Leafs - Tonight Lyrics

Ja, Leafs Sensei
Lil baby

Ik pull up in a foreign whip
Deur gaat open en zij stapt in
Ja ik weet al hoe laat t is
Hij heeft nu weer een side chick
Het doet je pijn je wilt hier zijn
Babygirl wil met Leafs zijn
Neem je mee naar de 4 5
Jij en ik kunnen Eve zijn
Ik zeg ik weet precies wat jij niet loevt
Bel naar m'n phone en ik kom soon
Ben niet van gister jij verdient beter
Baby jij weet wat jij moet doen
Rij met mij vanavond mee
En ik laat je zien wat Leafs deed

Waarom slaap jij alleen, tonight, tonight, tonight
Ho ik neem je mee
Shawty pull up en stap in m'n ride, m'n ride

Waarom slaap jij alleen, tonight, tonight, tonight
Ho ik neem je mee
Shawty pull up en stap in m'n ride, m'n ride

Yeh, Sensei is een rockstar kid
En hij zoekt een rockstar chick yeh ay
Ik heb helemaal geen tijd voor een ?
All we do is paper chasen yeah
I want you to say my name
Babygirl whine for me
Babygirl staat voor Leafs
En ze blijft liever hier
Dus ik pull up pull up ik skr
En ik zet je weer af voor je deur (skr skr)
Want jij bent mijn lady, never zo shady
Niemand weet wat gebeurd is
Blijf met mij vanavond bae
En ik laat je zien wat Leafs deed

Waarom slaap jij alleen, tonight, tonight, tonight
Ho ik neem je mee
Shawty pull up en stap in m'n ride, m'n ride

Waarom slaap jij alleen, tonight, tonight, tonight
Ho ik neem je mee
Shawty pull up en stap in m'n ride, m'n ride

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Leafs Tonight Comments
  1. Judy Lan

    "andersen is huffed but the avs don't care" is that a homer-ish thing to say?

  2. Michel Nguyen

    Barrie Kadri trade was a good trade for both organizations, no doubt about it.

  3. Fak A Yu

    Andersen posts were MVP for the Leafs

  4. Funk Enstein

    That thumbnail, though. Those have got to be the ugliest jerseys ever.

  5. Billy

    Francois has an amazing glove!! Leafs kept going glove too haha
    good game

  6. DuuReejs TV

    Go Leafs🙌Go Leafs🙌

  7. Shawnaldo75

    "France Oh's"

  8. Hockey Jockey

    Avalanches first goal was at 19:29 and mackinnons number is 29

  9. Heikki Remes

    Amazing game.

  10. nb266

    Crazy how many Toronto fans in Colorado

  11. Kaya

    As a Blues fan, I’m really interested to see where the Leafs go from here with Babcock gone. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them!

  12. Dr Boom

    The jerseys look cool in the thumbnail

  13. camelCase

    That Barrie goal was a goal scorer's goal. Far side?? Dude's confidence is unreal right now. He looks _completely_ different.

  14. Doug Hendricks

    All I want for Christmas is a MacKinnon jersey.

  15. ACParker13

    This commentator needs to relax a bit, not every bit of contact on a Colorado player is a penalty, lol.

  16. Michael Reed

    I don't think the leafs 5th goal should have counted,it appeared that the clock was reading zero's before the empty net 5th goal went in..it matters a lot to all the Gamblers, believe me!

  17. Michael Reed

    Wow, imagine having the Avalanche +1.5 goals and watching the leafs get that meaningless goal to win by 2 Goals with under a second remaining in the 3rd period?...OUCH....

  18. Leo Bruneau

    This is the team i want to see go leafs go

  19. Nelson Williams

    Wow, I wasn't convinced it was a coaching problem before, I am now. Leafs look refreshed, defense will remain an issue, but everyone looks like they're buying in.

  20. Max V

    Man, the Avs played absolutely horrible in that first period. Completely left Grubauer out to dry. No fault of his for that 4 goal first period(except maybe the Matthews goal). Definitely played better in the 2nd and 3rd, but still, you won't win many games letting up 4 goals in the first period.

