Larsen, Blaine - The Best Man Lyrics

My mama got married to someone I barely knew
They had me and then they had my sister too
I was too young to understand why he left
But how it broke Mama's heart, I'll never forget
It was three years before she met somebody new
And though I didn't have much to compare him to

He was the best man, my mama ever loved
Not the kind that walks away, but the kind that don't give up
Devoted and true, someone to look up to
Even a boy of eight could understand
He was the best man

He called me his son and I called him my dad
He was like no friend that I had ever had
He taught me how to drive a nail and how to build a go-cart
And how to love a women with all of my heart
One night we watched him get down on one knee
And ask mama to be his wife, then he asked me

To be the best man, and I stood by his side
As he lifted the veil of that beautiful bride
He said I do, then she did too
And she walked back down the aisle holding hands
With the best man


He said I do, and then she did too
And she walked back down the aisle holding hands
With the best man

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Larsen, Blaine The Best Man Comments
  1. Nathan Holmes

    I'll never understand why people leave their children it's not natural it's unhuman to do that cuz anyone have a scientific explanation my people leave their children behind I would like to hear a good one because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would rather die a horrible death full of lots of pain and torture before I put my child in danger or leave them or forsake them

  2. Charles Clark

    On the song I can make my mom and dad cry because my mama died at her house so they tried to get her got of the house because my mom and dad.

  3. Charles Clark

    Who seen all of his song but one is how long have u been that lonely

  4. Alison Barr

    Blaine Larsen is so cute

  5. Vincent Kariuki

    Can't believe I've never heard of Blaine Larsen. His songs are from the soul.

  6. Kenny Enter

    My Dad is great man I would not ask for anyone better a good husband to my mom takes good care of her but most of all he is the best man and dad i could ask for :)

  7. Sean Hall

    This applied to me at one time after my mom remarried, but once she died, my stepdad stabbed me in the back by kicking me to the curb.

  8. mark layton

    It’s a good voice but too much twang - and the lyrics are awful “my dog died and my wife left me “

  9. victoria rice

    braine Larson has a lovely voice hes an inspiration believe in yourself and others we are stronger than ever and brave

  10. El Lobo

    Why can't country be like this anymore?

  11. x c.f. could


  12. Andreza Ananias


  13. Shasta Lesbetter

    My mom had been with a lot of guys. But the guy shes with now(had been for 10yrs been in love with him for 45yrs) i call hIm my step dad. his a good man. My kids dad and i broke up but my kids dont call anyone their dad but him.

  14. Natalie Martin

    That is a good song

  15. Dave Arcudi

    In 1970 my dad was widowed with 3 kids and then met my mom. I came along in 1978. There's 5 siblings. We all consider her mom because she is

  16. chadgilpin1977

    What ever happened to Blaine anyways? I love his music

  17. Maureen suzanne

    lovey so nice went it works like this sadly many kids get bad step parents

  18. charles laforrest

    Dad too

  19. Seraj Wheda

    Worst lyrics

  20. RD Williamson

    I was raised with my real parents but this hits home

  21. Vigilant Guardian

    little Blaine's toast came true "everything went well"....

  22. Link The Hero Of Time

    this song for all of the girls out in the world trying to find the best man

  23. Jordan Prosser

    Justin Westmoreland if you read this iv been searching and can't find you I lost everything trying hard to get it back

  24. Patricia Odom

    Like song

  25. molemole666 mole

    What happened to him .love his voice,powerful and emotional 😭

  26. Trevor Roberts

    You have a awesome voice Blaine, Love your music, You really cool man.

  27. Myrtel Lou

    You should do more have a great voice. You're songs are so meaningful.

  28. Karyn Little

    My daughter's father has never met her. When she was three I married her "daddy". He is our BEST MAN <3

  29. Mary grace rosario

    #my daddy you still the bestman.i love you and i miss you daddy. your great my daddy in the all world.

