Laura Bell Bundy - I'll Be Home For Christmas Lyrics

I'll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree

Christmas eve will find you
Where the love light breathes
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

I'll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have some snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree

Christmas eve will find me
Where the love light breathes
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

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Laura Bell Bundy I'll Be Home For Christmas Comments
  1. RedVexeD

    Can I get one of those stripper guns? Totally not going to use it on anyone, I swears...

  2. Adelaide Katrina

    One of my favorite just dance songs. Helped me lose weight lol

  3. B Martinez

    Worst boats commercial ever

    Fir Vdl

    That's where I know her from! HIMYM lol thanks :D

  4. omar nazmi

    Boats boats boats

  5. Chris Chriscargo

    five million shots for that last sequence w the dance....let me watch the choreo, editor!!!

  6. Sandy Juergens

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ YEEEEAAA-HA. Thank you for posting. I saw this tonight. Love it!💪 girl!

  7. Christopher Brooks

    Is it me or is this video looking like a western brittany spears video

  8. Matt Sprayberry


  9. Show 98

    she's really Hot Bruh

  10. Joshua Brooks

    A young Dolly Parton would've had a monstrous hit with this song.


    So damn me for never saying this if you can't see me for how I listen I love ok. I be never tied you up like this you guys are driving me more than crazy (porkchop) I love you

  12. Rxchl

    Bluebell ??? The show she was in it

  13. Rxchl

    ... please tell me y’all seen the show she’s in ..

  14. j wazy109

    Thought it was Brittany Spears , at First !

  15. Zoey Clarks

    Kissing a guy in the pouring rain, turned around it was him. And he’s the cheater. She literally admits to cheating in the first verse of the song. I still love the song though, good beats

  16. mrsoz2008

    Sounds like dolly dances like Brittany but with more taste

  17. Toby Singh

    You go girl kick his ass

  18. Jesse Shapiro

    I'd giddy on up and out for that 😏

  19. wig

    wait this is the best country song ever released

  20. Jonathan Graham

    She's hot 😍

  21. Alan fast 7 Niebergall

    Damn sexy woman that what I love so much

  22. Jamie Pitts

    I ain't no damn fool man lol loving this song anybody else

  23. CrystalOtaku93

    Guess Angelica wasnt lying when she said captain Jack Sparrow was the father of her child. Lol

  24. Dani Rogosic


  25. ToyotaGuy1971


  26. Andrew Rozario

    This video is way ahead of it's time. Just watch. The myth of the West will collide with the 1920s burlesque and boylesque the next few years. Gatsby meets cowboys.

  27. Andrew Rozario

    This music video is so good. Great filmmaking all around. I guess that discovering it 9 years later is better than never.

  28. rachel wilper

    anyone here from just dance?

  29. Anthony Hole

    Question. If this is a song about cheaters...why is the singer dressed as a saloon prostitute? Confusing. But I liked the song.

  30. Brandon Allen

    I can't believe she is the same little girl from Jumanji.

  31. David Carpenter

    Love to here more new music from you and love to meet you also

  32. David McIntire

    She’s as Pretty as a Fresh Bloomed Rose...🌹🌺🌹😍🌹😍🌹😍🌺🌹😍🌺🌹😍🌺

  33. awesomeattic

    Now I want to buy boats boats and boats

  34. George Traylor

    Been some time since I saw this video, thanks.

  35. Tony Acosta

    They didn't have boxers in the old west

  36. jeffrey robinson

    Core that was nice she could push me around like that i wouldnt cheat i'm too chicken

  37. Baby Hopester

    Kissing Kate Barlow meets Elle Woods

  38. Blent X

    Üff fıstığa bak 😍😍😚😚😙☺

  39. Alan fast 7 Niebergall

    Hmmmm sexy beautiful girl

  40. Laea van Moon

    I LOVE IT!!!

  41. Kai Pietarila

    sure yes nice lady :)

  42. Robert Manuel

    If this is country music, just kill me now!

  43. Robert Kondik

    Looks like she shot him dead in the tallywhacker 😁

  44. Amber Heilman

    She is so underrated. Why isn't she releasing more music?

  45. David McIntire

    The one That got me as LBB Fan!!!😍🌺😍🌺

  46. Hey YouTube

    Came here from how I met your mother

  47. Emily Diveley

    Love this song and my aunt Pam too. I love country music 🎵

  48. Dennis R


  49. Yeetus to the Fetus

    I used to perform this for my mom at age 6 choreography and all. I’m not saying it looked good but I still did it

  50. Luu Sapphire


  51. Brandy Allison

    love this song

  52. Katie Weisenburger

    Shelby !!

