Lecrae - Hang On Lyrics

I have a collect call from [beep]
At County detention facility
If you would like to accept this call
Please press 4

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Look I don't know what Cornel West know
I'm tryin my best though
And I don't know what all you went to
But look at everything we been through
Man, we got high together
Went to the mall, got fly together
Police came through tryna ask us questions
Me and you sat there and lied together
Tryna keep in touch, it got hard
Had a couple kids, and found God
Probably heard I went off to school
But never knew I was snortin that raw
Well I'm past that but not perfect
I know it feel like it ain't worth it
But you love dog and that's real talk
Don't nobody wanna put you in the dirt man
I know it's hard out here to get work
Got 2 strikes and feel worthless
But you was made for more than that drink and smoking
Tryna ask the streets for your purpose
You got your family here hurtin'
My partnas callin' me, worried
And me and yo daddy did the same thing
Both left us out here struggling
Heard they locked you up so I came through
Forget what you did and what you ain't do
It's times like this we pray through
Gotta run to the God that made you
Gotta hang on, hold strong
Trust in The Truth to bring you home
I ain't tryna sit here and preach to you
I'm tryna be the one you can lean on

[Dialogue 1:]
[Lecrae:] Whassup with it kinfolk?
[Friend:] Tryin' to take it one day at a time
[Lecrae:] So, whassup with the case tho?
They tryin' to hit me with that mandatory minimum, man
Gotta fight that charge

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
Talk with the homie through a glass wall
Letters gettin' past off
Told me he was about to head to trial
Pray to God he don't get cast off
Head to the sky cause I need some hope
Kinfolk just got caught with dope
Partner just called said his baby sick
And this might be the end of my rope
Man it's hard out here and I'm hurtin
Don't need no choir girl flirtin
Don't need no pastor tryna touch on kids
Telling me what I can't wear to church and
No fake cryin, a preacher lyin
Sayin God don't love me if I don't tithe
I need real Him in a real season
I need real faith in a real Jesus
I'm hanging on by a thread though
Crazy thoughts in my head, bro
Told my grandma to pray for me
Before I end up dead or on death row
Only few of my friends know
What I got to pretend for
Free fallin, tryna hang on it
Anything I can get my hands on
Hang on

[Dialogue 2:]
[Grandma:] Hello
[Lecrae:] Hey Grandma. It's me
[Grandma:] Hey baby!
[Lecrae:] Hey, I need you to pray for me. I'm just going through some things right now
[Grandma:] Well, what's going on?
[Lecrae:] Well, you know, just everything. Family, money, just life in general. It's crazy
Well, let me tell you what the good Lord say, He said don't be anxious about yo' life. What you gon' eat or what you gon' drink or about yo' body. See, life is more than food, and the body is more than for clothing. Birds in the sky, they don't sow, they don't reap, but yo' heavenly Father feeds ya'. So, He say just seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to ya'. See, life ain't for you to control, carry all the burdens. That's why ya' give ya' life to Him. Hang on

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Lecrae Hang On Comments
  1. Tootrue yo

    Jesus Christ is the only answer

  2. Jason Deal

    thank you grandma


    Im Hanging on by a thread though..crazy thoughts in my head bro .. told my grand ma to pray for me before i end up dead or im dead broke..

  4. Michael Jr

    Thank you!

  5. Sabrina Williams

    To my son jaelon Taylor.. No matter what you're my hero you saved my life.. Now it's my time to save yours.. I got you

  6. ihkam jackson

    I can safely say this song alone has got me through my worst days and reminded me that God is still with and he will always be on my side. I am in college and have been away from my home church for a long time and this song. This god given music has helped me through so much and reminded me I'm not alone. Thank you

  7. Josh Rodrigues

    This song is so raw and real. I love when Lecrae shares his testimonies with us

  8. Richard Smith

    Lets pray for the 10 folk that disliked this blessing


    spread Gods word and live your life full of his faith and trust it’s our job to tell other pepole about him and his word we need to change the world with his grace and love god bless 🙏🙏❤️

  10. Reach Records

    Never miss a beat! Subscribe to Lecrae's channel for the latest tracks! 💯

  11. David Harvey

    One of the realest songs. I'm in a place where these lyrics hit home.

  12. Stash Jonez

    The song is amazing. Lecrae at his best. Definitely a life saver...

  13. Ryan Tristani

    Doesn't the instrumental sound similar to the one in Anomaly?Not the album,the song from the album.

    luis dominguez

    Ryan Tristani the wah guitar

  14. Lyle66 TV

    I thought it said Tory Lanez in the title at first lol

  15. blazemaster 24

    this great

  16. montage ballers1011

    I feel his pain

  17. T. Powell

    Realist song I've ever heard!

  18. MrPs103

    Man, what a blessing to have such a Godly woman in your family! "Age = wisdom" doesn't apply in my family...

    Joey T

    +MrPs103 it doesn't apply in many families, I've been learning that too God usually is the one who gives us the wisdom man

  19. theBreeDags

    Love the truth from the grandma/mom in this one :) 

  20. Eric Horice

    this is sooooo so dope God blessed you with this hit....str8 up.

  21. kameron purnell

    this song Will still be number 1

  22. Justin Moss

    "Don’t need no choir girl flirting,
    Don’t need no pastor tryna touch on kids,
    Telling me what I can't wear to church." 

    Couldn't have said it any better Lecrae.

  23. Quincy Stratford

    Boy this is on my mind right now.  This song is.......

  24. Deven Waddell

    Old people got that "WISDOM!"

  25. Ariana Richards

    Love this song

  26. Christopher Bennett

    Where can you get the free dj version of this album? I can't find it.

    Kenpo Kid77

    Go on datpiif.com

    Christopher Bennett

    @Rohan Davey Hey, thanks. I actually found it on that site and it gave my computer a virus. Its making my computer act weird. Even weirder I just clicked on the link you gave me and its saying "ATTENTION! 
    Your browser has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below. 
    All activities of this computer have been recorded. 
    All your files are encrypted." This isn't cool at all!

    Christopher Bennett

    @Christopher Bennett It won't even let me exit out of that page. What do i do!?

    Kenpo Kid77

    @Christopher Bennett Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, it's datpiff.com, I spelled it wrong. You can also find it on rapzilla's website.  Are you still having trouble with your computer?

    Christopher Bennett

    @Rohan Davey It seems fine now. Thanks!

  27. TheBlackWolverine434

    I needed these tracks. I would go from saved to backslidden so many times. I'm tired of running from god. He is my fortune. From this day forward I will live for him. God is so good!!

    Steven P

    Keep ur head up! God will always be with you no matter what! Always remember God never gave up on you so never give up on yourself! Much Love

    melissa soto

    So very relatable brother....let’s keep pushing through .... hang on hold strong

  28. Kwame Sekyere

    God knows I need these songs sometimes. The truth is God's language

  29. J D Productions

    life :( always need to go to god

  30. milkb0ne_r

    some inspirational words at the end

  31. John D & Kmarie

    One of my fav tracks off the CC2 album.... had to be Street Symphony and Dirty Rice on the track tho #DopeCollab  

  32. Voice Of Art

    check out this blog geared towards young adults but essentially for everyone--> http://christsoldiers4ever.blogspot.com/

  33. IDYONE Marketeer

    hey  is that Dee 1 on  the phone ?

  34. Matthew Phillips

    Everything is true in the song

  35. Johnny

    This is one of the main reasons that explain church clothes.

  36. Thomas Luscombe

    Liking this one, good song.

  37. Zander

    Dope deep track...