Laura Bell Bundy - That's What Angels Do Lyrics

He drove away, I couldn't move
First bitter taste of what love can do
Sat on that porch alone and cried
It hurt so bad, I could've died

Then Mama came and wrapped her arms around me
Told me God has someone better for me
Dried my tears, and she just held me

That's what angels do
That's what love is for
Points you to a window
When you can't find a door
When you're all out of faith
And it's more than you can take
You're not strong enough
You need someone to pull you through
That's what angels do

Big city streets, bright city lights
Some days the dream's not worth the fight
Miss my hometown, wide open space
A clear blue sky, a slower pace
Then my phone rings and I hear his voice say
"Baby girl I'm proud of you, you're not alone"
He gives me hope, he lifts me up

That's what angels do
That's what love is for
Points you to a window
When you can't find a door
When you're all out of faith
It's more than you can take
You're not strong enough
You need someone to pull you through
That's what angels do

When you're all out of faith
And it's more than you can take
You're not strong enough
You need someone to pull you through
That's what angels do
Yeah, that's what angels do

When there's no way on earth
And you can't make it work
That's what angels do

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Laura Bell Bundy That's What Angels Do Comments
  1. Guy Leprince

    Merci laura Bonjour des français qui vous aime

  2. Jason Ingram

    _Please Donate to St Judes_

  3. Jussi Tuukkanen

    thank you ( a very ) beautyfull message

  4. Nevaeh Hofer

    i am such a big fan, i love u so much,im also a cowgirl and i listen to the stuff

    Nevaeh Hofer

    by the im a boy thats my name

  5. Grabon79

    чита у тебя машина есть а у меня нету



  7. Todd Ankerholz

    I love this song, it's very heart touching.

  8. Isabella Hill

    Anyone here whilst she’s pregnant??

  9. Kathi Basehore

    That first part where she claimed how bad it hurt when father just decided to leave them, I guess there was too much for him to deal with, and a lot of other things. More importantly, how she felt like she could've died, that part tore my heart for her, for that girl she was, she deserved better. But it broke my heart even more, in a good way, when her mom hugged her and held her through this whole thing. I couldn't imagine how I would've felt if it been the same way with my parents, I think it would've hurt me even more. I'm just happy to know that in some form she found a miracle through it all. P.S. I happen to be a christian and I believe in angels too.

  10. Evan Mitton

    Awe very nice,God bless her!

  11. Terry Ross

    Beautiful song!

  12. Lewis Yellowhair

    Beautiful song !! Thank you much from Arizona 💯❤👍👌✌

  13. Alyssa Parkinson

    I'm not crying you are!

  14. Matthew Johnson

    Lila McCann’s version is much better. Much more powerful!

  15. Dave Peterson

    i love it your an angel

  16. Lynda Lee Alverson

    I just want to say that I absolutely love this girl. Her spunk, her smile, her soft spoken personality and what she chooses to sing about. She is what country music singers should make a portrait of. Not many out there that I would say that about.
    Keep up the good work girly. You got it like that.
    God bless to you and yours,

    Lynda Lee

    Rio Oso, Cali.

  17. Stacey Cann

    This is a beautiful song!! I am in tears.

  18. Phillip Riggins

    Good job, great song and video.

  19. Bill Powell

    She is a great singing

  20. Da Costa

    Awesome :)


    Perfect song! Really in love with everything in it!

  22. Jeff Blessed

    I love my angel.

  23. Jeff Blessed

    She reminds me of an old friend

  24. Анатолий Евлашкин

    Классно поёт!!!!!!!

  25. Hey It’s Sarah

    When you’ve watched this video like 10 times but this is your first time actually “watching” the video 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ how did I miss this whole video like what???? 😂

  26. LeoBar W/TecTon

    I got tingles up and down my spine, and a tear in my eye.

  27. Keaton Jones

    Isn't this a Rion Paige song?

