Lecrae - Good, Bad, Ugly Lyrics

Come on everybody sit down
People wanna act like they are in the know
Well I'm here to wipe off your smile
And tell you what's the word around town
I know you don't wanna hear the truth
I know you hate the fact that I actually have the proof
But I just need you to believe
I'm talking the good, the bad, the ugly

[Verse 1:]
Remember back in '02
When I was in school and actin' a fool
My soul got saved, my debt had been paid
But still I kept running off with my crew
Sex on my brain, and death in my veins
Had a main thing, we stayed up 'til 2 (Smokin'!)
Waking and thinking we naked, my body was loving it
Soul was hating it, man
Time and time after time, our bodies were close
The girl was so fine
Heard a heart beat that wasn't hers or mine
The miracle of life had started inside
Ignored the warning signs
Suppressed that truth I felt inside
I was just having fun with this, I'm too young for this
I'm thinking me, myself, and I
Should I, sacrifice this life to keep my vanity and live nice?
And she love and trust me so much that whatever I say, she'd probably oblige
But I was too selfish with my time
Scared my dreams were not gonna survive
So I dropped her off at that clinic
That day, a part of us died


[Verse 2:]
I remember back in the day
I was barely in the first grade
Got teeth missing, watching Tom & Jerry
Tryna go outside so I could play
I was told to watch out for strangers
Keep my eyes peeled for danger
Folks workin' late, I had a babysitter
I ain't 'bout to sit here and name her
I was almost 8, when she came in late
Woke me up with a game to play
Did a few things that's hard to say
Told me to keep that secret safe
How a young boy supposed to deal?
I'm tryna act like it ain't real
Had my innocence just stripped from me
And I still don't know how to feel
And I'm wondering how to address it
Can't tell my family, too messy
So I just embrace it, it's hard to face it
I'm too ashamed to confess it
So I kept it in and ain't speak
Didn't think, it hit me so deep
So into it, I got promiscuous
And only God can help me get free
But I've been forgiven, my Savior risen
I'm out the prison, I know that
I got the power to say no to all of my struggles
God will control that
Every time we slip and we fall
Gotta get back up and fight on
We are not defined by our past
The future look bright, I see the light on


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Lecrae Good, Bad, Ugly Comments
  1. robert garcia

    😭😭😭 thank u

  2. Anna Sissel

    Dear one of the jones family, it took me years to pray the lord convict you for the pain you caused me and pray blessings over you. Dear Dante williams it took me years to acknowledge the tramua you caused me and my dearest brother pray the lord convict you for the sin that entered my life because of you if you came crying about how you hurt me i would take you to church and call you my friend.

  3. Warren Griffen

    Crae really the goat

  4. Relentless Rhythm

    This song still makes me cry 😢 God bless this man!

  5. sierra remsen

    so much respect for him

  6. Mama Jedi

    Fave artist after Jesus.

  7. Firebird

    Man I love this song I was sexually abused when i was 6 and and have been going through a lot lately I have been gaslighted my entire life by my dad and also mentally physically and verbally abused by my dad and my parents are divorced and I am having a TON of loneliness and people always come up to me say that’s what all teenagers say, and I don’t know how to explain but I have also been blessed with all these things, I can help people and I can relate to what a lot of others have gone through, I am only 15 and I feel like life will never go my way because I’m only 15 and all this has happened but I know God has his hand over me and is Keeping me safe and on track for MY path in life

  8. Relentless Rhythm

    First verse always makes me cry 😢

  9. Wisdoms call

    0:04 :(

  10. A Seyer

    So dark but real. Brought tears to my eyes

  11. Sophie snow

    This makes me cry😭😭😭. Can we please understand how much strength it tookvto say and confess that❤❤❤praise lecrea

  12. Martin Smith

    Song never gets old🙏🏾💪🏾

  13. Mark small

    if anyone wants me to add something or pray for them let me know and bless you all

  14. La Daay


  15. William Lougheed

    They spelt now wrong...

  16. Visions Meet

    What a wonderful song!

    Exciting news! The new pro-life website, GuardLifeNow.com has added Lecrae to its Music Hub playlist of pro-life artists! Welcome to the family, Lecrae!

  17. Ethan Oles

    I feel like this song represents me so much.

  18. Deus Amentiam


  19. Yuhboimarc Yuh

    I really need prayers for my battle with temptation..I struggle a lot, but I know that my heart is in the right place. I realize that fighting the battle by myself will get me nowhere


    Praying for you man.

  20. Mary T

    So, Lecrae? Where you ever able to find the woman who was dropped off for abortion and found out what happened?

  21. Michael Rainer

    We are not defined by our past.

  22. Humble Beast

    I love this song😔God is Good. Even to a wretch like myself. God bless

  23. nat nichole

    i replay this everyday .

  24. notta tang

    1:44 man... damn. Glad to know somebody out there like me.

