Lara Fabian - I Am A-Wa Lyrics

Enter the space in the dark,
Search for your own spark,
Enter this place of your whole undivided and one.
Don't pray for love and love yourself,
Don't kill your pain make it your strength,
Hear your wisdom
Calling within
Holding your every desire,
Playing with your mourning heart,
Feel all and nothing.
Nothing is life,
Inside this vacuity: your throne,
Your kingdom will be ruthless.
Your company will hurt

Most of your dreams will be shattered by a curse,
Your crimes will deny how splendid you are,
You will be human,
I'm here no fear,
I'm here no fear.

I am A-WA the light of your heart of your soul,
I am both of your memories your spirit is my own,
I am all of your senses, the strangest part.
I am your OTHER half your home!

I am A-WA the light of your heart of your soul,
I am both of your memories your spirit is my own,
I am all of your senses, the strangest part.
I am your OTHER half your home!

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Lara Fabian I Am A-Wa Comments
  1. Same Main

    One of the best and greatest her song ever.

  2. fanfan13008

    magnifique. Dommage que cette chanson n'ait pas été plus diffusée sur les ondes.

  3. Martin Ludacka

    Je těžké s tebou zůstat

  4. Zosia Mała

    never stop to love Lara's music, spectacular talent full of emotions

  5. Martin Ludacka

    Všechno Lara, všechno

  6. Martin Ludacka

    nezvládnete to bez Michaela a moc dobře to víš

  7. Jan Rygier

    It is amazing! So deep! I have discovered this song only now. I was at the Le Secret concert in Brussels, but it seems to me as if Lara did not sing it there. The song is absolutely one of the best and one of the most important. The most important is its message to listen to the wisdom that is in you and make your pain your strength in every situation that can happen. Maybe at the beginning it is difficult to understand, but the great, dramatic performance of Lara makes it rather easy. I'm surprised that this song is so little popular and that Lara did not join it with English-language albums and performances.

  8. Vicente Francisco Solis Olmos

    espectacular, simplemente espectacular

  9. ZI- RA

    Прекрасная , нежная певица .

  10. Ria Ferčáková


  11. Cristelle Bon


  12. Валя Блаженов

    Великолепная, чудесная!!!:))) любимая!!

  13. Drawde Galaxy

    Sucks! I'm the 666th like? Ah, shit. But anyway, another discovery of your musicianship here Lara...

  14. Cristián Altamirano

    Increíblemente hermosa.. No tengo palabras.. Bello .un ángel .

  15. InterntlSongChaser

    I knew much of her music, but discovered this beautiful song when I bought the (higly recommended) album "Essential Lara Fabian." Hopefully it will receive at some point as much attention as Fabian's other wonderful songs.

  16. Lindolpho Ribeiro

    Como ja foi dito num comentario um fenomeno vocal

  17. Re Rubel

    I have been watching interviews, videos, clips from shows, the whole spectrum of what's available on her. I've replayed a bunch of stuff over and over and then.... I stumbled on this. Is has got to be the most hauntingly beautiful song I've ever heard. Sincerely. I even posted it on twitter as the best 5:11 secs of my day. Soooooo glad it's in English. I have a page to translate all of her lyrics but it thrills me to hear that deep raw emotion and watching her record it is the cherry on top. Thank you for posting this!!!!!

  18. Sebastian


  19. Sebastian

    Great ..;-)

  20. Sebastian

    beautiful voice that to me Lara.

  21. Frank Birch

    Music written by Janey Clewer, and performed by Lara with Giora Linenberg on piano. Lara says in her Le Secret Casino Paris concert that this song is one of the great songs. Bravo Janey Clewer! It is haunting, quite unworldly and like no other song I have ever heard. Sublime singing from Lara!

  22. Sebastian

    Lubię ten sentymentalizm w twoich utworach i tę tęsknotę..:-)

  23. Kamila Araújo

    Meu Deus ela é incrível!!! ❤❤❤

  24. Sebastian


  25. ternitamas

    what is A WA?

    Ana Ribeiro

    ternitamas it's like the sound of the BIG Bang, its spreads 'till nowadays and will keep for billions years

  26. Yedda Christina

    What's the meaning of A-WA?

    Leehom Lam

  27. Oona Mustonen

    Wonderful. Bravo. Wish she would come on tour to Finland too.

  28. Nbel Yusf

    هل تقبلين اءن تكوني وحدكي لماذا اءنا وحيد ليس لكي الصلاة الصلاة لل تقولي الشيء لي من هو يكون اءخذ الموافقه من القبل الله الخالق العظيم لل الزواج منكي واءنتي تتركيني الوحيد في العراق المجرم السافل الحقير لكي النفوذ في الوطن الفرنسه يئتون لل اءخذي من هنا هنا العراق المجرم السافل الحقير هم الدول الاءسلام والدول العربيه والدول العلمانيه ~ لكي الصلاة الصلاة تعلمي هاذا اءني اءنسان لم تركتى' اءنسان لل وحدهو ولا اءنسانه لكم في الوطن الفرنسي لكم الجيش ولكم الاءستخبارات والمخابرات ومعكم الدول الصديقه

  29. Daniel Enrique Rojas Negrin

    Pregunto Lara. ¿Porque más lo humano, que lo comercial?. Y sé tu respuesta. Por favor, no abandones ese camino. En lo personal dos seres públicos en el mundo que admiro "Leonardo y Tú. No te envidio la responsabilidad. ÉXITOS.

  30. Mruu Mruu

    Lara you are fantastic , always!

  31. Larisa N

    The ultimate technician! What an artist! I adore her!