  28. jennifer Pryor

    Give me cry so sad song

  29. Angelique Mariel

    Tracy Jai Edwards who played Serena is the woman from the navy hugging her daughter

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Angelique Mariel and the little girl is Laura’s niece Katherine lol 😂

  30. Uncle Andy

    beautiful laura love this song so much

  31. Angelique Mariel

    Such a beautiful music video I'm crying!!

  32. Autumn De-Morette


  33. Faye S

    A very touching song.

  34. Joyce Santos

    Anyone who thinks she should come back to Broadway say "aye!".

    Angelique Mariel

    Joyce Santos Aye

  35. Aubrie Miller

    Aww... katherine (my best friend, the little girl running down the steps, and lauras neice) looked so cute!!

  36. Kaitlin Gormley

    military parent coming home got me good. Love you daddy <3

  37. InForm Ant

    Another thing angels do, is song like you.

  38. Janean Giller

    From one Kentucky girl to another, this is one of the most beautiful songs!

  39. Heather Heinemann

    Such a beautiful woman who knows she can sing!!!!So Special. Bless Laura! Bless all yourr family and friends and animals.

  40. Evelyn Bowers

    I always cry

  41. Manu Makeup Pro


  42. Tena Crum

    Absolutely love this song, its message...

  43. James Cox

    great country music

  44. Brittnee Spindler

    i love you so much laura

  45. Ddlovatoismyhero

    This is beautiful ❤️

  46. Tonya Lafarr

    So love this song especially with everything I am going through at this moment in my life!!

  47. mikel epelde

    eso el lo que hacen los angeles cuanto mas la oigo mas me gustate superas laura demostrando que eres una tia simpática y bromista y además una gran profesional

  48. mikel epelde

    preciosa canción

  49. Comanche Viper

    I have to say not much reaches this old heart but this song surely did. I loved the message and the video. I really enjoy her voice. She should be a major star. Better than most singers on the radio these days.

    Angelique Mariel

    Comanche Viper yeah she really is

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Comanche Viper she actually is lol. She’s a broadway actress



  51. Cynthia Hamil

    Great song! What a beautiful message!

  52. Ricky Parquette

    Laura Bell...Your family of loving Homos in Cooter County love you. When are you going to create a duet with Miss Shocantelle Brown? Happy New Year LBB! We LOVE YA!
    p.s. - Tatianas Taxing and Waxing are having great specials this month

  53. Edward Hons

    great song

  54. Elizabeth Newberry

    Needs more hits unrated country female singer i love her

  55. Dylan Palmer

    I am a tough guy with a stupid youtube name. I am known for being emotionless, because I hold it in. I can't handle a little kid crying or a story like this. To be honest, I felt a small tear form in my right eye.

  56. gaeaash

    love this song so much thank you

  57. Annie yee

    Absolutely beautiful. This video saved me. It stopped me from self harming more. I cry every time I listen to it. Lbb, you are inspiring

    Alexis Morgan

    +Anne Elizibeth darlin self harming is an evil that a lot of people can't get rid of. I'm proud of you for getting away from it.


    Anne Elizibeth if you sub to me I'll sub to you

  58. ClaymoreVision

    who else was crying?

    Angelique Mariel

    ClaymoreVision me😭😭😭

    Hey It’s Sarah

    ClaymoreVision me!!!!

    Elliana Maselli

    I certainly teared up!

  59. Alina

    Who left this bowl of onions out in the open???? ;)


    +Alina and the chickens Sneaky sucker left 'em at my house too. ;)


    dangit xD they've gotta stop doin this

  60. Amy Gregory

    My Grammy was my angel when I was little girl but now she my angel in heaven I love u and miss u so much Grammy 👼❤️👼

  61. Ron

    What a beautiful song and an equally moving video.I love Laura Bell Bundy.

  62. Chelsey Vaughn

    obsessed with this song, I can so relate.

