Lawrence, Tracy - Time Marches On Lyrics

Sister cries out from her baby bed
Brother runs in feathers on his head
Momma's in a room learning how to sew
Daddy's drinking beer listening to the radio
Hank Williams sings Kaw-Ligil and Dear John
And time marches on, time marches on

Sister's using rouge and clear complexion soap
Brother's wearing beads and he smokes a lot of dope
Momma is depressed barely makes a sound
Daddy's got a girlfriend in another town
Bob Dylan sings Like a Rolling Stone
And time marches on, time marches on

The South moves North, the North moves South
A star is born, a star burns out
The only thing that stays the same is
Everything changes, everything changes

Sister calls herself sexy grandma
Brother's on a diet high cholesterol
Momma's out of touch with reality
Daddy's in the ground beneath the maple tree
As the angels sing an old Hank Williams song
Time marches on, time marches on
Time marches on, time marches on
Time marches on, time marches on

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Lawrence, Tracy Time Marches On Comments
  1. NCR Radio Broadcast

    Lost my grandpa little while back you ask me he was the biggest meanest sonofabitch you ever met but with a heart of gold took both his legs 3 strokes 4 heart attacks for him to finally pass god bless him and this is on his headstone "Time marches on, love is eternal"

  2. Jake H

    Who would dislike this? Tracy has such a good voice and music

  3. ewoe21

    This song is a masterpiece.

  4. Nessa ahh

    Mama is depressed barley makes a sound, daddy’s got girlfriend in another town...but time marches on ! I felt that and I Nd never listen to country! (My dad put me on)

  5. AMV Creater

    My dad was inspired by this song, sadly he passed 2012, so now this song is one my favriots, just like it was his most favriot, ganna miss you pop

  6. Paul Caprio

    2019 anybody? 🤠

    Michael Christley

    Till the day I die

  7. Blaine Erp

    This is sadly so real

  8. Dwayne Cowan

    Everything I heard when this song came out is now reality.

    Blaine Erp

    It's called life

    Dwayne Cowan

    @Blaine Erp Very insightful!

  9. Jonny H

    Need to know the lyrics like poetry, when hearing good music on the radio or even if you own the record, the words can be unrecognizable. With this song I heard something different after many times hearing it on the radio, than what the actual words are. Funny how that is.

  10. car56s

    What a gem. During my stockcar racing years this song kept me company on the radio on lonely nights in the shop. Lots of times I would just stop and sing along. Good memories.

  11. sam s

    Older the better y'all not this pussy music today

  12. WVcricker

    Time sure does march on.. I remember when this came out.. my boys were little, everything was good.. now my oldest is gone from this earth with the Lord and my little one in college.. everything changes... not always for the best...

  13. RonKid Forever 97

    I wish this song was longer ❤️

  14. Patricia Hock

    Tracy Lawrence
    Sing 🎤 real Good 2019.

  15. Sue Klein

    I love it when he whispers.

  16. MrMrsublime

    Listening to this as u forward march up mountains

  17. Virginia Leonard

    Country is only real if it starts from the heart.

  18. DestruCtiV

    𝗦 𝗲 𝘅 𝘆 𝗴 𝗿 𝗮 𝗻 𝗱 𝗺 𝗮

  19. Pedro Herrera

    Wow time does marches on

  20. Tiffany Crotwell

    Anybody here in 2019


    Grew up on this


    Sorry tiff but kys
    Nothing personal but why comment that

  21. labyrinthgirl17

    I swear, swap out a few details or switch them (like Daddy's out of touch with reality/Mama's in the ground, beneath the maple tree), and you have my life in a story. Obviously, for the lovely Tracy Lawrence, this was years and years of time marching on; for me, it took less than ten years for this story to play out. I may only be 28, but sometimes after what I've experienced, I feel very, very old, or at least, older than my age.

  22. Critter87

    Mama sounds like a fucking nut.

  23. Anthony Soza

    From family beginning to end. Wow this song hits close to home man. Rip to all papas and to all the good men who held it down for their families.

  24. jeff dubuque

    then one day you find ten years has gone behind you, no one told when to run you missed the starting gun. Roger Waters.

