LCD Soundsystem - Emotional Haircut Lyrics

I caught your eye when I stepped outside with my emotional haircut
It seems that I've been misunderstood

The look of grave concern in your eyes and your surprise at my emotional haircut
It's better to me
It's much better than it used to be

'Cause I got eyes going every which way
I got eyes all over the place
And I got tired of the hotel room and the TV

You wish that you'd been told about whatever has led to this emotional haircut
It ain't a disease
It's just hard to do whatever you please

And treat yourself tonight
To a little love life

Now we all get ideas and then shut-shut 'em down with an emotional haircut
No I ain't Dionysian, man

Oh no buddy, no need to be concerned with this emotional haircut
It's part of the game
Yeah man, it's just part of the feat

So let's raise a glass to the bodies in here
Oh, raise a glass to the bodies in here
We're gonna toast till the bodies all soak up the bass

Man, you're in love with the bodies in here and your emotional haircut
Oh just get on the street
Fuck the shuffle, put your shit on repeat

You've got numbers on your phone of the dead that you can't delete
And you got life-affirming moments in your past that you can't repeat
Yeah you've numbers on your phone of your dead that you cannot delete
And you're losing all your skin in the middle when you just can't sleep
I know you can't calm down

Out of your windows and onto the streets
Out of your windows
Out of it
Out to

Do you know what it does?
It puts me up on my feet
It puts me on the floor
But can you hear the heartbeat
Can you hear the heartbeat
Just listen to the heartbeat
But can you hear the heartbeat
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen; it's calming down

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LCD Soundsystem Emotional Haircut Comments
  1. Julian M

    Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps...?

  2. Stefka Eric

    Joy Division + U2 <3

  3. blackl1steddrums

    Yall never had an emotional haircut, you wouldnt understand

  4. Daniel Cropp

    Damn, that's powerful.

  5. Bobble Head

    Jamming to this song on my way to classes, fucking rocks

  6. patrickcollins574

    damn their rock songs are so fucking good

  7. Knickerboxer

    Officially my favorite LCD song. Tribulations is a close second

  8. Knickerboxer

    Ok, i never thought LCD was thaaaaaaaaattt good until I heard this song.

  9. daniel castle

    I got an emo haircut.

  10. 12ft Narcoleptic Panda

    I upvoted when it was at 420 likes... What have I done.

  11. Susana P.

    Love the title though

  12. Cutedu

    i heard this song on tv and heard "emotional haircut" so I decided to search for it as a joke. turns out it is really the lyrics lmao who made these, doesnt make sense to me. And that band name? did they take it from a dvd player?

  13. Celebmacil

    Kind of makes me think of something by The Screaming Blue Messiahs or something...

  14. Stephanie Agnew

    I would like to be known as the woman who married this song

    Eric Taylor

    Stephanie Agnew LCD Soundsystem... Good band, but are copycat of the band "The sound" from 80s, 90s, early 2000. Listen to the song. "I can't escape myself" "The Sound".

  15. Andrew Heasman

    Had a haircut on the strength of this top song and I couldn't stop crying when they'd finished 👍

  16. ZER0TV

    I can hear a little bit of Viet Cong in this.. it really could be the case

  17. Sugar Magnolia

    Dont do it! Lol

  18. borcz100

    I am an old man, and I can not get beyond this song!

  19. Duke de PallMall

    Brilliant - and heart-warming to post-punk veterans. From Reagan to Trump, soundtrack of a broken America. Memories of Pylon, Urban Verbs etc. and Gang of Four back in Britain.


    Yes. Gang of Four, especially the front end.

  20. Name Groonan

    Over The Wall By The Bunnymen

    End Less

    Spare us the cutter.

  21. Falchionβ

    I usually hate posting stuff like this given that numerous comparisons between songs seem to be made entirely to impose one's taste rather than noting objective similarities. Still, the lead guitar on this track seems to heavily resemble Levine's on Public Image Ltd.'s "Death Disco". Mostly given the use of flanger and the "metallic" sound of the instrumentation - don't know if that is what they were going for on this track though its quite hard not to notice it. I don't quite understand the Joy Division comparison, certainly raw in places though lacking in the darker aesthetic and subdued production (contrast to Murphy's more rhythmic style). The drum pattern also whilst slightly similar to Atrocity Exhibition as some have pointed out operates on a much faster tempo and is somewhat more intense.

    That being said I can to some degree understand comparison's to the Ideal For A Living EP to some extent.


    Not that it's a bad thing.

    Charemaine Seet

    I would also say Levene's work on Albatross--just at the 3.15 mark of Emotional Haircut

  22. Frannie BL

    Absolutely amazing!

  23. it is aye

    Simple, it's so good....

  24. naumchomsky

    This is the way. Step inside.

  25. Bonneau Marc

    Simplement génial

  26. Tom Hofer

    No, nothing like Joy Division. Everything like Gang of Four.

    Pixel Dirt

    Drums and bass sound very Joy Division to me! but the section at 3:15 sounds kinda Siouxie...or maybe even the slightest bit Southern Death Cult? All I really know is this song is a wonderful frankensteins monster of 80s style stuff :P


    I agree, this is so much like Gang of Four

    Tom Ali

    Tom Hofer thank you

  27. Iuri Bermudes

    The cure meeting The Clash

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  29. occupynewparadigm

    People who like LCD Soundsystem are cooler than people that don't like LCD Soundsystem. Both are cooler than people who don't know who LCD Soundsystem are. They just suck.

    Claire Stancampiano

    occupynewparadigm James Murphy 2020

    Ifitsnotonething itsanother

    People who like lcd are cooler then ppl who dont
    But ppl who never heard them or have no means of even listening to music dont suk

    alex lowe

    @Ifitsnotonething itsanother Yes brother/sister, elitism is for fascists.

  30. astroception

    When the barber fucks your haircut and they ask how is it, and all you can do is fake smile and say looks great. This the song that gets played.

  31. Kristoffer Skjørestad


  32. juanagon

  33. WhereMyKeys

    Best track on the album

  34. Irving Ritchie

    Mr murphy and chums do it properjobbie

  35. David Longoria

    Joy Division af


    I was there...

    Luke Hardiman

    straight Gang of Four bass and drums circa Entertainment!

    Charemaine Seet

    I would say Killing Joke and Keith Levene Albatross guitar late in the song

    Sergio Silva

    David Longoria ser o 23tty


    echo and the bunnymen ... :-)

  36. Theradiohead Head


  37. Moeb Eno

    Bass and drums aren't fucking around in this new album

  38. John Post


    Daniel Méndez

    John Thomas Post joy division isnt never enough


    John Thomas Post Sounds a lot like their cover of Joy Division's 'No Love Lost'

    Frannie BL

    With Robert Smith vocals

    Luke Hardiman

    Gang of Four

  39. MrDready77

    Wow, today I cut off my Dreads, then I bought this album and this song played.... this ist crazy :D