LaMontagne, Ray - All The Wild Horses Lyrics

All the wild horses
All the wild horses
Tethered with tears in their eyes
May no man's touch ever tame you
May no man's reins ever chain you
And may no man's weight ever lay freight your soul
And as for the clouds
Just let them roll
Roll away
Roll away
As for the clouds
Just let them roll
Roll away
Roll away

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LaMontagne, Ray All The Wild Horses Comments
  1. Vincent Lebeau

    Effectivement district 31!

  2. marie-claire Ferland

    Magnifique CHANSON QUI À JOUER À district 31 wow quel belle chanson ..merci

  3. Carole Andy

    Une très belle découverte merci district 31

  4. Gilles M

    Merci à "District 31" pour cette belle découverte. ;-)

    My-riam D

    Même chose pour moi !

    Chris Happyboy

    La musique était vraiment bien appropriée a cette dernière scène de District 31 :)

  5. Enchanted Healing

    All the wild horses
    All the wild horses
    Tell her with tears in their eyes
    May no man's touch ever tame you
    May no man's reigns ever chain you
    And may no man's weight ever defrayed your soul
    And as for the clouds
    Just let them roll
    Roll away
    Roll away
    As for the clouds
    Just let them roll
    Roll away
    Roll away***


  6. Disciple Unto End Times

    My life is in shambles and I felt a good sob to this song it’s been on repeat for days.

  7. Joseph Cassidy

    Rescue me brought me here

  8. Onebroth

    Anyone who drives by a paddock of horses and doesn’t say horses is a psychopath.

  9. Joyless J

    Just the most beautiful song ever.

  10. Sherri Morris

    I love you Sean

  11. Nitesh Mathur

    Heard this song today while watching the movie 'L'ascension'.
    It is such a true song, right from the heart.
    Love the stillness in Ray's voice. This belongs at the top of my favourites.

  12. David Cooks

    Really beautiful song

  13. Fabiola Exergonica

    Rescue Me brought me here

  14. Dev T

    literally just cried listening to this

  15. Cristea Valeriu

    I put a hand on my jaw and listen and think and listen again...

  16. Libby Anne

    Would love to hear Cat Power cover this song ❤️

  17. Anusha

    This just made me cry 😢

  18. Ken Brown

    Prey for my little pup. He's in the hospital right now. I miss him so much

  19. claudio rossi


  20. Eileen Gallagher

    This song makes me cry for days gone by

  21. Rowan Higgins

    Beautiful x for all those no longer here, with love x

  22. Sands of time

    It's a beautiful song that is so well sung. How about the people who engineered and recorded it. A shout out to you, Kudos, an excellent job.

  23. Smiling Dead

    So beautiful

  24. Akane Y

    Too short! I could listen to this song all the time ❤

  25. Ellie Hughes

    Amazing so simple yet breathtaking

  26. Delaney Ales

    This song makes me think of running through a giant field, with forest surrounding it, feeling the wind flow through my hair and watching as the sun sets, so beautiful

  27. Sisir Lurus

    I knew this song from L'ascension. ...I imagined listening this song when climb up to top of Himalaya....

    kiko saenz

    yo lo escuche en venecia amigo llore

  28. Elaine Dwyer

    Love his music. One of my very favorite artists. He looks so much like my late husband. ❤️

  29. Damien Gerard

    i keep on listening to this song, it is an all time classic, one of the best tunes ever made. love it

  30. I am Jaguar Paw! This is MY forest!

    OK...Be honest: How many of us are here because of a porn site? (Awesome song!)

  31. Shark Attack


  32. warren atherton

    just beautiful

  33. The Keepers

    This Sounds Like It should Be At The End Of Pearl harbor haha

  34. maxime Ruby

    "l'Ascension" :)

  35. Wes Fulgham

    Well, I needed to cry like a baby today.

  36. Tiffany h

    Found this on Rescue Me, ugh saddest scene ever.

  37. Maia Jintcharadze

    აბა, ეგეთი სევდიანი სიმღერები შეიძლება?!

  38. MelodiousGloomyGecko

    The moment has arrived. I just became a fangirl! (A first for me) .. ohh How his voice aches, and speaks and how his expression of music leaves a note of need in my bones.

  39. Bojan Bozovic

    heard it in Rescue me... we need more music like this... thank you Ray

  40. Marie Norris

    Need CC for lyrics. Unfortunately I have some lose. Love the voice and music I do hear! Fan for live!

  41. Kia 225

    My dad is obsessed with this song. It's so beautiful, we played at my grandfathers funeral when he past

  42. Gillian DeVaal

    I've listened to around 10 of his songs at this point. and my god I can say every second has been achingly beautiful

    SONIC FOXX MUSIC have so much to look forward to....WELCOME..."achingly beautiful"..loving that...have you heard CAN I STAY yet...or OLD BEFORE YOUR TIME..or......WINTER BIRDS, oh, how could i have missed that.

