Laura Story - He Will Not Let Go Lyrics

It may take time, on this journey slow
What lies ahead, I'm not sure I know
But the hand that holds this flailing soul
He will not let go

There may be days, when I cannot breathe
There may be scars, that will stay with me
But the deepest stains, they will be washed clean
And He will not let go

When all around my soul gives way
He then is all my hope and stay
When grief has paralyzed my heart
His grip holds even tighter than the dark

I've heard it said, this too shall pass
The joy will come, that the hurt won't last
So I will trust that within His grasp
I am not alone
For He will not let go

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Laura Story He Will Not Let Go Comments
  1. Stephanie Javaux

    A slide has the wrong word. It says soft, instead of said.

  2. ram ram

    Nice song chill

  3. Hannah Halsey

    This is my story. My precious Savior will hold me forever! Nothing can snatch me from His almighty hands!

  4. Shelly Damsel

    I will be singing this song

    Gaikhangdim Dangmei

    Good luck

  5. Brandi Brittnianne

    This is Beautiful

  6. Kara Eubanks

    Am I the only one who couldn't hold back the tears from hearing the 3 of her songs including this one? The words go along with the emotions Ive been experiencing surely enough and these new ear buds of mine sure made a difference in quality of the music that's playing too.

  7. Stephen Reynolds


  8. TheGrammaVon



    life maybe hard but with God we can do all things ..trials may end soon just trust Him trust Him and anyways ..and always drop those thing that is hurting you ..God bless you

  10. Yessey Araneta

    Everything else fade but not the love of God...

  11. Tui AiQin

    I call upon him but why he didn't give any assurances or comforts to me when I'm really in need?

    Hali James

    when we want to talk to God we pray. when we want Him to talk to us we read the scriptures :) hope that helps

    Linguist N

    @Hali Hunter lovely

    Isaiah41 10

    Tui AiQin sometimes God is next to you seeing if you can see your inner strength :) Gods timing is always right.. ALWAYS :)

    Emang Amat

    Tui AiQin same questions that used to appears in my mind when problems comes... i keep myself blaming him for the problem i shpuld face but suddenly a quiestion came from my heart and i know this is the sound of the holy spirit .... deep in my heart said that what if god helps us in dealing with all of ur problems and once it solved, will we and seek him again?

    Akua Boaduah

    Did u ask him? Are u believing for what u asked for?

  12. Salome Kevin

    so so beautiful songs

  13. Tom Adams

    I know now that God chose me ..He Keeps calling me back ,  Music ,  People ,  the constant conviction on my heart , that I can't do it on my own .   He cannot let go .   Thank you Lord ...Thank you for your grace and forgiveness even though I'm a stubborn mule.   Thankyou for choosing me as a servant to you and the blessings you have given me .   .  You are Truly an awesome God and I hope we can bring more followers to you before it's to late .   I pray for the Nations as well as our government .   I pray that these big Corporations that seem to want to own everything ,  even our government will  disassemble  themselves .   I pray for the victims of the Orlando shootings ,  that even though they were homosexuals and not living according to your rules ,  they did not have to die .   I pray for the religious extremists who carry out these murders ,  that justice will come to them and they pay for their crimes .    Amen .



  14. C&B Vegan Delights

    I really needed to hear this today! Thank you! :)

  15. winimow

    Beautiful. Beautiful song, Beautiful video. Yes, our Lord will not let go. He did not let me go, He will never let me go.

  16. 2bocanegra85

    I really like your video of the song, it's beautifully done.... however, the lyrics are "I've heard it said" not "I've heard it soft"

  17. Alin Crescens Ciurea

    What is the album name of this song?


    +Alin Crescens Ciurea It's "God of Every Story" by Laura Story. I am in love with that album.

  18. Brookiepoo

    Thanks Neta

  19. Brookiepoo

    Thank You Neta I really needed that.

  20. Jennifer Bowen

    How can anyone give this a thumbs down? Apparently those who have never suffered trials, heartbreak, heavy burdens.

    Melody Heaven

    I agreed with you.

    Crystal Sanders

    Jennifer Bowen it could be the enemy of all human kind who sent them.

  21. B Lambert

    His promise, My strength

  22. ann clem

    Thank you. I need reminders of his love and support, he is carrying me thru all things.

  23. Yahng Godinez

    Thank God!

  24. Pablo Cifuentes

    I am very thankful for the Lord.
    He has been so good, everyday i can see His blessings.
    I'm just 14 and i try to be good guy because as human i sin and He anyway blesses me.
    I am Mormon and i love to adore Him.
    God loves everyone.

  25. thejanoamy kithan

    He has never, will not and will never let us go.
    It's a very beautiful assurance Christ has given us all.

  26. Hanna Mae Respuesto

    There are times when we thought that God has reasons for everything that happened to us, bad or good. For me, there's not just it. It is not because of a reason, we don't call that "reason". It is Love. We rather call that LOVE. GOD loves us...He loves us so much.. and it needs no reason. 

  27. Jessie Mays

    I am so glad that our heavenly father doesn't ever let go of us in those tough times of life. what comfort that brings to this soul!!

  28. Sara O'Neal

    Just an FYI, it is Said, not soft in lyrics

  29. Jeanette Agunod

    I like her songs :)

  30. MaximeMei

    Very beautiful!

  31. Kmac4him

    Thank You Lord! I Cling To You, I Dig My Roots Deeply In Your Kingdom

  32. Susie Hesse

    he will never let us go:>)