Laura Bell Bundy - Another Piece Of Me Lyrics

Deep inside my heart,
There's a little hole.
I leave a piece of me behind, everywhere I go.
There's one still on the front porch of the house I grew up in,
There's one locked in the corner of the bedroom where I hid,
There's one I gave my mama, when I saw her cry.
Grew up a little faster 'cos she couldn't say "goodbye,"

Oh, oh, there goes, another piece of me.

I left one in the city,
That night we didn't sleep.
We each made half a promise that we tried so hard keep.
I've never loved another, so innocent, so pure,
I left it in the kiss I gave you standing at the door.

Oh, oh, there goes, another piece of me.

Breaking off like petals off a rose,
Where one dies another one will grow.

I see them all before me, shattered on the ground,
The ones that matter most and the ones that keep me down.

Like the fear inside my mother, she got from her old man,
Or the guilt inside my father that I still don't understand,
From the little girl inside of me, dying to get out,
To the new life here in front of me that I can't live without.

Oh, oh, there goes another piece of me.
Oh, oh, another piece of me.
Another piece of me,
Another piece of me.

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