Lana Del Rey - Hollywood Lyrics

One day my hoops will be made of diamonds
And my knuckles made of real gold
I'll spend my days gettin' high with all my friends
In the glamorous and green old part of Hollywood

Summer rise, I'm a supernova
Body electric and I dance like Morrison
When the night begins, baby comes alive again

In Hollywood
In Hollywood
In Hollywood
In Hollywood
I'm alive again
I'm alive again

One day I'll drive in a gold Mercedes Benz
Singing opera on Bel Air road
Hair to my ass we'll be flying in the wind
Shootin' heroin and speedballs.

See the sea, I'm a supernova,
I walk on water and I dance like Joplin
When the sun descends, I dive into the waves again

In Hollywood
In Hollywood
In Hollywood
In Hollywood
I'm alive again
I'm alive again

Oh my ca-can ya' see me
Oh oh my heart beating fast
I can feel it chasing in the speed lights
I was built to last
Oh oh, ca-can ya' feel that
Oh oh my heart shaking fast
I can feel that you're the one for me
You'll be my first, and you'll be my last

In Hollywood
In Hollywood
In Hollywood
In Hollywood
I'm alive again
I'm alive again
I'm alive again
I'm alive again

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Lana Del Rey Hollywood Comments
  1. memo del rey

    It's just perfect 😍

  2. Fatima Jn


  3. Jessica Green

    Once again.... Thank you sooooooooo much +Sneha Haldankar for this video (and the other unreleased ones!!!). Bless you!... Oh and I have a "request" (hoping you can help): do you think you would able to upload "Dum Dum" in its genuine version ( not like all the pitched ones wr can find)? It would be such such such a delight ! I crave to listen to it unpitched again (we used to find it rond here on YT, but not anymore). Could you???

  4. Alíenigena X

    Nicest Early 80s vibes

  5. Anna young

    I cannot believe this isn’t officially released . She just creates masterpieces and they aren’t released . This is bananas .



  7. J. K. V. Voorhees

    I just remembered this song again after a long time and omg it’s so good. Im so sad it’s not officially released and on Spotify

  8. Animal finatic

    I love how versatile she is. A true artist.

  9. Dionne Eckstein

    Anyone else on a marathon of her unreleased 😍😍 this one will always be one of my favs

  10. blacklvrose

    THANK YOU!!!

  11. Roxanne Alexandra

    can lana just predict my future

  12. potato Girl

    this been stuck in my head ALL DAY :D

  13. kczxj

    why this song is unreleased? :((((

  14. Mckenzie Wax

    Why can’t she release this😍😍😍this is one of my fav songs by her

  15. Maria Clara

    How can i download this song?

  16. so long ago so clear

    The bridge is perfect (even with the scratch..)

  17. Melanie Brown

    I wish this could be on Spotify :(

    Gina Scoffin

    omg you can dl it to spotify!

    Melanie Brown

    Gina Scoffin you can?!

  18. lolita lemons

    Does anyone remember the fast version?

  19. Linda Davison

    I hope this gets on her new album..... it’s amazing! I love her 😍

    Migue Skoka

    Lynda Davidson it didnt :( Maybe for white hot forever

    Valentina Evans

    This is an unreleased. She recorded this in 2012, so, it wont be in White Hot Forever. But it would hit in Born To Die

    Migue Skoka

    Valentina Evans look what happened with Black Beauty and TNBAR

  20. Eu Tenho um Palpite Thayna Sousa Limas

    Brasil is a 2019 at...11:10 Hours

  21. Audrey Cabrera

    If u a real Lana fan then u would listen to her unreleased songs 24/7

    sad valentine

    Audrey Cabrera no girl you listen to both

  22. Cinnamon Boy

    This is so dark and psicodelic.
    And Glamorous of course


    White Lines 😍😍


    “psicodelic” gurl....... i am tired

  23. Gabriel Santos

    Fucking music 😍😍😍😍

  24. Maria MM

    That zoom on the pic tho

  25. Pedro Pimenta #StreamK-12

    2:41 Lana invented PC Music. A. G. Cook is SHOOK

  26. Paula Lopez

    This song make me dance!

  27. kingjay239

    Wow I’m shook. First time hearing it and I love it.

  28. Εβελινα Αγγελου

    This should have been on Paradise

  29. brittney robinson

    Lana is a whole moodd😍😍

  30. Nicholas Troutman

    Hair to my ass we'll be flyin in the wind shooting heroin and speedballs 😆😜

  31. Chris Altieri

    This would've killed on born to die

    Pablo Duck

    Or Paradise ep🙄

    Matthew Roman

    It was made after Born to Die

  32. Beautiful Viv

    I love how she breaks the word "diamonds" into 3 syllabus 💎

  33. Stefano Madeline

    Best Song EVER!