  21. Impuhlz

    What a game

  22. Tomn8er

    This Colorado commentator is terrible. He says the guy got hooked at 5:38, that's not a hook. How do you hook someone with one hand on your stick?? If anything it was holding but it was so quick and minor it was an appropriate no-call. He also said Matthews was a "right-handed shot" lol

    Danny Hammond

    Tomn8er Believe me dude, we hate him also. He was transferred over from radio and McNab corrects him on everything that he says, the guy’s an idiot.

  23. Slash

    Sub to me

  24. Kurtis Dragosani

    The Avs must be one of the only teams who plays a goal song for the visiting team. Usually it's just dead silence.

    Roberto Orrego

    Very true. Much respect to the avs.

  25. Hugh Mungus

    This must mean the Leafs are the cup favorites yet again.

    Roberto Orrego

    We still got a loooong way to go b4 we can say that

  26. Nathan Stauffer

    Makar hits the post at least once every game, sometimes it goes others it doesn't, the kid has an insane shot

  27. Zaylas Pelt

    Toronto is greatness!!!!! Maple Leafs are fantastic. J'aime le Canada!!!!!

    Hugh Mungus

    Toronto is a toliet

  28. Ed Findlay


  29. indoctus41

    A happy team is a losing team. They won't have the fire to unseat the Bruins. It will be 3 years in a row. We'll see all of you down the road in the playoffs.

  30. Brizzy Bones

    Why’s the thumb nail have breast cancer Jerseys if they didn’t wear them in the game ?

  31. maybe the dog

    That Barrie guy should reinvent himself

  32. Living The Second Chance

    Man what a change in the leafs game!

  33. Phan B

    Good win...down to the wire... exciting game...Leafs got goood forwards..like the play of Envall...hope they keep him when Marner returns...

  34. dakotuhh _

    Just realized how bad the avs announcer is if you aren't an avs fan lol.

  35. Crimsun

    What the broadcaster said got me curious, so I looked it up, and the difference in days between March 4th 2016 (Nichushkin’s last goal since last night) and last night was 1358 1/2 before Valeri scored again

  36. DRL CA

    lol these announcers are just trash! 1:53

    Kyle I.

    DRL CA Better than all the sportscrap announcers

  37. VicerExciser

    Absolutely love how the announcer acts as if they won the cup 30 seconds in and then it’s 4-1 by the end of the first. What a hack

  38. Michael G

    There's just something about Grubauer I don't like . If we had a younger Varley we'd destroy any team

  39. Jen Calderone

    "No penalty called there.." " He was hooked and no penalty called.." The announcer watched the game right? There were about 10 blatant penalties that were called on the Avs. Welcome to the Leafs life buddy.

  40. Harruar

    wtf are they talking about the Pressure is gone from one coach to the next? The pressure to play Elite pro hockey. Game in and game out? Babcocks system was trash and the players were not buying into it. They are not a TEAM CANADA team. they are not all super stars. Babcock was Given a Detroit team with a Full roster of talent! He has never had to build anything. He is not a General!


    So glad they have a hungry younger coach with a fresh look of today's game and how it needs to be played to be able to compete!

  41. Goorie Henkel

    should not have traded Kadri.

  42. SkullKrakr 21

    The last few minutes made me incredibly nervous. They made that by the skin of their teeth.

  43. Moonstorm1

    i like the thumbnail lol

  44. Taimoore Yousaf

    Bro it looked like Willy flinched at the puck for Barrie's goal 😂😂😂

    Joe Melanson

    Willy spends a lot of time flinching

  45. Constantine Ntakos

    When Matthews scores the play by play guy sounded so pissed


    I'd be pissed too, Matthews is unfair

    James Anthony

    Yeah, because the goalie should've made the save. It was a good shot, but an NHL goalie has to make that save,

  46. Daniel Dufour

    No bias at all with the commenting.

    logan massee

    Its altitude sports network. Watch any game with home commentary and it's going to biased. They're catering to the local fan base. Never watch a Bruins game on their home network lol.

