Lecrae - Anomaly Lyrics

I never fit in I was an outcast
In grade school, out blastin' my Outkast
And I'll pass on running' to catch a route pass
Give me a pen and a pad I'm tryna outlast
All of my idols, America into foreign-ers
Before the foreign cars and the boring bars
Money, money, money, sex, drugs, and the coroners
All this killin' but where the bodies at?
All this money but where the Bugattis at?
But dig a lil deeper and you'll find another insecure man sittin' in a two seater
The same little boy that got beat up
Plenty pains in his past you could bring up
Nobody ever told him he could be more than he is, but inside he's a leader
I didn't know who was inside me either
Striving to be the captain, hoping I can date a cheerleader
Tryna get me a throne of my own so I can put my feet up
Thank God my kingdom was overthrown by The Soul Redeemer

Yeah, anomaly
Deviation From The Common Rule
Somethin' or somebody that's abnormal,
And dosen't fit in
I say that's exactly what we are.
We are the odd,
The outcast,
The peculiar,
The Strangers.
And they say we don't fit in
But I say, we are exactly who God created us to be anomalies
The system didn't plan for this.

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Lecrae Anomaly Comments
  1. Cal C

    I tried Lecreas whay I tried Nfs way well not reall Im the best outside best outcast NA https://youtu.be/J7MYJ8Kxhwc

  2. Truth Hunter

    I can relate to this song, and John 14:6 has shown me the way. and it is refreshing and free!. love the song.

  3. Joyce A

    Joyce A-deg-bo-ye-ga is a outsider I Know what it feels like to be hated by so many people and feel alone on the outside.

  4. J L

    I took this songs advice and now; I have no friends😭

    Possibly some to come as of now? Nevertheless, I love myself and I figure this is what counts😢😪😔👍👌

  5. Sunlight Bright

    I am, the greatest written line ever.

  6. CL Nelson

    I feel that to my core great track

  7. King Henry-Error

    September 2019 and Beyond!

  8. Elisha's-all together studios

    Some of these people are insiders

  9. arpine h. beglaryan

    I'd rather be an outsider!!!! Love this song. And so many of his songs. Because of Lacrae's music I now enjoy listening to rap music!!!


    Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind in Christ Jesus👌

  11. Anna-Simone Phoenix

    My Life Story

  12. Tefo Ndebele

    2019 anyone?

  13. kay jones

    May we live truth of these holy ghost inspired lyrics in Jesus name!..

  14. Christian Jackson


  15. Go Bro

    Please pray for Sofia Lily and their parents they need a lot of prayer 🙏🏻. Sofia and Lily are sisters. Keep their family in prayer and Eminem.

  16. Bret Irwin

    This is the Modern Disciple Anthem. See you upstairs Lecrae

  17. Nathan wells

    I just realized that this could also be about being gay/trans and be talking about being rejected by the church.

  18. Elisha's-all together studios

    My favorite part is the party's over.

  19. Emory Allen

    Who's singing?

  20. Elisha's-all together studios

    I'm going to be a outsider

  21. Isaiah Taujillo

    I am Unashamed

  22. emanuel sanga

    I am an *OUTSIDER*.. proud to be a one

  23. Montrail Wilson

    That hit me when he said it’s plenty people like me

  24. kisakye esther Gracious

    I love the Visual Graphics designs..

  25. kisakye esther Gracious


  26. Juliana Alvarado


  27. Zonya Skieya

    This came to me at our Lord's perfect time. Being a Christian sometimes makes u feel alone.. Thank u bro Lecrae for these songs

  28. Hamilton Massey II

    Don't let anyone steal your inheritance! https://youtu.be/OP9hLPJsbpA

  29. Sarah S.


  30. Shinigami Kitsune

    *This whole album still slaps to this day XD*

  31. Geuomai Geuomai

    You are free
    Be you
    Be happy

  32. abriana favors

    How do you love Jesus but you want to be an outsider...how do you love Jesus if you want to be like everyone else....how do we love Jesus if we want to be like Lecrae....You rap about Jesus then you boast about wanting to be an outsider....which way Lecrae? Its either Jesus way or your way

    Star Davenport

    abriana favors. being an outsider is being of God. you be an outsider of this world. so you can be an insider of Heaven. say if your friends aren't doing Godly and disobeying God like with drugs... you should be an outsider and leave that group. and find some friends that are of God!!

