LCD Soundsystem - Oh Baby Lyrics

Oh baby
Oh baby
You're having a bad dream
Here in my arms

Oh sugar
You came to me
Could all be a bad thing
Doing harm

Oh oh oh

Oh lover
You run from me
We move like a bad scene
Shot in the dark

Oh but please
Please wake me
For my love lies patiently
Please baby please
And my love life waits for me

Oh love
You came to me
Are you having a bad time
There in your home

Oh sugar
Give into me
You're just having a bad dream
Of ringing alarms

Oh but please
Please shake me from my lovesick patient dream
Please baby please
And my love plays wait and see

Oh I'm on my knees
Yeah, I'm on my knees
I promise I'm clean
But my love life waits

You're already gone
Yeah, you're already gone
We are already home
My love life stumbles on

Oh baby
Lean into me
There's always a side door
Into the dark
Into the dark

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LCD Soundsystem Oh Baby Comments
  1. Lama Poop

    They shoud have built a timemachine instead.

  2. richard21solava

    Rían Johnson was able to make a 5 minute and 48 second music video that was really good and worth watching, but he failed at making a good Star Wars film 🤦‍♂️

  3. Rose Czyrny

    what movie is this from!?!!?! Love to see it

  4. Fatih Karim

    Came here after watching Kate Bosworth's IGTV. Love love love this.

  5. Yuthawit Boonkhoom -

    CHANEL METIERS D’ART 2019/2020 Brought me here 🖤😌

  6. Mario Chavez

    I think she transports to casket rock!!!!

  7. Dfghdfgh Uytiu

    Wait I thought LCD Soundsystem wax retired

  8. Najlaa Anedjar

    Who is coming from booksmart!!*-*

  9. Sarah Wilson

    This is brilliance in every shape, sound, image and form

  10. Gustavo Ritta

    Ok - now i'm crying

  11. W.A.C.

    This music video made me cry.

  12. Fabian Farbeyond

    I can't believe it's the first time I see this video. Love it! A year after it was published according to YouTube, or could it had been yesterday, neither here or there... I believe I've recently awakened in another timeline "another dimension".

  13. Douglas Lopes

    I just needed the beggining to press like ...oh baby oh baaaaby

  14. Neftali Ramos

    Wow. It’s not even 9am, it’s way too early for a feel trip. Absolutely stunning video.

  15. Cesar Licon

    Chanel Métiers D'Art ❤️

  16. Ainsley Ameerali

    From the time she fell to the ground .. i was bawling my eyes out ......forever they will be together. 😭


    Chanel 31 rue cambon

  18. Jonathan B

    King of the electronic kingdom.

    Pure joy. Thank you.

  19. michael hayes

    It’s Sheldon and Amy Cooper in 30 years...

  20. Vitor Jay

    Thank you, Chanel!

  21. Ainsley Ameerali

    I here after watching chanel ... viva chanel

  22. Phillip Mlynarski

    This video is so epic

  23. Emme Cee

    Can anyone recommend other songs that sound like this? So addicted to this feel and sound...

    Susana Escriba

    Mathis M

    Emme Cee electric youth - a real hero

  24. AMJH 4LAH


  25. Jules Guillou

    Sound like public image limited- Rise

  26. Kevin

    Holy shit that's beautiful.

  27. Darth Troller

    Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers brought me here lmao

  28. Boris Antonio Conde Picolomini

    Soy el comentario en español que buscas!!!!

  29. Lillian Koponen

    Love this song. Reminds me - a little - of Suicide ❤️ Wild in Blue

  30. M C

    Is anyone else's heart swollen after this? Whoa.

  31. Amy M

    What movie or series does this song sound like to me?

  32. Evan Maines

    How. Did. I. Miss. This?

  33. CaptainTyler1996

    Please don’t let one of them walk in and not come out.

    My god what actually happened was far sadder.

  34. Pax the unicorn

    The Politician brought me here.