  25. Dess Marvel

    One of the greatest MCs ever.

  26. Ivana Boggs

    It takes a real man to admit these kind of things. I love your music! Keep it up

  27. TyeDyewaves 777

    Lecrae.... You were abused by your babysitter at 7. Wow. I'm glad God brought you through so u can move mister us thank you

  28. Moonwalker Boi

    When I was younger, I didnt understand the song now as a teenager, I am now aware of these things. Alot of people can relate with this song.

  29. Christian Gentry

    We all struggle. We have been wounded, hurt, torn, broken or silenced and life can be painful. So many of us struggle in silence, afraid to voice how they feel and feel their wounds will never heal. We have all been broken, been through terrible experiences. In the end though, the Lord is risen and there is hope to all who hurt. One day, pain will die but until then, we should show compassion and love to those who struggle and to those who don't show their struggle.

  30. Tracy Rizo

    This is talent!!!

  31. Tracy Rizo

    We need more musicians like lecrae that praises our lord savior Jesus Christ

  32. Kenneth Hatch

    Who’s the girl that sing in this

  33. Justin Valder

    this song still goes in! grateful for good music

  34. Jericho Herrman

    I love when the garl sing

  35. Jav Co

    Jesus is incredible.

  36. curtis buechner

    This is so true...

  37. Cynthia Mesambe

    Wahhh this sonf

  38. Antwan Cheek

    This song is hot, yo!

  39. Puppy Empress

    I'm talkin the Good the Bad the Ugly

  40. Ryan Janiak

    when I 1st herd lucrea I did not have jesus in my life now I do

  41. Chill Yaes

    You are awesome laccray

  42. Lucia Mendoza

    #GodBless Stay strong Lecrae! Your an inspiration❤

  43. Jada Collins

    u made it!!

  44. gary djogbenou

    2019, who's there?

  45. Zach Juneau

    Definitely relate to this song man God is good though all of my life I was running from myself threw drugs scared to face those demonds but bless it be to God I have a new found strength abuse trulie destroys people that go threw it I know but God can and will restore if you trust and put him first in your life

  46. Chizitelu Okoli

    This song plays a massive role in my healing process. I was scared of it at first because I couldn't fathom was going on in my mind whenever I listened to it. God used it to literally bash into a room in my mind I promised never to enter. Thank you Lecrae for letting God use you. It's so wonderful to finally realize and keep realizing that all things work for the GOOD of those who love the Lord and are called by Him

  47. Veni Vidi Amavi

    *this.....America especially needs to hear this. Just thinking of the 9 month abortion being passed in NY...does God help a baby-murdering nation? Because that's what we always claim He is, how the tables have turned*

  48. Karen Klo

    So all this happened in his life?

  49. Deus Vult

    3 parts of me have died. I ask to repent for this, Lord Jesus. I'm sorry I'm asking 13 years late.

  50. Mr. LivingTheDream

    Still bumping n 2k19

  51. Brian Okoyo

    My life in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Thank God for His Grace.

  52. Jericho Herrman

    Love this song

  53. Mimi Almendarez

    The babysitter that did that to Lecrea should be very ashamed of herself. Because she just raped him like that. And he was a child. Man, i would've told my parents about this "woman" but I know the reasons why Lecrea didn't tell anyone, in fact, I would've told the police. Even though, everyone says that they really like this song. I like it this song as well. But i can totally relate because well this happened when I was 12. I almost got raped by my own boyfriend. And I know no one will read this. But I know the fear it gives you to tell someone. I've been raped or even nearly raped. I just wanted to say my peace. Thank you.

  54. swainoh sixfoe

    I remember telling my moms that i was molested i was 23 years when i came out it felt good like it was a big weight off my shoulder i advise people to come out.

  55. arlena wabule

    Still my Favourite. 2019

  56. Kenya Nicole

    It's 2019 but I will never stop listening to this song 🙌🙏

  57. Kathy Merino

    I almost the same problem

  58. christy Brown

    God Lecrae Ur music is amazing❤💯I'm sorry for what u went through😭❤God lives he is our everything

  59. Kayla Traylor

    I love this song God is so good😇💕💙💞

  60. Amzel Bouldin

    I can't listen to this without crying!😭😭💔😭😭

  61. Micaela Bailon

    The truth doesn't always please us but it's better than being told lies. God bless you all♥ the past does not define who you are, go on, see the future, light on!

  62. QUEEN beauty

    This man is a Lyrical God, His lyrics be on point!!! Amazing and powerful song!!!

  63. QUEEN beauty

    He has some really good songs, I gotta get this song....

  64. Joshua Ramirez

    I needed this .......

  65. Panda Rock's

    It's such a good song, why so many thumbs down

  66. evoXpress fo real forreal

    Love love love

  67. Karuna Philip

    Does Lecrae sing the chorus in this song?

  68. Clark Kent

    Excellent lyrics! glory to God!

