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We not playin' out here, it's for real. We livin' out here for life, we tryna to get it.
Ain't nobody finna take our life. I keep my young homies out here with these things, my big homies keep handlin' me.
And we keep it crackin'. My other name should've been Jesse James cause I stay with my cannon.
I didn't have no choice, I was raised right around the corner from where we standin'.
Hollow points in it and all of that, I'm ready. We gang bangin'!

My cousin.. was a killer
He done pulled a lot of triggers
He done made a lot of mamas cry
And if you ask him why he do it he'd just say, "I'm young and foolish"
Bang on you right before he made them bullets fly

He ain't have no sense of dignity, his daddy was a mystery
He'll probably end up dead or sittin' in a penitentary
And tell the judge he can go to hell for the sentence
And it probably make no sense if you would listen to the history
The new Jim Crow or the old one
People out here fightin' for equality and honestly I think they owe 'em somethin'
Back and forth some
Cleaver got a message for the people
Bunchy with 'em and they tryna stop the evil
And they cliqued up with they fist up
The whole neighborhood feelin' like they meant somethin'
Then it was a mix-up, fed's got 'em fixed up
End of the movement, back to the bricks, bruh
And Raymond Washington about to start the Crips up
They gettin' bigger every day and tryna fix stuff
They saw Geronimo Pratt dodgin' bullets from attacks
Guess they figure, "We don't really want it this much"

You know originally, the gangs were created to protect everybody in the community.
There was lynching and bombing going on and the gangs were there to protect.
What people don't understand is that a lot of the leaders died.
Medgar Evers (has been shot), Bunchy Carter (has been shot), Fred Hampton (has been shot), MLK (has been shot in Memphis Tennessee).
These youngsters didn't have any direction. No leaders to look up to so they went rogue on 'em

They say that Crip stands for Community
Revolutionary Interparty Service
Way before the genocide and the murders
A little after integration was the verdict
When bombs might go off at the Sunday service (baow!)
They protectin' they community
Then it turn into diplomatic immunity
Then a fight against oppression was the pressin'
Now they keep on losin' battles and they started losin' unity
Now they beat each other blue-black
Force fed self hate 'till the truth crack
Got they own folks hidin' on the rooftops
They ain't finna take no more, they finna shoot back (baow!)
Now they bond like a family they all bloods
From the concrete jungle to the small hoods
Throwin' signs up, now the crime's up
We was meant to kill oppression now we loadin' 9's up
But never mind us, grind us
Factory done closed, now a lot of people jobless
Now they got the drugs comin' in from Nicaragua
Government done turned a blind eye, or they liars

It was a perfect storm. I mean, we're talkin' post-segregation. And what are you gonna do?
The factories have closed and no one's hiring anybody from the urban community because of what you look like.
And now there's a war going on in Nicaragua and drugs are being imported into your community.
Are you gonna to sell drugs or are you gonna be homeless? Cause the government's not paying attention

Huh, man you tell me
What's a reasonable man to say?
There's a high school in Alabama named after Robert E. Lee And it's 89% black, you don't see the irony?
What it do to a psyche, it's simple, you don't like me
What I'm 'posed to do now?
Delusional calling that system criminal justice
Where the rich and the guilty are safer than the poor and the innocent
Why would we listen?
When American churches scuff they Toms on our brother's dead bodies
As they march to stop gay marriage
We had issues with Planned Parenthood too
We just cared about black lives outside the womb just as much as in
Young man gon' find purpose somehow
And a nation was at least around
And when them vice lords told him he was of royal decent
And that war on drugs felt much more like war on the poor
He figured forget it
So why don't you come stay a while?
Tell us that the son of man walked on Egyptian
And Eastern soil and wasn't just a Western construct
Or master used to control us
But what the Master used to free us
And it was a crooked system just like this that left the King of Kings bloodless
Yeah, we are truly a descendant of a King
Only his reign is infinite
And being right is a distant second to the joy of compassion
Why don't you come stay a while?

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  1. Honey Ham

    someone going to explain that "we had issues with planned parenthood too" line that doesn't come across as him saying "fuck women's rights"?


    Didn’t Margaret Sanger start PP because she wanted to reduce the black birth rate specifically?

    Honey Ham

    @Chris ah, that makes a lot more sense, thanks

  2. Stay Bizzy Entertainment

    This is some of the realest stuff I’ve heard!! A very unique concept for a song and I honestly love it! 🙌💯

  3. Abdullah Al-Azmi

    I’m not even Christian but god damn it I respect a man of not only his religion, but humanity as a whole when I see one.