  25. Heather Hubbard

    this song is basically how life is now

  26. Aric Struthers

    If all country was like this and not the new-age old town road sh** you hear on the radio, more people would be fans

  27. eric himarios

    Everything changes everything chaaanges

  28. Okie Rebel rock N roll Queen 92

    the people who disliked this obviously did not grow up in the south and are not family people

  29. Todd Bender

    Time does march on!! so quickly

  30. Vanessa Rose Gonzales

    Rest In Peace grandpa, this was your favorite song! It’s been 4 months without you 💔

    Jo Ann Hester Nowaskey

    Awe so sweet

  31. Blake Grooms

    time is a mink

    Blake Grooms

    any body like

  32. the legendaryly high sayin

    Man.... what the fuck happened to us all?..

  33. Deborah Oldham

    The only thing that stays the same is everything changes. Love this song.

  34. Golden panda212

    Sad boi hours

  35. Matt/Matt

    Great classic... still listening in 2019

  36. johntheGoat 23

    Best song ever

  37. Billy Bo

    Our 30anniver. today 👍🙏 we raised four kids and have five grand kids ....and we have played this song and is our whole family's one of our favorite! Life passes so fast .30 was yeasterday know what they say when time flys .you are having fun lol ...God Bless everyone !

  38. todo lo puedo en cristo Salmo 91

    Thats a goood song my friends!!!!

  39. Felicia Bird

    Nice song. 🌹

  40. Hareish Sawng

    "Time marches on", and "everything changes". To all, Savor every moment, good and bad cause before you know it, you're looking in the rearview wondering wtf happened while you're sitting in your favorite recliner, much older, wiser and wishing for what "once was". DDS

  41. Robert e Lee

    Put the confederate flag back up we can go home or else we might just stay here in Wisconsin our new home :-)


    Just don't have hate in your heart.

  42. duustin crawford

    So nihilistic! I love it

  43. Kenneth Faires

    I can recall every memory with a song. Damn it's so easy......

  44. Hayden Arnold

    I’m drunk this song is tha shit

  45. Stacey

    I cant get enough of tracy songs ive seen him in person and i can honestly say that he sounds the same like he does on his videos nothing has changed. He is a true and dedicated artist. Xoxoxoxo he always puts on a great show where he goes. I travel a lot just to hear him . and his band is so awesome..

    duustin crawford

    I'd love to see him


    @duustin crawford he is amazing and he puts on a very good show worth the money and time to go.

  46. Dani Skylark

    Exactly how I grow Up

  47. Its ASetUp

    Not a huge country fan but have loved this song since high school.

  48. Mike Pokai

    What a story telling song and the tone ofTracy voice is real Country and of course the short stay we are on this beautiful planet ,I’m 67 and I can see more good times coming cheers from down under ❤️😎👍

  49. Chef Bojack

    I don’t know why this song makes me sad. I guess it just reminds me of my inevitable impending doom.

  50. Ariyanna Causey

    1.2k people don’t understand good music

  51. Anthony Kirby

    💙WoW what a great country song. Very powerfull. Tells you just how fast these precious moments we have in our life pass us by. Helps us to think back. And I am thankfull. Life is full or great moments, with hope for more to surely come. Profound meaning to this song. Love it forever.💛

  52. Mya Parish

    Man, I never knew how deep this song was until I actually listened to the lyrics.

  53. briank06261973

    Sounds like John Anderson in this song.

  54. Cheyenne Meyer

    Brother’s wearing beads and he smokes a lot of dope (me too)

  55. Cindy Langford

    The poor momma,

    She, like most mother's, is a stay at home and has the shit end of it all...

    Taking care of her babes, depressed, being cheated on, and losing her damn mind....

  56. Shane Collins

    makes me sad cause time marches on we go to bed 20 wake up 50 live life to the fullest we never know when our last day is

  57. MrWeedpatch

    I wonder who the assholes were who gave a thumbs down?

  58. Evelyn Aviles

    This song is soooo sadddd

  59. POWER & WILL

    Shits true

  60. Daiden Miller

    I love this song and I’m only 11

  61. Blake Harris

    If u disliked this song fuck you

  62. Jamie Liss

    Great song man. Better than tha new shit country that's out.

  63. gmoney 95

    Why aint this song got more views? Whos here in 2k19


    gmoney 95 me👍🏾

  64. Kassidy Houle

    Been listening to this kind of music SINCE 2004🍻😜

  65. Rhonda Galloway


  66. Preston Russell

    Thanks to my Uncle and Grandma for blessing me with an old country soul

  67. Steven Temple

    Had this music playing in my head but I couldn't remember the words or who sang it. Just when I'm almost asleep, it pops into my head and here I am at 3: 47 am listening to it.

