LCD Soundsystem - How Do You Sleep? Lyrics

Standing on the shore, facing east
I can't feel you

Standing on the shore, facing east
Your impermanence
You're taking water
Listing lazily out of view

I remember when we were friends
I remember calling you friend

Standing on the shore my ear aimed east
I can't hear you
I can't hear you anymore
I can't hear you
I can't hear you anymore

I still remember
Laughing and fighting
I still remember

Standing on the shore, watching for you
You're painted into a corner
Whatever fits in your pockets; you'll get your due
Just like before
With all the others

You warned me about the cocaine
Then dove straight in
Yeah, you warned me about the cocaine
Then dove straight in

In hiding, where there's more for you
(There's more for you) [x19]

Standing on the shore, getting off
You left me here amid the vape clowns
I must admit I missed the mountain
But not so much you

One step forward
One step forward
One step forward
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back

Standing on the floor, facing you
I can't see you, your impermanence
This place is empty
Empty of you

And if I see you, it's like nothing went wrong
Yeah, if we meet again tomorrow, just like nothing went wrong
But they...

Erasing our chances just by asking "how do you sleep?"

One step forward
One step forward
One step forward
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back
And six steps back

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LCD Soundsystem How Do You Sleep? Comments
  1. Travelling Enigma

    "I miss the laughter, but not so much you"....."Displacing empty"

  2. Travelling Enigma

    Morphium sounds nice

  3. Travelling Enigma

    Anyone know if they've ever actually played this live? One of my favorites.


    LCD SoundSystem >> 2020 * KEEPING ARTISTS GREAT * 2020 <<

  5. Sergej Lovrekovic

    fine thank you but this slaps

  6. Gogi Zoidze

    James Harden should have won MVP this year!

  7. agustin genis


  8. Jeroen Brouwer

    Echo and the Bunnymen brought me here!

  9. Will.I.Am.7

    This is killer stuff right here.

  10. Fil L

    Non stop jam.....
    From those drums In the very beginning to
    The way they pump up the tension, the way this song builds...
    holy SH*T!!!!!

  11. Jonathan Fernando Bustos Chacón

    Crazy people!!!

  12. Nape Star

    great song, but this audio is pretty compressed and lossy

  13. uncoolben

    I simply love that song. Isn't it the best version of LCDS?

  14. Ron B

    The part that comes on at 8:40 is taken from something else. I can't remember and it's driving me up a wall. Does anyone know what it is? Joy Division song?

  15. Heyo Beano

    There's more for you.

  16. Isaac Anderson

    7:56 gang of four much? (at home he's a tourist)

  17. Javier González Merino

    I just wanted to listen to the album straightforward, but then this song. And this song again. And this song in repeat. Several times.

  18. Rodaghan

    This was fucking insane live

  19. JDMime

    not the best song on the album, nor as danceable as the others, but pretty good. More of an angry walking song.


    Danceable at 3:38 ;)

  20. Trev Ignarski

    You warned me about the cocaine, then dove straight in!

  21. Donkeydongle

    Remainds me of Utakata No Hibi

  22. h00dboy

    Beast tune from one of the best albums past few years, in my opinion. Man, what a time to be alive!

  23. Mi Mono

    Sorry for my language....But Fuck this is amazing music!

  24. calvez philippe

    Elastique, dense. Progressif durant cette matière musicale. Échos vibrionnants. Quelle pêche (double sens) ! Dès lors que survient la corne de brume, qui fait décoller et envoie au plafond et son bateau orchestral aux grandes orgues. Celui qui me fait chavirer de joie à cette écoute.

  25. MissTishyTashy

    3:37 & 5:12 & 7:28...hits the sweet spot, every time.
    pure bliss...

  26. Cris Mo

    Tino brought me here! Thanks Dude : )

  27. Gavin

    You know, I have said this since this album came out but revisiting it I’ve been struck with the same thought again. This song has such an incredible power to it that I can only describe as Eldritch. Distant and all consuming; almost impossible to comprehend... God I love it.

  28. WomensFootballChannel

    Sounds like an American version of Underworld.

  29. Mallory

    Great stuff mate

  30. dannielsuun

    Anybody else here cause of that interview with the white guy with the Bowl Cut & Glasses

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  32. Magui Contrera

    Omg this song is so perfect. In 9:13 you can think that the sound can get a little monotonous but here is almost unbelievable how evolve. It's getting higher and higher and gets you into another level. I'm ecstatic

  33. m c

    I saw this live at the Hollywood Bowl and it was awesome 💕💓💗

  34. Conciliator

    when the low-mid synth kicks in at 3:37 is badass

    and also the violin before that is badass

  35. Luis Miguel Garcia

    crowd is gonna go nuts when they play this song live.

  36. Beau Sejour Official

    One of the greatest songs I've ever heard. And i've heard a lot of songs.

  37. Lola_rock

    This is my fucking PTSD personified!

  38. Terence Reale

    6:40 on is anthemic.

  39. Rachel Posavetz

    Perfection @7:33. 😍

  40. Mikey Madnez

    my pretension brought me here.

  41. Dean Lopez

    Simian mobile disco, and lcd.. Best night any human body will ever have

  42. Dean Lopez

    that's the lcd I've always loved.. Back to your best friends

  43. nilpoint

    Bit of Jim Morrison in there.

  44. Thomes Maisling

    Love the bassline

  45. The Yank

    I dig all the references. I'd add early-mid 90s Bono (wedged between Achtung and Pop) when u2 were at their cynical best. Cracking song and album.


    Christopher Reichhelm Achtung and Zooropa, hands down my fave

  46. Paul Lawson

    Magnificent.The best track on the Album.Shades of early Simple Minds and Talking Heads which can never be a bad thing.

