Laura Story - Till I Met You Lyrics

I've known pain and deep regret
I've known the weight of my mistakes like the back of my hand
I've known deception and all its games
I've known the way it feels to drown in my own shame

But I never knew love
I never knew truth
I never knew peace, the sweet release that brought me through
I never knew freedom, what grace could do
The broken chains, the hope that saves, a life made new
Till I met You

I've known rejection, I've bought the lie
That I could never overcome the hurt inside
With arms of mercy
You reached for me
Tore the veil away and gave me eyes to see
You're all I need

And I never knew love
I never knew truth
I never knew peace, the sweet release that brought me through
I never knew freedom, what grace could do
The broken chains, the hope that saves, a life made new
Till I met You (I was empty, I was hopeless)
Till I met You (I was stumbling in the darkness)

I never knew love
I never knew truth
I never knew peace, the sweet release
You're the one Who brought me through
And I never knew freedom, what grace could do
The broken chains, the hope that saves, a life made new
Till I met You (till I met You)
Till I met You (till I met You)
Till I met You

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Laura Story Till I Met You Comments
  1. Coach Mary CYoung Image /Fashion Stylist

    411 where are u?

  2. Christian Hymns

    Still in 2019 this is one of my favourite strong enough than my weakness

  3. Yolanda Britt

    Beautiful song 💕💕💕

  4. connie burdine

    This song really spoke to my heart. Thankyou

  5. Balasiewdor Marwein

    I love u Big Daddy ,help me to love my enemies in my life

  6. Jerry Howard

    Lord Jesus we love you so very much ♥️♥️♥️thank you for all the beautiful changes in our lives♥️♥️♥️

  7. jho Hernandez

    Nice song . . . .

  8. Angel Fame

    Love your music, it’s
    Like I’m crying when I heard this.. God bless you..

  9. wayua muthiani

    Absolutely fantastic as always.I love it.

  10. Tommy Uy

    I’m from the Philippines and I am a Chinese-Filipino descent. More of being a Chinese than a true Filipino at heart. Still carry more tradition of being a Chinese ..

  11. The Introvert Baptist Music

    I'm just curious 2019 anyone? like & comment if you are listening this music today. What country are you from?

    Norah Mongolap

    Yes,i'm still listening to this fav song of mine,,,

    All the way from Pacific Island(PAPUA NEW GUINEA 🇵🇬🇵🇬)

    Cara Jol

    The Introvert Baptist just found it! From Michigan

    The Introvert Baptist Music

    @Cara Jol Amen..

    Khadidja Ghanem

    Ireland 🇮🇪!!

    Cherish Madrid


  12. Just Suresh

    Simply Awesome

  13. Weisritter Mk2

    I'd probably be seen as sacrilege to the other comments here for I am not particularly christian but wiccan and this song is by far beautiful as also resonates my thoughts with the feelings I have with my current girlfriend. Despite the 15,000 km distance between us my love for her always grew stronger and one day I will go on one knee in front of her. Love this song as it tells who I am, a broken soul that is finally able to heal from a very unfair hand I was dealt from life I know my life just started as I'm 27 but this song will never be old to me.

  14. anajean cabilan

    Sounds like carrie underwood 😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Janice Smith

    Till I met you my Jesus. Every thing is you Jesus Christ, and for you. I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST FOREVER AND ETERNITY!!👑🌹🌹 COME QUICKLY ABBA FATHER🎺🎺🎺 Beautiful song🎶🎶🎶

  16. M. Pettibone

    Born to sing, Hallelujah!

  17. Benjamin Fraser

    So this was a song that my ex sent me when we got together and I'm listening to it now that we are broken up for about a year now and I fucking miss her like crazy and still can't date anyone else because I'm not ready to but right now right here I'm crying over her because I miss the hell out of her

  18. Shelvin Lal

    Great song. Thank you Lord Jesus for your great love.

  19. Remedios Nobles

    thank you for your very inspiring songs,
    God bless you !!!