  4. Jesse Paton

    You are brave for telling the truth Lecrae Moore


    Propaganda the Best🔥🔥

  6. BUD

    I think I heard a curse word.

  7. I'mYoungGod Suell

    U shedding light of what this America is afraid yet ignore and afraid to see thank u brother

  8. Vincent Buscarello

    Anyone know where the lecture is from?? the stuff describing the emergence of the gangs?

    Devion Roderick

    It sounds like Lecrae doing a voice over

  9. ShawtyYO1911

    Still listening, the knowledge on this track is elite

  10. Comment Police

    Dang, I live in Newark and this is so on point about the modern day neighborhood

  11. Romario Smith

    Propagandas verse is so underrated in this song

  12. True Shines

    lecrae rap speedometer : Mach 10

  13. Shemaiah Perry


  14. Professor Baffle

    I thought this was an Iron Maiden cover!

  15. J. NamWEN.

    Ain’t gonna hear this on the radio. Sadly.

  16. luis dominguez

    S1 is such a beast with this production🔥🔥🔥

  17. Zachery Krause

    The new Jim Crow or the old one, this guy is on fire ON this track!!!

  18. JR_ Richard

    prop killin it

  19. Cristianos Alerta


  20. Loyal Love

    Look on my suffering and deliver me/ For I have not forgotten your law// But sometimes Lord you just seem so far/ Afflicted with pain lord we wonder who we are// Defend my cause and redeem me/ Preserve my life according to your promise// Lord I need more of you I'm just being Honest/ Salvation is far from the wicked/ For they do not seek out your decrees/ Your compassion lord is great/ You are love but this world show hate// Preserve my life according to your laws/ Many are the foes who persecute me/ Like 2 Pac said Better days I wanna see/ I need help in this land of opportunity/ But I have not turned from my statutes/

  21. Richard Lincourt

    Informative truth

  22. Hannah Banana

    lecrae is like the christian tupac

  23. Dean

    A lot of people need to hear this. This song goes almost perfectly with Dear Mr.Christain by Derek Minor too. Check it out!

  24. Michael Cobbs

    Marvelous lyrics.

  25. Rachid Manjate

    good,verry good...God bless

  26. EvoHyper

    so true. black community hasnt been treated right.... #equality 4 all #jesus is god

  27. Reach Records

    Never miss a beat! Subscribe to Lecrae's channel for the latest tracks! 💯

    Konstantins Simonovs

    Reach Records оимиитилмтитиилхрроррриииирриррррроооооооооооооолдддджтиьсмсмсшагппргпгргр

  28. Tissan Young

    Lecrae one of the realest rappers out there.


    Tissan Young haha ni

  29. YoungBunnie AJ


  30. StarSaphorA

    id rather my kids know the truth then what the gov puts in there heads .

  31. Bransen Miller

    with out a doubt. lecrae is the best rapper in the game


    Bransen Miller no

  32. scott brown

    Dose anyone have a good source for someone to further there understanding of this topic?

    Ernest Vasquez

    scott brown Genius.com

  33. scott brown

    I had never heard about the history of how gangs became to be such a influential part of America

  34. marie 90

    CRIP - Community Revolution In Progress

    BLOOD - Brotherly Love Overcomes Oppression and Destruction


    Brian Glaze

    marie 90 he said it in the song. The fight against oppression was hard and they ended up turning on each when the leaders were killed and imprisoned.

  35. m helligar

    Propaganda tho! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. L Warrell

    I wrote a 12 page research paper based on this song. Look up the names you do not know. Injustice is real

    Eilsel Petersen

    Can I read the paper as well?

    Richard Vargas

    You should share it

    Tim M

    I'd also like a copy

    John Smith

    Yo can i get a copy of that

    Faith Over All

    L Warrell Bruh Glooks for ideas on papers 😂🔥

  37. Nickole

    not enough views

  38. Samuel Sanjuan

    very skillful and praises to The LORD KING till he come to his glorious throne to rule!

  39. Drew Gibson

    Are the people that they named Christians that were in gangs that died?

    Brian Glaze

    Drew Gibson some of them like MLK of course and Medgar Evers

    Brian Glaze

    Most were Civil Rights Leaders (usually they were based in churches)

  40. Sami Quintana

    we used this song in history class today for annotation about the civil rights movement and how gangs started in America and i was the only one in the class that knew who prop and lecrae are. good stuff

  41. Rod Pruitt

    I'm 50 years old, and I remember when Lecrae used to rap about Jesus. Does he still do that?

