Lecrae - If I Die Tonight Lyrics

[Hook - Novel:]
If I die tonight, I gon' know that I
Gave this with my everything
If I die tonight
If I die tonight, you ain't gotta cry
Cause I know that Heaven waits
If I die tonight
Only if I die tonight
Only if I die tonight
If I die tonight

[Verse 1 - Lecrae:]
If I die tonight
I pray to God that my time is right
And even though folks say time is money
You can't earn no more time tonight
And tell my girl, "Don't cry for me"
Cause I'm right here beside the King
And tell my boys, "Don't ride for me"
And stay unashamed to they flatline
Could of spent my time on that back nine
Smoking on the Cuban, sipping red wine
I could of hit the streets and done fed time
But my life ain't mine, it's His time
I ain't tryna waste my minutes
I don't even know my limits
But I gon' get it
Tell my kids I did what I could
And I love them dearly
Tell my sisters, "Love and don't give up"
Tell my bros I meant to get with them
And the truth I claim I take to my grave
And my faith is real, I'm no quitter
Just no hash tagging on Twitter
This that real life, so go live it
If I die tonight, they gon' close my casket
But I promise y'all I'm gon' get up


[Verse 2 - Lecrae:]
I'm about to be with my loved ones that I lost
And my life ain't never been perfect
But I have perfect faith in that Cross
So tell all the haters, "Your loss"
But I still love you, no fault
In this chess game, ain't no threat, man
Cause my King ain't never been caught
Tell my queen to pawn all my thoughts
Sell those songs the people ain't got
All these folks who with us for the last ten
And look at us, now we can't stop
Sometimes, the first one to lead
Is the first one to make big mistakes
And the first one to be criticized
And the first one to feel hate
But I swear the moves that I made
I was trying to work on my faith
I've been wrong before
But where I'm 'bout to go
They won't put it all in my face
I just dared to do what they scared to do
And if I die tonight, just know
I made me an heir or two


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Lecrae If I Die Tonight Comments
  1. Jeremiah Morgan

    Man that moved my soul and filled me with the lords breath.i got goose bumps.thankyou Lord

  2. Loving Life

    Lecrae, this song is so powerful to me and I feel these lyrics so deeply. This song speaks to me and helps me put my life into perspective.

    (I'm about to be with my loved ones that I lost. And my life ain't never been perfect, but I have perfect faith in that Cross.
    So tell all the haters, "Your loss."
    But I still love you, no fault.
    In this chess game, ain't no threat mayne, cuz my King ain't never been caught.
    Tell my queen to pawn all my thoughts. Sell those songs to people ain't got. All these folks who with us for the last ten, and look at us, now we can't stop.
    Sometimes the first one to lead, is the first to make big mistakes.
    And the first one to be criticized
    And the first one to feel hate.
    But I swear the moves that I made, I was trying to work on my faith.
    I've been wrong before, but where I'm bout to go, they won't put it all in my face)

  3. Nerlande Shurk

    Mark 8:36-38 (KJV)

    36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    38 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

  4. Adriel Chiambah


  5. Dewight Caple

    Make another song

  6. Marvin Rhodes, Jr.

    Church Clothes 2 is an absolute classic. So much valuable content and beautiful music. #Classic

  7. Delia Villanueva

    If i die tonight, I pray to God that my time is right...

  8. Miranda Admiri


  9. Saucy Boyz TV

    this song just touches me and makes me relax
    I love God

  10. Grim :

    I’m a Miracle child and I hate that and since I’m a miracle child that was supposed to be dead my soul was still out of my body for a bit this is my theory when I was still 4 3 years old my mom always felt someone pulling on her shirt like I did when I was little but when she looked down there was no one there and when she was away for a bit my baby toys was strug all over the kitchen and the floor and I used to see my dead ant Donita cause my soul has Ben release for I’m guessing 2 years but that’s my theory

  11. Leon Woodard

    2018 and still listening to this.... amazing. God I love you

  12. im a piano

    this song is so sad but it makes me confident in myself i just love this song i believe in myself

  13. Tommy Hervert

    Love this song blessed

  14. Bida Berry

    I love this song

  15. Jonathan Sherman

    Still here in 2018, miss this

  16. Nora Alvey

    Love this song to so true :) ❤❤👍👍☺😎

  17. Realacist OFFICIAL

    I would have committed suicide 5 years ago if it wasn't up for this song and for god

    Melissa Prosser

    God bless ya bro

    Queen Channy

    @Realacist..God Bless You! Where are you???