    Star Davenport

    And bruh what you got against Lecrae

  33. OfficialPlug #PlugStyle

    I wish there was just a singing version of this :/ the rapping parts could’ve been out this song tbh it through me off, but the singing is the best ! 🔥

    לק אקסנריטר

    Reach Records offers deluxe digital versions for most of the albums they publish, including Lecrae's Anamoloy. The deluxe versions include the mastered tracks, the acapellas, and the instrumentals. If you purchased the deluxe version, you could layer the acapella and instrumental achieve the song you're looking for.

  34. King Kaid

    As Christians, we are familiar with hate, death, persecution.
    But that doesn't mean we have to succumb to the world. This place is only temporary; God is forever. We just gotta wait on him, no matter what people say. That's what this song has taught me.....

    Never fear, never give in, never compromise.... Because of who we stand for. And one day, it will be "brighter on the other side".

  35. Ryan Sinclair

    This song is my anthem in 2019!

  36. Jonathan Goyens

    Nice track still! ✝️🛐🙏

  37. private party


  38. Dillan Smith

    Goes great with nf outcast

  39. jordan talley

    Percocet Molly percocet

  40. Joseph McIntosh

    Revelation 22:15 Outside are the dogs. The sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idol worshipers , and all who love a lie.

  41. Tia Singz

    "There's plenty people like me" 🙏🏽

  42. Hezzie Kendrick III

    He is apart of the system it's so sad. The illilumnati I wish he wasn't but he is.

  43. Joshua Flowers


  44. Daniel Mcallister

    I like how he said it's gucci

  45. Alison Little

    The people that disliked this worship the devil

  46. Mayra Ruiz

    Temptation is always knocking on my door.and lecrae keeps me strong 💪..thank you.

  47. Justin Smith

    Before NF leacre was my favourite rapper there two greatest rap artist of all time

  48. Alison Little

    My dad turned this song on when I was younger and a few years later I was trying to find this song, but i couldn't. Now, here I am. :)

  49. Vanity Clay

    It's coo to be an outsider especially when you still standing or kneeling Inside of GOD and all of his Grace Mercy and Favor!!!! Stay Blessed even in trials! Stay humble it's and inside thing!

  50. Sir SupesAfro

    This album... The Lord has blessed this album. 4 years later and it still holds so much meaning for me. God really did a great work in me through this album. Got me through freshman year (became a f'real Christian that previous summer) stronger than I went in.

  51. chris m

    I'm a Christian I love and believe in God and love him so so so much!

  52. LadyShip

    Which outsider? The illustration says a different kind of outside

  53. Iris Gonzalez-Caulder

    July 10

    and other reptiles🐊

    November 21

  54. mwuah sheila

    I felt this song.

  55. Reynalda Zamora

    Ever feel like a loud cry..

    Holy, holy , holy...

  56. Emma Coates

    Awesome song!God bless Lecrae!!!

  57. WGTGS?Pigake

    God bless all those who choose to preach the truth that is God's love and graced, despite the prescience of this new political correction

  58. Frances Bengwayan

    This songs screams Romans 12:2. Thanks for continuing to honor God through your music!

  59. Rafael deanda


  60. Dj jr

    Still listening to this in 2018!!!

  61. Jennifer 8

    Outsiders; It's a lonely place, but your you.

  62. Carl Saggin

    This could also mean being yourself and not conforming to the idealistic standards of society.

  63. Shareece Williiams

    I Love it I rather be outsider then to sell out on Jesus when he is the reason for the season the reason we live the reason we rise the reason it's brighter on other side . I love it brother may the Lord guide your steps and keep renewed because it is brighter on the other side peace

  64. jolean jol

    better to be an outcast for god than to be an incast to sin

  65. Rachel Boswell

    He probably the GOAT in christian rap

  66. Kimya Williams

    Just because you don’t know who you are in this world,we will find out who we are in another world

  67. Dahlia Castolo

    This song is sooooooo lit for Christ😊

  68. Renee Beadon

    Love this song

  69. Miguel Almaraz

    I love ❤️ this song a lot ❤️❤️

  70. Emma Lustig

    Hey- if you like christian rap, you should check out my boyfriend's awesome first official music video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE_CTwczo4E

  71. Michaelatky

    Bye Lecrae rip https://youtu.be/j8M-SdE9qrM

  72. Tyler Hartbecke

    ask yourself this everynight. What is the purpose of life if we aren't living for Him

  73. Amy Satterwhite

    "I failed at being you, But I'm winning at being like me"
    Yasssss!!!!! my new favorite song!

