Lattisaw, Stacy - I Don't Have The Heart Lyrics

Your face is beaming
You say it's 'cause you're dreaming
Of how good it's going to be
You say you've been around
And now you've finally found
Everything you wanted and needed in me

I don't have the heart to hurt you
It's the last thing I wanna do
But I don't have the heart to love you
Not the way you want me to

Inside I'm dying
Seeing you crying
How can I make you understand
I care about you
So much about you
I'm trying to say this, as gently as I can

I don't have the heart to hurt you
It's the last thing I wanna do
But I don't have the heart to love you
Not the way you want me to

You're so trusting
And open
Hoping that love will start
But I don't have the heart
Oh no, I don't have the heart

I don't have the heart to hurt you
It's the last thing I wanna do
But I don't have the heart to love you
Not the way you want me to

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Lattisaw, Stacy I Don't Have The Heart Comments
  1. Adrianne Brown

    Love Stacy and James. Both of have beautiful voices. But this was not song for her. And why did they change the arrangement of the. Song. They slow a slow song. They should have stuck with original arrangement of the song. Which would have compliment Stacy's voice.

  2. Debra Bonner

    Goose bumps!!! She is one of a kind!

  3. Jordan Ortiz

    Man I wish I could see when she performed where do we go from here

  4. daprofwrites so

    What year was this, anyone?


    I believe this was in 1990 and promoting her final studio album What You Need.

  5. tawana j

    she had the same fit on when she performed on Soul Train

  6. Blake Gildaphish

    she's singing her ass off, but this song is weak.

  7. Blake Gildaphish

    Sinbad was and *is* so damn fine.

  8. Chris Coyne

    She grew into a vocal beast! Wish she came back in 1991 with a new album, should have been working with Narada Michael Walden again like when she was young!

  9. Nashanta Stanley

    Oh yeah Stacy could sing...even as a little girl!

  10. Arek72144

    no comparison with original James Ingram. This is soft, female and little disco style.

  11. Staycee

    💕Beautiful Throwback

  12. Sam T.

    she sounds sooo..... different from the late 80's but being that she was young it makes sense. I think she sang better back then though.

    Brutha Dnubian

    You mean the early 80's......this is the late 80's.....89/90. I love both voices but the grown one ranks with the best.

    Sam T.

    yes, I meant early 80's.


    Her voice seemed to have transformed in the year between I’m Not the Same Girl and Take Me All the Way. She displayed a newfound depth in both range and soul on the latter. It seems the three Motown albums delved into her R&B sensibilities to greater effect than her earlier records which seem to have courted a more dance and pop audience.

  13. phatboysbakery

    Beautiful!!! I did watch the unsung of her, and learned who she was! I didn't grow up listening to her, but it's something how she was HOT on the charts, still had her MORALS while singing R & B, and then REFUSED to misuse/wrongfully advertise her body (in the late 80's) for more success w/those record label producers. Now she singin GOSPEL as she said, cause the VOID had been filled. Right decision to make for her....cause she wasn't gonna DARE do something like Beyonce does sometimes...and she said pretty much said NO to drugs, illicit sex, etc. We all know where we stand actually!!    

  14. suavehinrg

    A marvelous interpretation of this song! The song could have easily scaled the upper reaches of the Billboard Pop, Adult Contemporary and R&B singles charts. It seems as if there was little radio support for the song.

    Paul Morrison

    suavehinrg Motown records suck.aThe founder Berry Gordy and at the time Smokey Robinson was president of Motown. They did the same shit ti Teena Marie. They didn't support Teens or Stacy. Teena didnt sing trashy songs either. The label supported all the male artist.. Stacy was so good just didnt give in to the record infustries bull shit...

  15. Kumtekmeon

    Stacy Lattisaw could have continued her amazing legacy of producing excellent music during the most profound era in Music (the 90s), but sadly she walked away.

  16. sancm8898

    i love her version better than james well i aint gonna lie i love both versions


    James version is way more soulful which = way better

  17. William J. Johnson

    These comments are so appreciated!!! Stacy is DA BOMB!!!! A voice like no other! I will always love her!!!

