike G

    Bob Reed don’t need no lyrics

    Geetar Bear

    They're in the video description.

  35. Howard Booth

    This IS LED Z.

  36. Osmar Melo

    som ducaralho!!!

  37. Julio Seabra Pereira

    I love Zep!!!

  38. Moma Cvetkovic

    kojim budalama od ovih 12 se ovo ne svidja

    Terminator Gurl

    Mozda hriscanima? 😂

  39. Allison Louise

    If I was a stripper this would be my go to song

    nothome teevee

    hell yeah girl

    Andre Alves

    Yeaaah ! It’s a Strip Club Anthem !!

    Kenny Huskisson

    Can I watch!!!!👍✌



  40. Germinal Curado

    Musica fixe.

  41. bubblehead119

    Some like eye candy but this is the ear candy that makes one want some eye candy.....Bonzo Rules even in death.

  42. Swapnadeep Mukherjee

    it's really amazing

  43. Charlotte Kenton

    I had the best poo to this

    Josh Rossiter

    wtf im dumping ass right now

  44. hugh jadonga

    Let the music be your master yes baby....