  53. svckjhs

    lowkey used to get down to this

  54. Harry Parry

  55. Morgana Frareman

    Laura bell Bundy is beautiful she's the kind of girl I want for a daughter in law

  56. TJ N

    When she shoots the guys clothes off🤣

  57. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Abigail to John Marston

    ... Molly to Me 😬

  58. HigherWaysWoman

    I would like to have the thief arrested that as kept this jewel out of my sight....7 days ago came across her first video..."Can't Pray The Gay Away" I cracked up laughing...saved n shared on facebook...thank you Lawd for Laura..!! I hope you are living a very successful life got a sub and always a like from me..!!

  59. Carlos Ruis gerardo

    Video. D. Adultos

  60. Randy Leung

    All-time time favorite line 💃 dancing moves gave me lots of goosebumps

  61. Basic Analog Mathematics

    And they say microwave ovens are safe.
    You are not suppose to use them for a hair dryer.

  62. Joshua Brooks

    I wonder what happened to Laura Bell Bundy.

  63. R G

    One of the most underrated TALENTS in the Biz!!! A true Triple Threat...and she's smart!

  64. Megann Scoggins

    I wanna be her when i grow up!

  65. Harry Parry

    Big Inspiration ~

  66. Tanayja Rodrigues

    country britney spears

  67. Harry Parry

    She looks like I dream of Jeanie ~

  68. Linellie Linellie

    She is like the Britney Spears of country

  69. Rocco Gant

    I'd luv to go down on her........hopefully she is fully fur-free....

  70. VuDuVampirNinjaWitch

    This is crap. Stop calling country.

  71. Dylan Dunn

    2019 Country Women are gorgeous

  72. Josh Tracey

    Jumanji girl

  73. Jerry Doyle

    Gorgeous, sings and makes me salivate,😎👍

  74. Sterre Riesthuis

    super leuk hoor like als je deze ook leuk vind

  75. Jaden Cleary

    Country is my life

  76. Jaden Cleary

    Don't worry it let me down too

  77. Clint Bland

    ROFL!!!! She "shot his clothes off" with a gun that wasn't even cocked.

  78. Laakona

    OK, so she's a whore in a saloon and she's jealous of another woman?

  79. Lisa Min

    Just dance😂

  80. Sue Leung

    All time favorite dance and lots of goosebumps

  81. Rits Crackers


  82. Tom Lee

    Yes yes

  83. Jasmine Hernando

    I have come to the part of YouTube where i didnt know existed

  84. Kevin Cleveland

    Definitely has a body

  85. Abigail Nadeau

    This song giddy on up is so good I really like it

  86. Jack Jones

    She can ride me

  87. SionMirae

    I love this woman!

  88. Michael Merck

    Looks and acts a lot like Carrie Underwood

    Kaeh Winter

    You do realize this is from 2010 and they're actually quite different, don't you?

    Michael Merck

    @Kaeh Winter I just said they looked and acted the same,I dont really keep up with country music except for Carrie underwood

  89. peter collins

    Welcome to country msic. A lousy singer dressed in a ludicrous fantasy version of wild west hooker attire singing a fourth-rate pop song.

  90. Rusty Shackleford

    Damn I miss the 80s when they had better music and videos.

  91. James Stegenga

    Saw LBB at B93 Birthday Bash some years back...she’s even better live. With Heart of Dixie over, it’s about time for some new music.

  92. Benson Saavedra

    Never heard of this song till today, in 2019. Better late than never.

  93. darkironsides

    You watch one old Town road video and you get some weird shit in your recommendations now.....

    Wait I'm watching this too, damn it they got me again.

  94. curtisgtrdaddy

    this music sux hard! talentless nashville bullshit in action...

  95. ClearlyCaribbeanReb

    Who the fuck would cheat on her? Lmao

  96. Geronimo1969

    Arual Lleb Ydnub. Sollte man dies nun definieren, könnte man Affentanz dazu sagen oder Leichentanz. Asche zu Asche, Staub zu Staub und -----> findet es selbst heraus.

  97. Lucas Beadle

    What ever heppen to her?

  98. anton chigurh

    Yet another bimbo country artists. Where do they find these girls porn hub?


    anton chigurh She's famous af for being in legally blonde the musical....idk wtf is up with this clip though....

  99. Enrique Parra

    She has amazing legs 🔥🔥🔥