Lake Street Dive - Jameson Lyrics

Is it sad that I don't even remember your name
'Cause when I said it out loud I didn't feel any pain

Cannot even see my tears on the pages
Nothing's dropped my mind
I'm runnin' through all those memories
Of the spring of '99

Friday night spent in front of a movie screen
Around all of our friend, you'd be so mean

But then you're still by my side
And whisper somethin' underneath your breath
Like how you wish you were holdin' my hand instead
But I'd forgotten everything you've said

Jameson, tell me what was your name again?
Jameson, tell me what was your name again?

I couldn't pick your face from a lineup
I wouldn't know your voice if it came up
[?] all those nights that I stayed up cryin'
I can't recall lovin' you

So how do I know the details of this affair
Because I hold it all down and if you read it
You'd be sure that I'd really cared
Is it some kind of beauty that you didn't leave your mark on me
But I can say the name Jameson and it doesn't light a spark in me
'Cause I've forgotten you completely

Jameson, tell me what was your name again?
Jameson, tell me what was your name again? Tell me
Jameson, tell me what was your name again?

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Lake Street Dive Jameson Comments
  1. Craig Kimpel

    These production releases with highly polished background vocals and a little extra sound is nice, but I kind of like the rawness of the live set. Would be nice if Lake Street Dive put out a "Live from ..." album. Maybe at some place, that is more of a concert type setting, then a bar which has too much background noise.

  2. David Gray

    So looking forward to seeing here in the UK this saturday. I hope I can buy this release at the merch stand. Cant find it anywhere!

  3. Gero Kron

    If you have so much talent together, you´re in it for something special and rare: music very well

  4. Andrew Gentry

    Bridget Pastorius?

  5. Niccole Evans

    This group has such a classic sound that instantly flashes me back to those rock n' roll melodies and harmonies of the 70's. I LOVE their sound - keep more coming!!

    Craig Kimpel

    I agree, but it has much more than that to me. It has kind of a street quality as well. If they just used their initials "LSD", it might take some people back to the 60's.

  6. T.J. Wright

    Yes! More music, you guys are killing it!