Lake Street Dive - Henriette Lyrics

Who you fooling now with your bookish smarts?
quotin’ jamie joyce make me feel
make me feel like a total arse
got it down like a practiced art; like a perfect part
Talk to me at night with your voice oily
think you can’t be broke, what a joke
what a joke callin’ me doily
think I like when you dress boy-l
yor makeup coyly

I never loved you Henriette
I never liked my sobriquette
I never read your serviette
I never loved you henriette

When we went our ways, you left your gourd behind
I never cared for rows and I got
and I got sort of bored besides
of your notes and your peephole eyes
and those spurious sighs

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Lake Street Dive Henriette Comments
  1. T-Bone Hubbard

    Bridget Kearney is a freakin' Badass on the Acoustic Bass

    She's the GOAT

    God Bless Her and God Bless Lake Street Dive and God has certainly blessed Rachel Price with a beautiful singing voice

    I know one thing: Dick Clark would've been very proud of you

  2. ruth johnston

    LOVE THIS BAND, EVERY SINGLE MEMBER! That singer looks so much like Carly Simon back when....

  3. Anonneemuss

    The way Bridget rides that bass, I hope she at least bought it dinner first.

  4. wlodell

    Great music! Can't be sure what the draw is in Portland anymore...but, hey, that was 4 years ago.

  5. Marcelo Carvalho


  6. crichta

    This is a fine group. They''ve got it in bucket loads.

  7. Xoán Prego

    They are great! Love this performance, love this song. I like almost kind of music, but these guys have just won my heart.
    Thanks Lake Street Dive

  8. Monique Meneses

    I love all their songs so much

  9. Julian Gampert

    I might be a punk fool I think this grooves like hell, man

  10. Hallands Menved

    Blown away. Never heard the like. Absolutely top shelf all four of them!

  11. Garrett Curtis

    Rachael's face at 3:34!

  12. Tau The Bice

    am here cuz i thought it's Henrietta.

  13. Rob Williams

    A bass solo Ray Brown would be proud off. you just don't here this anymore.

  14. lindyfralin hwound

    never have seen an upright being shred.....until now!  go Bridget go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rob Williams

    +lindyfralin hwound you live a sheltered life

  15. Joshua Wright

    That's it Bridget. I'm naming my daughter after you in your honor. I hope she does you justice.

  16. Laurent Faye

    Oh my dear friends, tell your TM to translate if necessary : Je vous aime fucking beaucoup !!!.....("fucking" is a french term, means really a lot.....)

  17. kreion

    i love this band !

  18. Coveskipper

    LSD Playlist gets longer and longer.....

  19. Roy Buck

    This song features quite simply the most amazing performance on the upright bass I've ever seen. By far. Go Bridget! 

  20. triskut

    Dat Bass Tho

    Dr. M. H.

    tasty, no?! :)

  21. Robert Bohrer

    What a bassist!

    Rahijenÿsïos Sphærïos

    jup, is amazinggggggggggg bassplay ;)

  22. Freda LS Dive

    I like listening to the variations on this song on my Henriette tour of YouTube.. Bridget's cameo starts at 1:35 or so.  Put this version at or near the top of the list.  Good video of Bridget's cameo, sound mix OK

  23. Jeremy Bollin

    Absolutely amazing!!! What an awesome bass solo! Live these guys!

    Joe M

    Jeremy Bollin - I think you meant “Love these guys” not “Live these guys”.

  24. Mark Bocko

    Really great bass playing.

  25. Kraven Archer

    They're as good live as a lot of bands are in a studio with multiple takes and software making them look good. wow.

  26. Claude BERNHARD

    Excellent !!

  27. Reverend D

    Love it, the bass solo Bridget even does some rockabilly slap and snap licks, she's so talented. Rachael is well, Rachael. Amazing.

  28. 9thstreet

    3:07 Bassist looks at her hands like they're possessed. Which I think they were... wow!

  29. Adam Santuro



    Amazing!!!! French love it :D

  31. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    This music is a breath of fresh air!!!...what a singer...what a bass player!!

  32. TheN00BIN8R

    I left out the word "and"... 3:07 AND 3:31...

  33. TheN00BIN8R

    Those bass riffs at 3:07 3:31 are totally BAD-ASS!!!! Hard enoughg to do on a bass guitar, with lower action... on an upright it is downright SICK!!!! Bridget, you are my HERO!!!!

  34. J Man

    she got a perty mouth

  35. Alex Desouza

    wtf bridget fuckin killed it, that was amazing

  36. Joshua Sadinsky

    that moment when she starts playing in fourths way up there on the fingerboard

    and then that moment when she plucks so that the string hits back on the fingerboard

  37. Nick Petrock

    I think I'm in Love

  38. Chad Higgins

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. I can watch these videos on repeat, but I feel like the recordings don't do them justice.

  39. Johnny Burma

    I love Mike on bandana! Or is it Bandana on mike?

  40. ocrakoce

    The only bad thing about these videos is that they are better than the album.

  41. Caro Lyne

    wooooooooooooooooooooow :D amazinggggggggggggggggggg!!!

  42. Melissa Arcand

    Amazing bassist!

  43. earthengle

    I don't like anybody....hardly
    but I love this band...Rachael, your gift is large!

  44. Marinus Vesseur

    What a treat!

  45. kreion

    thats a great bass solo

  46. kamlapati

    I love everything Rachel and these guys do, but I especially love the bootle of Maker's Mark strategically placed.

  47. hippsomhapp

    ye.. I dont mean to seem like I think chicks cant rock out..but you dont see a chick with those skills everyday.

  48. anthonysloanmusic

    This song is so good!! I can't stop listening to you all. You have a fantastic sound! Hope to hear more from you in the future.

  49. Akpeacecat


  50. Mike Styles

    Bridget is awesome on the bass!

  51. Gabriel Villanueva

    Dat harmonizing