    It makes me happy to know that Chris Evans is one of the viewers of this video haha

  36. John Mosa'ati

    I came here after I heard the music from Booksmart, I really liked it. Looked it up, watched the music video, made me feel really sad at the end. So smooth and relaxing until watching the end...

  37. Lemur

    this feels like a Ted Chiang story

  38. Gautam Bolt

    Anyone, Robin 2.0 illegal entry

  39. ABLWhy

    This came out a few weeks after my wife died. LCD Soundsystem was one of her favorite bands, and she was so excited they were coming back. This song will never not make me cry.

    Brent Hutchinson

    I got tears in my eyes after reading this. I’m sorry about your wife. This is truly the two or yours’ song.

    Mark Webb

    @Brent Hutchinson Thoughts with you

  40. none of ur business

    OMG captivating, and left me with tears

  41. Justin Peter Godfrey

    Into the dark, lies death;
    Into the light—life.

  42. Dianne B. Dee

    I adore David Strathairn. This was quite a find. Thank you for considering him for your video.

  43. JacobCreeCirilo

    Why’d they blur out part of the equation though ?

  44. Simo HJ

    that would save us a lot of pain in the ass
    and The Prestige(movie) wouldn't make any sense

  45. Clac Clackerson

    Sissy Spacek?

    Clac Clackerson

    Oh yeah, saw the info.

  46. MUNROmusic

    LCD sound system are fucking amazing.

  47. Eric Warren

    1:26 something blurred out on the formula. I desperately want to know what that is.

  48. catcrapinahat

    Video is absolutely gut wrenching and pulls so much from the beautiful song, they match up perfectly.

  49. Karla Cura

    CARRIE ❤

  50. Intro Spectre

    This was one of the most beautiful amalgamations of science, love, and tragedy that I have seen. The song is for obvious reasons amazing, but the way it catalyzes the video is...nostalgic.

  51. Duality Firm

    Sooo... I AM listening to this.

  52. Duality Firm

    I have service! 3 ... 2 bars!

  53. taurus hill


  54. Balinor72

    I hear Underworlds Rez at the end. Sample of a sample? What an emotional song and video!!!

  55. Lawrence Fernandez

    there's just something about this song I can't pinpoint what it's making me's dreamy, I feel like on a cloud, but I also feel confused, lost, and sad

  56. Wolvesfan 123

    Here from season 1 of Titans

  57. Luis M

    If you came from the The Politician than hit the like button!

  58. Bradley M

    Thumbs up if u smiled/ loved it when this song popped up in the final episode of The Politican!!

  59. Aeyiox

    this was uploaded on my birthday

  60. Rao

    That guitar riff is just pure orgasmic💜.... Is it 80's or 90's inspired? .... Is there a name/term for that guitar tune?

  61. TheLottolandus

    This is really OK!

  62. mathew jones

    Beautiful song beautiful video

  63. Russell Stevens

    Just 2million views for this masterpiece while lil uzi vert gets 100m views for shitting out his mouth

  64. Jose Ontoria

    American dream is sooooo goood! <3 My favorite has to be Other voices :)

  65. seb lee

    This is next level! This is love✌🏻

  66. Aloha 0106

    Came from ana de armas story of chris evans playing this music!!

  67. Heretta Huston

    I love and hate this.

  68. Ryan Cox

    Makes me wanna poop.

  69. Clyde Ceniza

    Tommy Chong?

  70. D_W_A_Y_N_E

    Ash vlogs?

  71. Concerned Citizen

    This terrific song has an 80's vibe. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!


    Concerned Citizen check out their album ‘this is happening’. Songs like I can change

    Concerned Citizen

    @ThisIsHappening, THANK YOU for turning me on to their album! I've been listening to it all afternoon. Their sound is very reminiscent of Talking Heads. I'm thrilled that 80s-sounding music is still out there. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find it. I stopped listening to the radio about 3yrs ago because today's music is such garbage. Any recommendations????

