Lanegan, Mark - Brompton Oratory Lyrics

Up those stone steps I climb
Hail this joyful day's return
Into its great shadowed vault I go
Hail the Pentecostal morn

The reading is from Luke 24
Where Christ returns to his loved ones
I look at the stone apostles
Think that it's alright for some

And I wish that I was made of stone
So that I would not have to see
A beauty impossible to define
A beauty impossible to believe

A beauty impossible to endure
The blood imparted in little sips
The smell of you still on my hands
As I bring the cup up to my lips

No God up in the sky
No devil beneath the sea
Could do the job that you did, baby
Of bringing me to my knees

Outside I sit on the stone steps
With nothing much to do
Forlorn and exhausted, baby
By the absence of you

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Lanegan, Mark Brompton Oratory Comments
  1. Simone Cama

    Che meraviglia..

  2. Proloco SalviAmo



    bellissima, ma non sarà mai come la versione di Cave, uno dei miei pezzi preferiti nella storia della for everybody

  4. Rivera

    Raw, beautiful

  5. lubos elias

    Bože, Mark.... to je nádhera. Oh My Good, Mark.... Beautiful

  6. Timmy Pulma

    I love nick cave but I think lanegan does this one better (a rare example of a cover been superior)

  7. reymont cantil

    its great when a cover reminds you how great a song really is, reinforces its lyric and melody, lifts the poetry back up on the shelf, to be admired but maybe with a few more people who just didn't know beautiful it was after all.

  8. Alina P.

    Great version! I didn't know that Lanegan covered it. Nice!

  9. Tiago Martins

    really beautiful

  10. Giuseppe Ceddia

    addirittura più bello dell'originale di Cave...

    Vincenzo Pasculli

    +Giuseppe Ceddia Sottocrivo


    Pienamente d’accordo

  11. gemainchains

    i feel like walking through heaven's gates while listening to this song

  12. F. Hawk

    great song

  13. fabian gimenez

    ARGENTINA love's you and wait for you come

  14. unEquinosubacqueo


  15. Arsyears8

    che pezzo ... wonderful ...

  16. Orlando Batista Neto

    Man! Its Beaultifull. *-*

  17. Anita Milicevic

    <3 gorgeous <3