  18. Jamie Will

    If I die tonight I am going to heven

  19. S9anky1982

    I’m here because of novel (who wrote the song, check him out as he is very underrated plus he has written songs for a lot of people too)

  20. Jaquita Thompson

    Comment under: “If I die tonight I wanna hear people’s stories??” (Example)

    1: “If I die tonight..”

  21. Katlyn Bowman

    *"I made me an heir or two"*

  22. Ace

    God is not dead

  23. Michael Sigala

    sometimes the first one that lead will be the first one who will make big mistakes,the first one who will be criticized and the first one that will feel hate

  24. Jessiety Loves

    Number 1 lecrae fan for life

  25. Reach Records

    Never miss a beat! Subscribe to Lecrae's channel for the latest tracks! 💯

  26. Justin Uiyoshioria

    Lecrae is a great gospelrapper. Luh u man

  27. Thomas La Rocque

    I'm going to publicly share that I attempted suicide by inhaling a full can of butane when I was 14 less then a year after my father was murdered. I'm almost 28 and my time is running out, because I'm dieing from the damage it caused! God has been keeping my heart beating and me breathing. It's like he didn't allow me to die! Now I can tell he is about to finally set me free from my pain and I'll be in heaven instead of Hell where I should of gone!


    Jeremiah 29:11 (NRSV)
    For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.

    Jesus loves you, God bless you.

    RachelAmelia *

    Thomas La Rocque Jesus loves u man, when I get to heaven I'll look for u, bless ya bro

    Mpho-Entle Mohlala

    God really cares for us hey. He really wants the best for us.

    Queen Channy

    @Thomas La Rocque Where are you? God Bless You!!

  28. tassia

    this is the song that played at my dad's funeral

    Mpho-Entle Mohlala

    Wow. That's so cool

    Brandy Ryan

    Y'all picked the right time, perfect song to play. This song has true meaning and there was definitely a reason to play it. God bless you all!

    Michael Gonzalez

    This song makes me so emotional. Good song to play at a funeral tho. RIP to your old man 🙏

  29. King Kendrick Goat

    vote for trump

    Sam Giterman

    Isaiah Luna if u Christian u can't talk bout presidents the bible said that !!!!

    King Kendrick Goat

    Sam Giterman Where'd it say that at? are u trying to be funny?


    Sam Giterman what bibke are you talking about?

  30. Cinda Norrise


  31. Vivian Dussautoir

    My bro died yesterday…

  32. Nathan Birchfield

    oshane Johnson yes I do bro god got us

  33. Tommy Lee

    I was trying to work on my Faith and I've been wrong before but where I'm about to go they won't put it all in face... #Truth

  34. Giovaughn Wilson

    This song is amazing. It really encouraged me not to do fool and to live life to the fullest.This song really rocked my heart, and many peoples lives were taken away from them in one night.Love you Lecrae.

  35. Terry Wilson

    love dis song

  36. Matthew McMullin

    This is not my type of music I listen to, but God told me about this song as a message from Him. I just knew what it meant then , what was going to happen to me and my family. I thank God for this message and the time i had with my late grandfather and late brother

  37. Vyta Maurice

    These albums are amazing

  38. G Spin

    i just dare to do what they scared to do and if I die tonight I know I gave it my everything

  39. Javier Montes

    I listen to this all the time

  40. Debrah Jackson

    love this song so much ....

  41. RalphGoonie Strai8 Soldier for christ

    yea of i tonight know im with king man doing things with father preaching that gospel to end man!! my own word!!!

  42. RalphGoonie Strai8 Soldier for christ

    i messed with Lacrae

  43. Jacob Serb

    one one six

    Mark Chavez_19

    What does that mean?

  44. Jacob Serb

    this one made me cry.

  45. Osh Johnson

    If I die tonight I'm confident that heaven awaits me......is there anyone who's confident that Heaven awaits them??

    Katlyn Bowman

    Osh Johnson Idk dawg I keep making mistakes and I can't keep stopping pray that I'll be there with y'all

    Hyapa Strebe

    Amen. Cant wait. Eternity.

    Loving Life

    Amen, that's my entire focus. We all gotta go one day. I want my soul to be right. I pray God remove any bitterness or forgiveness in me and make my life be a testament of His Love, Faithfulness and Mercy.

    Loving Life

    Amen. That's the main goal and that's all that matters in the end. God is good!

    edward casey

    I been their 3 different times when I died over a hour no in a hospital either when God brought me back . Without brain damage .

  46. Jasz Thompson

    love this song 😁☺☺😊😊

  47. Isaiah Jackson

    i love this song

  48. Jade M

    The best beat and lyrics

  49. Abel Andrade

    i love all your songs lecrae keep it up at frezno

  50. Abel Andrade

    I love it

  51. Chavez Jackson

    i loooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee this song

  52. Joey Ramsey

    I love god too!!!