  32. Duquesne David

    magnifique j adore

  33. Saliha Foutal

    lara tu écris tes chansons comme un g é nie lara tu avais vue mon fils a toulonni t'a une bonne pornos la carte à vec pour moi c'est un plaisir et signature et je suis fan depuis le début je t'aime j e te souhaite une bonne fête à lou et toi et g abeille j espère un bébé ça fait beau cadeau pour toi sAliha

  34. ころてわい


  35. julia wilson


  36. payan caroline


  37. Bahar ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿


  38. cat of the night


  39. Ozzi SuperStar

    чтобы слушать Лару, надо иметь определенно, высокий уровень и глубокое понимание музыки, быть душевно развитым человеком, Лара учит в своих песнях состраданию и доброте, а также чувственному пониманию любви! Бесконечное браво!

    Frank Birch

    To the Russian: I agree 100%. I have taken the liberty of translating into English your true words, for English-speakers to understand: "to listen to Lara, we must definitely have a high level and deep understanding of music, to be a mentally developed person, Lara teaches compassion and kindness in her songs, as well as a sensual understanding of love! Infinite bravo!"

    Nikola Ankudinova

    Согласна, Лара прекрасная певица с ангельским голосом и безумна красивая женщина♥️♥️♥️

  40. Brigitta

    She is my Idol. She is amazing... a real woman. I can't wait to see her on the concert in Budapest. Awwwwwhh Love you Lara

  41. gwenaelle delattre

    J'adore ce que dégage cette harmonie entre ta voix sublime et la musique de cette chanson. Un être humain normal est obligé d'avoir des frissons 😋

  42. Danijela Vebtir


  43. bisirina1

    Это божественно!!! Лара непревзойденная!!!

  44. Libor Volf

    Who are you Lara? Angel or daemon music? More than anything else, beautiful woman and brilliant singer. Unreal and superb composition. Wow... I love...

  45. Nino ამირეზაშვილი

    Ce qui est bon!!!!..... ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ LARAAAAA!!!!!!!... ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥

    Lindolpho Ribeiro

    Lara fabian a maior cantora pop lirics do mundo

  46. genic

    une Déesse .....

  47. Marcha Doughm

    she's so beautiful

  48. sedarth sed

    i love you  lara fabian

  49. 7mary86

    Ma che cos'è questa canzone?!?! La meraviglia, madòòòò! <3

  50. Jennifer chouchou

    C'est ma chanson préférée
    Lara ♥ notre ange

  51. TITIRI

    Beautiful !

    Saliha Foutal

    lara une voix de cette fois coupable j'ai eu des frissons sAliha

  52. Leonardo Di Nino

    Does anyone know what "A WA" means?

    oooooo ooooooo

    It means, As We Are

    Астролог live

    No. Not in this song.

    Carla Virgínia

    @Ден Сорокин I don't know what is your language.. but I liked what you know about the expression in this song. How do you know about it?

    Астролог live

    I read about it in one of the famous Russian site.

    Kestrels Call

    The sounds of the Big Bang, and other equivalents.Theresore to it, but that's the gist.

    Another person asked, and someone posted a very helpful link as a response.

  53. Atef. Akef.Tifuor


  54. 2105galina

    Super! BRAVO!

  55. Pierre Lamia

    Tu donne des frison

  56. Susana Sargo

    Simply the best singer of this world ! Amazing song ! Just perfect ♥

  57. Andrzej Sati

    so deeply moving !

  58. aime lara

    Sublime pas d'autres mots  <3

  59. chatrudy

    quelle belle musique et la voix!  Lara Lara... je suis tuoche veaiment.  merci!

  60. Sad Melody

    Her voice like stream.....

  61. Qahtan Adnan

    Check out the best melody and songs by Lara fabian voice.

  62. Lara Fabian Montréal

    Superbe vidéo! Magnifique chanson! Merci Lara et son équpe!

  63. Carolynecd

    Enregistré à Montréal?!?! Wowwww! Quelle belle voix et quelles belles paroles.. c'est un hit assuré!!!! Woow Merci pour le partage et Merci Lara!!!

  64. chambre211

    She was PERFECT at Carnegie Hall..!

  65. oooooo ooooooo

    Amazing song. I look forward to seeing you at Carnegie Hall on the 27th December. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  66. Fakihat AL Hob

    your voice is amazing

  67. Vladimir Murin

    Красивое видео, Лара здесь живая, настоящая, а не икона. Как всегда - великолепна! Сильный голос, которым она мастерски владеет! В этом видео Лара не просто певица, но и женщина с большой буквы! На её лице отражаются искренние чувства, она волнуется. переживает, улыбается, сомневается! Это - свойства эмоционального и талантливого человека! Браво!

    Nikola Ankudinova

    Vladimir Murin Лара прекрасна как всегда♥️♥️♥️

  68. pamelaspb

    Lara siempre me eriza la piel cuando la escucho cantar y hacer todo con tanta pasión en la música, es realmente maravilloso todo lo que hace sería un sueño que algún día viniera a Chile... 

    Veronica Peralta



    Hola Veronica!! sii yo también la adoro, es de verdad la mejor cantante del planeta :) saludos!!

  69. Надежда Васильева

    восхитительно, в исполнении Лары столько мощи и огня. Браво




    Como siempre magistral!!!! Bellísima, también nos gustaría verte personalmente por PERÚ.!!! ;


    y no???

    Daniel Enrique Rojas Negrin

    Y por Venezuela. Es más, por Latino américa y el Caribe. Tanta calidad y coherencia, pocas veces vistas. Y Lara no es bella, es SUBLIME. Más espíritu, mente y fe. Que cuerpo.


    Esta canción es increíble y perfecta de voz Lara Fabian es la cantante mas poderosa de este universo una voz perfecta armónica y sobre todo muy bella te queremos en españa

  73. Savas Dincel

    was für eine stimme was für eine perfekte frau... ich liebe dich lara....