Larsen, Blaine - I'm In Love With A Married Woman Lyrics

We sit alone in the darkest corner
Waitress comes and takes our order
And looks at us so suspiciously
It's plain to see that we're lovers
Trying to be alone with each other
It's so hard for us to break free
She whispers softly, "I love you"
This ain't your average rendezvous

Cause I'm in love with a married woman
And I don't care, I don't care who knows it
Yes, I'm in love with a married woman
And on her left hand there's a wedding band
She wears faithfully
And I thank God she's married to me

No cheap hotel where we'll check-in
No other lives we'll be wrecking with alibis
To hide a cheaters kiss
Cause if there's lipstick on my collar
You can bet your bottom dollar
It's the color she wears on nights like this
And every Friday here at five
We try to keep the fire alive

Cause I'm in love with a married woman
And I don't care, I don't care who knows it
Yes, I'm in love with a married woman
And on her left hand there's a wedding band
She wears faithfully
And I thank God, I thank God
I thank God she's married to me

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Larsen, Blaine I'm In Love With A Married Woman Comments

    He’s no Mark Chesnutt but he’s good.

  2. x c.f. could

    Hj&llk kl

  3. x c.f. could


  4. Tamar uziah

    I love this song. The title is just a little bit weird 😂😂 many will misunderstand it unless they'll listen the the lyrics 😍😍❤️
    '' I thank God she's married to me'' awwwe

  5. Tracie Nalley-Commet

    Such a talented young man how come we don't hear him today?Country Radio need's too get their head out of their butt's and play the good stuff like this.

  6. mumstheword

    I'm writing this through my tears. I fully intended to be saying I hate this kind of song about folks cheating on someone. But somehow I thought this song would be different. I was so relieved.
    Our beautiful daughter Alicia is at this moment going through a divorce because her husband of 10 years has 'chosen someone else'. It's been a road full of such heartache but also of forgiveness on the part of our daughter. Not something I would wish on anyone.
    Her life-long ambition has to be a wife (she's 31) and take care of her children full-time. Now she finds herself co-parenting: one week here, one week there. Gut-wrenching to have to say goodbye on Fridays. Devastating for Alicia but also for the children (9 and 7) The youngest dreads and hates Wednesday evenings already because 'tomorrow is the last evening with Mummy'. That starts a week of 'I totally don't feel like a Mum' for Alicia. Laura is 9 tomorrow. It's the first birthday Alicia won't be sharing with them and she's asked to have a little 'pity party' for her at our house. Tongue in cheek but nevertheless a heart-cry!!
    So people, please realize the wrecking and life-long scarring that adultery causes. Try your utmost to keep the fire alive. Kids don't just 'learn to live with the situation'. That's a lie! There's always something broken deep, deep down!
    So this is indeed a beautiful song. We hope and pray there's someone special out there for Alicia who one day will say 'I thank God she's married to me!!' And cherish her like the treasure she is.
    Thanks to anyone who has stuck around to read my story. God bless.

  7. C K

    What a beautiful song

  8. Ricky Bonilla

    I'm in love with a married woman. And she's not married to me. Fuck.

  9. Justine Dymond

    I thought this song was going to have a completely different story it!

    Josh White

    Justine Dymond me too!

  10. atmiys

    This bruh sings from his soul.........wish he would make a 'comeback' lol.

  11. Michele D. IVES-DAVESS

    Cannot praise him enough to ever wants to listen to me in UK. Stunning voice.

  12. Dawn Rabideau

    Keep it burning!

  13. Kelee Johnson

    Love this song! My cousin has an amazing gift for music.

  14. M Jhane

    Great song, love it!

  15. Shania Woodson

    amazing song(:
    blain did justice

  16. John Graves

    great song!!

  17. karina foster

    Interesting song title. Until you listen to the lyrics it sounds like they are cheating

    Cain Aegis

    +karina foster That's the point. The married woman is his wife.

    K RDP

    i agree. confuses the hell outa me. which is it are they married or did they cheat and Death do as part.

  18. Ryan Beyer

    wtf wheres the slackers

  19. Mohit B

    love u my B

  20. Sharmel Boyd

    I can't stop cry ... :'(

  21. orchidyas orchidyas

    thanx wilfredfreetz... really like it,,,

  22. Amy Fiero

    Lenny fiero I love u baby forever

  23. Amy Fiero

    Beautiful beautiful song. .it made me cry

  24. misty lounsbury

    mark chestnut is better but this is good

  25. Monica Stone

    Greg clark i love u

  26. becauseimyourfans

    currently situation :(

  27. Francine Guernon

    Great song and singer.

  28. Bama Jean

    Sweetest song(: Tears of Joy!!!!! I still have hope and faith that i will meet a man, who will feel that way about me(:

  29. Bama Jean


  30. ImA Real

    Not to take anything away from Mark Chestnutt, but Blaine Larson's is without a doubt the best rendition. His voice is amazing. I never heard him sing a mediocre song. He certainly made this song his own.

  31. trudian smikle

    And i thank God, shes married to me.. was like oh wow..

  32. rogel cabinto

    when i heard this song i text my husband to listen to this song I'm in love with a married woman after he read my text he replied "who cares I'm already married" and a long conversation until he heard it and wow...........

  33. Ashley Brown

    When I first heard this song I was like omg it's a cheating song but then he sang more of it and awww. it's soo cute. <3

  34. Christa Skillern

    More married People need nights out like this


    Yes keep the fire burning!!


    And a blanket on the ground! :D

  35. daniloheat

    Very Funny, I needed this to make fun of a cheating friend, but this is a faithful song, so now makes my joke pointless, now I need to write my own song for this.

  36. Megan McKnight

    This song confused me at first til i listened to whole song and now ik its not about a cheater

  37. CourtzNShortz

    At first I thought it was about a cheater and I hate thought.. Now I'm glad I'm still listening haha :)

  38. Andrew Ebert

    my fiancee and i are getting married june 2nd and i plan on singing this to her at our wedding.

    Marika Crockett

    So did you singing the song to your wife to be?? I think my husband need to hear this song but he don't not like country songs

  39. Mardigraz718

    Oh wow this took me by surprise. I thought this was about an affair. Really clever! I don't do much country but this is a good song.

  40. jameslagr1978

    merci justement c est eux mes preferer

  41. cesarr956

    Mark Chesnutt owns this song, no contest!

  42. Libby Havard

    My husband used to sing this to me when we first got married! God I miss that!!

  43. Dustin Manske

    she wasnt married to me but ill tell u ... im so in love with her and to this day i still am i cant get over her we just clicked but i was a year to short of meeting her cuz shes married to a army soldier and has a lil boy but ills till love her for ever..... i love u ashly and always will love u

  44. mytinybaby21

    lol this is to beautiful

  45. TBAKC

    now im in love with this song xD

  46. lisa pintas

    hehehe i love it yeah i thought its abt betrayal...