Lecrae - Nuthin' Lyrics

Gawvi, get 'em!

[Hook: Dimitri McDowell & Lecrae]
Here we go again in circles
I think I heard it all
We been here before
But we need something more
Something more
Something more
What you say
I can't hear cause you
Ain't talking 'bout nuthin (ain't talking 'bout nuthin) [x4]
What you talking 'bout
They be talking 'bout the same old thing
I'm a have to call a foul in the game
What you talking 'bout
A little money now you all OG
Talking 'bout it's all eyes on me
They ain't talking 'bout nuthin

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Let me guess you counting money to the ceiling
Difference 'tween us like at least a couple million
It's foreign cars, pretty girls everywhere you go
Yeah I heard it 30 times on the radio
Lou Vuitton ain't gon' pay you for that bragging
And Donatella prolly never heard your album
Yeah they probably 'bout to label me a hater
But I know these people greater than the songs they created
It's little homies in the hood regurgitating
And everybody watching thinking that you made it
The truth is for a few designer labels and a little bit of paper now you 12 years slaving
Hey but you ain't Lupita
So why you beat up and pushing people to lean on the devil
Copping a seizure
It sound like you put your feet up
You still a slave and money can't buy you freedom partna'

[Hook: Dimitri McDowell & Lecrae]

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
Tell me why the song's on in my car (hear the radio)
Why the song on in my gym (what they saying now)
And the song's stuck in my head (I can't take no more)
I still don't know what y'all saying
Lemme lemme lemme do this
I'm a be a straight shooter
And we was made in his image
Why we so Judas
Talking bread like we at the last supper
Throwing money at these women make it rain in the summer
I ain't advertising brands on the radio
They expensive and I know they ain't gon' pay me for
Telling kids to go in debt, for the 'vette that they'll prolly never get
But I talk about it every song
And every song talking 'bout they selling work on every corner
Don't talk about the laws, taking kids away from mommas
Don't talk about your homie in the trauma cause he shot up
Or what about your young boy messing up the product
They don't talk about the bond money that they ain't have
And everybody snitch on everybody in the jam
They don't talk about the pain, they don't talk about the struggle
How they turn to the Lord when they ran into trouble
I'm a talk about it
I don't care if the world try to swallow me
I turn my back to 'em, tell 'em all follow me
I know you gon' label me a hater
But inside you are greater than the songs you creating man


Hey man, the way I see it
I think we were made for more
Than just, ya know, the simple things that we aspire toward
We were made for more than just telling stories about
How much money we can get by selling poison to people
It's time to talk about who we are and who we can be
And we need to build each other up and not put each other down
I feel like we not talking about nothing right now

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Lecrae Nuthin' Comments
  1. Joel Matthewos


  2. Joel Matthewos

    11111honestly im new to this guy but hes prretty cool i like him. GO CHRISTIAN RAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Zepia Browman

    Yes LORD.if we aint lifting up the name JESUS CHRIST.we aint talking bout nuthing.

  4. Cal C


  5. Cal C


  6. Cal C


  7. Cal C

    I want it to go Gods way

  8. Claricia Guerrero

    Im just kidding this the best song in the world

  9. Claricia Guerrero

    This song is so good but not better than fight for me and at the church

  10. yola the don

    How do I get signed to reach records?

  11. Funtime Quick Silver

    Who else notices that it sounds like the us theme XD

  12. Crazy Bar Of Soap

    One of my favorite songs by Lecrae. 💗

  13. bratin Clark

    I love your music 😎😎😎

  14. gisel aguero

    I will appear b4 you
    where you stand
    I will swim with the breeze and dance with the rain
    My beloved
    Thou Meaning word of life
    The word of Christ

  15. David Munro

    They ain't talking about nun, not even when they turnt to the Lord when they ran into trouble...

  16. Rapchampion

    Can’t forget bout this who’s STILL REAL?! ....

  17. Malisa Myers

    Who watching in 2019 and realizen it sounds like 5 on it

  18. Cheptoris Brenda

    Anyone still listening in 2019

  19. FreshKing 6000

    Now THIS is Rap music. God bless you, Lecrae!


    Why do i feel like the instrumental version of i got 5 on it is the template for this song because it sounds a awful lot like it

  21. Gracie Davila

    My favorite song ♥️😊

  22. asylum chronicles

    Talk about somethn!!

  23. Kevon Hayes

    Whatever Lecrae does us straight fire! And he be talking about sumethin. 👐

  24. John Cab

    Cuttin em deep!!

  25. Eden Foods

    2019 the beat don't sound like the US movie song or is it me


    That's what I'm saying. I went to Horror Night Universal Studios... they were playing the rythm all day and I was shocked... lawsuit?

  26. ev3goddess y.o. Chandler

    Awee missed Yale~* 😇

  27. Melody Roskam

    Is this song against Gavwi

    James Calixte

    No. But it is about real life drama

    Melody Roskam

    @James Calixte but why he said "Gawvi get'em" while Gawvi isn't in that song

    James Calixte

    @Melody Roskam you have a good point. I don't know either. Is that u in that picture?

    Reese B

    Melody Roskam it’s because Gawvi made the beat and his tag on his beats is “Gawvi, Get Em”

  28. NowBack2TheGoodPart


  29. LySander B

    Got 5 on it

  30. Kala Crenshaw

    I love this song. I'm going to have to listen to him. He speaking staright facts. I'm tired of hearing the same songs and every timw you say people be like you hating. Like that's not hating, it telling you straight facts that this new music is trash.

  31. Angry Black Gamer

    Elite had JayZ shut him tf up and sign his life away lmao... Smfh

  32. Forever Unashamed

    I first heard this song when I was in 7th grade, but I understood the beat of the song more than the basis of the lyrics. Fast forward to the present-future (today), and now this song means so much more to me because I understand the lesson behind the lyrics too!