  63. Jan Paul Olsen

    Don't know what to say anyone ever benn there know what she is saying

  64. Sara Jones

    This song is beautiful

  65. Darby Hedges

    I knew she was Shelby

  66. Daniel MUrphy

    definitely was not expecting to tear up

  67. Brittney18448

    first time i have teared up from a music video in a long ass time! beautiful job Laura! So proud of you!

  68. Matt Moran

    This song was so beautiful oh my lord

  69. ellyza aziera

    I came here because of legally blonde the musical yay

    Marianne M

    ellyza aziera same!!

    Angelique Mariel

    ellyza aziera me too!!😃

  70. J Wolfe

    Beautiful voice Beautiful person... Absolutely enjoyed it....!

    Angelique Mariel

    J Wolfe she really is😍😍😍

  71. Leonardo Cortazzo


  72. rabbhean_17

    when can we have a new music from this angel..?

    Angelique Mariel

    rabbhean_17 IKR?!?

    Larry Cotten

    rabbhean_17 v

  73. Bethany Pinkham

    So Beautiful....Love to just listen to her voice over and over again......I wish she would put out more music.

  74. Holly stang

    i cried😥😥

  75. Allan Mika

    Looking back on my life there were situations and specific times when things could have gone terribly wrong, however there was always someone that caught my eye, made me hesitate, or made me respond in the nick of time.  I didn't know the person, nor have I ever seen them before or since, yet I know they were there just for me....Angels doin' what they do!

  76. Tara M

    I'm amazed at how accurately this song reflected my life. Thanks go out to all my angels.

  77. Shi Wise

    I cried also

  78. Cassie Berta

    What a beautiful video for such an amazing song. Tears!

  79. Sarah Hudak

    Am I the only one who cried?

    Daniel Plourde

    +Sarah Hudak No, I had to watch it about ten times before I couldn't shed a tear with her in the first minute or so.

  80. Catherine F

     absolutely  amazing. the song is incredible and so is the video. 

  81. Small Slardibartfast

    I prefer her more upbeat songs. But this was awesome too.

  82. Wilma Trouwborst

    I got chills all over my body. This song is breathtaking

  83. SkittleWizard13

    i know of her because of legally blonde the musical 

  84. 박니키

    "At night they fly, you better run / These winged things are not much fun."

  85. Rachel Wagner

    great song really touched me cuz that what happened to me

  86. Cristobal Ruiz

    Laura, come on, tell us something....!!!!! 
    This is a outstanding job.

  87. ERIC

    wow great song

  88. Techition

    "Miss my home home, wide open space, clear blue skies. . ." Yeeeah, sounds bout right. From the country myself living in a suburban nightmare. I'm use to the sounds of birds, bobcats and coyotes in the woods, not these car every ten seconds, construction work every summer noise. I miss the country so much. Hoping I can afford to get my own plot of land out in the sticks in the near future and build my own home so I can escape this. Suburban life may be fine for some but for me it is not a good fit at all.

  89. karateoone

    Awesome song.
    What is the story line because it looks really good

    Hey It’s Sarah

    karateoone I know this is an old comment but the song is about her parents getting divorced and her dad leaving

  90. Rafael Henrique

    WOW, very good song!

  91. IamTheWarriorGirl

    This Is A Perfect Song

  92. alison benefield

    she is bae

  93. betty miller

    great song and video

  94. MIGEL jimenes


  95. Renee Williams

    I'm not a country lover but I love your videos and music. You help me gain energy. Thanks for the backup. Hope to meet you again soon. hugs

  96. Melissa Catswold

    This is beautiful. I'm speechless. Haven't felt this way since Defying Gravity. This is... *WALRUS MOAN* *WHALE WAIL* *KANGAROO SCREECH*

  97. amelia thompson

    this is a great song :D

    alexus leonard

    Hey bff

    amelia thompson

    what's up

    amelia thompson

    @alexus leonard hi

  98. Libby Lynch

    Where have you been? You are AMAZING and I loved you from the "giddy" up. PLEASE don't stop singing you are an ANGEL!