LCD Soundsystem - Other Voices Lyrics

[James Murphy:]
Your feet touch the floor
I just open the window and let the light in
The light burns your eyes
But it eases with each passing frame
Yeah your head like a block
Stuffed with unwritten letters to some
Far away friends
Oh you'd write on your hand to remember
If someone, if someone would just, pass you a pen

Make your way to the toilet
These morning illusions are all part of the dance
And these doors all have locks on them
Like tinfoil hats, man
Made for resisting (other voices)
Time isn't over, times aren't better
So it's letting you down
You keep dragging back to it
You keep going back to the well
Oh that shit's a dictator
Time won't be messed with
Buddy, no no no
You can't be believed
And you cannot believe what you are told
You're still a baby now
You're still a baby now
You're still a baby with soft feet and everything
You're still a baby for better or worse
Or for an hour or so
Until it's (other voices)

Please, if you're coming home
Take me to the side
I know that time changes
To runaway
From you

You're still a pushover for passionate people
You're still a pushover for passionate people
And you're still a baby now
You're still a baby now
With those soft hands and dull eyes
Resisting (other voices)

And you're still a pushover for passionate people
You're still a pushover for passionate people
You're still a pushover for passionate people
You're still a
Tell 'em Nancy

[Nancy Whang:]
This is what's happening and it's freaking you out
I've heard it, heard it
And it sounds like the nineties
Who can you trust
And who are your friends
Who is impossible
And who is the enemy
These are the halls that we're presently haunting
And these are the people that we currently haunt
Push back the walls
Push back the calendar
We've got, we've got friends who are calling us home

[James Murphy:]
You're just a baby now
You're just a baby now
You're just a baby now
You're just a baby now
You're just a baby now
You're just a baby now
You should be uncomfortable

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LCD Soundsystem Other Voices Comments
  1. giuseppe

    MA PERCHE' COPIATE I TALKIN HEADS senza mai arrivare al loro livello???

  2. marcelo lendic

    Cool shit!

  3. Generally Trash

    God Nancy's vocals get me every time

  4. Tara Randall

    This shit is modern day Talking Heads. Outstanding.

  5. Cris Serna

    ok, everybody's already talking about Talking Head's Once in a Lifetime thing...
    Too naive thinking I was the only one who noticed...

  6. Russ

    Everyone saying this is Talking Heads are wrong-it is LCD Soundsystem.
    The probability of similarity in melody, lyrics, style goes to 1 as the number of songs goes to shut up already....this is a great song and a great album and great band and while I like Talking Heads, this doesn't remind me of them as many of you apparently like to virtue signal about-note, you have a big red button that reads "Kick me" on your back. Buddy, no no no.

  7. José Sousa

    I hope my neighbour likes this song.

  8. Jose Rene Aberasturi

    great dance music!!

  9. Andy Wakefield

    Talking Heads reborn!! Brilliant!

  10. Manoela Schmidt


  11. Cozmic Odyssey

    You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile

  12. Valerie Hermetz

    DAVID BYRNE? Tallking heads?

  13. Mauro Skt

    everybody's saying Talking Heads but this says Liquid Liquid all over the place

    Arthur Horner

    Shit! Not too many people know of Liquid Liquid, but, I hear ya! I'm thinking, "Optimo" When my head is out of it I do think of TH's when it comes on!

  14. Viktor Melatonina

    Other voices from Remain in light

  15. rajeev bhatia

    they are the best. very cool band.Their music will keep u moving

  16. Captain Moondog

    Arcade Fire and LCD save the 2017 :)

  17. Alex Scooter

    The best Track of album

  18. Nick Mulder

    As The Days Go By, I Zimbra, Crosseyed and Painless...

  19. Carrythe2

    When he says "You keep going back to the well" I can't help thinking "Is that what they call it? The well?"

    David Longoria

    Carrythe2 same!! Pow pow

  20. jack3640 jack3640

    This is the best song Talking Heads never made.

    Andrew Glover

    Hahaha...not funny✅

  21. Don Macdonell

    Suffering from David heart Byrne? Listen to this and take some Eno.

  22. Alessandro Apuzzo

  23. Vinnie Blesi

    Arcade Fire is envious.

  24. Eric Himes


  25. Sloburn


  26. ThePacemaker45

    You can't tell me this doesnt sound like something straight out of "Remain in Light" lol. Great song

    Mike Reiss


  27. Rich Hillyer

    talking heads should sue

    Noah Rossmann

    Rich Hillyer songs only get sued usually when it's a big hit.

  28. MisterGrooves

    talking heads.

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  30. MaiLo

    remain in LCD

  31. Blujitsu

    Definitely gave me a lot of Disco Infiltrator towards the start. And so much Talking Heads.

  32. Frederick Röders

    Great music. RIP David Bowie and Lou Reed. RIP alot of great rock musicians really, Endless lists. Loving the album, will buy

  33. Katherine Botula

    anyone else hear some gagaku references in here?

  34. Deborah Goddard

    This track is so wonderfully, beautifully Ghost in the Bush... And I mean no disrespect to Murphy in that statement as the comparison is of the highest honor and of course this still sounds like undeniably an LCD Soundsystem jam.
    That percussion is so damn good.


    Brian Eno's My life in the bush of Ghosts?

  35. Achille K.

    "Same as it ever was"

    Andrew Glover

    Go and fkin listen to talking heads, instead of putting sh*t comments 👍

  36. Armando

    Sounds like LCD Soundsystem Fuck¡ Haters

  37. franck gentet

    good news...

  38. David Longoria

    Talking lcd soundsystem heads

  39. cjhughes125

    I like the song but what's with the weird vocal harmonies in the middle of the song?


    gdsa adas Could you elaborate on that please?


    gdsa adas I'm not denying that but the vocal harmonies in the middle of the song sound odd. I've listened to it over and over again it's driving me crazy

    Humpy Ranty Brit

    Other voices dawg

    Daniel Cropp

    Perhaps it was intentional, for an effect.

  40. manos manos

    my life in the bush of,,, costs

    Mike Reiss

    Funny you mention that since I hear a bit of Talking Heads in this. That guitar even sounds a bit like "King Robert."

  41. Carrythe2

    This is my fave. Goosebumps

  42. Carlos Pires

    Great album! ❤❤❤

  43. Theradiohead Head

    This this is really sexy to me

  44. pyompyom


    Daniel Cropp

    That's right. LCD Soundsystem is not just James Murphy.

  45. Pixel Dirt

    Sounds like something straight out of a talking heads album!


    Houses in motion, right. But, it's an inspiration and allusion, I believe. LCD's too good for something else

    Alessandro Memoli

    it's true! great piece

    Hall lorrai

    è vero! sembra una canzone dell'album remain in light !!! Bellissima

    Ralph Umana

    Exactly! I was trying to find this tune and they were the first band I checked!

    Andrew Glover

    Your mum shouldn't be talking while give you head 😎

  46. AaronW

    The comeback seems surprisingly good

    Cheap Vinyl Records UK

    Why would it be surprising!?


    Friends Of Great Music Club Lets just say artists tend to lose their edge. ;)

  47. Matt D

    Absolute tune

  48. Horst Fallosch

    sensational track!

  49. Martí Ferrer

    Instant HIT!