Lamb Of God - A Warning Lyrics

I'm a monster so don't walk my way.
Don't trust my smile my teeth are like knives.
I'll drag you down & suck you dry.
Don't laugh at my jokes- the punchline is murder.
Don't enjoy my touch, every caress hides a chokehold.
I'm only happy when I've ruined everything I see.
Believe everything you've ever heard about me- suck it up.
If you see me coming don't stop, just turn & walk the other way.
I will not lie about what I have done, I will not lie about what I will do to you, the sweat of my exertion is pure poison, I'm hell...

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Lamb Of God A Warning Comments
  1. Jack hendron

    "Argghhhh ahhh rawrrrr!!!"
    -Every Lamb of God song ever.

  2. cassidy pagan

    the golden age.

  3. Ramiro Villalobos


  4. Hayden E.

    2 and a half minutes well spent.

  5. Kyle Baldrich

    I remember seeing them live in the early 2000's in Atlanta and they would open with "A Warning" and it's been a favorite of mine ever since

  6. Mid Middleton

    Fuck the hebrew god. Till Valhalla. Also. This album rocks the Fuk out!

  7. mike tant

    This album helped find my new favorite band, right after PANTERA!! 🤘🏻 CFH

  8. Alex Ferus

    awesome Metal \m/

  9. EddieTheHead666

    Me acuerdo, cuando escuchaba a full este disco, que buena banda....

  10. Salkuv Jahbahleasemahn

    1:13 lamb of god goes cannibal corpse on us :P