  30. Will Field

    I was two my dad got on drugs I’m 16 now and he is still one and off drugs and my stepdad came into my life when I was 5 and he is more of a dad then my real dad will ever be to me

  31. Nikki

    his voice is amazing and his songs are so meaning full

  32. Cheyenne Garness

    I love this song

  33. Jessica Matson

    Ethan's dad walked away from him the day he was born. Now 2 1\2 year's later the man he calls father took him in as his son teaching him about mechanics and loving him like his own. Thank you Ray for being you and loving my son despite his real dad

  34. Jessica Matson

    Ethan's dad walked away from him the day he was born. Now 2 1\2 year's later the man he calls father took him in as his son teaching him about mechanics and loving him like his own. Thank you Ray for being you and loving my son despite his real dad

  35. Michael Massey

    ik the first part is about marriage but my grandpa was the best man ever

  36. Tiffany Johnson

    you have a wonderful voice

  37. Tiffany Johnson

    I love your voice

  38. Michele D. IVES-DAVESS

    Mr Larsen, this English lady loves your voice

  39. Michele D. IVES-DAVESS

    Mr Blaine this English lady adores your voice.

  40. Jesce Mata

    My dad died when I was six it was years before I saw my mom and big brother really laugh years later on new years my mom met my step dad out of all the the guys she dated he is the only one I call dad. I'm 20 year's old now and can't wait till the day comes when he walks me down the aisle

    Mason showers

    I know someone who literally has the exact same story but his dad hanged himself

  41. Larsen Hanna

    Im Larsen im twelve years old

  42. Kelee Johnson

    This song has always made my cry I'm so glad my cousin had someone in his life to be a role model. ❤️❤️❤️ I'm so thankful for Blaine!!!

  43. Amanda Cressey

    I hope one day my little girl will have this since her sperm donor turned out to be an ass who walked away and has never looked back....and so she also sees what a real man, father, and husband should look like

    Victor Smith

    Not all of us are pieces of shit like that. I have seen my fair share of dirtbags hopefully you and your daughter find someone.


    It's amazing. So many assholes out there get the girls.. While there are so many good ones that NO ONE cares to take a second glance at.

  44. cowgirlo99

    Love this song! Love his voice Great Job! Blaine:)

  45. destiny congrove

    I like it

  46. Ashley Kalb

    Tiwari already tiny probably be purchased arpeggios either pretty tight effective

  47. Day Larusso


    Josh Hott

    calm down.

    Micah Bell

    +Day Larusso dude I never had a father growing up but thanks to this video I know what kind of father i want to be someday when i do find a good woman....and I wont be like most guys who give a woman a little and take alot if you cant give a woman all of your heart you dont really love her

    Ron Roberts

    +Stephen LaMar I been trying to get this Cd,Cant find it Anywhere,?!!

  48. Michele D. IVES-DAVESS

    love this, his voice is one of the best.

  49. Tiffany Michel Miller

    he should make more

  50. Vanessa Jones

    I love him he has such a good voice

  51. Elizabeth Morgan

    Many step-Dads are a whole lot better Dads than some love um and leave um "sperm-dad".  Good riddance to some sorry lout who would leave his family!  Take the garbage to the truck!  Girls, there's a lot of good men out there who know what commitment is.  Hope you find one half as good as I did.

    Johnathan Thompson

    Elizabeth, I had a dad who just died in March, so don't tell me that my dad did not love me, because he did.. You need to have some respect for people who do not have a dad like me.

    Elizabeth Morgan

    Jonathan, so sorry for the loss of your dad. I'm sure he loved you very much. You may have misunderstood my comment above. I was referring to my son's dad who left us to chase after young girls. My son was only 9 years old, & got down on his knees & begged his dad not to leave, crying that he didn't want his dad to leave. His dad kicked him off like a dog and said, "Life's tough. You don't always get what you want." I can still hear my son screaming as his dad walked out the door. I wasn't disrespecting people who don't have a dad like you. My heart breaks for all the children and mothers who are left behind to struggle in poverty like we were. When I said in my comment, "Hope you find one half as good as I did", I was referring to my son's step-dad who I married after my son and I suffered for 7 long years. Peace.

    Johnathan Thompson

    I'm not mad at you, it's just that I miss my dad so much.