  20. Lydia oct02

    You are so faithful for me Lord😔🙏🙏🙏

  21. Jeff Baldwin


  22. LadyAnne

    HE Is always standing hand outstretched. Grab it, He pulls us to Him, calls us His, soothes our pains. Speaks of His great love for us. We melt into His holiness ..saved our we. Grateful everlasting love. 💜💜💜

  23. Angie Taylor

    Thank you LORD, for Your sweet Grace (Favor)💕😃

  24. Maurie Paguyo

    I feel freedom this song ..and piece of my life ...

  25. Jane Woods

    Dear God,help help me forget that great man....please it hurts so badly.

  26. praise the lord jesus christ

    Get ur new songs I am will be there to hear

  27. Blessing Matange

    I thank God for Grace

  28. Stephanie Kaelin


  29. judith maria

    Love this song I feel it gives me strength when I am down

  30. angela jen

    Till i meet you🙏

  31. patricia kariuki

    Thank you Jesus this far.

  32. Sunda Phab

    How could I overcome this pain ?

  33. Chantal Brooks

    This song can change lives whoever wrote this song is amazing and deep truly deep it takes s lot of courage to write straight from the heart God bless you

  34. Godisgood Allthetime

    What amazes me is that I was on his mind. When he gave all he could give on the cross at Calvary. I'm engraved in his scars.

  35. Rizalino Jr. Dela Torre

    What a beautiful song. Praise God. 😊

  36. Sefulu Teisina

    I love you Jesus and I love this song too..God bless you Lauren

  37. A Gogue

    That beautiful song jesus the lord till met you..

  38. Helen Farapo

    I love this song. Very inspiring.

  39. kakazinha k


  40. Angel Fame

    God why? What is your porpuse into My life I really dont understand.. til now its hard to believe... why? Please Lord let me know...

  41. Francis Girard

    WoW wonderful

  42. Sarah Lirette

    Never know love like know now after 44 years of marrage that a man could have love me as much as this man I have now .

  43. Patrick Barnes

    Ok Yes no more games.

  44. Mary Regisow

    made me cry. .
    Amazing living God that we know ..
    till i met you Jesus

  45. Chelly Rivas

    lately I've been listening to alot of Christian songs ..And yes God always opens doors to new beginning's and shows us the way to where we need to be... Regardless of how hurt I've been in the past ..the past is past ...See things through God opend a new direction of Miracles that fall at your feet ...I'm Happy I love myself love people who give me the time and energy and show that they care ...value that always and the greatest satisfaction is knowing My kids are the world me Because they love me and they love me .... So yes God Till I met u .. My life has become so much better in so many ways ...Amen

  46. Sharmery Poe

    Thanks for this beautiful and valueable song.

  47. Rickey Engle


  48. Wendy McDermott

    Smile someone loves you.

  49. Hg Panmei

    Thank you Laura. God bless you. Thiss about me

  50. Princess Clear


  51. LadyAnne

    ****till I Met you I never*** REALLY KNEW LOVE******.. I DIDNT***

  52. LadyAnne

    *_*Grace can make me ***brand new.****

  53. Dideana Shazlin Wong

    a lovely personal experience u have With God miss laura. I wish one day I can freely feel the same. still fighting now and sometime its hard for me to see and i still in progress to be shape. But I do miss the feeling to be connected peacely with God more than anything. Im still confuse yet im still believe and flighting from the noise of my surrounding

  54. Rena Coachman

    Thank you 🙏

  55. Rena Coachman

    I love you Jesus Christ 🙏😇❤️

    Abigail Delany

    Rena Coachman, That is truly beautiful. Please know, "GOD IS LOVE." He LOVES YOU! Blessings! +

  56. April Robinson

    Till i met you LORD❤

  57. April Robinson

    This life has been made new

  58. April Robinson

    I love this song

  59. April Robinson

    LORD you pulled the veil away so that I could see🙆🙆🙆❤

  60. Denise Leon

    I never knew.