  18. MrMusic913

    I asked this a year ago but... what the hell. Can you please post Stacy's live performance of "Where Do We Go From Here?" ??... I keep hearing about what an amazing performance she gave but I'd love to see and hear for myself. I'd really appreciate it Justin :-)

  19. GiuseppePascuale928

    She is brimming with emotion here. At quite a few moments it looks like she is trying to hold back tears. And that VOICE... such a powerhouse. I am glad that Stacy has found happiness since leaving the music business, but oh to think of the records she could have cut with that instrument. What a shame not to utilize such a gift, though obviously she felt burned by the biz and didn't want to sing for a career anymore.

  20. brownscorpio

    OMG...Where is "Where do we go from here?" LOL I have been requesting it for 3 years Retro... I love that song and how she did it live with the Johnny Gill Replacement Dude.....

  21. Andre Ramos

    I love this song! And I love your channel, retrohythms! You´re the man!

  22. GiuseppePascuale928

    A soulful balladeer of the finest pedigree. Her voice could do no wrong.

  23. retrorhythms

    @reg12269 James didn't write the song. It was written by Allan Rich & Jud Friedman.

  24. MrMusic913

    @retrorhythms could you PLEASE post her live performance of "Where Do We Go From Here?"... I would love to see how she delivers that live... her videos are so rare =(

  25. Reginald Hughes

    Simply beautiful.

  26. smsmyf1

    @noahsarcooo LOL, she was gettin it

  27. sir delorean Kei delorean

    i have always love stacy lattisaw bought her 1st album not cd yall

  28. pookeylou

    I tried so hard to get my hair to look like this!

  29. M. Lewis

    @buddhaman4518 I understand your reply. I referenced Motown because Stacy was a Motown artist so it's not surprising the way they did her. I was showing that they have a history of treating their artists unfairly. I don't doubt other companies did the same, many worse. I agree the music industry as a whole eats artists and spit them out once they feel they have gotten as much money as the're gonna get. Artists must be cautious when signing contracts.

  30. Tracy Radford

    What an a amazing voice!!!

  31. llehcin

    That's a James Ingram hit.

  32. M. Lewis

    @CookyMonzta Motown was a hit maker, but Motown form its beginnings has a history of SHADINESS..... countless artists had to sue for back royalties. Smokey was close to Gordy and instrumental in the labels success so he didnt have these problems but the way he did FLorence Ballard was dispicable. He used people and destroyed lives.

  33. M. Lewis

    @retrorhythms I havent heard her in a while but unless there has been a major change in voice her voice is too fine for gospel to me. I think she has a more pop oriented voice. Thats just my opinion. Again her voice has probably also changed so it will be interesting to hear her new work.

  34. doubleolove

    I enjoyed watching this again. Getting hyped for Stacy's "Unsung" tomorrow night.

  35. brownscorpio

    Where do we go from here? I wish that could be found. It was the same show as this one.

  36. retrorhythms

    She does do gospel music, but she is mostly focused on family. However, there will be an "Unsung" special airing on her next month, so we'll probably find out more! In the meantime, check out the 1989 interview with her that I posted!

  37. retrorhythms

    Thanks for that clarification about the month that James' album came out. The interesting thing is, in spite of that, Stacy's was still released as a single first! I remember buying the cassette single when it came out in April of '90! A couple of months later, I saw her on TV and she said she was working on another album that would be out soon...

  38. CookyMonzta

    Honestly, I almost expected her to reappear in 1992 or '93, doing electronic dance, which was very popular on the Hot 100 and R&B charts at the time.

    Rumor from Wiki has it that she's coming back, for gospel.

  39. CookyMonzta

    If what I've read on the Web is true, then according to one of the songwriters for "I Don't Have The Heart", Motown wasn't exactly throwing their support toward her. So, little or no radio play for this song, and 'What You Need' would be her last album. After scoring her VERY FIRST #1 song, in 1990, they pretty much washed her out, right there and then, at TWENTY-TWO! I don't blame her if her retirement was her own decision.