    Elizabeth Morgan

    I know you miss him. I'm praying for you to be comforted. I still miss my mom and she's been gone 4 years. It helps to remember the good times and try to be happy. Thanks for writing back, cause I didn't want to have hurt your feelings.

    Johnathan Thompson

    I just need somebody that I can talk to about this. Thanks for being there for me.

  52. Michael Ammerman

    every time I listen to this son It brings me to tears

  53. Phillip Tokish

    I try to think im a strong men but this song brings me to tears


    +Phillip Tokish Doesn't make you weak.

  54. kendra skelton

    I love this song and I love the singer

  55. Aubrey Mbewe

    amazing song

  56. Aubrey Mbewe

    we have 28 special people on earth and he disliked this video

  57. Lisa Lemley

    well if I was a guy. lol

  58. Lisa Lemley

    Awesome Voice... if I had a voice like that, id be famous too.

  59. lilgirlfrumhicktown

    Tell my why Hunter Hayes is famous again.....

  60. Brenda

    I hope my sisters soon step-daughter will say she's a great mom

  61. Olivia Jones

    I can only hope one day I have this for my son and unborn daughter

    Kool Ad

    I'll be there for you

  62. Brittani Muldowney

    Such an amazing voice :) I really like his songs it's about real things in life, not what society is now, his songs are like the good music we all grew up on !!

  63. Robert Fleming

    Man you got a great voice and sing great songs I hope you go far in the music business

    molemole666 mole

    Robert Holmes went searching for god instead I’m afraid


    Excelente cantor country.

  65. Denise L.

    I never met my dad and the man in my life as a father is my uncle. He is more of a father to me. Uncle, you are the best man.

  66. Denabella

    My momma is getting married to the best man in almost a month. Maybe I'll talk her into letting me sing this.

  67. hiddenhearts13

    I have a fantastic dad; he has always been there for me, other than certain memorable moments, and I'm not going to lie and say those didn't hurt. The situation was different, yes, because hewas an alcoholic and couldn't have him around me and my sister anymore, but god knows it broke her heart and his too. And it was like that for years, you know--dad drank, and me, I was too little to understand it, just that he wanted me sometimes and I'd go to his house. I'll never forget watching him stumble back into the bar, looking as his ankles twisted with every step because he couldn't see straight. Mom dated a lowlife after that, nice guy he seemed, til he broke the window in her car with a beer bottle and raced to our home where my sister was home alone, asleep (I was with my dad that night). And after that, there was Michael. Michael, who loved my mom and had been friends with her for ten years, never married, Michael who barely knew me and still cared enough. Michael, who will tell anybody who will listen that he has two beautiful daughters, whose proud as a punch that I'm in the IB program and surviving, whose showing everybody the letters I'm getting from colleges and god he needs to put away those pictures, but he truly is the best man. He's there, he's my second father; and yet, he would never step on my dads toes. It's so awkward on the phone, because neither of us know whether to say I love you or not as we hang up, But he's there to drive across town to get me in the middle of the night because my dad's drinking again and I don't want to be around it, who's so damn silly he drove to the wrong school to get me two years ago and still chuckles when I tell on him about it. I'm lucky. I haven't had the best past with my dad but he's there and he's a good dad I promise and he put things back together so thigns are good now on that front, but I'm still lucky. I have two dads. And I really hope neither of them suddenly decide to look this song up on YouTube because that owuld be bloody embarassing to see this. 

    Brenda Jackson


  68. Jennifer Beachtel

    my 8 year old sings this to his step dad. its amazing. 

    Kalie Sullivan

    That has got to mean so much to your husband!

    mark layton

    Where is your sons real father ?

  69. Leslie Sullivan

    I love this can make a person cry to

  70. Allen Bridges

    what happen to him? he was and still is one of my favorite singers!

    Rix tunz

    Theology school in TX. Ministry in Nashville. is the last things on his website dated 2016. Brother Joe didn't have all the answers he needed.

    Browning Maxus

    @Rix tunz theology what is that,?