  47. James //

    Brilliant! This is TALENT

  48. Gustavo Adolfo

    DAT SYNTH at 3:37

  49. Morichaussette

    3:36 This part under the shower before go to work is ... <3

    Aleksandr Lutcenko

    This is the BEST part!

  50. Harry Masouras

    για πολλά κουμπιά

  51. Andrew Bart

    I don't understand this time of music.

    Ricky Williams

    Why don’t you understand this time of music?

    Andrew Bart


    Ricky Williams

    No worries, just trying to understand your thoughts about the song. I discovered it on New Year’s Eve and liked it! :)

    Andrew Bart

    right ow.

  52. ripelivejam

    It's great, but maybe a bit too bleak for me at this point of life.

  53. James Wood

    Jar media boiz


    that is how I came..

  54. Luis Enrique Muñoz Lopez

    Oh man. Not have the time for this album until today. Wow. This song is incredible. I can see the hype. LCD make it work one again with powerful music and amazing lyrics

  55. Junior Amaro

    The "American Dream", indeed.

  56. Ivan Potapov

    Well, this is VERY good. Ta for sharing this!

  57. Steven Denny

    Not a big fan of the album but this song is up there with their best work. YOU WARNED ME ABOUT THE COCAINE THEN DOVE STRAIGHT IN!

  58. Ministry Of Concrete

    An ode to PIL

  59. outerpassionzone 261

    too good man too good

  60. Marco Morales

    The start of this song reminds me of the third song off the New Order album 'Power, Corruption and Lies' and the latter part of the song screams Joy Division. An excellent album and great song!

  61. Cheeky Monkey

    Flat out😂

  62. Przemysław Zając

    Anyone else hears Boney M Rasputin?

  63. Luis Arce

    The intro is definitely a faster version of the drums heard on ‘In a Lonely Place’ by New Order

  64. Nicolas Gonzalez

    909 Roland

  65. Kevin Roberts

    Man, it's unfortunate that they haven't been playing this on their current tour. Would be frickin' amazing live.


    Kevin Roberts

    Andrea Sabino

    I saw them last week in Italy, they played this one as well. This track was glorious, as was the entire concert.

  66. Scott Idiens

    I knew these guys were good but fuck me, that’s excellent

  67. thebeatleswin1

    Fuck, I'm driving to detroit to see these guys tmrw, And every song I'd want to see seems to be played at their latest shows except this one, Would love to see this live

  68. Frisbetarian

    Aah Friends Of Great Music Club, our paths always seem to crisscross.

  69. Tiago Franklin Lucena

    thk u for this albummmmm

  70. zacisu

    This should be the opening song for all their shows. Might have become my all time favorite LCD song.

  71. Spookus Magookus

    He sounds like Jim Morrison

  72. Eric Himes



    Eric Himes

  73. joe a

    this song is everything

  74. 0089 cwhelanc

    Nice ride

  75. 789789 D

    Go buy the album folks. They have to put food on the table like the rest of us. Brilliant music.

    Karl Marksman

    Yeah buy this album. People have noses to feed

  76. My head expired

    why i hear fluke?

  77. Chris Smith

    This is their best song ever.

    Rage Against The Hygiene

    Us V Them, dude

    Benedetta F

    and Home


    Nah oh baby is the best


    @Paul_Mark Yes!

  78. Mohammed Ali Mohayad Bannaga


  79. eldemasiado

    Real masterpiece

  80. nerveclinic

    I have to say at this moment in time if this isn't their best song it's at the very top of the list. I am just blown away by this song, driving down the road, full volume, try not to wreck.

  81. tkdcoach

    Killer all night

  82. zecondary7

    on this track guest vocals by Adrian Kelvin Borland .... impeccable, love this and all of the album!!

  83. A Normal Band

    Fuck me

  84. Neil L

    There's def a Death Grips sample at about 0:55. The synth. It comes from the interlude between verses on "Pop" (No Love Deep Web)

    Jose Carlos

    Neil L oh wow you're right

  85. mary

    Simple Minds meets Echo and the Bunnymen vibes on this track. Welcome back Mr. Murphy.

  86. Robertsmith3828

    I love this album. Shades of New Order on this track. So many great influences, but LCD Soundsystem always brings us something unique, relevant, and timely.

  87. Maicol Di Bianco

    This really remind me to the first works of simple minds like fear of god



  88. Julian Grant

    SO good as usual.

  89. Eric Himes


  90. Wannes Kolf

    the clouds in the left bottom, quite sinister :) great tune!

  91. Ninja Plays Games

    this fucking song reminds me that women are cunts.

  92. matias gimenez

    Excelente!!! Se lo extrañaba!!!

    Jennifer Eustace

    matias gimenez then it reminds me of you.

  93. Carlos Pires

    Top álbum!!! 5*!

  94. Chris Nevins

    gotta love the mattress firm ads that play before this vid

    Chris Nevins

    More importantly, I bet Tim Goldsworthy loves them as well.

  95. Bobby Libby

    It's around 7:30 that I start to levitate while listening to this, fully 4 feet off the ground by 7:38


    6:35 on I'm already floating above you

    Jim Weaver

    haha, yeah i wonder if he hits that note in concert consistently. like the way the synth plays around the high note as it trails off too.


    Jim Weaver honestly from what ive seen theyre quite messy live, but i kinda like it that way. makes it more real.


    Not to one up you but I levitated 5 feet

  96. Jakub Kuchta


  97. BlindStudios

    Same bass as "Someone great"


    "Someone great" is still one their best songs. On this album, I would say " i used to" is their best.

  98. David

    melon was right on this one, I personally don't even see the appeal.

  99. Obsequey

    Jesus, I gotta buy this album right away for this track alone.