    Daniel Dufour

    @logan massee I usually watch hockey night in Canada wich is most likely the least bias commentating broadcast there is. Of course I will change channels during the now Don Cherry free intermission.

  47. Michael

    Where was Kadri's nasty moves then post

  48. jarrett irwin

    They didnt show the highlight of Ceci saving the game with a blocked shot at the end


    Excellent point, but the Denver RSN made no mention of it in their coverage. It's something the NHL has to fix at some point, especially if you're exposing the manner in which they cover (or poorly cover) these reg. season games. Some of the RSN coverage could be done just as well by community college graduates, I'm sorry to say.

    Brennan Wilkie

    @jpwjr1199 Does the NHL only have access to the American broadcasts?

    Nathan Robinson

    They did mention it, if I remember they thought Anderson saved it first. They did mention it though

    Ground Control

    I think they generally use the home broadcasts on these highlight videos

  49. Jeffrey Williams

    Notice Dermitt's defensive play at 7:55. That's how a defenceman needs to defend the blue line. MORE!


    absolutely! so many times the Leafs defence just keep backing in and not taking the opponent out. I have joked a bunch of times that it's a good thing there are boards behind the goal line or the Leafs would still be skating backwards...

    Jeffrey Williams

    @RedroomStudios lol skating backwards right off the pond and down the hill!

  50. Jeffrey Williams

    So smart of Barrie to go short side catching the goalie trapped in opposite momentum.

  51. Foot Lix

    Tyson Barrie the best.

  52. Salvatore DeCIcco

    hmmm barries second goal and second game without babby.
    Plus against the old team. beaut.

  53. Grady Vandenberghe

    Ceci basically won it for us


    na, he saved it for us.

    Grady Vandenberghe

    RedroomStudios I know like I would of been mad

  54. Lucas Maclean

    We would be a way better team with kadry

    Roger Skitt

    No we wouldnt. His skill doesnt make up for how low his hockey I.Q is

  55. hvm85

    The avs conceded 4 goals in the 1st period alone...wow...

  56. Drew Rycerz

    Leafs outshot 37-27 and they only won by 1 if you don't count the empty netter. Don't get too hyped up. Andy saved us.


    We did pretty well against the best team in the conference

    James Anthony

    And the Leafs were the beneficiary of bad Colorado goaltending in the 1st.

  57. len brian

    So far so good. As a long standing Leafs fan I refuse to let my hopes get to high, my heart has been broken one to many times.


    I dont expect the Leafs to win it all, I just want them to go out there and compete like they have the last couple games.

  58. Kevin Ye

    The Avs are an excellent team winning a ton of games, but this new Leafs team just rolled over them!

    Ragnar Lothbrok

    I don't know if rolled them is the right term when you win by 1 Kevin lol maybe if it was 8 to 1

    Kevin Ye

    @Ragnar Lothbrok Haha, true, but having that 4-1 lead finishing the first period was pretty sweet


    I think you turned the game off after the 1st period.. that was a super close game at the end. I wouldn't say rolled them. I'm happy the leafs have a new coach and are winning. Congrats. Like the leafs and Avs

  59. King Rico

    Daaammmnn what a game ! GO LEAFS GO !! We should have fired Babcock a loooonnngg time ago !!
    Boston Bruins.. we coming for you !!!

    Roberto Orrego

    Dont get too excited its just 2 games. The higher the expectations the larger the disappointments

  60. Mark Gillis

    Letting Shore out there on the opening faceoff - Barrie, this guy has a true pulse on what matters to modern day NHL'ers

  61. Gerry Gervais

    I like this new coach i wanted a new coach still needs a little work on defense.

  62. Jeffrey Adams

    This isn’t hindsight....but the past coach was obviously a terrible judge of hockey flesh and also how to motivate the players he had to use.

  63. Jeffrey Adams

    They won against a very, very good team tonight.

    Gordon MacRae

    A very good offense, not a good team.

    LedZep 2112

    Yes they did. Defense needs work.