    Sach-Mo Adams

    @Browning Maxus Bible studies

  71. Angelica Smith

    If angels truly have free will, then STOP supporting Satan demon angels in Hollywood, Washington DC politicians, loser angel doctors, & businessmen. STOP buying demon angel products & CD's/DVD's, STOP going to their concerts, STOP going 2 their evil movies, STOP buying demon clothing, STOP watching their evil TV shows,minimize what U buy at the demon grocery store. STOP DONATING! Stand up against dirty angels cancer causing acts. Show Jesus/God you're willing 2 stand up for what's right & GOOD!!

  72. boca Marty

    wow love the voice

  73. firefightergirl4ever

    i never really knew my birth father cause he walked out on my mom and me when I was just a little kid. then when my mom married my poppa He gave me his last name and called me his daughter. thank you so much poppa

  74. Luke Bryan r

    My dad is the best man

  75. adrianna weaver

    Love this song

  76. Ana Bambach

    beautiful voes i <3 it

  77. Rosie Lundquist

    he released more then two songs

  78. Aric Woodworth

    real country music unlike some who call them self

  79. Natasha Gordon

    I never new my dad. he left my mom before I was born. Made me tear up. He is a good singer.

  80. Cody Blackford

    What happened to his career? Why does he only have two songs out there?

    cat' slife

    He went on to bible studies I believe he is a preacher now.

  81. Matthew Johnston

    I didn't have a step dad, my father was always there.
    But, it's been a year since he died. I still remember watching him drive away on his motorbike, saying that he'd see us in a few hours. I still remember my grandfather handing me the license plate, the only salvageable part from that bike.
    I still remember that my father truly was, and always will be, whether or not he's here right now, the best man that ever was or will be in my life.

  82. Joey Ferrell

    I totally understand how you feel brother. I was 9 when my "step"father came into my life. I rarely used the step part. On January 24, 2013 he passed away and this song makes me think of my dad, not my stepdad

  83. Shawn Mollett

    I never new my real dad but i probably better off now then i would be with him to be honest.

  84. Logan Catlett

    This reminds me of me and my (step) Dad Kenneth

  85. Sharon Horan

    im thankful

  86. Denice Sanders

    Great song. I really love Mr. Larsen's voice and the songs that he sings. The feeling he puts into the words really makes you feel the song and it becomes a part of you.

  87. missy platz

    I thank God that my dad was brought to us! No better man could have ever married my mom and taken on my brother and I. I LOVE YOU DADDY, Your daughter Missy

  88. jordon hitsman

    this song is my life man

  89. Michelle Butler

    i can realte to this in many ways

  90. Nick Laethem

    wow this is a very good song i can relate to it

  91. Stinkbait Brian Huff

    This guy is very talented, one of the best ive heard in years............why isnt he more popular on the country charts ???

  92. Locallore01

    He Says, " Congratulations, and I hope everything goes well." :)

  93. Jessica LaRosa

    @Amanda Schmitting I agree completely

  94. Jessica LaRosa

    @AlanahRenee1 pray for her. My dad was abusive and after having a stepdad who didn't get along with me now I have a new step dad who considers me his princesses but we prayed for the longest time. God has a plan for everything but he chooses to change things and out and take people in and out of your life at his time.

  95. Kimberly B

    Thanks... It means alot to hear that, something simple like that can really make people feel better. Thank you.

  96. Jason Hartless

    Keep your head held high, if he doesn't know what a great thing he has he will when it's gone and please believe me when I say it's not you.

  97. Kimberly B

    So hard to be beyond perfect... I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, I analyze everything I do it doesn't make sense. Why am I so hated...

  98. Kimberly B

    My husband left me and our kids. Its so hard. I don't understand what's wrong with me. He just started talking to me again after 3 months of nothing. I'm trying to prove to be a good wife, I always dress up for him, always kind forgiving, I cook my best, I do everything my best and he still is so mean to me I don't understand I try so hard... I sometimes don't want to go on anymore if it wasn't for my kids... I've been crying all day. I'm sorry for being "annoying" and everything else. I try so