Laura Bell Bundy - I Am What I Am Lyrics

Sometimes I'm as mad as midnight
With eyes like a storm brewing in the blue sky
Got a mouth like a sailor drunk on whiskey
And I want what I want, shut up and kiss me, yeah, yeah

Everything I learned, I learned the hard way
No land between when I think and what I say
Oh and baby I ain't trying to scare you
Just letting you know what you're getting yourself into

I am what I am, I am what I am
Falling in love just as fast as I can
Stay around here with my heart in my hand
So I got nothing to hide, nothing to hide
I am what I am

Sometimes I cry 'cause I feel like crying
And I may never fly but I might die trying
Oh, I'm reckless when it comes to loving
No parachute but I feel like jumping

I am what I am, I am what I am
Falling in love just as fast as I can
Stay around here with my heart in my hand
So I got nothing to hide, nothing to hide
I am what I am

No games love pretending
No tricks up my sleeve
Baby you get what you see!

I am what I am, I am what I am
Falling in love just as fast as I can
I am what I am, I am what I am
Falling in love just as fast as I can
Stay around here with my heart in my hand
So I got nothing to hide, nothing to hide
I am what I am

Everything I learned, I learned the hard way
No land between when I think and what I say
I am what I am, I am what I am

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Laura Bell Bundy I Am What I Am Comments
  1. Shane C

    LBB is awesome - the ending of the video was 😂

  2. Kevin Steele

    I remember her when she was on "Guiding Light" as Maura Shayne Lewis!

  3. Jason Ingram

    😇 Simply 💙 Beautiful 😇

  4. free agent west

    She's smokin hot and a great singer, keep it up girl 💣❤😘

  5. Cliff Rouder

    What do you get when you cross creativity, intelligence, sensitivity, hard work, and the ability to affect change? Laura Bell Bundy.

  6. Joe Remriez

    You are an 💞amazing woman 💞 you're 💓 cute 💓 beautiful 💓 and 💓 gorgeous💓 all at the same time💖 love you always 💖💋💓💋💓💋💓 Laura Bell ❤💋💓💋💓💋💓💋💓💋💓💋💓💕💖💞

  7. Enrique Parra


  8. Taylor Presley

    What a cutie!!! Love her videos

  9. Susie Cunningham

    Beautiful and that's all we can be is what we are ourselves ❤😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Erick White

    Amazing voice, beautiful woman, love all her songs

  11. James McKane

    Just found out about her and I am impressed pretty and talented 😯

  12. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Beautiful lady.

  13. Dayna J

    Hey Laura, why is it that nobody gets this about me? Why doesn't he get this about me? YOU GET IT! You Wrote this song! You get me! I relate to your Lyrics and this song is a major high! I must learn to sing it I am a long island country girl who sings for people at a Club just for the joy I don't get paid its a passion. I want to get my voice better I lost a lot of my higher range I can do Etherige, Lambert and other lower ranges but this will be a challenge to learn.

  14. Dayna J

    OMG you just sang about ME...How did you know? This one is soooo pretty!

  15. lindsay griffin

    I sing your songs when I'm sad and it makes me feel better

  16. Golden Retriever

    sooo cute

  17. Greaser_girl _78

    I have spent the last hour looking for this song and I’m so happy I found it I love this song so much it’s amazing

  18. Greaser_girl _78

    I have spent the last hour looking for this song and I’m so happy I found it I love this song so much it’s amazing

  19. Elizabeth Medley

    Love this song so much!!!

  20. Natthawat Thonglor

    Now 2018 Put your hands together. 🙌🙌🙌😄❤️❤️

  21. the world's greatest Magic Music Man

    I hope you are feeling better. get well soon. little Jeff says Hi

  22. B Haygood

    I don’t know about that is it possible that Kentucky 👍❤️🙏

  23. Billy Sonna

    This lovely song get me the chills. ❤

  24. Dave Peterson

    wow beautiful

  25. Roy Holloway

    I love it she is so pretty and sweet

  26. PonyPower71

    Never gets old. Love this song and can't get enough.

  27. Robert Richard

    So sweet

  28. I fricked Ur mom

    ?gay anthem??????

  29. xxxFF7xxxGIRLxxx

    You can't pray this shit away.

  30. Aly P

    Her music just makes me happy lol xD

  31. Sherri Sides

    You are incredible!

  32. Harold Lewis

    I don't like modern country. Her music and can feel soal and great voice.

  33. My Window On The World

    What a voice..... sweet.... beautiful.

  34. Douglas Jenkins

    wow wow wow wow wow

  35. Frank Johnson

    we love our Lexington girl

  36. Charles Wright

    Laura Bell Bundy is not only a multi-untalented singer, but a multi-untalented actress as well.

  37. TheRealBambihooves

    She "am" a beautiful angel come down to this earth. 💗💗💗

  38. Dakota Blessing

    God I Love her

  39. Cree-Anna Stoddart

    I'm a nerd lol

  40. redneck400m

    Always thought she was hot, but damn, shes........beautiful

  41. Ghostsoupp

    This is the same woman who made "You Can't Pray the Gay Away"


  42. prince everlove

    Forget Bluebell...I need a nice sweet of Laura Bell!🐰🐰🐰

  43. K RR


  44. Mr_Wizard

    what a voice !!

  45. Fajko Garibovic

    Ops I'm who I'm I'm. 👍.

  46. Fajko Garibovic

    Laura I'm you I'm 👍 .

  47. Gabson730


  48. Luna Moon

    Jordan of Anger Management it's a good singer!!!

  49. Marlon Hinton

    I love this song. And lets be honest, Laura Bell Bundy is very easy to look at. Beautiful inside and out. Great Song.