  64. Glenn

    1. give up the first goal 0:31 seconds in
    2. blow a 4-1 lead in the first period
    3. over-reliance on Anderson to make (10) TEN game-saving saves
    4. hemmed in their own end for extended periods
    5. failure to play team defense for long stretches
    6. 4-3 late in the 3rd period of a game that was still undecided and should have been iced in the 1st period
    7. let Colorado back into the game
    8. relied on empty net goal to make the score more flattering than the game was - a very close game - close to a LOSS
    9. blame it on Babcock

    Bucket Reformed

    Glenn ok boomer

    Sillyman Jan

    Yet the Avalanche still lost. Keep crying

    Mel P

    im a leafs fan but u hv to admit #10 is hilarious. lol

    LedZep 2112

    @Mel P I know hey.... too funny...

  65. Janssoni

    Thank god nichuskin finally scores

  66. Michael Avril

    The Avs came back with some scrappy play but fall short. Good game tho.

  67. Glenn

    slowly reverting back to their TRUE FORM - gave up the first goal - let in 3 goals - could not hold a 4-1 lead int he 1st period - allowed the other team back into the game - the LOSSES are beckoning and the LOSING STREAK will start AGAIN - SOON - it was NOT THE COACH - this team of SPOILED LAZY players SUCKS - great team do not play 5-3 games - they play 2-1 2-0 1-0 3-1 3-2 games ... Toronto has too much offense and not enough defense for their own good - TRADE MARNER + TRADE NYLANDER for what you NEED - (2) solid stay at home defnesemen

    Bucket Reformed

    Glenn ok boomer

  68. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    88rd comment leafs trying too win presidents trophy if they play like this each game.

    Cody Cumby

    Keep that cursed object as far from the Leafs as possible.. Look at what happened last year with Tampa getting swept and in 2012 when the Canucks got beat 4-1

  69. Mini thni Cha

    Nothings changed almost blew a lead like usual just lucky it was Anderson’s night. Don’t lift your thongs up to high leafs fans

  70. Josh Voisin

    Jesus christ this announcer is awful to listen to. What an absolute tool.

  71. Loly Pop

    6:41 "the leafs are red hot, Andersen's red hot and the avs don't care" _ Avs comentator (who ever the hell it is)

  72. rs -

    Altitude sucks

  73. TheAppleMale

    Wow what a game!!!


    oh ya! finally the Leafs are awake and actually look like they belong in the NHL and care about competing!


    I hope so :)

  74. Meehoyminoy

    That Engvall to Shore goal was unreal.

    Panzo Productionz

    Meehoyminoy two rookies makes it even more satisfying


    really impressed with Engvall - hope he stays in the line up. he's got good size, speed and good offensive instincts!

    Panzo Productionz

    RedroomStudios yes

    Mel P

    I bet no one saw that shot coming..


    That's our FOURTH LINE

  75. cche16

    2-0 in the keefe era. 2 goals in 2 games for barrie. everyone looks happy and re-energized. babcock was sucking the life out of the team. should've fired him last april. they would've been better off.

    Anonymous Mask

    not to mention basically a shutout in his debut AND these teams are top tier in their respective divisions

  76. Vlad Rogushov

    Did anyone notice Nichushkin stopped his series (90+games without assists and goals)

  77. John Tay

    Dubas should have been fired. Leafs still need D

    Shaun Mattice


    John Tay

    @Shaun Mattice me or Dubas?

    Hugh Mungus

    Give it time

  78. Stephen Senez

    The commentator is hype

  79. Schnekkie22

    It took a while and was not smooth but, in the end the bus was parked.

  80. Charlie ND

    Good god, no offense avalanche fans but you guys have the worst commentators in the NHL. So much bias.

    Cody Cumby

    @Nicolas Láng Detroit. One game the Leafs scored in OT against the Wings and the commentator flat out said 'Are you kidding me' in a hushed voice after the goal.

  81. Charlie ND

    Well Avs fans, GG. I'm glad the Leafs are FINALLY starting to figure things out. Is it because of Keefe? I don't know, maybe. I'm just a guy behind a screen. And it was also nice to see Kadri again. Onto the next one. So long, Denver.