  69. Stefan Inouye

    I've heard this song many times before, but the full weight did not hit me until I read the lyrics on this video... Thanks putting in the time to produce this! Any chance we can see more videos like this?

  70. Emilee Malec


  71. Aysel Tina

    This songs tittle reminds me on deadpool comic good bad and ugly when he and his military buddies saves his secret love child

  72. Jason Andrews

    At least it's helping people.

  73. andy powell

    Is this song about the life of someone in anonymous? I think it isssss

  74. Jaimin Khar

    And truly last thing globalist only have 1 piece of evidence that says the Earth is a globe on the other hand those who are of the persuasion that the Earth is flat have overwhelming abundant evidence the Bible would say running over evidence that the Earth is flat may I point out the events that took place in the Battle of Joshua when Joshua commanded that the sun stand still and that the Moon stand still in the valley of ajilon ask yourself how did that happen did the Earth stopped spinning 1000 miles an hour or did the sun stop rotating around the Flat Earth think about that if the Earth stopped spinning 1000 miles an hour instantly what Whitaker tsunamis earthquakes volcanic eruptions basically this destruction of the Earth As We Know but God himself said Sun stand still Moon stand still he did not say Earth stop spinning if you believe in the scripture you must believe that God knows what he's talking about and that's just one shred of evidence there are over 200 verses that speak or tell us something about the design of God's creation and within these descriptions it is undeniable that the Earth is flat and immovable it does not spin it does not rotate everything rotates spins around us that's the end of my rant God many blessings sir

  75. Jaimin Khar

    You might laugh but if you do yourself a favor by pressing the link below you might not laugh anymore


  76. Jaimin Khar

    One last thing I'd like to say is have you thought about making a song about creation there's a whole book about creation throughout the Bible references of creation are echoed many many times you might think I'm crazy but the Bible tells us that the Earth is flat that it is unbelievable you might hear from some that say the Earth hangs on nothing but I can say the building that I'm in right now hangs on nothing because it is founded upon its foundation the Bible says the Earth is founded upon its pillars the Earth is immovable the Bible says that the Earth was created in 7 Days science tells us that the Earth was created billions and billions of years ago science tells us that first the sun was created and the Stars the Bible tells us that the sun in the moon were created on the third day of creation science tells us that the Earth was created after the Sun there is a big problem with science and with what scripture says the firmament is something that you should look into the vaulted Dome the Bible also refers to this firmament as a molten Looking Glass maybe it's something that you should look into if you heard of Rob skiba listen to what he has to say blessings to you and yours

  77. Jaimin Khar

    Mr. Lecrae I am a big fan of yours but one of the things that really bugs me sir is I want to share you're beautiful inspiring music with others copyright restriction laws don't allow you to share your music which I don't know but it seems to me that your music is sort of like gospel in music but how come you don't allow people to share it on platforms like Facebook is there any way that you can give me the right to share it I'm not going to say it's mine I just want to share your music with others

  78. Kelsey Elizabeth

    This is a great song 😉😍

  79. Christi Adera

    In short that is the situation am at right now😭😭

  80. Shawn Rissetto

    I know you you know me we are one big family

  81. eva granados

    Your beat is amazing 👌👌

  82. Lauren T

    This song hit me hard.

  83. David lindauer

    So good

  84. Salt maker

    I lateness to this song for ten years and I’m ten right now this sad is so good good memory

  85. Shadow heart

    You have my respect... To deal with that.... I want to give him a hug

  86. Shadow heart

    Oh wow....

  87. Albert Devaughn

    Best song in Anomaly Album

  88. sammy arrindall

    tears come to eyes every time i replay the part where he talked about his innocents was taken away from him when he was younger and was ashamed to tell his family... that touches my soul because as a young child my cousin try to molested me in my sleep and i would wake up feeling uncomfortable and i will hit him... till this day i don't know if he raped me in my sleep or what went on before i woke up... i was so scared to tell anyone because i didn't think they would believe me because my family were all alcoholics and afraid of the truth. i had sooo much hate built up against them all..... seeking help from the lord really helps me get by everyday.

  89. J Paul

    Thanks to the girls email address and for your appointment today itomorrow morning morning I have to come home to do a hair and hair appointments appointment tomorrow imorning is othe your time of oI day I have you your address I can have it at your you the address I email it you to come and email me the address thank you so sorry I didn’t cannot get it thanks yes I have a lot going e I am available sorry I forgot you were have to come tomorrow o

  90. #3DOne

    This song makes me think, about alot .Where I've been in life and where I'm trying to go.Straight up..

  91. joey camardo

    Great testimony.

  92. Amanda Weaver

    Why one eye is covered. That's not good sign

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    Lilly K

    Reach Records I love you lecrea

    Jasentae Coward

    Reach Records hi


    Song never gets old ..

    Ave of Ham Squad

    listened to this song in prison, loved it. was facing 52 years with 14 felonies. this was my jam tho!