    She claims to have walked away from the industry sometime after her spiritual rebirth. It’s unfortunate that she did not record more records with that spectacular voice but she has expressed much happiness and no regrets with her decision years later so kudos there. Apparently she does have the heart to follow her path to happiness :)

  40. CookyMonzta

    James Ingram's version didn't surge in radio play until sometime in July 1990, and the single wasn't released until late-July or early-August. The album had already maxed out long before then. Motown could have capitalized on the fact that, in Feb. 1990, her duet with Johnny Gill, "Where Do We Go From Here?" went to #1 on the R&B charts! They didn't.

  41. CookyMonzta

    Well, well, well...I learn something new every day; and THIS one I should have picked up on back in 1989. Too bad I never read the back of the album for the song list.

    As it turns out, James Ingram recorded his version first, and the album on which it appeared ('It's Real') was released in May 1989. Stacy's final album ('What You Need'), on which this same song appeared, didn't hit the record racks until Oct. 1989.

  42. psmkkk

    I have always been a big fan of Stacy Lattisaw in the past and now the present. It is not that I do not/did not enjoy the music of James Ingram growing up, but I actually prefer the version of "I Don't Have the Heart" as sung by Stacy Lattisaw.

  43. onelove

    Stacey was one of my all time favorite singers ever. I just loved her in the 80s. But I have to admit that the James Ingram version sounds better; plus, this song is better fit for a man to be singing about a woman. But stacey is awesome!

  44. retrorhythms

    Where did you hear that? Seems strange if true, because they released it as the follow-up single to "Where Do We Go from Here," and it was released as a single several months before James' version!


    fine indeed....damn, with a voice to match

  46. retrorhythms

    I do. I'll have to find it and post it eventually!

  47. retrorhythms

    Looking at a lot of her appearances, I get the feeling that she was a little bit uncomfortable at times. She was quoted in the liner notes of her greatest-hits CD as saying that her mom lived her dream through her! Ultimately, I don't think that Stacy herself craved the "spotlight" (to quote one of her song titles!).

  48. Timothy Bellavia

    I Love this clip! Thanks SO much for posting it!

  49. Kat Smith

    sang stacy

  50. retrorhythms

    LOL. Very true indeed! I try to practice this myself, too. Check out one of my performances on the channel and let me know what ya think!

  51. Stévin Méléro

    You are a treasure. Love Stacy Lattisaw and her rendition of this song. Her new album will surely be finished all in good time. I am so glad she will be back where she is much needed in today's music industry. Thanks for the post.

  52. nyconsult410

    Well, get ready everyone, because within the next year or so... Stacy will definitely be releasing a gospel album, and I cannot wait to hear what she has in store for everyone! She truly is one of the most talented and blessed vocalists of our time!

  53. retrorhythms

    Yes, I agree! And she used to come out with an album just about every single year during the 80's, and then - whoosh - suddenly, no more!

  54. thejukejoint

    Thanks. I've never seen this. I wasn't sure if Motown released this as a single. I know that I was shocked to hear James Ingram do the same song so quickly. Man... Motown was a mess. If there was a video for this song, I'm sure it would have done well for Stacy on the pop charts. I'm sure VH1 would have embrassed it.

  55. retrorhythms

    One of the writers of this song also stated that Motown was not behind Stacy at this point. That was clear by the fact that there wasn't even a video for this song, which was the follow up to a #1 hit!! ("Where Do We Go from Here") As with so many of their artists at the time, they just dropped the ball.

  56. retrorhythms

    She's definitely an underrated talent!

  57. vitaboy64

    I have this album. James did a good gob but I like hers better. Even thoughthis was her release on Motown they did a marketing attack on only the R&B market when Hip Hop just getting major push from radion in the urban market. James was being pushed by Qwest. Quincy Jones label that pushed and had a pop, adult contemt. as well as urban Radio Marketing.

  58. retrorhythms

    Over the years, she has said several times that she would be releasing a gospel record; but that has yet to surface.

  59. retrorhythms

    Yeah, although she sang that with another vocalist instead of Johnny Gill!

  60. anohso

    It's such a shame she no longer records or performs to my knowledge. Still one of my favorite vocalists.

  61. Victor Galletto

    Wow I remember this she sang "Where do we go from here" to on the show