    Denise Leon

    Til I realize I had you . Thank You 🙏

  61. Mitchelle Dagangan

    No one would see this comment, but I really love this song. It melts my heart. ♥

  62. Sabi Mateo

    Jjjjuiv kziizozz

  63. Alpha Lisu Media

    It’s beautiful song

  64. Cindy Conception


  65. Elena Avila

    I whant believe with all my💓

  66. Katharine Davis

    Lovely song, except for the hanging of the drums . Pity.

  67. Dick Meijer

    Laura your songs insprires me very much thank you god and you

  68. Sabi Mateo

    Gufiiiofiichoipi,2717 17 Wyoming

  69. Suzzy Felix

    From Brasil 🇧🇷✝️📖🖊

  70. Suzzy Felix

    Amen,God, Jesus,Angel✝️🕎✡️🙏🏽🖊📖💫⏳✌️🇧🇷🇧🇷✌️💒👼🕊👸🏾⚔️🛡💭👏

  71. Suzzy Felix

    Amém 🙏🏽

  72. Dick Meijer

    Laura thanks for your great music our god is amazing greet grom Holland dick

  73. Margie Selah Cotchi Estomago

    He gave me eyes to see! 😇😇😇😇

  74. Flower73223

    Life could be shift to totally different direction , path changing. When that happened you should ask why? then you will know God has called you before and never answered until anyone God could use to shift it into the path you meant to be... to me God used someone I don't know to change my life to follow thoroughly Christ. I always knew I got the call to be good follower of Christ to know the words and love, but I never acted upon my faith in Christ, now am happy that my life changed after Christ. Christ knew me ever since a child, but now I know what really Christ is to my life, a savior and new me. Am grateful! Christ is truly love and everlasting life.

  75. Paterick Cameron

    Oh my fucking GOD!!!! I absolutely LOVE this version 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Philip Mierisch

    Really!!!. If you had any Christianity in you you wouldn't use and God in the same sentence!

  76. Francis Omondi

    Am left speechless

  77. Xavier Mateo

    j jcb Kijiji k kW j kW d nnjju

  78. Diana Baker

    I never heard this incredibly moving song until today...I started with Laura Story's "Blessings" and let the songs that followed play...Laura creates music that tells my story and which eloquently expresses the hope that I now because I found the love and grace of our Lord! Laura, you are a blessing to so many - A blessing that God surely made to comfort lost or burdened souls that need Him to heal (or except) those burdens. Blessing Always -

  79. Gloria Imhoff

    Thank you for your touching inspirational music, it has prevented my suicides more than once, filled my soul with hope and filled my hard empty soul with perfect peace time and time again there are no words to thank you your truly an inspiration to many

  80. Ivein Marie Jønsson

    GOD BLESS U🙏🙏🙏

  81. Xavier Mateo

    sdodgudifhfdgdufttvggy415 41 my license glows like connected to the corner so let me know if the

    Xavier Mateo

    BKK jks cases SSD swurs

  82. Dine Mahinay

    I don't know what to feel. But i feel so much touching in this song, huhuhu

  83. sandra boon


  84. Rosebell Mosot

    I really really love this song.... Thanks for this, Laura...

  85. Emily Estalane

    Everytime that i hear the songs of laura its a motivation with me to praise and worship to our God..thank you laura..

  86. Angunuo Seb

    Laura i just luv ur songs😍😛😜
    N ur voice wat can i say
    Adorable 😍😙

  87. country girl 1991 milsom

    mine and my husband are part of this hope ur enjoying xxx

  88. KayLyn Denby

    This song describes my story.

  89. Bafana Trymo

    Ooh my God beautiful song ,My first time to hear this song .

  90. Kelli Thornton

    My life.

  91. bhoomi prasad

    I just love this song

  92. Saby Mateo


  93. Saby Mateo


  94. Toby R

    Nice lyrics but too much rhythm

  95. Kristy Tenny

    Till I met you I wasn't cheating

  96. spider123