  50. Phillip Riggins

    Very nice, thanks for posting this video.

  51. Elliana Maselli

    I can't believe she's over forty! She looks like she's in her thirties!


    ThisLovelyYoungHeart she's 37...


    That could be because she is 38, and was 34 when this video was made.

  52. Bill Powell

    I would marry her

  53. XxFireWeebxX 1026

    If ur gonna dislike it then y watch it?

  54. boxerlovers21

    Loooooove her!! and im not gay so dont pray!!

  55. Анатолий Евлашкин

    Пейзаж, как у нас почти.

  56. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    Beautiful geographical video. Beautiful song and singer.

  57. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    This song and video are wonderful.

  58. Philou Mars

    Nice song.

  59. Chris Suter

    This is a great vid. Take off those fake eyelashes. They ruin your natural beauty.

  60. Chiara Anna

    is she in switzerland?

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Chiara Anna I believe the mountain shots are in the alps. She said where this was filmed but I forgot

  61. jennifer Pryor

    I like her dress

  62. Majdi Saad

    Bless your heart Laura Bell

  63. Elizabeth Hendrix

    I can for the city but love the country

  64. Bill Law

    No One I Know LOVES Country Music  . . .  a few
    peeps kinda like a song or 2!!!

  65. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    This is wonderful.

  66. Angelique Mariel

    OH MI GOD OH MID GOD YOU GUYS IT'S LAURA BELL BUNDY AND SHE HAS LOVELY EYES!!! This song is so inspiring and beautiful, she is so lovely and nice. She's such a strong woman.

  67. Suzzette Sitorius

    This song speaks Volumes to me and I am so many of these things!!! It has become my mantra per se on this new journey I am on with Steeped Tea....connecting with old friends and making new ones...allowing myself to be who I am and allowing others to see me! I am what I am!!! I am on a journey to be the Best Version of myself!!! I am what I am.....

  68. Jetson

    Those Tennessee Hills are alive with The Sound of Laura Bell!

  69. Cheyenne Daniel

    Laura is so pretty. I love her voice.

  70. Rodeo Girl

    I am what I am

  71. Tom Bundy

    Im happy for you

  72. mike Lane


  73. Freedom

    This is REAL music!!!

  74. Hey It’s Sarah

    At 3:13 I'm dead 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 good one Laura I just got the double meaning

  75. Hey It’s Sarah

    At 2:21 that's Laura's cousin Lexi lol

  76. Renato Wagner

    This song and clip are awesome!

  77. Charlotte D

    Looks like the sound of music

  78. Billy Beck

    Laura this is the First time I've heard this song!.... Love It....... And the video!....... You!....... Life!........ Beer!

  79. John Gialanella.

    Wow, where is this place. I see London. Could it be Wales. Laura is very pretty, nice voice and nice location.

    Ian Mackney

    Swiss Alps.

  80. Oh Shit

    Fuck off I know if what, that is, just sounds, kinky enough by God, it could work.

  81. Oh Shit

    well don't feel bad if you know them. well you maybe alright.

  82. Oh Shit

    #I don't Laura, u seem like I might need a safe word. But can it be an easy one. Yes, I know John. Cool ass, guy from school?

  83. cesare furlanetto

    Laura tour country wonderful music! ciao FM Italy cesare

  84. Faith Sizemore

    I am ...... *glances up and down at self* whatever this pile of shit is 😅😆


    Be glad you are who you are, everyone else is way more screwed up than you think.

    Faith Sizemore

    carmaninaz Aren't we all screwed up in our own special way.


    Faith Ann Sizemore my point exactly

  85. Harrison Meek

    She left Broadway to do this


    This along with TV and Movies, so yeah, she left behind the small stage and found a much bigger one away from New York.

    bruh moment

    Jimmy Joe Omg u were in Wicked???

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Jimmy Joe omg so lucky!! 😲😭😭

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Brittany B um WHAT are you talking about?!?!?!??? Ok so 1. Kristin is practically a broadway GOD and she is amazing at it!!!!! 2. Laura is obviously better at broadway since more people know her from that than from country. She only made two albums (on her label) and like pretty much everyone complained that she sucked and that they weren’t “true country.” Also hate to burst your bubble but Laura is going back to broadway because she just did a musical all of last month at the paper mill play house and I’m like 90% sure that when it goes to broadway Laura is going with it. 😂😂😂😂

    Brookie Carter

    Harrison Meek just a personal reference *broadway wayyy better* I’m not into other stuff

  86. James Dougal

    since i found your music or should i say songs love it
    like your voice a lot

  87. Glenn †

    qu'est ce qui "cloche" avec ta notorietè ?

  88. sylvia

    This songs so amazing! it's so my song. I am what I am

  89. Jen - jen

    is this filmed where the sound of music was filmed?

    Mark Everest

    No - it was filmed in the Swiss Alps. The Sound of Music was filmed around Salzburg, Austria.

  90. Brittnee Spindler

    i love the concept behind this video and song! Laura u r amazing ily xxx

  91. kstormgeistgem

    I don't know about how she feels, but for me I would have written "a work in progress" along with the other stuff. Beyond that, yes. I relate to the song pretty closely.

  92. James Cox

    great country music

  93. Carydbuch

    Beautiful song! So serious and moving, then she cuts up at the very end! Love her music and her humor! :)

    Ronnie Dicicco

    I got no work for Bundy music because it's beautiful

    Angelique Mariel

    Ik me too hehe

  94. Jasper Q

    Love it. Great song...

  95. Tina thewolf

    I love this song so much!

  96. Paul Jarvis

    awesome, love the song

  97. Albin Henriksson

    Love this song

  98. Øyvind Næss

    i really like this girl