    Gillian DeVaal

    SONIC FOXX MUSIC...(D.N.A... Developing New Artists) i haven't... but I will now!

    Aidan Lyons

    SONIC FOXX MUSIC...(D.N.A... Developing New Artists)

    Bill Shane

    Achingly beautiful is such a great term and very fitting. Be sure to check out Empty Pages, Beg Steal or Borrow, Old Before Your Time and Sarah.

  43. JayDee

    let them just roll away!

  44. Lydia Evelyn

    Playing this song during my weds

  45. Shannon Bridgewater

    lovely song but it's sad

    andrew miller

    Shannon Bridgewater don't feel sad if you feel it your alive

  46. S C

    Such a great song!  It makes me feel relaxed and calm and reminds me that everything will be alright!

  47. Naomi Verret

    My God...<3

  48. Johnny Threefour

    lol there's a series of porn videos featuring older women stripping and masturbating that plays this song over all their videos.

    Johnny Threefour

    @Eugene Song

    Laser Mayonnaiser

    @Johnny Threefour Nice granny action bruh

    Johnny Threefour

    @Cameron Peterson
    Dont call me bruh again

    H'ghar Jaqen

    @Johnny Threefour why bruh?

    Johnny Threefour

    To be honest it's not really the word bruh I hate, it's just being talked to by people who have a lot of video game footage on their channel. It's like being talked to by a loser faggot. No offense. @Blase Taylor

  49. El Capitan

    This really hits the gut doesn't it.

  50. Robin D

    I cry when I listen to this song. I understand something in this song that is personal to me so thank you Ray.

  51. Jane Currie

    ray this song chills my bones to the freeze, beautiful, emotional, and I want more, this track just bangs me right in the face, what a lovley journey, thank you x


    i could not agree with you more.

    patrick Squarepants

    ill bang you in the face


    Good thing it doesn't bang you somewhere else lol

  52. Robina L

    This is such a beautiful song. It brings out the raw pain that exists in all of us, every living being. Like wild animals, we don't want to be tainted or harmed. Our innocence is such a fragile thing and it can be taken from us. This song brings tears to my eyes every time!


    Robina, I think I friggin' LOVE you... XO (PEACE TO YOU!...)


    super jolie chanson , je suis un fan absolu

  54. lepsu0176

    All I  know to say is wow.  what a soothing song

  55. taahism

    +ddadavey I know this is 2 yrs late but your response to +Alex Adami was Hilarious! Can't you just see clowns fat suit and all SLOWLY rolling away! Lol

  56. Isaac Smith

    I could cry every time I listen to this, haha.

  57. Roxanne Santori

    This is such a soothing song you can close your eyes to and breath after a loss.

    Roxanne Santori

    Thank you. Just keep this song near your heart :)

    Rowan Higgins

    One of my late ones favourite albums xx

  58. Brigitte Hacker

    Aus dem Film : Zurück ins Leben

  59. M Brontë

    wow, nice!

  60. 2010yohnny

    Such a boring music artist

    Tiago Pereira

    Well i found this today and i gotta say im really likin so far

  61. appletra

    what a beautiful song

  62. Evelyn Gauvin

    no wonder Sawyer loves your singing you have soul

  63. Varonika

    I can see why Sawyer likes him so much... never heard of Ray until The Voice..

  64. A.M. Manthey

    so silent ; but real wild

  65. Alright Kidder

    Like your name mate ☺ where you from ? I'm from Carlow living in Toronto

  66. Billy E

    Listen to him during my hard break up.

  67. Sarah Mathis

    This song is truly amazing.

  68. Kaley Johnson

    First time I heard this song I cried. No joke. I can't even begin to explain how amazing this song is. But, this is truly one of my favorites💛 Always will be.

    terresa williams

    Dëbbîë Āñdrîā me2 debbie. love ray x

    Mister Lackey

    I think about my father when I hear this song. For years he loved to break and ride horses, but eventually settled for motorcycles -- he loved to ride. And that's how he was taken from us. Semper fi pater, numquam obliviscar


    Same here. Bawled my eyes out and then listened to it on repeat.

    Joseph Dane

    I love it when that happens. Don't be embarrassed to feel things. I used to cry on the subway/bus when I heard a beautiful song.

  69. The ALine

    Thumbs way up! Gorgeous!!!

  70. Debra .Lawes

    potential flagship song for wild horse rescue peeps.

