LaMontagne, Ray - Write You A Letter Lyrics

If I told you how I'm feeling
And how my heart was always reeling
Then maybe you could understand me a little better
If I was to write you a letter

And if I told you how I worry
Isn't how I always seem to hurry
And maybe you would understand me a little better
If I was to write you a letter

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LaMontagne, Ray Write You A Letter Comments
  1. javier alvarez

    Goin November 22 to C this Living legend in L.A..cnt wait

  2. Mark Harris

    Great song! Enough said!

  3. Faizan Alvi

    this song in James morrisons voice

  4. Jack Jammen

    Ray LaMontagne's artistic talent, lyrics and voice transcends all genres.

  5. VintageGal2

    This song fucking rules ☮💕

  6. matheus fernando nunes

    who is the photo's girl?

  7. James Hartley

    has anyone figured out the chords for this?

  8. Dana B

    Wish I could download this song. I love it

  9. Betty Guest

    Beautiful ~

  10. Luisa Collins

    His early work, not available,  wish I could buy the CD's...I don't mean pirated.
    I have too much respect for the man that does this, and brings so much joy to my life.  Thanks Ray, stay true.

  11. Sara

    This song, a couple of candles and a glass of wine....

    Teddy Salad



    "... a glass of wine...."

    I think that is what I read...


    Most certainly! Throw all that in after a good massage....Heaven!

  12. Luan Ribeiro

    Lindíssimo! :D

  13. S Swenderman

    Please Please freakin write me a letter...make it anynomous if needed and send with a broken pen...I need something from you that tells me you care and I should hold on...thats all I need. Just a lil something.

  14. thisistedwells

    My all time favorite Ray song, I can just listen to it over and over

  15. sebbythecrabby

    @daathmoi hahaha no thumbs up so far... I sense some dishonesty :P

  16. UsandEveryoneWeKnow

    @angiesamoa Hahahahaaaa thanks for pointing that out. You've made my day!

  17. L Saechao

    @cdrock00 seriously! i had to click on the link to see what kind of comments were made, lol.

  18. TianTian

    Compvidz is a troll。。。Just look at the comments on his page hahahahaha

  19. lovethemack

    Ray is very talented!

  20. lovethemack

    @compvidz for 1, ) The term Elevator Music refers to the gentle instrumental arrangements of popular music designed for playing in public spaces. Plus since this type of music seems to be far beyond your scope PLEASE stop making juvenile and moronic comments under the videos.
    maybe get your website back online or post some tutorials that aren't laughingly beginnerish and dont advocate illegally pirating copyrighted dvds lol

  21. Marie Griffin

    @gregarious24 lol

  22. Rory Grant

    What are you guys talking about? juicyjuicepussy epitomizes the music of ray montagne and his impact on society.

  23. TonyisManic

    @angiesamoa we can see who uploaded porn when it was still around on YT, lol

  24. Ang

    @gillmanandsoame huh? What are you talking about?

  25. Ang

    Your right. Maybe I will know too, when i turn 50. Must not have a sense of humor. That will change, pray for 80.

  26. sally dillard

    must be young........ That will change.....

  27. DC L

    Great song, but horrible screenname for the poster!

  28. Sharolt Kicsi

    no words for this song

  29. Ang

    It's funny that 'juicyjuicypussy' posted this lol.

  30. Hube Garnie

    Ray Lamontagne is really a rare breed not seeing since the sixties with a soulful voice not heard in a while. His music takes me back to an era when my innocence was still intact and the troubles of the world were nothing but a distant foreign language.

  31. Kurt Zimmerman

    actually man, this is one of ray's earlier works (pre-Trouble) that can be found on some of his demos floating around the internet. but ya man, he always delivers, totaly looking forward to that new album.