  74. ShawtyYO1911

    Thanks brother, found this song today on my birthday. Wont ever stop listening, I am an Outsider too God got Us

  75. Stephanie Galbraith

    In the last days God shall poor out his spirit upon all flesh and his sons and daughters shall prophised...

  76. Aida Corado

    ᎷᎪᎢᎢᎻᎬᏔ 5:11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me”
    gυyѕ, тнιѕ ιѕ ғacт. тнe мeѕѕage ιѕ layed down. ιғ yoυ are вeιng ιnѕυlтed (NᎾᎢ ᏴᎬᏟᎪᏌᏚᎬ ᎾF ᏚᏆN ᎾᎡ ᏴᎪᎠ) вυт вecaυѕe oғ yoυr вelιeғ ιn ᏩᎾᎠ тнen yoυ are вleѕѕed and тнe lord wιll вe pleaѕed wιтн yoυ and yoυr eғғorтѕ.

  77. Jamel Roberson


  78. Elijah Kealy

    can I use this for about 30 seconds in my new show? is that allowed?


    Elijah Kealy sure

  79. I watch Anime

    I like the song

  80. Antonio David Perez

    I’d rather sit alone at lunch than follow the “cool” kids.

  81. the щareңouនe

    its Gucci... oml yes

  82. michwhiskers

    I LOVE this song.... But I couldn't resist.... It's "Mandela" .... Not "Mandella" .... #SouthAfricanOverHere


    Unless he is talking about something else

  83. Nathan Imadiyi

    Listing to NF's new song Out Cast and this song popped in the back of my mind.

  84. Jimmy Favre

    Hardest part is getting away from my old friends and past

  85. Olivia Borst

    Was this made for the Maze Runners?

  86. complex lifestyle

    Hey this album is way better than all things work together in my opinion! This album IS a monster!! A classic!!!

  87. B. Bruce

    ur not alone shanaya hutson, c u when we get home some great day! to our Lord and King Christ...GLORY!

  88. B. Bruce

    ur not alone shanaya hutson, c u when we get home some great day! to our Lord and King Christ...GLORY!

  89. B. Bruce

    ur not alone shanaya hutson, c u when we get home some great day! to our Lord and King Christ...GLORY!🌈💝

  90. B. Bruce

    ur not alone shanaya hutson, c u when we get home some great day! to our Lord and King Christ...GLORY!🌈💝

  91. B. Bruce

    ur not alone shanaya hutson, c u when we get home some great day! to our Lord and King Christ...GLORY!🌈💝

  92. B. Bruce

    ur not alone shanaya hutson, c u when we get home some great day! to our Lord and King Christ...GLORY!🌈💝

  93. Quazar Multi

    Keep living that life! Dont give up or in!

  94. Michael Sigala

    I feel what he sayin

  95. sky Wolf

    Man this song struck something in me I have been deniying God and then letting him in and then shutting him out again untill I heard this song I promise you father no matter what I will stay an outsider like you want me to be I'm done trying to impress the wrong people thanks so much lecrae your music plays a big role in my life man never stop

  96. Jimmy Favre

    I'm a high schooler and the hardest part about being a christian is being an outsider and to leave all my friends that just want to go do "fun" stuff but I am really trying but I feel alone with no one to talk too

  97. Sparrow Sparrow

    Let the Hope that comes not by my handFashioned by The Master, Maker of master Maker And the Branches that reach of their own accord reachand the Peace not by Smoke or By Treeof Knowlesge and Evil but of My Makers Wishes and to Obey, to Fight fight down on my Knees and to Find Your Victory in Loss

  98. Reach Records

    Never miss a beat! Subscribe to Lecrae's channel for the latest tracks! 💯

    Xavier Clemons

    Reach Records LOVE IT!!!

    Lone Surviver

    Reach Records this is that throwback 🔥🔥