  71. Christina Fisk

    I relate to the sweetness and the sadness of trying to be a wild horses and all alone and society not let them be them be their selves as always we cry to be our selves and fight with our hearts to be our selves the ones that have a strong heart and a wild spirit society leave us alone stop want us to change why aren't u letting us be who we are. Loving, tender and a heart of gold and the awesomeness of being respectful and dealing with all kinds of the ones that tried to keep us in control. Let us be let us live and u live up own concept of being political correct. Let us be free, free. ...

  72. Ethan Ziesing

    I really appreciate your music Ray!

  73. Brady Chamber$

    Okay I am being completely honest, I found this song because of a porno I watched. This song played through the whole video.

    December Girl

    Brady Chamber$ LMAOOOO 😂

    Éxsule fília Evæ

    Brady Chamber$ what the actual f*ck dude? :D

    Joseph Pastusek

    Brady Chamber$ lmao what the fuck.

    demos cratos brexit now

    @Tiago Pereira ha ha me too 3 yrs later.

    demos cratos brexit now

    @Brady Chamber$ the film is 'attractive English mature babe strips' length 7.07 on xhamster lol

  74. Lloyd Norwood

    Hauntingly beautiful.

  75. Barry Hunt

    Some real music from a real musician with real talent 

  76. Albert Wisenauer

    people who own horses often are quite cruel to i like this song in a literal sense...and for its artistic value as well...FUCK THE DRESSAGE WORLD

  77. Bret Fisher


  78. johnwisneski

    Resuce me.. conner Gavan... sad part


    Connor Gavin.. ;) But yea, bad ending for that episode.. =(


    yea it is brother

  79. James Gormley

    This man's musi is of the purist American form. He is our Schubert.

  80. Brianne Gonzalez

    what a simple yet powerful song, just beautiful. makes me almost tear up no matter how many times I hear it

  81. Gina Knievel

    Brings tears to your eyes. The words are so true. Beautiful!

  82. Kevin McCarthy


  83. Kevin McCarthy


  84. Pam Binion

    All the wild horses
    All the wild horses
    Tell her with tears in their eyes
    May no man's touch ever tame you
    May no man's reigns ever chain you
    And may no man's weight ever defrayed your soul
    And as for the clouds
    Just let them roll
    Roll away
    Roll away
    As for the clouds
    Just let them roll
    Roll away
    Roll away


    @Jafafa Hots I agree...defrayed is past tense and would not make sense with the tense of all the other verbs in the song... although it sounds like that is what he is saying...I too think it's lay freight.

    Albert Wisenauer

    wrong lyrics...nice try though

    Jafafa Hots

    Look around at how many hear it as "defrayed." All over the net. Clearly it IS hard for some to hear.

    Austin Weber

    @Jafafa Hots Also, it just makes sense that it would be freight, as in a load or burden. 

    O Mary

    I think it's "deflate your soul" because that makes sense with the rest of the line, i.e. no man's weight. Defrayed is a financial term that means to put off the costs of something and it's also in the past tense: just doesn't fit in any way. Ray's one of those rare intelligent songwriters-like leonard cohen-who pays attention to his analogies and metaphors and doesn't mix them or throw out meaningless ones. Not typically anyway, though I can't say I've listened to all his songs. But I'm going with "deflate" because it makes sense like the rest of the lines before it (touch/tame reins/chains).

  85. katia fry

    Such a gifted man.  The songs and the voice delivering them take me to a peaceful place and just plain make me feel good.

  86. Tomas Arrey

    Too cool ya. Man😊

  87. Erin Mahady

    Everything about this song is absolute beauty. This gives me hope that not all music today is complete crap. :)

  88. Floppy Bob

    I live 42.2 miles from his house.

    The Keepers

    Floppy Bob that's to cool dude . You must live out in the middle of nowhere?

    Bonnie Nash


    Z Licious

    And wild horses couldn't tear you apart

  89. blues713317

    Noooo kate... I.m.o. = in my opinion

  90. Jordan Dudenhoeffer

    27 people really need to get their heads checked. This song is perfect.

  91. Katelyn Olivia

    I listen to this song every night as I fall asleep. It makes me feel so calm :)

    Jamie Crosmas

    I could come sing it for you if you like:)

  92. Katelyn Olivia

    This song has such a beautiful meaning to it


    I heard this song as background of a porn video with elegant British ladies stripping. I still can't understand all the lyrics, I think its really beautiful, what is the singer saying?

    Tawanda Mawushe

    @varigdc10 Beautiful picture you've painted there. Lol

    Jared Keltz

    You win all the comments. All of them.


    @Jared Keltz Thank you, but its really true, saw a video of beautiful British ladies stripping, nothing hardcore but a soft core strip, nothing more, but really done in style and good taste.  

  93. blues713317

    What's this, imo crap lol. Just speak your mind. You don't have to defend or justify yourself by adding, imo at the end of something you wrote.