    Kale Leaf

    Charlie ND I’m just waiting for the Kadri tribute when he visits

    WestEnd White Boy

    See you Dec 4th ;) #GoAvsGo


    Its because Babcock is gone and they can breathe, look at that footage of the dressing room, they seem all so happy and relieved Keefe has taken over.
    This will be like a new team.
    Mike Babcock was an energy vampire.

    WestEnd White Boy

    @Noartist i agree 100%

  82. Jacob Painter

    Good leafs win. Wish it wasn’t as close as it was so late in the game.

  83. 564markis

    *chief keef*

  84. Mike Watson

    That Donsk drag.

  85. Gary Walker

    TML got lucky ...again.

  86. Brandon Allan

    WOW what a game

  87. stienerrecliner

    In case any jackass at sportnet is watching this, this is what commentators are supposed to sound like. Listening to Jim Hughson makes me want to puke


    Avs were really persistent, they didn’t give up and definitely made me nervous towards the end of the game😅 gg!

    Kale Leaf

    Yeah, scary for sure

    Kerosene Flobs

    Gg leafs 🤧

    Cody Cumby

    With Babcock constantly sending out the 3rd/4th line after getting scored on, this would've been a loss, or a blown lead.

    John Wick

    Matt Rustad a lot of us are like that, we aren’t as bad as people say

  89. Drew Jenkins

    30 seconds in ... wow these commentators really like the Avalanche.


    They are the Avs commentators

    Kale Leaf

    Every American game has American commentators I think

    Cody Cumby

    worst commentators are the Detroit, and Boston. Hands down. Huge Homers.

  90. Joiner44412 Fortnite

    31 seconds in? Wow. Macon Mayhem scored 16 seconds in against the Evansville Thunderbolts.

  91. Fibr3Optix

    Leafs can go 5-0 since firing babcock. The 2 tougher teams are out of the way. Wed Detroit then back to back with Buffalo. Not saying they will but they got a better chance now. Avs were a great test.

    rs -

    Detroit usually does well against Toronto even when they are bottom tier like the last few years

    g davies

    @rs - agrees. I think the wings had worked out Babs system so could counter it well. However they might not do so well against chiefs new style.


    @Will S against Babcock's Leafs, yes. But they struggled against the Coyotes too when Babcock was still the coach. We already saw how that one went.

    Now they will have time to actually practice with their new coach.

  92. Mag neto

    Look what happens when you allow Barrie to play. He scores goals!!!


    Two ways to handle a player struggling with confidence, which is ultimately the case...
    Keep chopping his time and place on the roster, making his confidence worse, or put him in a better situation with guys that will help build his confidence and point potential.
    Look what happened. This is why Babcock is gone and Keefe is in.

    Mag neto

    @Noartist Yes excellent.

  93. LetsGoWrongboarding

    What an excellent game

    Zeph eter

    very exciting indeed

    Reagan Harder

    @Zeph eter no kidding... Breakaways, front of net scrambles, so many posts and so much robbery. Win or lose, it's an exciting type of hockey.

  94. Ghostly Gaming

    Leafs forever

  95. Paul Hudson

    Don’t care about politics, just keep winning! Go Leafs...😎

  96. Anatoly Nesterenko

    Когда Ничушкин забил радовался так, как когда Кузя в овертайме Питсбургу заколотил и Вашики дальше прошли. Молодчик! Наконец то!

  97. Toronto Sports Network

    Canada's team now 2-0 since Babs was sacked.

  98. Shahaan

    Andersen was amazing tdy

    Zeph eter

    Not sure the name of the 2nd avs goalie but he was on fire too

    John Donovan

    As always man!

    Matt F

    @Zeph eter Pavel Francouz

    g davies

    Apart from the shaky first goal Andersen was immense.

  99. UkeTube

    Thank you so much for removing the annoying music playing in the background in previous highlight clips. It's so much more enjoyable...duh. Now I don't have to wait for NHL highlights from Sportsnet.

  100. Ben Prins

    Good game buds, keep them wins coming 😊😊

    I think Sheldon brings a new energy to the Leafs.

    Roberto Orrego

    Leafs blueprint reference right?