  72. Mario Chavez

    God damn you Castle Rock!!!!

  73. Energy and Light

    OMG AWESOME!!!!!!!

  74. Joe Schmo

    Hands down their best work. Sad, melancholy, hopeful and whimsical all in one song. And they have two Academy Award nominated actors to do their music video. 👏👏

  75. 4n6design

    One of the few things the Rian Johnson actually did well.

  76. fuvat

    too good to be a music video!

  77. Leandro Mr

    Oh baby
    Oh baby
    You're having a bad dream
    Você está tendo um sonho ruim
    Here in my arms
    Aqui em meus braços

    Oh sugar
    You came to me
    Você veio a mim
    Could all be a bad thing
    poderia isso tudo ser uma coisa ruim
    And do you harm
    e te machucar

    Oh oh oh

    Oh lover
    You run from me
    Você corre de mim
    We move like a bad scene
    nos movemos como uma cena ruim
    Shot in the dark
    filmada no escuro

    Oh but please
    Please wake me
    por favor me acorde
    For my love lies patiently
    porque meu amor deita pacientemente
    Please baby please
    And my love life waits for me
    e minha vida de amor espera por mim

    Oh love
    You came to me
    Você veio a mim
    Are you having a bad time?
    Está tendo um mau momento?
    There in your home
    Lá em sua casa

    Oh sugar
    Give in to me
    Se entregue a mim
    You're just having a bad dream
    você só está tendo um sonho ruim
    Of raining lungs
    de chuva de pulmões

    Oh but please
    Please shake me from my lovesick patient dream
    Por favor sacuda-me do meu sonho paciente e apaixonado

    Please baby please
    And my love plays wait and see
    e meu amor brinca de esperar e ver

    Oh I'm on my knees, yeah
    I'm on my knees
    estou de joelhos
    I promise I'm clean
    prometo que estou limpo
    And my love life waits
    e minha vida de amor espera

    And you're already gone
    Yeah, you're already gone
    e você já se foi
    We are already home
    já estamos em casa
    And my love life stumbles on
    e minha vida de amor tropeça

    Oh baby
    Lean into me
    Incline-se para mim
    There's always a side door
    há sempre uma porta lateral
    Into the dark
    Into the dark, shh
    pra escuridão,

  78. Jeff Korn


  79. Keelz

    Showtime? Ash Vlogs?

  80. Nicholas Gibeault

    This just adds to my love for music videos. Amazing!

  81. DJ Roper

    Such a simple lush synth sound dominates the track, so lush and well produced. Simplicity can be blissful.

  82. Dinky

    I just want to grow old with someone, chasing the same dream.


    Dinky I hope you do too. It’s beautiful. Which is why I’m blubbering like an idiot with this video lol lol

  83. Elijah Talbott

    Shut up!

  84. jostube06

    What movie are these scenes from?


    not movie clips - it was made for the track

  85. hollowmantra

    This is the most beautifully put together masterpiece of music and videography. Lyrics, production, story. Perfect.

  86. aesop2020

    I’d do the same damn thing

  87. Hi Im Andii

    Anyone knows similar songs?? Pls <3

  88. Nightlizard 666

    Ready to be lost somewhere in between here and there with the love of my life

  89. Chalice Jones

    Titans brought me here

  90. MrFixIt Moore

    Sebo Walker 🤘

  91. Georgia Simpson

    Came here from butterfly

  92. Vraisairs

    Can we please be done with the 80s yet?

  93. fred roberts

    This like listened to a middle-aged arcade fire, I think I like it.

  94. Carl Moire

    Can't help but hear Alison Moyet's 'only you' in the synth parts

  95. Leigh Foster

    thanks Sebo

  96. Hiba Jaafar

    one of the saddest and most beautiful things I've ever seen..

  97. Hoovy Tube

    Visual storytelling masterpiece.