  34. Clara

    This song gives me such cinematic imagery. I feel like I'm riding a convertible in the 50s/60s in a very sunny day, even though the song sounds pretty much like New Wave. I guess it's the lyrics, which I particularly love. The only thing I'd change on it, it's the drugs references, and the "hair to my ass" part which it could be replaced with "hair to my back" lol. I guess I'm a bit of a conservative, but as a huge Lana fan, I think her songs needs to be flawless and totally dreamy.

  35. aitami

    this song fits so well with AHS Hotel season soundtrack 😱😍

  36. Nico nan

    Becouse of this song i fell in love with Hollywood

  37. Brandon W


  38. Diamond girl

    I love you❤

  39. Abigail Ramirez

    She needs to release this in an album 😫💓😫💓😫💓🤩

  40. Bhavya Kumari


  41. AJRA

    Honestly, electronic music is quite suiting for Lana’s voice. I hope she tries her hand at Vaporwave, Synth-Pop, and Alternative Dance. Washed Out, Resonance, Rüfüs du Sol, Twin Shadow, Cashmere Cat, and Bastille would be great for her.

  42. John Del Ferro

    This song seems perfect for driving a car at hot Summer night near the Ocean. 😍

  43. Игровой канал ДАБЛАЕБ

    I can listen it infinitely

  44. Игровой канал ДАБЛАЕБ

    Just perfect.

  45. Mike Fatone

    She needs an entire album in this style.

    Mckenzie Wax

    Yes omg I’d be so happy

  46. Kate Miller

    This song gives me mf chills every time FUCLSKSI

  47. elora game

    “oh ca-can ya hear me” eventually put in without you😭




    I love when she does that.

    potato Girl

    same with "lights camera accion"! I love how she uses elements from her oldies haha


    Also she reused “remedies for memories” from tired of singing the blue

  48. instagram: Polancoas

    Sounds like Shakira "Las de la intuición" song

  49. erica West

    She literally predicted the future ugh her mind


    erica West she actually did, she made this before 80 90s vibe was back in the music industry, then there was the weeknd’s era where 80 90s vibe was back on trend, which i think this song would be a hit.

    Pretty Little Liars

    She made this post fame lol But she did predict it with A Star For Nick

  50. Usman Ahsan

    I love her so much. But I live in Pakistan so no way to ever gonna meet her :(

    Snaily Kitten

    Usman Ahsan if you study abroad you can. In Europe for example

    Mango Morrison

    I live in Canada and I’ll never see her because she only goes to big cities 😂

  51. Matty Cheww

    I’m obsessed with the glitch part ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚

    Sneha Haldankar

    Matty Cheww me as well ❤

    John Nowinski

    I think the glitch part is so the song doesn’t get copy written or removed I don’t think it’s part of the song haha 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Rico Canales

    I love the glitch so much.

    Kassio Nilo

    @John Nowinski yea but it's still iconic and fits so good everybody loves it hauhah


    1 hour loop of glitch part, please

  52. Melanie Bitsilly

    Omg i Love this I’m sharing it💛

  53. Miley Cyrus

    This sounds so good 😍

  54. Mitsu

    Why does it glitch like that near the end? On SoundCloud it does too

    Sneha Haldankar

    Mitsu maybe bc it's not officially released. Unreleased are leaked.

    Melanie Enjilian

    Lenaura Vendetta what do you mean it was yours?

    Isa Van Dijk

    Lenaura Vendetta how did u get it?

    Isa Van Dijk

    Lenaura Vendetta pls respond I’ve always been curious

    Isa Van Dijk

    Lenaura Vendetta lol you’re lying if you’re cousins with her you wouldn’t be putting it everywhere, maybe you wish you were her cousin lol.

  55. Angry Commenter

    Beautiful song

  56. lizzy del rey

    I’ve never heard this unreleased song till instagram and I’m in love

  57. Alexis Rose

    Fuck, she's a god damn artist.

  58. Christian Silva

    Can she make a whole album with same elements. This sound like an 80’s bop

    Sneha Haldankar

    Christian Silva these are her unreleased songs.
    I hope she release them one day.
    These are diamonds and pearls.

    sad valentine

    Sneha Haldankar she’s planning to :D

  59. vevo music

    I love it! best unreleased ♥

  60. Matteus Marietto

    her best unreleased song

    lisa brouwer

    Matt Barros so sad its unreleased... cant Unserstand that :(


    I love this song and Television Heaven equally, I cant pick with is my fave :(

  61. Edgar Allan

    Finally i found it, thank youuu

  62. Mehul Sindhu

    Sneha ji u are uploading nice videos but as I see your channel is not so popular I was also facing the same problem will u like to work with me on your channel to make it popular