Laura Story - You Gave Your Life Lyrics

I was found
As a beggar, as an orphan with no home
No family
I was found
With a stain as deep as darkness fills the night
But the wonder does not lie in the depression of my state
But that You found me at all is simply grace upon grace

You gave Your life for me
This man dreams oh to see
How far, how wide
How deep, how high
Is the relentless love of God

And now I find
That the comforts of this heart are not in things
Or in the joys that this life brings
But just to be
The reworkmanship of God to know He's with me
To know He's for me
And I can't begin to comprehend just why He's chosen me
But I'd spend a thousand lifetimes giving thanks
Giving You thanks

You gave Your life for me
This man dreams oh to see
How far, how wide
How deep, how high
Is the relentless love of God

I'm undeserving
Of grace so amazing
Though free to me
It cost You everything

You gave Your life for me
This man dreams so to see
How far, how wide
How deep, how high
Is the relentless love of God

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Laura Story You Gave Your Life Comments
  1. Beverly Morales

    thank you for everything Lord

  2. Prophet Junior Martinez

    really beautiful song


    Laura Story your songs comfort me when I am down and distress....GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  4. Cynthia Barclay

    Laura Story I Listen to her songs whenever I get a chance

    my fouverite is blessing.

  5. Babara Dick

    Laura God has truly blessed you with your beautiful voice. A gift that is blessing all of us around the World. I thank God for blessing me with your music and I thank you for walking with Him and blessing others.I will be listening to every song of yours from this day and pray Gods Majestic Hand to continue in your life forever more.Bless you, Amen

  6. Tammy Monteleone

    so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ Ephesians 3: 17 - 18 NIV 

    May we all know the love of Christ.

  7. Melanie Afable

    nice for me to a wander full song its good time song laura
    wander full wander full name
    and song and your voce is
    amazing song laura

  8. Melanie Afable

    your voice its good to me

  9. Melanie Afable

    and good

  10. Melanie Afable

    this song its my favorite

  11. Melanie Afable

    My life is good

  12. Melanie Afable

    I love laura because laura love

  13. MJuan hearty39

    I hope there is an instrumental or karaoke too, cool I sing it in our church, God is good all the time

  14. jean tag

    This song never failed to make me cry...

  15. Amazing Grace

    This song brought tears to my heart. I don't deserve God's love but He chose to love me anyways. I am a sinner but my God has shown me mercy

  16. Maelahhh

    I super want to go to heaven right now :( huh

  17. Cza Borabo

    GOD is good all the time!:)

  18. Desi Masombe

    very nice song, thanks for sharing:)

  19. Hannah Krisha

    Where can I find the instrumental ?

    TM Lefeber

    I'm not sure.  I haven't seen an instrumental version of anything on her new CD.  You could check her website and see if she has anything there.

  20. Yoj Parocha

    Love you Lord...

  21. Mary Zirbel

    Laura Story has encouraged my heart in the midst of the most painful time of my life. She sings Gods lovely truth so beautifully. What a reflection of Jesus she is.

  22. TM Lefeber

    You're welcome!

  23. Janet Williams

    Thanks for uploading this! What a wonderful song!!