Lanegan, Mark - Pentacostal Lyrics

Down so long now Jesus
You know I been down so long
Far turned out and freezing
Won't you carry my body home

This is why I came
To live a life in a day
With a fire in my head

Who's got the keys to the workhouse?
Satan has locked the door
Got no wings to take us
Up off of that killing floor

Is this why you came?
To handle a snake
And wear a new starry crown

There's no phoenix rising
To a mansion up on the hill
This albatross I'm riding
Is a train just standing still

This is how I came
With a stench and a stain
To be washed in the blood

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Lanegan, Mark Pentacostal Comments
  1. ged C

    You don't piss about at heavenly records do ya?top guitarist is duke n lano is

  2. pao cap

    Wow...Reminds me of something about Bruce Palmer's mysterious album, although many years have passed since 'The Cycle is complete' ...
    Who knows ... maybe it was in the memories of Mark & Dave.

  3. Dave Milk

    nothing but goodness here

  4. JLBlack74

    Blues for the Apocalypse...

  5. handsomerube

    this is scary good...

  6. Mahavishnu80

    love black pudding. yum!

  7. Nick Peloso

    love this deep down soul felt callabo by two of musics original"s

  8. Danyal Elia

    Beautiful !!

  9. Joel Maudsley

    This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard

  10. David Gammon

    fucking awesome !!

  11. MrDudeThing

    tonight free entrance in lugano (CH)

  12. thermovag

    To the people who dislike this song.... "You've got to have your pudding"

  13. Marek Jason Isleib

    Very funny! :)

  14. vapor9699


  15. Phaedra389

    Is would be lovely if it didn't have Garwood 's tuneless and annoying guitar on it. He ruins this and turns it into yet another of his self indulgent dirges

  16. Nicolas Merli

    lyrics (for an italian fan)??

  17. Lethstewmark

    Have pre-ordered this album. Have been really impressed with all the extracts I have heard.

  18. septicbro

    This will be my next purchase, as far as music goes. Refreshing, in its darkness.

  19. Zembacz

    New Lanegan, new Queens. Crazy year.

  20. Vitaly Artemov

    Хорошо !

  21. gvanha41

    Alright, WTF? One Dislike? Seriously? Who was that?

  22. exeveche Sombre

    Mark lanegan is an absolute ,overlooked by many,walking musical gem.i never liked the screaming trees stuff mainly cause I thought the rest of the band where really holding him back from becoming truly great and as soon as he left them and did qotsa and especially his solo stuff he became awesome.and as someone once said on here one day he will become the new Tom waits.I wonder if Tom feels the same

  23. nickthelick


  24. lildovette

    LOVE this!

  25. petemoedertje

    Awesome !!!

  26. Clemens Stubbe

    Fuck, how did I not know about this until now? I've been waiting anxiously for a new Lanegan album, and this is promises even more than I could ever hope for.

  27. Heavenly Recordings

    We now have the pre-order links in our video description!

  28. Heavenly Recordings

    We now have pre-order links in our video description! Hope this helps!

  29. ChienJaune01

    My thought exactly.

  30. Rute Paredes

    jesus christ on a Fender! this is pretty darn amazing. Lanegan's voice is so deep and gravely I feel I'm falling head first into a dark, bottomless pit ... and I mean that in the best possible way. thanks so much for sharing.

  31. brunoropre

    i think the same

  32. puella terribillis


  33. prozak g


  34. James Jefferys

    A bit uneventful, to be honest. Relaxing and dulling, but I don't think that's what I keep Mark Lanegan close to me for!

  35. shoegazed

    Gorgeous. Looking forward to this album.

  36. Fallinldols

    odd i thought it was killer first time hearing duke garwood. like im thinking this is one of the most original tones iv ever heard on acoustic guitar. i looked up "may i rumble" and you have the same comment on there as you do on here. looks like your just a hater cause hes not even remotely bad.

  37. Martha Langston

    Seconding MatguasBrux - when and where can this be pre-ordered? Must have.

  38. minoassk

    Great staff to get us going

  39. Notaravisen

    This is indeed "heavenly"!

  40. Michał Pawlikowski

    It is Great. Mark is one of my favorite singers. Duke is perfect guitarist and singer as well. Simply perfect.

  41. C2H60



    Listening...awesome, thank you

  43. Rikki Smith

    Fuck yeah.

  44. daan hendriks

    Nice one again!

  45. schralpthepow

    Tre cool. Thanks

  46. nickthelick

    Fuck yeah! Mark & Duke, finally! About time! =OD
    Been waiting for 4 or 5 years now... Ever since Duke (or rather, Luke) Garwood told me about this in 2007/2008...
    Awesome awesome awesome. Looking forward to May for the release. Woohooo!
    Yup, I'm happy all right! =O)