    Rachel Boswell

    Rod Pruitt lol somewhat he doesn't want to be called christian rapper more of a lukewarm style now... the song is good but if you notice less and less people are watching his videos than they used to... more people are waking up keep your eyes open

    Ryan Tristani

    Rod Pruitt He does, but he also raps about different themes as well in his newer music, I personally like his newer stuff because each song has its own independent message. His old music seemed really repetitive, at least to me. He is still not really secular though, I wouldn't mind if he was. I like to listen to all rap. You might hear me play Lecrae, and then play Eminem right after. This isn't what you'd expect of me as I am growing up in Christian conservative family.


    Rod Pruitt - Yes he does !!

  42. Wait you is a dude?

    why does he sound and look like hopsin LMAO

  43. Zyon Langley

    this man can finish the whole song before you can say hi

  44. Angelique_7

    Happened to notice NWO. That's who is causing this shit. I will stand for every human being no matter what race or religion, were all brothers and sisters, adam and eve can vogue for that. But, selling drugs aint an option, no matter what, there is still opportunity somewhere else. Don't lose faith. Id rather be homeless than to know I just sold someone something that could kill them. Homeless is better than blood on your hands for selling, PERIOD. But lecrae knows how to spread a message, cause shit ive been known how it goes, never lived that life, but had many family and friends that did and still do. Life is hard, but don't make a living outta something that the lord despises, no matter what.

  45. Xavier Simmons

    but when propaganda came in and laid down the the truth. I mean like seriously tho

  46. Adriel Cruz

    First lecrae song I've ever heard to it's entirety, (don't listen to rap often) I like this message a lot. This is true talk.

  47. Adriel Cruz

    First lecrae song I've ever heard to it's entirety, (don't listen to rap often) I like this message a lot. This is true talk.

  48. meyahh07 Tome

    that's sad

  49. Glenn Adendorff

    Cutting to the bone as usual.Peacefully d

  50. Caleb Treadwell

    good raper

    Adriel Cruz

    Don't forget the other p.

    Jacob Bell

    You might want to delete this

  51. trin Alexus

    the only rapper I can listen to around my mom

  52. Isaac Tillman

    Community revolutionary in a party service is what that's supposed to stand for 2Pac knew that. The gangs were trying to protect their hoods cuz the cops wouldn't. Bloods is an acronym too. I don't remember what it stands for tho.

    Jesse Paton

    Bloods came from Piru. Piru is Crip spelled backwards with the C on its back.

  53. Brian Hogg

    i could listen to lecrae for days

  54. trin Alexus


  55. trin Alexus


  56. trin Alexus

    Love this song

  57. Nick Roddy TV

    Only those with an amazing thinking process will take heed and capture what these fellas just taught us in this song. Nothing comes easy to a believer in CHRIST.

  58. Caleb

    Now we know that Lecrae likes John Givez: "Soul Rebel"

  59. oliver kanene

    love this song,truth told

  60. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    this same wicked system did this to the king of kings

  61. Metralla Acme

    Buen tema!

  62. Chriselda Monroe

    How has EVERYBODY NOT seen this? Heard it on Pandora, video goes in.

  63. James Lee

    Irony of a school named after Robert E Lee. No, someone needs to study history. maybe not go to the government school of the winning side that pumps this propaganda

  64. Theresa Sembuche

    Propaganda. . mad love.

  65. Rocky Stevenson

    Love it

  66. Mae Bell

    Just caught the "Soul Rebel" shout out on the cap.

  67. Myles Banks

    The new Jim Crow or the old one?

    Keira Crouse

    Checkout The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander can give u a glimpse into what he's discussing.

  68. Joel Tejada

    You rock Lecrae!

  69. 86blueberrymuffins

    love this

  70. dachickenman

    I don't understand why it's ironic for black people to go to a school named after Robert E. Lee.

    Brian Glaze

    @dachickenman I would definitely argue that it is ironic.


    Robert E. Lee was against giving blacks the right to vote...


    Even if that is true, I don't see how it makes this ironic. It may have more to say about what Lee thought about democracy than anything else. It seems to me as though Americans are taught to believe that "democracy" is necessarily beyond reproach; the word itself is used as a synonym for "freedom" and "good governance." And, indeed, if anyone were to criticize democracy, they would likely be thought of as some sort of fascist or authoritarian.