  68. Terry Vazquez

    Nice song..everything change's

  69. Brock Maine

    I was at a public park for a wedding of my friend and I was in charge of sitting there alone making sure no one screwed with anything for the wedding till everyone showed up and we had big speakers to play music for the wedding and I played this song on my phone while sitting there alone.... I was sitting at a picnic table and this lady was there with her kid and she was pushing her little girl on a merry go round and just seeing that little girl smile and laugh as her momma pushed her was really heart warming while playing this song for all to hear

  70. Matt Hunt

    yeah where in the HELL is real country music these days !

  71. Melanie Rosser

    Some of the ads are funny

  72. Andra Joiner

    Can't go wrong with Tracy Lawrence or George Strait 💯

  73. Steve Douglas

    Written by the great songwriter, Bobby Braddock. I'm a songwriter of no acclaim ( yet), but I continue to use this song as a "template" of sorts of how to tell a story in the time honored tradition of --- " Make it easy to remember and hard to forget." Incredible!

  74. Rachel Elsman

    My favorite song of all time

  75. SVTBansheeman

    Her him play this last night in New Orleans. He sounded better live. amazing.

  76. Georgia Baldwin

    Love this song and why would someone want me off the property after singing my 🎶.

  77. Sharon Hunter

    He’s singing about my family 🤔

  78. Denise Pellicano

    my furinal song

  79. MetallicaGirl 101

    Oh my gosh I just smiled when the music started playing I freaking love Tracy Lawrence

  80. Brian McFarland

    Truest country song ever written.

  81. spookdude devito

    Such a simple 3 minute song. Yet touches me so deeply.

  82. Jon Sherwood

    2019 🎶🤙

  83. Let's Talk Entertainment

    The only thing that stays the same in country music is that everything changes. And unfortunately it's for the worst.

  84. Blake Martin

    REAL country, not this modern bro country BS.

  85. Carol Henwood

    My last name is Williams and I am a queen because my first name is Elizabeth

  86. Carol Henwood

    This song is super old

  87. Angel Padilla

    Time marches on but this song is timeless

  88. jake Tritt

    My 1yo son is clapping and dancing to time marches on. Apparently its still a hit with the kids.

  89. Lacasta Quesenberry

    Loved this as a child

  90. Monkeyman11909

    My mother use to listen to this song all the time. Recently she passed away and all I can think of is when she would be sewing while singing this song. Even though shes gone , time keeps moving forward but I feel forever trapped. I just wish her star didnt burn out.


    Monkeyman11909, I am so sorry! RIP to your mom

  91. Letty Velasquez

    I love this song soo much and unfortunately My family is goin threw this daddys got another bitch in another damn town ... completely ruining 35 years of marriage but ..... time marches on !!!! 💔😭

  92. Mallory B

    One of the greatest Country songs !!

  93. Anthony Burkett

    In honor of the spirits of both my Late Older Brother Mike and our dear Late Mother Judy, here's a parody of this song. P.S., I heard "Time Marches On" back in 1996 with Mike, and this parody of it recounts true events in my Boyhood and what happened when I was 20.


    Brother laughs a lot, as a baby in a small town. Brother's in the room, jigging for him all around. Mama's raising them alone, but is doing alright. 'Cause Daddy's gone and has abandoned them in the night. As poor Mama still wonders why, years go by, years go by.

    Brother's in the park, being pushed on the swing. Brother's pushing him, laughing as they hear the Church-bell ring. Mama's going shopping, having a lot of fun. Daddy's somewhere, hiding from them on the run. Their Neighbor brings over a pie, and years go by, years go by.

    (Bridge) So Neighbors come, and Neighbors go. Day turns night, and night turns day. As God's Clock-Hands turn, the future keeps approaching, the future keeps approaching.

    Brother's going to be a priest as he kneels to pray. Brother's gone to Heaven, waiting to see him someday. Mama's up in Heaven, with Brother too. Daddy's got a new lover, probably saying: "woohoo!". As the stars shine down from Heaven up high, years go by, years go by. Years go by, years go by. Years go by, years go by.

  94. Faith Gardner

    I LOVE this song!!

  95. Texan Pride

    Whiskey drinking music.