LeAnn Rimes - Insensitive Lyrics

[Originally wrote and performed by Jann Arden]

How do you cool your lips
After a summer's kiss
How do you rid the sweat
After the body bliss
How do you turn your eyes
From the romantic glare
How do you block the sound of a voice
You'd know anywhere

Oh I really should have known
By the time you drove me home
By the vagueness in your eyes
Your casual good-byes
By the chill in your embrace
The expression on your face
That told me you might have some advice to give
On how to be insensitive

How do you numb your skin
After the warmest touch
How do you slow your blood
After the body rush
How do you free your soul
After you've found a friend
How do you teach your heart it's time
To fall in love again

Oh you probably won't remember me
It's probably ancient history
I'm one of the chosen few
Who went ahead and fell for you
I'm out of vogue, I'm out of touch
I fell too fast, I feel too much
I thought that you might have some advice to give
On how to be insensitive


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LeAnn Rimes Insensitive Comments
  1. c. c. catch

    Hope Sara Evans can cover this song also.

  2. Elizabeth Newberry

    LeAnn Rimes Legend of Country Music.

  3. Ashley 11:11


  4. danielle weissmann

    She is the Most beautiful women on the planet, a wonderful voice, kind caring and loving......I just love that women to pieces and cant stop listening to her music and voice.....xxxxxxx

  5. Becky Sov

    Let me told how but most man or woman that when they just got divorce from there ex but somehow need to take times because you don't want to end up another problem. I see alot of them already and it kinda scary to make another mistake to a new relationship because you need to know more longer and never jump in a hurry for other .

  6. Cha Delossantos

    💔💔💔💔💔💔💔i cnt let go... i hope ur hppy without me

  7. Rhonda Elaine

    She's so talented!!

  8. Robert Coole

    I cannot say to ask me nicely because of every heart and soul which as put so much work into a what can be a magical event.

  9. DeeAnna Barkee

    OMG I love this version 100%better than the original

  10. Nicole Sanders

    I love this song
    Thanks dopelyyics

  11. Jeanne Cayabyab

    Kevin Lomibao 😭😭😭

  12. m k

    I went with someone once and loved him more then any thing.but he let me walk away not once but twice and I have never found love like that before or after.just lonely miss you.

  13. m k

    Love her song's


    cheater cheater le le is lay a simple fuck bang bang

  15. Angela Jordan

    ♡ AWESOME ♡ ♡

  16. zak Sarwari


  17. Ashley Moore

    I love this song 2

  18. missy Shope

    Love this song

  19. Tom Begbie

    Feeling this song sooo much at the moment

  20. KMStacy5

    I feel like such an idiot lately, or maybe it’s just me my whole life...I just wanted someone to truly love me, has my back & doesn’t lie even if it hurts for a moment! It’s better than finding out your whole life as you know it is a huge lie! I don’t understand how any human being who says they love you can do that to another person! I’d rather just rip the stitches out & let it bleed bc at least I’d know it’s REAL!!!

    Marietha Hall

    It's normal.. we all want that..but it's such an illusive thing to find

    Stephanie Bryce

    I feel the same way

  21. Terry Spry

    I actually never knew that she had covered this song.
    Something is telling me she could've nailed it better without the electric instruments and done it acoustic.

    Still a great cover though.


    Love this, this is sounds like the new grown.up version...and,, myself, personally think she could song the book and I would listen to it, she is talented....
    If y'all want to follow JESSIE LYNN the country music singer, Dirt to Diva follow us on.Utube or Twitter @jessielynnfans, @tonyarmoore1 & JESSIE LYNN.
    Thank yall

  23. Patricia Jaimes

    we have a handsome baby boy who's so love able AM😀

  24. Patricia Jaimes

    beautiful song😎

  25. Robert Pinette

    Insensitive not i

  26. zak Sarwari

    ~>- wi§μ | had a|| tμE un§wer§ 🌹LΩ^E🌹

    ~>- BTW

    I'm not in§ensitiev....


  27. Danger Ranger

    I love this song. Karaoke here i come

  28. Alissia Pancake


    John Kiesling

    Alissia Pancake 7 months ago elaert some😊

  29. Janice Carroll

    What ! She sounds great....Leanne can sing the hell out of anything.

    alex paic

    Janice Carroll Amin

  30. Eva Alriksson

    I ts my personality my love

  31. Michele Pace


  32. Bruno Cavalcante

    this a great cover! 😍