    Furthermore, it seems as if democracy, in the popular conscience, has conflicting tenets: the idea that democracy requires an educated populace in order to make good decisions, on the one hand, and the idea that extending the vote as wide as possible is good because it's more egalitarian, on the other. It appears that the latter idea is given much precedence over the former. That is, in modern times, democracy is seen as good because it's more egalitarian rather than because it's considered to more reliably come to good decisions.

    However, if you do believe that a better educated populace will make better decisions, maybe you could understand one's hesitancy to immediately grant the vote to a population that was provided little to no education and were prevented from exercising decision-making over their own lives. If one were to argue that such a hesitancy is completely unreasonable, this implies that he believes either that there is little variation in people's competency for political decision-making, regardless of their education and experience, or that voting doesn't really make a difference in terms of ultimate outcomes. Either case implies that extension of the right to vote is of little practical consequence and is largely just a symbolic gesture of egalitarianism. But if that's the case, why does it matter who is allowed to vote?

    Thus, I think to argue that Lee had no legitimate reason for being hesitant to extend the vote implies that having the ability to vote doesn't have practical consequences, and this in turn implies that the right to vote isn't that meaningful in the first place.


    @dachickenman That is an extremely good point, and I have to agree with you. I guess it just has to do with putting yourself in a black kid's shoes. They might not think it through that way (I'm not saying no one does, just saying they might not). Robert E. Lee was against allowing black people to vote and owned a few slaves himself. And while he did treat them well, that still might not be someone that modern day blacks would be okay with. You make a valid point though, and I'm definitely no expert.

    Brian Glaze

    @dachickenman Even if you argue that for Lee, wouldn't he be very adamant about "educating" the people who aren't. That way they could vote.
    There is also an assumption here that being educated means having a school education. Gaining knowledge does not mean you are educated.
    Also, the reason why a lot of the people are "uneducated" is because they were enslaved by a people who did not "educate" them.
    I'm using "education" very loosely here.

  71. Jacob Bennett

    I get goosebumps every time I listen to this.

  72. fallenSlave

    I dont like how thouse hand wiggle.... but the song is nice.

  73. Stephen Johnson

    all of his MICS! are for all of his ENDLESS FLOWS! CRAE TO CRAY SON!

  74. JP McRae


  75. kelvin holden

    AZ muh4u.w i.

  76. diesel hoe

    speak your mind!!!!😂😂😂

  77. Sauce Gawdd

    When you realize how worse it has gotten in the African American community.. Lord change needs to come so how some way

    Hagar- The Forgotten, Obedient One.

    prayer n fasting

    ForzaDNA 44

    we need to then reach out to these communities and build leaders from within.


    be the change you want to see

    Zac Davis

    Love seeing people talking honestly about their culture.
    We all need help.

    Much Love.

  78. Favored

    Bruh I imagined propaganda to look like Eminem or sum

  79. Darius Wells

    i go to a school in Jacksonville Fl and it is also call Robert E Lee

  80. Zefanya

    Siiiick!!!! God bless Lacrae!

  81. provostg

    Pride to justify personal segregation. Don't get twisted.

  82. Angelo Green

    Lol there was 116 comments before this one now it's 117

  83. Gee B


  84. Dane Randall

    I've been listing too this on utube sense it came out

  85. Angelina Atkinson

    Did he say Fred Hammond has been shot at 1:24 ? lol

    Julius Williams

    No he said Fred Hampton from chicago he had all of the gangs under a peace treaty. He taught a law class each morning until he was assassinated youtube him.

  86. Toki Gakai

    Love your music. Keep leading people into the WAY... Your music has light in it. The world needs it!!!!!!



  88. Chad Daddy


  89. 1 Love

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Lecrea he hits home with our generation and the struggles, truths , and the source. JESUS

  90. Typhoon Productions

    I love this song! Get stop listening. Anyone else?

  91. thefire boss

    I really like how this talks about black history and how some of the bad things about us used to be good and a lot of the things that are rumored about us aren't true

  92. Aziza Cook

    Lecare, I don't know if they are ready for this one. Pure realness

  93. Keith Wheeler

    Lecrae is the real deal. The rest of these clowns are disconnected. This dude is here to touch lives others can't. They never will. they aren't from the same place. That's why they dont get his angle and try to speak out against it. It's just ignorance. Keep pushing GODS errand Lecrae!

  94. Mario Showers

    God is good

  95. jovangodson70 dimetre33

    Never quit when your on a job search always put Yeshua first and follow his ways.