  53. Dreams Skills

    kul iissh!

  54. cederick matlock

    I love this song

  55. joseph gabriel

    This is how my wife pulled me out of my darkness. This song is a life saver

  56. Josiah Miller

    I love the song tell the world

    Madc Doming

    Josiah Miller , SANE💜

  57. Joe DuCoeur

    love this song

  58. Danny Smith

    How can i find music by Novel? or doesn't he do songs alone?

  59. Kai Townsend

    Lecrae Moore!!!! Come to Newday 2015!!!!

  60. Another Person’s Treasure

    Check out jusjosef on soundcloud for free downloads.. peace to CREEZY

  61. MrPs103

    It's not important at all, but misspellings bug me a lot, so I hope this helps someone out there: LECRAE is how his name is spelled.


    Nope, you're right. It also won't benefit you in the least to be a troll.


    Peace to you.


    You don't have to be this way. You want someone to talk to, I'm more than willing to hear you out.


    @Rolltide Radio Even though you edited your comments, I still remember, and that offer to hear you out is still open.

    Much love.

    Baconface McGee

    I agree!!!!!

  62. Gomez-Gnangoh IBO

    I love you Lecrae !!! ♥

  63. Mc Aventura

    love you leacrae :)>:D<

  64. Mike Redson

    love you leacrae

  65. dead inside

    This song is the most awesome thing I have ever heard and its just so beautyful and so word just can't described how much it touched me

  66. L A


  67. Quinton J

    This song always brings me near to breaking down and crying. Some days im so ready to see the ALMIGHTY FATHER. I love all my fam and friends but I cant wait to be reunited with him. Until then we keep praying for HGA to flow through us and bring more disciples of God.

  68. Sarah Hounsell

    In love with this song!! 👌🙌

  69. Miguel

    to bad he sold out like the rest of them artist....but still a beautiful song


    how did he sell out?? i need to hear this?

  70. Miguel

    song is beautifully lyrically 

  71. Josh Knapp

    Only good track on this mixtape


    You'll be alright buddy. You must be listening to another CD.


    You'll be alright buddy. You must be listening to another CD.

  72. Justin Moss

    My favorite song off the mixtape. Lecrae's verses are really dope. The chorus is nice (I didn't like it when I first heard it, but it grew on me after listening to it a couple of times). I think this is probably the most overlooked song off of Church Clothes 2.

    Zombie Night

    Justin Moss rrytypyipyyyoueuourroopipypryrryyotoypytyttopy

  73. KKP20111

    I like this song and its sound! ♥

  74. Joseph Wright

    Favorite song on this album.

  75. james kamau

    I love this song GOD bless you.

  76. Nate Wedge


    Nate Wedge

    Happy birthday Jesus

  77. beauty2 sew

    I like this different but beautiful

  78. Deva Subramaniam

    Awesome Song by Lecrae, one of the best on this mixtape. Am a sinner, always will be, and if i die tonight, no worries, cuz Jesus saved me. Praise The Lord..

    Judeson Ataisi

    No broe. Don't misunderstand please. We accept Jesus first as sinners, then Jesus makes us his.
    So you can't always be sinners and go to heaven. God bless you man.

  79. Ryan Sinclair

    Gosh, I thought that #Gravity was a great album but #ChurchClothes2 is mind blowing. It's God's greatest voice through LeCrae!

  80. Aisha Myers

    Love this track

  81. Elvis Amissi

    Who else fell in love with this song....simply #amazing

    Madc Doming

    Elvis Amissi , I did #asome

    Chaucer Parks

    Me too... Awesome song and concept. Reminds me of a Phil Collins song... Air of the Night...✌💨

  82. Marcus Miguel

    My first time listening to this song.
    All I got to say is WOW!!!
    You go Lecrae! Don't let what people tell you stop you. Keep praising God with what you do and keep putting out good music that I can listen to.
    Lecrae, the world needs people like you. You have brought me closer to God than anything else. I use to be that Christian that just went to church. I wasn't religious (of course I didn't know what it REALLY meant) but looking back, I was nothing. Wasn't religious nor had a true relationship with Jesus Christ.
    Then, something in my heart wanted to know more about The Lord. That's when I found you Lecrae. You saved me in time from turning religious. Now I truly knows what it means to be Christian; having a relationship with Jesus Christ.
    I hope other people in the world can see it too. Everybody needs Jesus in their lives. And you Christians out there, it is your mission to help the lost reach Jesus. Be 116 unashamed!! Go out there and reach the lost, regardless of what they say to you. You just get back up and keep helping people. Would you want your friend to go to hell? If that person is truly your friend, I'd think the answer be no!
    And a shout out to my lovely friend Galilea for showing me Lecrae! God bless you Galilea! And speaking of blessings, you truly are on blessing to me!
    And knowing about Lecrae showed me other people like Trip Lee and Tedashii. Now I have some more artist to fill up my playlist :D
    God bless you all!!

