LeAnn Rimes - Rock Me Lyrics

Momma, don't you cry anymore.
I'm not the same girl I was before.
You know I'll always be your baby,
But I've found some brand new arms,
And they're gonna Rock Me.
Momma, can't you see my love is turning?
I've got to live these things that I'm learning.
You don't have to try and save me.
I'm wrapped up in a dream, but he's
Gonna Rock Me.
All night long he lays where heaven lies.
He takes me on a way to paradise.
And he Rocks Me in the cradle of love.
Momma, don't you remember how it feels?
Oh, don't you remember?
My heart and my soul is rolling like a wheel.
Well, I know you think I'm crazy.
Yeah, I'm crazy for the one who wants to Rock Me.
Yeah, I know you think I'm crazy.
And I'm crazy for the boy who's gonna Rock Me.
He's gonna Rock Me.
He's gonna Rock Me.
Well, my baby's gonna Rock Me.
He's gonna Rock Me.

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LeAnn Rimes Rock Me Comments
  1. westfaner

    What a voice for a 15 year-old ! She was just so awesome ...

  2. Taylor Centers

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