  33. aaron george

    Yo but slick, the progression kinda sound like “I got 5 on it” by LUNIZ

  34. Maliyah Dukes

    Maliyah what's your favorite color

  35. Maliyah Dukes

    What's up Maliyah Grace Dukes

  36. Liviaa

    2019 still jammin🤪

  37. Byron Corado

    Lecrae i mean Lecrae

  38. Byron Corado

    I don't get why people hate lecae

  39. officialTR1LL 2TONE

    2k19 mfs💯💯💯

  40. Joseph Mensah


  41. saucyy_w3y

    I got 5 on it nice recap

  42. Amatielle Sativa

    Um. Call me about the tour? This so gutta Godly, I love it!

  43. macdabluepanther

    Fire song and the cool lyric video makes it that much hotter!!

  44. Caliber

    lecrae your a great singer
    by izaiah Lancaster

  45. eTeRnAl bLiSs


  46. Justin Time



    One part made me laugh so hard.

  48. Angela Nkongho

    # &€@|_ [email protected]|_ K

  49. BUD

    That girl part got me hard!!!!!! That was funny XD when he said...

  50. kiru dive

    Isn't this beat from 'I got 5 on it'?
    Go and check it out.. so strange

  51. Jonathan McGhie

    I got five on it

  52. Nevertheless Dance Angel

    This is a powerful message Speak the truth... always cause the devil is a liar and he has no power on earth in this Generation we all need to hear this type of message it is to help us grow and learn to never fall in the enemy trap we all need Jesus

  53. Team Smooth

    2019 anyone here???

  54. James Calixte

    This is JESUS Fire!!!

  55. Crystal Mahabir


    The tune is the same..... but I still love Lecrae

  56. blunons

    Is that the I got 5 on it rift in the background?

  57. Anthony Gordon

    So Gawvi sampled “I got 5 on it” cool

  58. James Calixte

    Lecrae has been resurrected...#JESUS

  59. James Calixte

    Holy Ghost 🔥!!!!

  60. Romulus The Ninja

    Andy Mineo
    Trip Lee


  61. T Cortez

    LE-CRAE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Jessica R

    2019 ... Same Ole Thing in the World, Come to the Lords Kingdom .. There’s change here 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  63. Jennifer A.


  64. john cena

    I remember listening to this music years back and to me it was just a nice song with a catchy beat. But now listening to it again I realized this really is and should be a diss. If Lecrae was to be killed (god forbid) by someone and people started to worship him after checked him out and his music I would have no problem with people looking up to him like other deceased rapper. His music really is positive and truthful about life. He's real on what he say.

  65. Darys Nuñez

    Why listen 👂 2019 ?

  66. Luke Stedifor

    “Yeah I heard it 30 times on the radio” yes in one verse. 90% of rap these days is filth, horrible and non encouraging. Rap should be inspiring and deep like Andy Mineo and Lecrae these guys know what they put in the songs and the lyrics make so much sense when u think about it

  67. Sheena Chow

    saw the movie Us when it first came out and just now realized that I got 5 on it is the background in this song... so many chills XD love this song even more now

  68. Nolan Stepp24


  69. Dan Hyde

    5 on it??


    who the hell dislikes this


    I got 5 on it

  72. BigWill4Christ

    I have had the song since the day the album came out how did I not realize this sounds just like " I got 5 on it"

  73. Isaack Knapp

    sounds like i got 5 on it by luniz

  74. Jonathan Chou

    anybody here because of “Us”? 😏

  75. Trilla J

    This song sampled “I got 5 on it” that’s a classic!!

  76. Remixtrick

    Sounds like a more upbeat version of the song they used in "Us"

  77. Fredrick Gordon

    The Holy Bible speaks on this directly, telling us not to engage in worthless talk instead we should be speaking to one another about how to remain in obedience with God's word while living in such a way that our actions speak louder than our words, though our speech should reflect Christ in all conversations and be informative and uplifting to anybody we have conversations with.

  78. Ithiël Arrindell


    lim dapimp

    Hahahah Just realized that too. Heard the song from US

  79. Vonna Swagger

    Went on a hunt for this song

  80. Blondeline


  81. Gabriel Naudé

    Took the beat from I Got 5 On It by Luniz

  82. Montreala Brancherto

    Is this the guy who said he's not a christian artist?

  83. Ryan Janiak

    rj kid shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ryan Janiak

    and stop saying bad words


    Ryan Janiak, what?

  84. Pipe Fn

    Beat sounds like 5 on it

  85. Trae Ellis

    Sounds like 5 on it

  86. Nickole

    Notice how he samples I Got 5 on It and mentions Lupita 👀

  87. Sarah Scheyerle


  88. Ramses Bringer of War

    instant Fan!!! Preach That Word!!!

  89. Felisha Davis

    Who’s listening in 2019? 👂🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  90. K Williams


  91. Daniel Dumdum

    Hell ya dope ass song

  92. Daniel Cherry

    God bless you bro shut out to 1:16 y'alls music really helps me it's straight up

    Jesus is Lord

    God bless

  93. Anne Marie

    Lecrae is a wonderful man. He has really showed that you can rap without talking about money, gangs, or sex. I'm still listening to this song in 2019 and I still love it

  94. Landrum Dewalt

    Yo this shit go hard manye

  95. I see it like this I feel like

    Oh sums up modern hip hop. Yep.

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    Jerran Shelton

    I’m confused listen to I got five on it

    Ryan Janiak

    @Rj Kid y

    Ryan Janiak

    @Rj Kid ass

    Maliyah Dukes

    How is the dog Maliyah

    Noah McLachlan

    If you want to say things like this, say it somewhere else.