  83. jcrocker2613

    Lets all remember that hip hop is the means to which we take the gospel to the lost. Don't doubt what these men of 116 are doing.

  84. M LeBOND

    My nephews put me on lecrae and I am loving this music after hearing it only once

  85. Mikey Quintana

    Good song keep up the good work

  86. Yak-Yak

    Love The Mixtape one of my favorite songs right here! If you're into Rap/HipHop/Christian Music you'll lke my channel, just click my name and enjoy the Remixes and Cover's. Thanks. #ThanksJesus  

  87. bakang keitseope

    MY BEST ON THE MIX TAPE, its chilled down!!!

  88. CdyDgyRny Yarbrough

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / \ so he can take over
    and return the old comment section

  89. Franky Ibarra

    Go to the path of God and never turn back

  90. Franky Ibarra

    Go to the path of the lord never turn back

  91. Franky Ibarra

    Justin thank you very much

  92. Justin Wilton

    I want to give a shout out to all my bros out there ( @reagen simmons @Joel Shull @curtis jackson @terrence buckner @dayvion pritchett ) along with everyone else. You never know when yo time gonna come. Anyone can die at anytime. You never expect it. But the difference between yall and I is that I'm ready to leave. I feel this burden all up on my soul, and I wanna get this message out there before I don't get that chance. I've never shared this with any of yall, but I'm always battling with my health, my life, and Satan. Its always a constant struggle with me, and I heard this song since the day it came out, but I feel this burden on my soul right now. Mayn I dunno if my time's gonna come soon, or if I will come close to it, but I gotta get this out. The Bible says "if you confess vwith your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." That's a promise that God's kept with me and every other person on this earth. Most people don't know it, but our sin is the reason that we have all these terrible things up in the world. God told us though that He'd save us, and look at what He did. He gave us the second chance that we didn't deserve at all. He gave us the gift that no one else can. Jesus came into the world to die for all of your sins, and once you accept that, then you will be saved, just like me. I'm praying every night that I get another day that I might get the chance to give yall the Gospel, but I just haven't. I'mma start that soon, I guess I'm just building up strength. If you accept him tonight though, there is a book I want all of you to get. It's entirely free. Here's the link for it: http://www.walkingbyfaith.tv/prayer/salvation . Last couple of words for me right now is that when you living for Christ, you got all you need. That's hope. You can seriously look onto a brighter tomorrow, so when the final tomorrow comes, if you have "(stood) firm to the end, (you) will be saved." (Matthew 24:13) God's giving you that choice to serve him and be blessed. The rewards are forever (lol including things better than mcchickens that are only better in heaven). He's keeping His door open so that yall can walk in, but one day that door gonna close. And it aint opening back up. So give your life to Him tonight, get the book, and begin to live for him as I have. What's really amazing is that I've been through what alot of men haven't. A couple months ago I was doing things that yall aint ever do. Its kinda like God took me through the process that alot of men go through. And I got saved so that I could lead you to be saved too. So if tonight just know, I made me an heir too.

    P.S- I love the fact that there's no limit no more on how much I can type:D

    Justin Wilton

    lol thx


    Well said bro.


    That's amazing! You're a blessing! Wish there were more Christian boys like you out there!!

    kailee R

    Wow, you are a true believer. :) I love how you said that, your amazing!

    Katlyn Bowman

    Justin Wilton praying you'll make it there

  93. Elijah Laulu

    My favorite song of the mix tape! Reminds me of "Take me as I am" off his first album Real Talk. Such passionate lyrics praise God! !
    116 all the way! !!

  94. Nekeare tom

    @ Anthony. You are so full of yourself. Talking yourself up like, you're all Christian and all hip hop. How foolish! Let God be the judge of that. Before you make judgement on someone, make sure its backed up by the word of God, not the internet.

  95. Jay Smith

    Love this one best one on album

  96. JC Soldier

    My favorite song on this album

    Justin Greene

    This is definitely my favorite. Totally reminds of the feel of the song "No Regrets" and that is my favorite Lecrae track. This song is almost just as good though. 

    JC Soldier

    Yeah I felt the same about it too. Love the message behind it because it kinda makes you think about your own life and where you stand as far as a Christian